Mountian Weekend Getaway

by cruzer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Couples first weekend away in sometime, they let go and have a wet and wild weekend

Karen and John have been together for 10 years and in that time have shared their wildest sexual fantasies many times, and enjoyed some very torrid and steamy sex as a result of the heated bedroom fantasies. Over the last couple of years these fantasies have often been about a threesome with a mutual friend named Terry. John and Terry shared many physical characteristics including similar looks and some of the mannerisms that Karen had always found so attractive about John, and while She had no desire to be with anyone but her husband, she did have a certain physical attraction to Terry that from time to time left her wet. Terry lived in the mountains about an hour away and they only saw him occasionally and that distance added to the safety of the fantasies for Karen.

Two favorite fantasy of John's and Karen's that often included Terry have Karen pleasuring and being pleasured by the two men, one with Karen in complete control and directing her men on just how she wants to be pleasured, and one in which Karen is helplessly blindfolded and tied up and at the mercy of her two unseen lovers. These sessions often end with John fucking Karen in the ass while she fucks her pussy with her vibrator imagining it to be Terry's cock inside her until they both would explode.

One night after just such a love making session as they cuddled John asked Karen " If you had just one chance to live out the fantasy of being with two men, in all honesty, would you?" Karen smiled and thought about it and answered, "Yes, if it all felt right, and if the other guy was the right guy, I think I would, why? Do you think you could handle watching me suck a strange cock, or see me take a strange cock deep in my pussy and hear me moan from the pleasure of it?" John Smiled "Sure, just the thought of you enjoying yourself that much makes me hard, but just who would be the right guy for you?" He asked. Karen shifted up onto her elbow and with her head on his chest looked John in the eyes, studying his face, trying to read his thoughts, " Well, as often as we've talked about Terry in our fantasies and as many times as I've imagined my vibrator to be Terry's cock sliding in and out of me with your cock in my ass, I cant think of anybody else really, why? Would you like to see me suck Terry's cock " John smiled and answered, " The real question is would you like to suck Terry's cock while getting fucked from behind, or take his cock deep inside you while sucking my cock?" Karen smiled and trembled with desire at the thought of a night of wanton wild sex with John and Terry, the thought of Terry's cock in her pussy and John's cock in her ass at the same time made her dizzy," Yes," she said in a shaky voice almost to herself " actually I would love to be filled with your two cocks". As Karen drifted of to sleep she smiled at the thought of it all.

John was so stressed out from work that all he could do was come home from wok and grumble, Karen felt as if she was loosing her mind, home with the youngest of two, cleaning and trying to keep up. They both knew they needed to get a way from it all - the work, the kids, and life in general. John and Karen desperately needed a break. John had had enough one day and decided to call his mom to make arrangements for her to take the kids for an upcoming weekend, and decided to surprise Karen one Friday afternoon in the not too distant future with the news of "pack a bag, we're out of here for the weekend".

Two weeks later John called Karen from work one Friday afternoon to tell her that his mom was coming over to watch the kids and that they would be going to a friend's condo up in the mountains for the weekend alone. Karen excitedly packed one bag of clothes and She smiled a sexy little smile as she packed a second bag, full of fun goodies (her favorite vibrator, and the furry blindfold and restraints) for her and John to enjoy some of their favorite fantasies and let loose some built-up tensions. As John drove home from work he called up to the resort where the condo was and made reservations for dinner for two at 9 p.m., he then called Terry and asked if he would like to make the half hour drive over to the resort and meet he and Karen for drinks and a little partying at around 10:30. Terry said that it sounded like fun and that he would meet them at the bar.

John and Karen arrived at the condo about 7:30. The condo was well appointed with a large master suite and bath including a large marbled steam shower. John took the bags into the master bedroom and suggested that he and Karen have a nice soke in the hot tub to unwind before dinner.

Around 8:15 John suggested that they head upstairs to shower and get ready for dinner. Once upstairs, Karen headed for the shower while John made them each a drink before going to join Karen in the shower. As John started into the bedroom he could hear Karen moaning over the sound of the water running in the shower, He quietly stepped into the room and watched his wife fingering her pussy in the shower, sitting on the marble bench at one end of the shower, eyes closed, head back one hand twisting at her nipples and the other in her pussy, Karen was oblivious to John, so he watched her, stroking his cock in time to her hand in her pussy until she shuddered with her orgasm.

