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Desc: Incest Sex Story: The lottery winner helps out his cousin but first wants payment for his trouble.

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"A woman who lived in St. Paul
Had breasts undeniably small
Her husband growled, 'Dear,
Why not burn your brassiere?
It's fulfilling no function at all.'"
-author unknown

My childhood friend Nancy called after trying me at my office. Since I had won the lottery, I had wrote or spoken to her three times, and things were not going well for her. I promised to come to her house tomorrow instead of heading back home.

I rented a car and drove to the small town where my old friend lived. She had married six years ago, and had two boys. He joined the air force as a clerk and had to move two times in four years. Last summer, Nancy had called and told me hubby had confessed to having an affair. A week later, she called back and told me she had decided to give him another chance. I can still remember as kids she being three years older than me - we were playing on a old homemade swing. The wind was catching her dress and blowing it wide allowing me to see up to her panties and young thin thighs. It was perhaps the earliest sexual memory I have.

Soon I was sitting in her sparsely-furnished living room, the kids playing at a friend's house. She looked the same as when I last saw her, when I was nineteen. She had a traditional hourglass figure, topped off with large heavy breasts, and a wide firm ass. Nancy was into playing sports, and two kids hadn't ruined her strong yet attractive thighs any. She hadn't dressed up for me, I didn't expect her to. She wore loose shorts and a large tee shirt. I learned her husband was on an exercise in another province and wasn't expected back for six more days. I listened intently as she told me about hubby's indiscretion. She was positive he was cheating on her, and she wouldn't take it any longer. She needed help!

I thought about it for a long moment, then told her I could help her one of two ways. The first: I would lend her money to leave him. Or the second: I would give her my full support for...

Nancy froze as my hand slid onto her chest cupping a large heavy boob. She was my friend, sure, but I wanted her. Since winning the money I had been able to indulge in outrageous or otherwise unthinkable fantasies. And just perhaps this fantasy would come true. The worst that could happen was she would shrug off my pass, and I would still help her.

"What would I have to do?" She looked down at the floor, unable to meet my eyes. I knew exactly what the question was pertaining to.

I just opened my mouth to tell her to undress for me when the phone rang. Both of us jumped, and she ran into the kitchen to grab the loud phone. My heart dropped when I heard her say hello to hubby, but soon realized if I wanted my fantasy to come true, I would have to accomplish it myself.

When I entered the small kitchen I saw she had her back towards the wall and phone. She was whispering, answering his questions, perhaps embarrassed at what had just happened. Nancy tensed up as I slid my hands around her torso and cupped a breast in each. In her ear I whispered, "Keep talking to him." I kissed and tongued her neck and ear. She moved her head to an angle to accommodate me.

Wanting to rush the moment, I reached out and grabbed a large kitchen knife on the counter next to us. Holding her tee-shirt away from her waist I cut it up her back, to her neck and both arms, it fell to the floor. Then expertly I cut her bra straps and it too fell to the floor. Nancy fell forward towards the wall, catching herself with her one unused hand. I slid the knife between her skin and her shorts. It too dropped to her feet, until she was standing naked, her backside towards me. I threw the knife in the kitchen sink.

"Talk dirty to your husband, tell him you miss him." I whispered.

Unresisting, I manoeuvred her over to the kitchen table and bent her over it. She wasn't statuesque any longer, but still looked good. With a quick zip of my trousers I aimed my cock between those wide globes and slowly drove forward. My penis entered her slightly dry hole while she began to bait her husband into talking about their marriage bed. I pulled my cock out of her and applied a generous amount of saliva to the head of it, then entered her again.

This time she let out a long sigh, then told her hubby, "I'm sitting here naked, darling... I can't wait until you get home, I'm very lonely..." I held onto her hips as I began to fuck her in a long slow motion. "... last night... the boys were asleep... all right, I'm doing it... yes... hum... two fingers." She was breathing hard and enjoying my fuck, while telling her husband a fabrication.

I again whispered, "Tell him something new."

"I want to try something when you get back baby... yes, even that... I'm so hot, I can't wait for you to get back..." I fingered her bottom hole mercilessly as I banged into her cunt over and over. "... the purple stockings... yes, I promise... what else will you do?" The situation seemed to be finally getting to her, as she was having trouble talking and breathing at the same time. I realized she wasn't far off, but neither was I. "I'm so hot... yes, it's even dripping down to the floor..."

I pulled out of her and she groaned, "... no!" Then I ripped the phone out of her hand and threw it onto the floor. She looked suddenly startled and scared as she looked over her shoulder. Roughly I pulled on her hips spinning her around and pulling her off the table. With wide eyes she watched helplessly as I forced her to kneel before me. Now her eyes were witnessing the full blood-gorged wet cock inches from her face.

