Birthday Present to my Wife

by baddaddy1us

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Interracial encounter of white wife and black man

This story revolves around my wife and her quest for big black cock. It is important that you know certain things about my wife. First of all, my wife is a very, very small, petite woman. She is quite skinny, weighing in at perhaps 96 pounds, soaking wet and stands perhaps 5'4"' tall in high heels. She also has very small breasts, which are only 32A cup size, but has large erect nipples about an inch long, when aroused. She has short cut hair, trims her pussy very short, but does not fully shave it, and is a natural blonde. She is 44, but looks perhaps in her early 30's.

I work for a major American automobile manufacturer, and we employee many black people within the plant. One of these, Tyrone, is about 45 years old. He is quite the opposite in build however, standing a good 5'11" tall, and weighs in at about 265 pounds, of which, all of that is muscle. His head is shaved and he works on the transmission line, along with me. Tyrone is nicknamed "Baby", but I never knew why, until later on. Tyrone and I became fast friends one day after my wife dropped supper off to me one afternoon.

One day, Tyrone asked me when my wife's birthday was, and I told him. He suggested that he had a present that he would like to give to her for her birthday. I was obviously surprised that he had noticed my wife, but was pleasantly pleased that he had noticed her as well. I asked Tyrone if he would be willing to do me a favor and become my present to my wife on her birthday. After only a few seconds of thought, he readily agreed.

I talked it over with her one evening and suggested that since her birthday fell on a Sunday this year, that we celebrate it either on the Friday or Saturday night immediately proceeding the actual birthday. She agreed, but insisted that I be present during her meeting with Tyrone and that I take pictures of all the action. Of course, I readily agreed. I told her about Tyrone's nickname and she was curious about why all the other black guys at work called Tyrone "Baby". Since I really wasn't certain, I told her to ask him when he came over.

As it turns out, our son was going away for the evening on Saturday night, so I called up Tyrone and made the necessary arrangements for our meeting. My wife has a very see through body suit which has openings at the nipples and is crotchless, and she decided that she would meet Tyrone in this outfit when he arrived at the house.

Upon arrival, I greeted Tyrone at the door while my wife waited in the bedroom. Tyrone entered the house and immediately asked when my wife was. I explained that she was waiting on him and that she was in the bedroom. With this, Tyrone headed for the bedroom while I grabbed the digital camera and followed.

When Tyrone entered the bedroom, he saw my wife lying on the bed on her side. She immediately smiles at him and starts to rise. Tyrone is obviously pleased that my petite little wife has "dressed" for him. He approaches the bed as my wife gets to her knees and moves closer to the edge. At the edge of the bed, they embrace and kiss each other passionately.

Soon, my wife's hands are caressing Tyrone's chest through his silk shirt. She begins to slowly unbutton his shirt and places her tiny hands against his hairless chest. Then, slowly, she begins rubbing herself against him, all the while, slowly rubbing and massaging his chest with her hands. Finally she has unbuttoned his entire shirtfront and she removes his shirt, exposing his huge rippling muscular chest. Coyly, she asks Tyrone, "Hey Tyrone, why did your buddies nickname you, "Baby". Tyrone nervously laughs a little and says, "Well, it's because I have a baby sized cock." My wife appears to be slightly disappointed at that comment, obviously because she was expecting something slightly bigger.

In the meantime, Tyrone is slowly exploring my wife's tiny body. First, his huge hands cup her tiny breasts, and then slowly run down her sides and back. He notices that her lingerie has openings at the nipple area and he bends down and begins to lick her nipples through these openings. Soon, my wife's tiny breasts have their nipples standing erect and tall.

As he continues sucking lightly on her breasts, his hands continue to move about her body. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, Tyrone places his hands between her legs and finds that she has on a crotchless bodysuit. He begins to lightly caress her practically hairless, closely cropped pussy with his huge hands.

My wife is now becoming extremely aroused. She begins stroking Tyrone's semi erect penis through his pants. As she slowly caresses this member, she feels it begin to grow beneath the fabric. First it simply swells in girth, but soon, it begins to lengthen as well.

Finally, she stops stroking his penis through the fabric and begins to unzip Tyrone's pants. Almost immediately, the fly pops open and she feels a huge, black cock extending toward her through the slit in Tyrone's boxer shorts. She gasps as she begins feeling the size of Tyrone's huge member. It must be thirteen inches long and about three inches thick, and its still growing! My wife looks at the size of Tyrone's cock and says to him, "I thought you said you had a baby sized cock! I'm not sure I can take all of that thing!"

