Yes Sir, Master Sir
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Squirting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A slave and her Master meet for the first time.

I would begin by waking up early Tuesday morning with my clitoris throbbing and the remnants of last night's dream. I'll wake up and slowly lower my hand and touch my moist pussy... all the while thinking of being your baby girl. I'll get up and casually take a shower and get dressed in my most professional attire. I'll make sure that my hair is down and curled and feminine, just like you like it. My make up with be done so that my eyes stand out and call to you from a distance.

When I am finally ready, I'll drive to the hotel and meet you. I hope to be there early to await your arrival, baby. While I'm waiting in my car, my mind will race and take me to so many places with you. My heart will pound faster and faster as my pussy gets more and more wet. As I see you pull into the parking spot next to me, it will feel as though my heart is stopping and yet I will still be able to feel my heartbeat in my clit.

As you get out of your car, I'll walk towards you with my back straight and my shoulders set. My mind is still getting away from me at the excitement that I will feel, at the thrill of the journey that I know I'm about to embark on. I'll stand in front of you and raise my eyes to meet yours while you take stock of my appearance, of my innocent looking eyes, my ample breasts, my long legs. I know that you like a voluptuous woman and that woman is going to be me.

After you check us in and we walk to our room, you will tell me to undress for you and then undress you so that I can give you a massage, as you describe the position that I'm applying for and what is expected of me. I'll start by requesting that you lay on your stomach so that I can get above you and straddle you. I'll start with your shoulders and lay on top of you so that my hard, sensitive nipples will graze your back while my fingers work their magic.

Once I've worked from your shoulders down your back, I'll knead your buttocks with my fingers and plant gentle kisses on your lower back and ass. I'll slowly work my way down your legs and linger so close to your nuts but I won't touch them yet...

After I'm finished with your back, you will tell me to massage your front now. I'll gladly begin because I want to pleasure you and make you happy, Sir. "Tongue, slave," you would command. And with that, I would stretch out my tongue for you. You will take two fingers... and trace them along the dampness of my outstretched tongue.

"You know where these are going, baby," you would ask sternly.

"Yes Sir, Master Sir," I would reply with a slightly trembling voice.

"Where?" you would ask.

"In the soaking wet pussy that is yours now, Master Sir," I would reply in a more excited voice. With that you would trace your saliva moistened fingers along my throbbing clit. You would trace them along the swollen lips of my wet, wet pussy, and you would force them roughly inside of me, claiming me once and for all as your property.

You would then ask me in a satisfied but stern voice, "Need a taste, baby?"

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir," I would reply greedily.

Mmmmm... you would feed me my own juices and watch as I eagerly gobble every ounce of that delicious fluid!

"That mouth of yours looks very inviting! Show me how you suck cock," you would demand

And I would begin to move my mouth up and down the entire length of your cunt soaked fingers, taking them both all the way into my throat, running my tongue wildly across them in an attempt to please my new boss!

"Mmmm that is going to feel so good my sexy slut," you would purr. "Are you ready to have your throat fucked slave?" you would kindly ask.

"Sir yes Sir," I would reply.

I would stretch my mouth wide as I waited patiently to please you. I would hear the sounds of you readying yourself; the loosening of your belt, something being placed on the table (perhaps your wallet??)

And then I will have my first taste of my Masters incredible cock. The head would be engorged and dripping with pre-cum. You will trace it along my lips, allowing me a delicious taste and some wonderful lube...

Then without warning you would feed me every inch of that thick, wonderful cock. You'd grab the back of my head and use my throat as your personal fuck toy; thrusting long and deep, commanding that I take every inch of you.

"Show me what that tongue was made for, slave"

And I would work my tongue wildly all along the underside of my Master's perfect cock, dreaming of how sweet it will feel inside of me, stretching me, punishing me. And you would push all the way into my throat and hold me there.

"BALLS!" you would command, and I would take on the difficult task of licking your balls while every inch of you stretches my throat. I would feel that you were wonderfully shaved and those smooth balls would feel SO wonderful to the tip of my tongue!

"Let me give you a better taste baby," you will say as you pull out of my throat quickly, giving me just enough time for one large gasp for air before cramming BOTH balls into my mouth. "Suck those nuts!" you will command. "MMM, very good slave," you would add. "Are you my baby?" you would ask, while playfully slapping my face. "Come on baby eat those balls! Are you my little slave?" You will pull your balls away quickly. "Sir YES Sir! I'm your little slave... please feed me your balls Sir" I would beg, and with that I'd receive a reward as your balls are crammed back into my eager mouth. I will use my hand to jack you off because I so desperately want to lick your cum and taste it. "Faster baby," you will say. "I'm going to cum!" I will switch so that my tongue is now dancing circles around your shaft and then the head. I love the taste of the pre-cum that is coming out. Faster and faster, harder and harder I will move my head up and down as I use my mouth to imitate my hot, wet pussy. As I am sucking on you, I'll reach between my legs and begin to masturbate myself. At the same time, we will cum together and fall into each other's arms as wave after wave of pleasure crashes over us.

After some time, you will take your fingers and run them under my chin and tilt my head up to yours. "That was very good, baby," you say as you slowly begin to caress my nipples. Instantly, I can feel my body respond to your touch and my pussy starts to slowly come to life and throb again.

"Good, I'm glad that I can please you," I say. "I really enjoy doing that for you, baby."

Ever so slowly, you lower your head and engage my tongue in a dance of passion as your fingers make their way to my throbbing, wet cunt. You begin to trace your tongue along the same path as your fingers just took. To my surprise, you take my nipple in your mouth and bite on it as you suck at the same time. "Mmmmm, I love that baby," I moan as my body arches to your mouth. Since you are such a good lover, you would never forget about the other nipple and take it just as suddenly as you did the first. While your mouth is taking my mind away, your fingers are sliding in and out of my pussy. I can hear the proof of my own arousal as the wetness is dripping out of my cunt.

Gently, you make your way down to my soaking pussy. "Baby, you are so wet and you smell so good. I bet you taste just as good," you say as you bury your face in my cunt. You take my clit in between your teeth and gently bite at it as your fingers slowly slide into my pussy. With a moan, I arch my back so that your face is buried even further. As you begin to slide your fingers in and out faster and harder, I can feel myself building up to my climax. I grab your head and entwine my fingers into your hair and pull your face even deeper as I begin to moan louder and louder. Soon, my body is writhing beneath the manipulations of your tongue and fingers as you slide them into my ass, too. It's too much... I begin to scream as streams of my juices begin to pour out of my pussy. My orgasm seems to go on for an eternity as the waves of passion crash over me.

Before the final wave has crashed, you ram your hard cock into my pussy as fast and as hard as you can. You can still feel my pussy spasming as you begin to fuck me. With my feet over my head, you are pounding your cock in my pussy over and over again. "HARDER... oh god please... harder... FUCK ME HARDER!" I scream, as I feel my next orgasm come crashing on the final throes of the last one. With intensity building, you fuck me harder and harder and faster until we are both again feeling each other orgasm even better than the previous ones. When the final spasm has subsided, you fall into my arms and I run my fingers gently through your hair as I listen to our hearts slowly begin to beat normally...

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