Karen slowly opened her eyes to see her husband stroking his cock watching her tremble from the after shock of her orgasm, She smiled and said, "come on in the water is great." John smiled as he stepped into the shower and asked," what exactly were you thinking about just then?" Karen took his cock in her hand and licked the head and answered," You and Terry taking turns fucking my mouth and pussy in this shower, why?" John smiled as Karen took his cock deep into her mouth slowly running her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock and said," well babe you can have that if you want it". Karen sucked hard on John's cock pumping it up and down with her free hand while she fingered her clit until John started to grunt and buck into her mouth as he came all over her.

Karen and John Dressed and headed down to the village for dinner. They had been at the restaurant about an hour when John noticed Terry walk into the restaurant bar, Karen had her back to that part of the restaurant and didn't see Terry at all. John waved Terry over and invited him to join them, Karen felt a warm wet tingle as she gave Terry a hug hello, and John stood and shook his friend's hand and offered him a seat. Karen felt herself get wetter and wetter as the three sat and chatted and drank for another hour before John suggested that the three friends walk over to the condo and have a night cap and relax in the hot tub. Terry suggested that they drive back to the condo instead of leaving his truck in the lot at the village.

When they got to the truck John jokingly asked Karen if she was all right with being 'sandwiched' between he and Terry in the cab of the truck for the ride back to the condo or would she prefer the window, Karen smiled and replied half-heartedly under her breath "you already know what I think of that idea". John smiled and smacked Karen on the ass as she climbed into the pick up causing her to jump a little and crash into Terry, one hand landing on his shoulder and the other in his lap. Karen blushed and apologized, saying it was Johns fault.

As Karen sat tightly between the guys for the ride back to the condo, she rested one hand absently on John's lap, and the other on her lap, as she closed her eyes and enjoyed her buzz Karen became very aware of the body heat and the scent of the two men on either side of her. She started fantasizing about the pleasure of four strong hands exploring her body, the heat of two wet warm mouths and tongues licking and sucking at her nipples, teasing her clit, and exploring her tight ass, and the feel of two big hard cocks to do with what she pleased. The combination of the sex in the shower earlier and now the alcohol and all the fantasies had Karen's pussy dripping wet and her mind lost in her lust filled thoughts until the harsh light of the parking garage snapped her back to reality.

Once inside the condo Karen started making drinks while Terry sat on the couch and loaded a bowl, John went to find swim gear for he and Terry. Terry admired Karen's body as she moved about making drinks, "John certainly is a lucky man" Terry told Karen when she brought him his drink. " How so?" asked Karen as she sat down next to Terry. Terry stammered "Well, your very attractive, you have a great body, and are a very confident women, I mean most men would jump at the chance to spend a night with you and John spends every night with you." Karen blushed and said, " well I don't know about all that, but thank you." John returned with the swim trunks and sat down on the couch, again placing Karen in between the two guys. Karen's mind again filled with thoughts of being fucked by these two men. After a couple of minutes lost in her thoughts, she couldn't take it any longer, Karen grabbed her drink and excused herself saying, " I'm going to change for the hot tub" and headed down the hall to the master bedroom.

Karen was flush as she entered the bedroom, her heart was racing and she could feel her underwear becoming soaked. She looked first in her clothes bag for her swimsuit with out any luck. As Karen opened up the second bag, still lost in her lusty thoughts, she reached into the bag and the first thing she touched was her vibrator rapped in a garter belt. She snapped back to reality, looking into the bag she decided to take charge of her hormones and her libido. After about ten minutes the guys heard Karen call out " can you guys come give me your opinion on something, I want to know what you two think".

