Turned To Blacks

by baddaddy1us

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Desc: Sex Story: The story of my wife getting turned to black men!

One afternoon, while I was sitting in my room watching TV, when I heard what sounded like the kitchen door opening and closing. Then I thought I could hear my wife talking to someone and a couple of unfamiliar deep male voices. Since I knew that our son was gone, I got up and went out into the kitchen to see what was going on and who was there.

As I opened my door, I could definitely hear my wife speaking to someone. Then again I heard two unfamiliar male voices speaking back to her. I went on out into the kitchen and found my wife standing in the kitchen, dressed only in her little cami top, hose, garters, and panties. (Now my wife is a very small, petite woman who stands only 5'3" tall, has very small 32A breasts, and weighs only about 96 lbs, soaking wet.) She was talking to two huge black men, who had already removed their coats and were eyeing her hungrily. I came on out and she noticed me and turned to me and smiled and said; "Oh hi honey. I'd like you to meet these two guys. They are going to give you your birthday present."

I said, "What are you talking about?" She just smiled and turned back to the two black men. I watched as she reached out and started unbuttoning the first black guy's shirt. As she got a couple of buttons undone, she reached beneath his shirt and started feeling his muscular chest. Meanwhile, the second black man had started stroking her breasts through her top. She then reached over and began removing the second black mans shirt. Soon, both black men had their shirts completely off, revealing huge barrel chests and large rippling pectoral and abdominal muscles. She turned back around and smiled at me and said, "Well, since you have been hounding me about fucking that big black dildo, I decided that I would take care of your desire. But I want the real thing, so I found these two guys over the Internet. We figured we'd give you a very special sandwich for your birthday!"

Both men had continued removing the rest of their clothing and soon were standing in the kitchen in nothing but their underwear. I notice that she was staring at their shorts, which reveal that both of them have enormous bulges inside their shorts. The first guys bulge is huge, but the second black guys bulge is obviously much bigger than the first ones'. The two guys immediately move over to her and start feeling and touching her with their large, muscular hands. They begin rubbing themselves against her small, petite body. Soon, they start telling her what they are going to do to her, while I watch. She looks at me and says; "Baby, you better get your camera, because I think both these guys are going to fuck me!" I head for the bedroom to get the camera as they follow, carrying her into the room behind me.

While the two black studs watch, she does a series of posing shots, showing several doggy style shots, a couple squat shots, and some of her lying on your back. Soon the guys have removed her panties, revealing her beautiful little, almost hairless pussy. She does a few more posing shots without her panties on, and I notice that her pussy is starting to get wet. I also notice that the poses are now more for the black guys than they are for me. They obviously really like the fact that she is so small and petite and that she has a closely cropped little pussy.

She reaches inside the first black guys' shorts and grasps his penis and removes it from his shorts. I hear her gasp as it starts elongating and getting hard before her eyes. It looked as though it was maybe six or eight inches in length while soft and as soon as she touched it, it started getting larger and she soon found that she has at least ten or eleven inches of long, hard two inch in diameter cock in her hands. She strokes it a couple of times with her hands and then guide the head toward her mouth.

As she begin to suck on the bulbous head of the first guys cock, the second black man removes his underwear, revealing his penis. This guys cock must be eleven inches long and at least two inches thick, and it's not even fully erect or hard yet! She continues to suck the first guys cock, as the second guy starts eating her pussy and playing with her little titties.

I continue watching and taking pictures. By now, the second black guy has her pussy sopping and dripping wet. She can feel the cock of the first black guy as it slides in and out of her widely stretched mouth and throat. Somehow, she can tell that he is just about ready to ejaculate. He reaches down, puts his hands on her head and starts moving her head back and forth, which is forcing his big cock deeper into her throat. She can feel his cock starting to throb and pulsate, as his ejaculation quickly approaches.

However, before the first guy can cum in her mouth and fill her throat, she pulls his cock out of her mouth and tells him that she wants him to fuck he doggy style. He gets behind her as she assumes the doggy style position on the bed. The second guy lies down on the bed in front of her and she start sucking on his cock while the first guy positions himself and prepares to slide his big black cock into her tight, almost hairless pussy.

Her pussy is still soaked and sopping from the face job that the second black guy had given her, so the first guy doesn't need to use any lubricant. He poises the big, thick head of his blood-engorged penis on her tiny little pussy and starts to push it between the lips. She groans with pleasure as he thrusts into her. Her pussy takes several inches of his throbbing meat on the first stroke. With each successive stroke, he drives more and more cock deeper inside her tightly stretched cunt.

Meanwhile, she is still sucking on the second guys cock. What is amazing is that his cock has grown to enormous proportions. The bulbous head must now be three or three and a half inches in diameter and the shaft an easy three inches thick. The entire length of his now hard, erect, throbbing cock is now close to fifteen inches long. She can barely get the bulbous head of his cock in her mouth as she tries feverently to suck it inside her widely stretched mouth.