Tyrone laughs again and say, "Well, it is a baby sized cock. It's the size of a small, ten and a half pound baby!" By now, he can barely stand the ministrations against his ever enlarging cock, so he leans my wife back against the bed and spreads her legs and begins licking her tiny little, closely cropped pussy. Soon, Tyrone has maneuvered around enough so that they are in the classic 69 position and my wife can suck on his cock while he eats her pussy out.

My wife quickly removes Tyrone's boxer shorts and grasps his monster cock in her hands and guides it toward her mouth. As the huge cock head begins to enter her mouth, she quickly wets her lips and places a little bit of saliva onto the big head. Then, she opens her mouth as widely as she can, and takes about three inches of Tyrone's cock inside her mouth. She would have liked to have taken more, but she is unsure of just how much of that huge cock she can fit into her mouth and throat without choking.

In the meantime, Tyrone has continued to eat my wife's tiny pussy until it is soaking wet. Tyrone decides that he wants to feel how hot she is becoming, so he stops eating out he pussy and sticks first one, then two of his huge fingers into her tight, wet cuntal canal. After several strokes like this, he places three and then four fingers inside the glistening slit and begins stroking them in and out. My wife moans in ecstasy as Tyrone finger fucks her ever widening pussy, stretching it wider and wider.

Suddenly, Tyrone shoves his entire hand inside my wife's pussy tunnel. Upon insertion of Tyrone's hand, my wife groans and opens her mouth widely, sucking in almost ten inches of thick black cock, deeply inside her throat. Tyrone continues to fist fuck my wife's pussy while at the same time; she is deep throating his huge, throbbing cock.

My wife senses that Tyrone is about to cum, but doesn't want to swallow all that black seed, so she pulls her mouth away and removes his big cock from her throat. She tells Tyrone that she wants him to lay on his back and that she wants to feel his big cock inside her wet cunt, and that she is going to ride him until he comes.

As Tyrone lies back on the bed, my wife crouches over him, facing his feet. His huge cock is sticking up in the air, and by now, it is quite apparent that it must be all of fifteen inches in length and close to four inches thick, with a bulbous cock head that has swollen to about four and a half inches across.

My wife smiles at me and says, "Gee honey, thanks so much for giving me my birthday present early! Now watch this, I'm going to try to take this whole big monster cock all the way inside me and fuck it until he cums!" With that, she positions her wet, dripping, closely cropped pussy slit above the huge monstrous cock and begins lowering herself onto it.

At first, because Tyrone's cock is so huge, she can only take a few inches of it. She lowers herself down until she has about five inches of thick, black throbbing cock inside her pulsating, wet cuntal tunnel. Then she slowly raises herself upward until only the huge, bulbous cock head is still inside her vagina. Then she begins lowering herself onto the monster cock again.

She lowers herself down onto that huge cock, taking a few more inches this time, before slowly raising herself off again. Then she repeats the lowering action, taking a few more inches deeply inside her now gaping, quivering, tightly packed pussy. She continued this up and down motion taking more and more of Tyrone's huge throbbing black beef steak inside her until she has a good twelve inches buried deeply inside her cunt.

Tyrone has managed to remain fairly motionless until now. However, as my tiny little wife rides his huge black cock, he senses that he is getting close to orgasm. He cannot help himself as he begins thrusting his hips upward to meet her descending cunt.

Because Tyrone's cock is so huge, my wife has obviously been trying to take only a few inches at a time, thereby allowing her tightly packed cuntal channel to relax and grow more accustomed to its huge size. However, Tyrone is starting to loose control, and his upward thrusts become more and more aggressive.

Suddenly, Tyrone thrusts his hips up in one huge motion, driving all fifteen inches of thick, black, throbbing cock all the way inside my tiny wife's tightly packed, undulating pussy. The tip of the four and a half inch diameter, bulbous cock is bottoming out on her cervix. Her closely cropped vaginal lips are spread widely apart, exposing the fact that only Tyrone's balls are still outside her cunt.


By now, my wife has become accustomed to Tyrone's huge "baby" sized cock and she begins riding him in earnest. Up and down, faster and faster she goes. Tyrone is now very close to orgasm and he is slamming his huge cock into her gaping pussy like there is no tomorrow.

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