John walked in the bedroom first with Terry about a half a step behind him, the two men stopped dead in their tracks with their hearts in their throats, there sat Karen one leg over either arm of the chair, her pussy spread wide. She had on a blue lace demi bra and matching garter belt and white thigh high nylons, one hand slowly sliding her pink vibrator in and out of her pussy, and the other teasing her hard nipples. She asked," so, what do you two think? Dose this work for either of you? I hope so, cause I sure could use a couple of hard cocks. " John walked over to the side of the chair and as he unzipped his pants Karen stopped playing with her nipples and pulled her husbands cock to her mouth. Terry stood in the door way and watched in amazement, mindlessly rubbing his own cock through his pants, as Karen slowly sucked down John's cock, all the while still fucking herself with her vibrator and watching the look on Terry's face. Karen smiled at Terry, pulling John's hard cock out of her mouth with a 'pop' and said " bring me that big cock of yours so my husband can watch me suck it". Terry walked over to the chair were John had been standing. Karen reached over and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, she looked at all 8 thick inches of it with pure lust and slowly licked it from the base to the tip and then looked down at John as he slid the vibrator in and out of her pussy while sucking on her clit," Is this what you wanted to watch me do Baby? Suck this big cock? Well now is your chance Baby". As Karen slowly sucked Terry's cock down into her throat enjoying every inch of strange cock John slid the vibrator out of her pussy and slowly pushed the head of his rock hard cock deep into her pussy. Karen pulled Terry from her mouth and told John " Fuck me baby, Ya I want you to fuck me hard while I enjoy sucking this cock". John watched Karen suck on Terry telling her" I love how you look with a cock in your mouth". Terry was starting to moan and had Karen by the hair fucking her mouth while John pounded in and out of her pussy telling her "suck that cock babe you know you love having a cock to suck and one to fuck. Damn you look good with all this cock in you". Karen started to shudder as the first orgasm hit her. Terry's cock started to twitch deep in her mouth; Karen pulled his cock out and jacked him off on to her tits, John pulled his cock out and jacked off adding his cum to her tits. Karen slowly massaged the cum into her tits, occasionally stopping to lick her fingers clean.

After a few minutes Karen got up and walked over to the steam shower and turned on the shower. Karen walked back over to the bed and took a cock in each hand, gently stroking them back to life, "I would love the two of you to join me for a shower and a steam" Karen said with a sultry gleam in her eyes.

She led her two men by their growing cocks into the shower and pushed them down onto the bench. She turned on the water and slowly rinsed and massaged the cum from her tits, slowly working her way down to her pussy. Resting one foot on John's thigh Karen fingered her self to her third orgasm of the evening enjoying the look on the two guys faces as she put on quite a show.

She folded a towel for padding and knelt down in front of John and Terry and took a cock in each hand and began to suck on one and then the other for what seemed like an hour of pure ecstasy for the men, until she had them both rock hard again.

Karen stood up and stroking her clit once again said" Now I want that big hard cock of yours deep in my pussy, Terry." With that Karen straddled Terry and reached back between her legs and guided his cock to her pussy lips." Is this what you wanted to see babe?" slowly grinding Terry deeper into herself," he feels fucking great in my pussy babe, do you like what you see?" John moved from behind Karen and Terry and stood on the bench and fed his cock to his wife as she rocked in ecstasy on Terry's cock."What you need is a cock in your ass baby don't you?" Karen moaned and shook with a huge orgasm at the mere thought of these two cocks in her at the same time,"ya babe I need you in my ass, I want to feel the two of you sliding in and out of me," John got behind Karen and pushed her forward to expose her tight ass, Slowly pushing the head of his cock into her ass John could feel Terry's cock twitch and jump inside Karen's pussy. Karen was moaning for the guys not to move, she needed to adjust to the incredible fullness she was feeling. Slowly Karen started to rock back and forth on the two hard cocks that were splitting her in half. She was in heaven, Terry was sucking on her tits as John kissed and licked the back of Karen's neck, asking her," do like being so full of cock babe?" " Ohh ya, fuck my ass" Terry started moaning, "your pussy fills like silk around my cock." Karen looked down at Terry and said," you feel fucking good in my pussy, you both feel fucking incredible inside me." John and Terry were slamming in to Karen in a steady rhythm and she started to tremble with a huge orgasm" AHH FUCK, FUCK YAA, FUCK ME NOW, HARDER, HARDER, OHH FUCK IM CUMMING!" Terry bury his head in her tits and growled low, John could feel Terry's cock swell and pump his cum deep inside Karen's throbbing pussy, taking John over the top and filling her ass with his cum. Karen trembled for some time after from the orgasms that continued to run thru her body as John and Terry's cock softened and finally slipped from inside her. The three sat and enjoyed the heat of the steam for another ten minutes before they left the steam shower.

