Mountian Weekend Getaway

by cruzer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Couples first weekend away in sometime, they let go and have a wet and wild weekend

Karen and John have been together for 10 years and in that time have shared their wildest sexual fantasies many times, and enjoyed some very torrid and steamy sex as a result of the heated bedroom fantasies. Over the last couple of years these fantasies have often been about a threesome with a mutual friend named Terry. John and Terry shared many physical characteristics including similar looks and some of the mannerisms that Karen had always found so attractive about John, and while She had no desire to be with anyone but her husband, she did have a certain physical attraction to Terry that from time to time left her wet. Terry lived in the mountains about an hour away and they only saw him occasionally and that distance added to the safety of the fantasies for Karen.

Two favorite fantasy of John's and Karen's that often included Terry have Karen pleasuring and being pleasured by the two men, one with Karen in complete control and directing her men on just how she wants to be pleasured, and one in which Karen is helplessly blindfolded and tied up and at the mercy of her two unseen lovers. These sessions often end with John fucking Karen in the ass while she fucks her pussy with her vibrator imagining it to be Terry's cock inside her until they both would explode.

One night after just such a love making session as they cuddled John asked Karen " If you had just one chance to live out the fantasy of being with two men, in all honesty, would you?" Karen smiled and thought about it and answered, "Yes, if it all felt right, and if the other guy was the right guy, I think I would, why? Do you think you could handle watching me suck a strange cock, or see me take a strange cock deep in my pussy and hear me moan from the pleasure of it?" John Smiled "Sure, just the thought of you enjoying yourself that much makes me hard, but just who would be the right guy for you?" He asked. Karen shifted up onto her elbow and with her head on his chest looked John in the eyes, studying his face, trying to read his thoughts, " Well, as often as we've talked about Terry in our fantasies and as many times as I've imagined my vibrator to be Terry's cock sliding in and out of me with your cock in my ass, I cant think of anybody else really, why? Would you like to see me suck Terry's cock " John smiled and answered, " The real question is would you like to suck Terry's cock while getting fucked from behind, or take his cock deep inside you while sucking my cock?" Karen smiled and trembled with desire at the thought of a night of wanton wild sex with John and Terry, the thought of Terry's cock in her pussy and John's cock in her ass at the same time made her dizzy," Yes," she said in a shaky voice almost to herself " actually I would love to be filled with your two cocks". As Karen drifted of to sleep she smiled at the thought of it all.

John was so stressed out from work that all he could do was come home from wok and grumble, Karen felt as if she was loosing her mind, home with the youngest of two, cleaning and trying to keep up. They both knew they needed to get a way from it all - the work, the kids, and life in general. John and Karen desperately needed a break. John had had enough one day and decided to call his mom to make arrangements for her to take the kids for an upcoming weekend, and decided to surprise Karen one Friday afternoon in the not too distant future with the news of "pack a bag, we're out of here for the weekend".

Two weeks later John called Karen from work one Friday afternoon to tell her that his mom was coming over to watch the kids and that they would be going to a friend's condo up in the mountains for the weekend alone. Karen excitedly packed one bag of clothes and She smiled a sexy little smile as she packed a second bag, full of fun goodies (her favorite vibrator, and the furry blindfold and restraints) for her and John to enjoy some of their favorite fantasies and let loose some built-up tensions. As John drove home from work he called up to the resort where the condo was and made reservations for dinner for two at 9 p.m., he then called Terry and asked if he would like to make the half hour drive over to the resort and meet he and Karen for drinks and a little partying at around 10:30. Terry said that it sounded like fun and that he would meet them at the bar.

John and Karen arrived at the condo about 7:30. The condo was well appointed with a large master suite and bath including a large marbled steam shower. John took the bags into the master bedroom and suggested that he and Karen have a nice soke in the hot tub to unwind before dinner.