The first guy is still fucking her baby pussy from behind. He has pushed in all ten or eleven inches of his cock now and is bottoming out on her cervix with each forward thrust. She tosses her head, groans with pleasure, spits out the second guys cock, and screams, "OH GOD BABY, YOUR'E SOOO FUCKING DEEP... YEAH... OH GOD YEAH... NOW FUCK IT IN AND OUT... DEEP STROKES... LEAVE THE TIP IN AND SHOVE IT IN DEEP!!!!... LONG SLOW STROKES... OK FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME!!!... FUCK MY BABY PUSSY!!!... GOD, YOU LOVE DOING IT DON'T YOU? FUCKING MY BABY PUSSY... COME BABY, FUCK IT HARD, FUCK IT DEEP!!!" Then, the second guy shoves his big dick back inside her mouth and she takes a few inches deep in her throat.

As the first guy continues to fuck her in this position, it soon becomes apart that her tight little pussy has accepted the size, girth, length and feel of that big black monster cock and she is feeling no pain whatsoever. In fact, as he pulls out of her, she starts flexing and undulating her abdominal and pelvic muscles and actually starts pulling his cock back inside of her! Sucking it back in with her pussy!!! She can feel her cuntal muscle rippling and gripping his cock, while she continues to try to suck off the second guy. What a magnificent sight, seeing her impaled upon two huge, thick, shiny, wet black cocks. Her pussy lips stretched out, cum dripping out of her tightly packed cunt hole. Her mouth stretched even wider by the second black guys' immense cock. I take picture after picture.

Suddenly, the first guy stops thrusting forward, because she is the one who is now doing all the fucking motion. She rocks forward and backward. Taking that big black cock deeply inside her pussy on each stroke. Each time she moves forward, I can hear a slight "Oh Yeah" sound escape from her cock filled mouth. But when she thrusts herself back, there is a slurping, squishing noise that escapes from her cunt, and I can hear her grunting out an impassioned "Uugghhhh" sound. She rocks forward and back, forward and back. Each time she moves back, she slams herself back onto his hard, thick, black cock, burying the shaft completely. Her hungry cunt eagerly sucks and pulls at the hard cock each time she rocks forward.

Suddenly, the first black guy grunts and gives a huge forward thrust as he unloads a stream of cum deeply inside her vaginal tunnel. As he continues to hold his cock deep inside her, he unloads at least a quart of hot, gooey cum. She can feel his cock throb and pulsate as he shoots his thick load deep inside her quivering tunnel. This feeling, deep inside her, triggers her own orgasm. She screams out loud; "OH GOD, I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING!!! OH FUCK, I'M CUMMING TOO!!!" She grunts and groans, and starts to buck back and forth as she experiences a full cuntal orgasm. Finally, both she and he are finished cumming. He pulls his rapidly deflating cock out of her now gaping, well stretched, cum filled, dripping pussy.

She pulls the second guys enormous cock out of her mouth and tells him to lie back on the bed, with his cock in the air. She then straddles him, facing his feet and positions her gaping, cum dripping pussy just above his enormous three and a half inch wide cock head. She looks over and me and smiles and say, "NOW WATCH THIS BABY!!! I KNOW YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO SEE MY TINY LITTLE WHITE BABY PUSSY SPREAD WIDE OPEN AND FILLED WITH BIG BLACK COCK FOREVER!!! HERE GOES! I'M GONNA FUCK THIS GUYS COCK LIKE THERE NO TOMORROW!!!" Then she begins to slowly lower herself onto his manhood.

At first, she moves very slowly, because the immense size of this guy's cock stretches her tight, wet, practically bald baby pussy lips widely apart, and shes not certain that she can take it all. However, she continues to lower herself onto the obscenely monstrous sized cock. She groans with pleasure as she pushes herself down slowly, taking him deeper inside her. Her outer vaginal lips are parted wide revealing her clitoris. The inner tunnel lips fold slightly inward in an obscene view as the huge thick fuck stick slides into her, slowly invading her vagina. Once she has taken about two or three inches of cock inside her, she begins raising herself up.

However, before the big bulbous tip of his cock is all the way out of her tightly packed pussy, she begins lowering herself onto it again. This time she takes a little bit more inside her hot, wet, pulsating, tunnel. She continues this up and down action, taking a little more cock, deeper inside her each time. Her head rolls from side to side and her face has a look somewhere between lust and ecstasy. She continues to squat above this guy, legs splayed wide, labia lips wide apart, riding up and down.

Finally, she has managed to cram about ten or twelve inches of deeply embedded thick, black monster meat inside her tightly stretched, pulsating, spasming, baby pussy. She has now grown accustomed to having such a massive cock inside her, and she unconsciously relaxes her abdominal and pelvic muscles, allowing a more cock inside with each successive stroke. Suddenly, she increases the tempo of her obscene humping and she begins to ride the cock up and down harder and faster, continuing to take a little more inside her with each stroke. Up and down. In and out. Up and down. In and out.

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