Outside the shower and back in the master bedroom Karen instructed John and Terry to sit at the foot of the bed, she walked back to her chair and turned it so the guys could see her. Karen pulled a tube of K-Y and her vibrator from the chair cushion and slowly started to stroke her clit down to her firm asshole and up again with her vibrator Watching the look on the guy's faces. Karen slowly pushed the vibrator into her ass and slowly fucked her ass till she tossed her head back and closed her eyes, the guys moved to either side of her and each took a nipple into their mouth. Karen was moaning loudly as another huge orgasm came over her, as she shook with delight John took Karen by the hair and slid his cock into her mouth while Terry sucked at her breasts.

Terry looked at John and said, "man she looks incredible with a cock in her mouth" John smiled as he slowly fucked Karen's mouth. Terry lifted Karen's legs to his shoulders and in one motion pushed his cock up to his balls in Karen's pussy. Karen moaned with pleasure as Terry slammed into her, his balls slapping into her asshole. Karen pulled John out of her mouth and grabbed Terry by the hips with both hands and started bucking wildly on his cock." Come on Terry, fuck me, ohh that's it, umm slam that cock into me, come on Terry fuck meee..." Karen was wild with lust as she reached back for John's cock and tried to swallow it down to his balls, as Karen started to cum again John and Terry both pulled their cocks from her, Karen started to protest.

John told Karen, "why don't you get on your knees babe so Terry can fuck that sweet tight ass of yours." Karen turned over and got up on her knees and looked back over her shoulder at Terry. She smiled with pure lust in her eyes, stroking John's cock in one hand and sliding her vibrator in and out of her pussy with the other hand said," Do you want to fuck my ass Terry, do you want to stick that fat cock up my ass?" Terry smiled as he covered his cock in K-Y and fingered Karen's tight asshole, "Do you want my fat cock up your ass? Is that what you want you beautiful little slut?" Karen licked her lips,"YA, come on and stick that fat cock in my ass." As John bent over and Kissed Karen deeply she suddenly sucked hard on his tongue as Terry slowly pushed his cock inch by inch into Karen's ass. Terry moaned from the buzz of Karen's vibrator in her pussy against his cock buried in her ass. Karen broke their kiss and looked at John," god his cock feels so good in my ass baby." John smiled at Karen," enjoy baby, you can have all the cock you want tonight." Karen moaned as Terry stroked in and out of her ass taking longer strokes each time.