Around 8:15 John suggested that they head upstairs to shower and get ready for dinner. Once upstairs, Karen headed for the shower while John made them each a drink before going to join Karen in the shower. As John started into the bedroom he could hear Karen moaning over the sound of the water running in the shower, He quietly stepped into the room and watched his wife fingering her pussy in the shower, sitting on the marble bench at one end of the shower, eyes closed, head back one hand twisting at her nipples and the other in her pussy, Karen was oblivious to John, so he watched her, stroking his cock in time to her hand in her pussy until she shuddered with her orgasm.

Karen slowly opened her eyes to see her husband stroking his cock watching her tremble from the after shock of her orgasm, She smiled and said, "come on in the water is great." John smiled as he stepped into the shower and asked," what exactly were you thinking about just then?" Karen took his cock in her hand and licked the head and answered," You and Terry taking turns fucking my mouth and pussy in this shower, why?" John smiled as Karen took his cock deep into her mouth slowly running her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock and said," well babe you can have that if you want it". Karen sucked hard on John's cock pumping it up and down with her free hand while she fingered her clit until John started to grunt and buck into her mouth as he came all over her.

Karen and John Dressed and headed down to the village for dinner. They had been at the restaurant about an hour when John noticed Terry walk into the restaurant bar, Karen had her back to that part of the restaurant and didn't see Terry at all. John waved Terry over and invited him to join them, Karen felt a warm wet tingle as she gave Terry a hug hello, and John stood and shook his friend's hand and offered him a seat. Karen felt herself get wetter and wetter as the three sat and chatted and drank for another hour before John suggested that the three friends walk over to the condo and have a night cap and relax in the hot tub. Terry suggested that they drive back to the condo instead of leaving his truck in the lot at the village.

When they got to the truck John jokingly asked Karen if she was all right with being 'sandwiched' between he and Terry in the cab of the truck for the ride back to the condo or would she prefer the window, Karen smiled and replied half-heartedly under her breath "you already know what I think of that idea". John smiled and smacked Karen on the ass as she climbed into the pick up causing her to jump a little and crash into Terry, one hand landing on his shoulder and the other in his lap. Karen blushed and apologized, saying it was Johns fault.

As Karen sat tightly between the guys for the ride back to the condo, she rested one hand absently on John's lap, and the other on her lap, as she closed her eyes and enjoyed her buzz Karen became very aware of the body heat and the scent of the two men on either side of her. She started fantasizing about the pleasure of four strong hands exploring her body, the heat of two wet warm mouths and tongues licking and sucking at her nipples, teasing her clit, and exploring her tight ass, and the feel of two big hard cocks to do with what she pleased. The combination of the sex in the shower earlier and now the alcohol and all the fantasies had Karen's pussy dripping wet and her mind lost in her lust filled thoughts until the harsh light of the parking garage snapped her back to reality.

Once inside the condo Karen started making drinks while Terry sat on the couch and loaded a bowl, John went to find swim gear for he and Terry. Terry admired Karen's body as she moved about making drinks, "John certainly is a lucky man" Terry told Karen when she brought him his drink. " How so?" asked Karen as she sat down next to Terry. Terry stammered "Well, your very attractive, you have a great body, and are a very confident women, I mean most men would jump at the chance to spend a night with you and John spends every night with you." Karen blushed and said, " well I don't know about all that, but thank you." John returned with the swim trunks and sat down on the couch, again placing Karen in between the two guys. Karen's mind again filled with thoughts of being fucked by these two men. After a couple of minutes lost in her thoughts, she couldn't take it any longer, Karen grabbed her drink and excused herself saying, " I'm going to change for the hot tub" and headed down the hall to the master bedroom.

Karen was flush as she entered the bedroom, her heart was racing and she could feel her underwear becoming soaked. She looked first in her clothes bag for her swimsuit with out any luck. As Karen opened up the second bag, still lost in her lusty thoughts, she reached into the bag and the first thing she touched was her vibrator rapped in a garter belt. She snapped back to reality, looking into the bag she decided to take charge of her hormones and her libido. After about ten minutes the guys heard Karen call out " can you guys come give me your opinion on something, I want to know what you two think".

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