She licked her lips unconsciously.

Then I bent over at the knees and squeezed her breasts together. I began to pump my cunt-wet cock along the fleshy valley of her boobs. Nancy had her chin pressed to her chest as she watched the one-eyed wonder fuck her large c.

She may have been a good childhood friend but at that moment I wanted to fuck her silly, to use her mercilessly, and to dominate her until she pleaded for me to let up. Nancy didn't help me fuck her, only watched on while on the floor, forgotten by her, was the phone and at the other end of that line was her husband. I figured she was touched by the bug as many other females I knew, and at that moment was very thankful.

With a grunt of pleasure and a final lunge of my hips I shot my load. It hit her lips, chin and covered her neck and upper chest region. But she didn't try to move, and kept her lips slightly opened and I knew she had at least a small taste of my milky white sperm. I let go of her chest and then bent over and hung up the phone. With wide fearful eyes she realized her husband could have been listening, though there had not been much to listen to.

Zipping up my pants I spoke sternly to her. "I want you to come to my room tonight after the boys are asleep, and wear something sexy." I began to walk out of the kitchen but stopped at the door and turned around. "Oh, yes. Trim your pussy." I left her kneeling there, with come on her face and chest.


I had not planned to stay over, but when I first got there she had invited me to stay in the spare bedroom. I at first refused. With my order that afternoon, I had accepted the gracious invitation. The day went quickly. The boys returned home to a "normal" house, and their mother made a supper for us. Our relationship when the boys were around was like the old way, natural and relaxed. But when the kids were out of ear shot she quieted down and tread lightly. She barely even looked at me. Nothing was spoken about our encounter, nor the call to her hubby. The four of us relaxed and watched a little television, then a game of cards that her oldest boy won three times out of nine.

The kids were then escorted to bed by their mother. I expected her to come back downstairs but she didn't. In fact I heard the bathroom tub being filled for a bath about half an hour after they went upstairs. I watched another program then went to my main floor bedroom. The sheets had been turned down for me and the bedside light turned on. I undressed and got into bed. I had brought a book with me and began to read.

The knock at the door almost a hour later took me by surprise, even though it was quiet and gentle. Over the rim of my hard- covered book I watched as the door opened and Nancy entered my small room. She immediately closed the door behind her and then stood next to my bed, waiting. To torment her I finished reading the page I was on, then set the book down on the bedside table. I crossed my hands on my stomach and looked upon my old friend turned slut.

Nancy was wearing an old ratty house coat tightly bound at her waist. But even in the shadowy dim light I could see she was wearing black high heels and her hair was nicely combed and done up, and the smell of her perfume faintly drifted throughout the room.

"Take your house coat off." It was an order. The fact that she had appeared in my bedroom late at night was proof enough of her acceptance of the situation. I figured she was scared and excited both at the same time, but uncertain what to do about it.

Thankfully the thick ugly coat dropped to the floor allowing me a clear view of her preparations. I had seen the black heels she wore, but hadn't noticed the stockings - black, thigh high, tied up to a black merry widow which pressed her ample boobs together and up. And finally black string panties over the garter's straps.

She indeed looked sexy! But for some reason I didn't want to tell her. Instead I mumbled, "You look adequate. Good enough to fuck anyway!" She lowered her head in shame. Obviously she thought that she looked her sexiest, and worked very hard to achieve it. "Take everything off but the shoes and stockings." Again a definite order, and a hint of impatience in my voice.

Without posing as many girls would do in her situation, Nancy just undressed. When the panties came off I saw that the thick bush of brown pussy hair that pervaded her crotch wasn't to be seen. In fact their was no hair at all anywhere below the top of her head. When I had asked her to trim her pussy she must have deduced I wanted a bald beaver. To tell the truth, I rather enjoyed the sight. Next came the merry widow, which caused her problems since it seems the knot she tightened was too tight, so she took a few moments to undo the tiny string. Finally she took the pair of gold studs from her ears I had not seen earlier.

Nancy crossed her hands before her, covering much of her bald cunt. She waited and waited. I forced her be patient as I looked upon her body. She was more exposed now than she had been earlier today. Right now I just amused myself with parts of her, enjoying one part before going onto another. I never knew my old friend was so attractive. Right now she could pass for a girl ten years younger, and with her present nervousness, a virgin. It wasn't cold in the little room but she was shivering uncontrollably, her nipples hard and pointing, her body riddled with goose bumps.

Finally I pulled back the covers to the bed exposing my naked body and rock-hard cock. Nancy diverted her eyes from the floor to look upon my manhood and shivered even more violently. I let her watch as I stroked my shaft slowly. She several times licked her lips and I wondered what she was really thinking at that moment.

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