Karen closed her eyes and rapped her mouth around John's cock and sucked it deep and slow in rhythm to the strange cock in her ass. John was moaning from the most incredible blow job Karen had ever given him and watching Terry's cock slide in and out of his beautiful wife's tight ass, he moaned to Terry" Terry, you have got to have your cock sucked while she is getting fucked in the ass, man Karen is incredible." Terry took two big deep heavy strokes into Karen's ass slapping his balls into her hand and vibrator causing Karen to let out a whimper of pure lust and said," well than maybe you should come back here and fuck this tight fucking ass and I can see for myself." Terry slowly and purposely pulled his cock out of Karen's ass, he moved around to where John had been and bet down and kissed Karen with the same lust as John had as John pushed his cock deep into Karen's ass. Karen moaned from the fell of John's cock pushing deep into her. She was in heaven, she could taste her and John and Terry's juices on Terry's cock, she could smell all of their sex on Terry's stomach and pubic hair as she sucked him deep into her throat. She had her favorite 9 inches of cock pumping deep in her ass and 8 more inches of wonderfully strange and different cock sliding in and out of her mouth. As Karen started to shake from yet another orgasm Terry pulled his cock from her mouth and moved down between her legs. Terry took the vibrator from Karen's pussy and replaced it with his tongue. Karen started to moan from Terry licking her clit and pussy as John pounded in and out of her ass from behind, Karen was out of her mind with pleasure. John grabbed a handful of Karen's and whispered into her ear," Terry is going to get under you and bury his fat cock in your pussy with mine in your ass and the two of us are going to make you fucking cum like never before." John pulled his cock with a slippery 'pop' from Karen's ass and Terry slid up under her, John stepped around and in front of Karen. She looked deep into John's eyes as she impaled herself with a laud OOOOH YAAAAA onto Terry's cock. John lifted her face to his and kissed her deeply as she took all of Terry into her and then whispered into her ear," you look beautiful when you are full of cock." John stepped behind Karen and pushed deep into her well-lubricated and fucked ass. Karen started to cum almost instantly, crying out " OH FUCK, YAA FUCK YAA, OOOOH FUCK!"As the muscles of Karen's tight ass and pussy spasmed from her orgasm they milked the two cocks buried deep inside her, Terry grunted and shot his cum deep into her womb as John growled a low animalistic growl and filled her bowls with his hot cum. Karen shakily untangled herself and got down on the floor on her knees between the two guys and hungrily sucked their softening cocks dry.

Karen was spent; she crawled onto the bed and shook with after shock from the biggest orgasm of her life. John spooned in behind his wife and she pulled Terry's backside to her and the three drifted off to sleep...

The shrill sound of a cell phone ringing woke Karen from an incredible night of wet, sex filled dreams. It was 5:30 AM, Karen's mind was full images from the night before unsure if it was real, or all just a dream, but as Terry pulled free from Karen's arms and bolted down the hall to catch his phone, Karen realized it was no dream, the smell of sex was heavy in the room, her body still tingled from more orgasms than she ever thought possible. She and John still lay spooning each other just as they had fallen asleep, spent from a night of pure carnal sex. She could feel herself starting to get wet from the images of having been so thoroughly fucked by the two men.

As John stirred he pressed his growing cock between Karen's legs, " Last night was incredible wasn't it babe? You were fantastic." John whispered, sliding his growing hard-on up and down the folds of Karen's now very wet pussy. She smiled and said," I cant believe how good the two of you felt inside me, or just how sluty I was, I mean at times I almost felt like I was outside my body watching some women having her way with two big cocks, Two hot mouths, and four hands roaming my body. A cock in my mouth and one in my pussy, a cock in my ass and a cock in my pussy, mmm I loved it. You two made me cum so hard when you both fucked me at the same time, I thought I was going to literally explode from being so full of cock, and then when you both filled me with cum, I thought I would pass out from the sheer intensity of my orgasm."

Their conversation was interrupted as Terry walked back into the room; Karen lustfully eyed the bounce of Terry's half hard cock in the low light of the room as he approached the bed to find his clothes. "That was my roommate, my work called and need me to come in early today, so I had better get out of here." Terry said. Karen reached out and started to stroke Terry's cock as John pushed his now ridged cock into her pussy, Karen moaned, "mmm, well I uh, wouldn't uh, want you mmm, to drive in you're current condition." She said as she guided Terry's ever-hardening cock to her lips. Karen moaned with pleasure around Terry's cock as John slowly pushed his cock in and out of her pussy and Terry, both hands buried in her hair slowly fucked her mouth. John kissed Karen's neck telling her, "Damn you look hot with a cock in your mouth babe. You love feeling a cock in your pussy and one in your mouth don't you." Karen pulled Terry from her mouth," fuck me baby, fuuuck meee!" Karen engulfed Terry's cock again. John and Terry were both quickening their pace and Karen could feel her orgasm building deep inside. John grunted and started to slam hard into Karen's pussy, filling it with his cum. Terry was telling Karen, "come on, suck it Karen, damn that feels good, come on, yea, suck my cock, yea, ohh shit I'm going to cum!" Karen pulled Terry from her mouth as he started to cum and jacked him off onto her breasts as John's cum ran down the inside of her thighs. Terry was moaning as his cock softened in Karen's hand, "Fuck Karen, you have the most fucking incredible mouth." Karen looked up at Terry, licked her lips and sucked his soft cock into her mouth one last time and than said, " I hope you can join us for dinner again tonight." Karen let go of Terry's cock and he smiled back and kissed her before he grabbed up his clothes and headed out of the room. "My you have become quite the little slut haven't you?" John said as he smacked Karen hard on the ass and headed the kitchen to make coffee and talk with Terry before he left. Karen drifted back to sleep to the sound of the two deep voices talking down the hall.

It was 10:30 AM when Karen woke again. The smell of sex was heavy in the room, as Karen's eyes focused she tried to focus her brain as well. As Karen stood in the hot shower she closed her eyes and stroked her pussy reliving the night before, wondering what tonight might hold. Karen startled back to reality as John had quietly entered the shower and started to softly stroke her soft ass cheeks with his hands. Karen looked over her shoulder at her husband and smiled " I love how you feel in my ass you know." John smiled as he stepped out of the shower and found the tube of K-Y. John sat back down on the marble bench in the shower and covered his cock with K-Y, slowly stroking it from tip to balls. Karen had always enjoyed watching John jack off, the site always turned her on, but right now she wanted him deep in her ass. Karen switched the shower over to steam and walked over to where John sat. She reached down and stroked his slippery lubricated cock covering her hand in K-Y. Karen turned around and bent over baring her tight asshole to John, she smiled back at him over her shoulder, than reached back and slowly massaged her anus and clit with her lubricated hand in rhythm to John stroking his cock. Both were getting close when Karen stood up straight and walked over to John, she leaned in and kissed him deep and hard, her tongue twisting with his. As she broke their kiss Karen turned and faced away from John, she reached back between her legs and guided the head of John's cock to her tight ass, she gingerly let her weight push his cock into her ass as she slowly sat herself down on his lap until his balls rested against her pussy. Karen's head was spinning with pleasure as she adjusted to the fullness in her ass, "God I love your cock in my ass babe, nothing can compare to how good your cock feels in me." Karen moaned as she got her bearings and started to rock back and forth on John's cock. Karen found that if she rocked her hips just right she could grind her clit into John's pelvic bone and balls, stimulating both her clit and ass at the same time. John was moaning loudly, "I'm going to cum baby, I'm going to cum!" Karen slowly rose up off of John and turned around,"I want to taste you" Karen said as she took john's swollen cock into her mouth stroking it with one hand and fingering herself with the other. John grunted and filled Karen's mouth, she swallowed as much as she could and let the rest spill onto her breasts, than using her fingers, she scooped it up from her breasts and rubbed it into her clit and tingling asshole, than licking them clean. John pulled her to him and kissed her long and hard, tasting their sex in her mouth. Karen and John rested in each other's arms for a while longer enjoying the steam.

John suggested they take the lift up to the top of the mountain and go for a hike. Karen made sandwiches as John packed their daypacks with everything they would need for a nice hike and picnic high in the Rockies. As the two headed out, Karen was lost in the sound of the river that ran along side the path to the lift at the base of the mountain. It was a crisp beautiful spring day, a high sapphire blue sky contrasted by the emerald green mountain full of wild flowers and animal life. As they hiked Karen and John talked and laughed about the things that made up the fabric of their shared lives, kids, work, and the general crap of day in and day out living. As they crested the ridge of a back bowl a valley spread out in front of them, there where about two dozen elk grazing on the floor of the bowl, Karen suggested they have lunch on the ridge and watch the elk for awhile.

John unpacked a blanket, the video camera, and some wine and plastic cups from his pack while Karen unpacked the food from hers. After spreading out the blanket and pouring some wine, John grabbed the video camera and walked down into the bowl a couple hundred feet to film the elk while Karen made lunch. After about 10 minutes John returned to the blanket to find Karen catching some sun," lunch is ready if you are" she said as she saw John approach. John looked at Karen sitting there in the sun, thinking about their years together and how she seemed to get more beautiful every day," yea, but is the food ready, because you definitely look good enough to eat." He said with a smile. "Eat your ham and cheese big boy, you can, or should I say, we can have dessert when we get down the mountain and there aren't so many strangers around." Karen said as she motioned across the rim of the bowl. John turned to see a group of seven teen's and a couple of adults hiking up the ridge about 500 yards from where they sat. Karen and John sat on the side of the mountain, just enjoying the views and each other's company for another hour before being chased down the mountain by a large spring thunderstorm. By the time they had made there way down to the condo they were both soaked to the bone. Karen suggested that they head over and use the condo hot tub to shake the chill and relax from the hike.

After a good long soak and a nap John was about to suggest some dinner plans when Terry called John's cell phone. Karen sat quietly and listened to John's side of the call," Really, no kidding. I had no idea. Well I hope it didn't cost you to much grief." " No, no, it's fine, actually it could be great fun, why don't you just come to the condo when you get free, I will leave a key under the mat, just let yourself in. great see you then, bye." Karen was very curios as to what Terry said," well, what's up babe, is Terry going to be very late? We didn't get him trouble did we? And just what sounds like great fun?" Karen asked. John smiled and said," Terry will be joining us around 9PM, and yes he did take some heat for staying over with us but said he would explain when he arrives tonight, and as for the fun, well you will just have to wait and see."

It was 7:30, John and Karen headed down to the village to get dinner. As they walked Karen pressed for more information regarding John and Terry's call, and what the great fun might be, " aren't you going to tell me anything about what you two have planed?" John laughed and smacked Karen on the ass," Babe, first, I plan on having a nice dinner and some drinks with my very hot wife at the village steak house. Then I plan on taking you back to the condo, then set up the video camera and slowly undressing you down to your very sexy lingerie, then tying you up and blindfolding you, leaving you helpless to resist, then film you being thoroughly pleasured by Terry and myself so you can enjoy watching yourself being fucked senseless by two big cocks when ever the urge should strike you. Why? What do you have planed?" Karen was now dripping wet and trembling from her orgasm, just from hearing of John's plans," well" she said shakily, "I think we should get a six pack of beer, order a pizza, and stay in tonight." John chuckled and said," First dinner, after all, we need lots of energy for later on." Karen started to protest but realized John was not going to change his mind about dinner.

As dinner progressed Karen became totally consumed with the thought of being tied up, blindfolded and used. She trusted John and knew he would not let anything bad happen to her and that she could just give herself over to what ever he had planed. John broke her train of thought," are you ready to go back to the condo babe?" Karen thought she would die from the anticipation of what was about to happen, she thought the walk was miles instead of minutes, her lace thong was sticky with her juices and rubbed her clit with every creamy step she took. They got to the condo and stepped into the elevator, Karen grabbed John and kissed him long and hard stroking his cock thru his pants until the elevator stopped and the door opened. Karen almost floated down the hall to the door of their condo lost in her anticipation of being tied up, blindfolded and totally and completely sexually satisfied.

It was 8:30 when John and Karen returned from dinner. John sat and loaded a bowl and took a deep pull from the pipe before handing it to Karen. "Not tonight thanks." Karen replied lost in her thoughts, feeling very high already," are you sure you're up for this, you seem a bit out of sorts." John said. John took another deep pull off the pipe and smiled at Karen, admiring how beautiful and soft she always looked to him. Looking deep into her husband's eyes Karen said, "Oh yea babe, I'm up for anything you have in mind." " Our company will be here soon, why don't we go down to the bedroom and tie you up." John suggested with a wink and almost boyish smile. " I need to use the girls room first." Said Karen," why don't I meet you there."

John grabbed the camcorder from the closet and headed toward the master bedroom. He smiled to himself, his cock growing hard from the visual he had in his head of what was to come. He set out the furry restraints and blindfold he had bought Karen a couple of years back, never thinking about the amount of play they would have gotten over the years. He lit candles all around the room, turned on some soft jazz just loud enough so you couldn't hear some one talking down the hall and striped down to his birthday suit. John sat back with his cock in hand and waited.

Karen sat on the edge of the tub in the guest bath, feverishly stroking her clit, John had driven her insane all night, starting with his description of what he had in mind for her, than he teased her without mercy at dinner, rubbing the inside of her thighs under the table and making wild suggestions about different guys at the bar, ' God' she thought 'that man can make me wet', all in all, she felt like she would lose her mind if she didn't get some kind of relief NOW. As the orgasm subsided Karen smiled to herself thinking 'now, I'm ready to really get off'. She stood and pulled up her peach colored boy shorts, adjusted her garter and hose, dropped her skirt and headed for what ever John had in store.

Karen stepped into the master bedroom. Her eyes adjusted to the candlelight and she saw John sitting in the chair next to the bed, " you look like you could use a hand with that." She said as she walked to the chair. Karen reached out and took John's stiff cock into her hand and gently tugged and stroked it, "ooh poor baby, it looks so swollen, maybe I should kiss all better for you." Karen suggested as she knelt down between John's legs. Karen slowly licked John from the head of his cock to the base and back a couple of times before taking him deep into her mouth and throat, John reached down and pulled all of Karen's hair into one hand, with the other he pulled the blindfold out from the seat cushion and rapped the elastic bands around each of Karen's ears. Karen's heart raced at the feel of the furry, silky blindfold, she sucked john's cock down deeper, increasing the fever pitch of her blow-job, again her pussy was dripping wet with anticipation. She knew it wouldn't be long before she would have the pleasure of two hot cocks again. John was moaning and bucking his hips to meet Karen's mouth, he gripped her hair tight and grunted as he exploded into Karen's mouth, Karen swallowed all that she could take and let the rest run down her chin. John looked up and saw Terry and his guest standing in the doorway, both obviously had enjoyed the show. John held a finger to his mouth for them not to say a word. He pulled Karen to her feet and slowly undressed her down to her garter belt and hose. He sat her on her knees in the seat of the chair backwards, picking up the fur covered restraints from the bed John tied her wrists to the rear legs of the seat her breasts hung over the back of the chair, she could rest on her elbows but couldn't move her arms any higher. John walked behind Karen and pulled the straps of one of the ankle restraints up the crack of her pussy, " do you want to be fucked nice and hard tonight babe?" he asked with a sharp smack on her ass, Karen whimpered "yes baby, I want to be fucked good and hard." John tied one ankle to the front leg of the chair and pulled the second restraint slowly up the crack of her pussy and then pulled it back down pressing it into her clit, Karen again moaned from the pleasure, again John smacked her hard on the ass, Karen was enjoying the spanking, as she always had, "do you want to be spanked and fucked by two guys?" John smacked her ass again, her ass cheeks were red and warm, Karen was becoming frantic" yesss, I want cocks in me, in my mouth, my ass, my pussy, I want to be filled with cock, I need it NOW." John brushed his still soft cock across Karen's lips and stepped back," Good, I just wanted to make sure you were ready for a night you will never forget". Karen moaned her whole body ached for cock. John smacked her hard on the ass and than softly ran his tongue up from her dripping wet clit to her ass, slowly reaming than fucking her ass with his tongue. John smacked her ass one more time.

John silently shut the door, than he Terry and his guest quietly walked down the hall to the living room. "John this is Lindsey, Lindsey this is John." " Lindsey wasn't to happy about last night, I kind of forgot and told her I would meet her after dinner with 'friends'." Terry explained, "When I told Lindsey that we got overly buzzed and I had to stay, she didn't believe me and so I told her the truth, at first she was very pissed and I said 'hey it's not like we have a relationship beyond casual sex, I mean get real. Than she told me that the thing that pissed her off the most was that I didn't bring her along, after all she might just like to watch. So like I told you on the phone I said ' well then come back with me tonight." John smiled and told Lindsey, "You're welcome to watch and even join us if the mood strikes you," looking at her and Terry, he continued, " no one is to talk until I let you know, I want to keep Karen wondering as long as possible."

Karen's ass burned and tingled with pleasure from John's spanking, and she really needed a good fuck but she couldn't hear anybody in the room, Karen moaned her protest, " God you're a fucking tease baby, come on and fuck me." " I need a cock in me baby come on." Suddenly Karen felt alone and in great need.

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