New Camera

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Petting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: He hadn't thought about his daughter as a sex object before, but her words about her new bikini had made him think about her in a most un-fatherly way. True he hadn't being getting much recently but he tried to put his thoughts about her to the back of his mind.

"Show me dad," his daughter asked.

Carefully he unpacked his new purchase and handed it to his only daughter.

"Oh it's quite heavy," she gasped as she held it in her hands.

"Yeah, it's four million pixels wherever that means," he laughed.

"It means there are four million tiny specs of colour making up the picture," she said.

"Yeah, what ever," he said, "all I know it's expensive and takes good pictures.

"Are you going to take any of me," she asked.

"Yes I expect so darling," he said looking over at his teenage daughter. "Now we better get you back to your mums before she make a scene."

"Right oh," she said and gave the expensive camera back to her father. "Next time I'm over for the day I'll bring some clothes to change into shall I?"

"You'll better asked your mother first," he said.

"No way," she said, "she never allow it, you know what she's like."

"Well there you are then," he said shrugging his shoulders.

"Look dad," she said, "we don't have to tell her do we?"

Well I suppose not," he said.

"Right then it's settled," she enthused, "God wait to you see my new bikini, mum went ape when I put it on to show her."

"Why?" he asked.

"Well there's not much of it," she laughed. "Anyway must be off, see you next week.

He hadn't thought about his daughter as a sex object before, but her words about her new bikini had made him think about her in a most un-fatherly way. True he hadn't being getting much recently but he tried to put his thoughts about her to the back of his mind.

"Hi dad," she enthused and turned to wave her mother off. "She's going to town shopping with friends."

"Oh," he said. "What's that?

"Oh you've forgotten," she teased. "These are a few things for me to pose in silly."

He hadn't forgotten but just didn't want to think about it.

"Hope you've got a clean card and charged up the batteries," she said.

"Yeah," he said for only yesterday he had downloaded the card clean and put the batteries on to charge.

"I was hoping we could go out somewhere," she said nodding at the rain-spattered window, "but it looks like we going to have to stay in."

"Never mind dear," he said, "I've turned the heating on so it's nice and warm."

"Look what I've brought," she said unpacking the carrier bag. "This is that bikini I told you about. Look how small it is."

"Yeah, sure is," he said looking at the three small triangles that made up the garment.

"I've brought a couple of nice tops and a skirt," she explained. "Couldn't bring too much as mum would have queried it."

"Yes fine," he said looking down at the brightly coloured clothes.

"What do you want me to start with?" she asked.

"With what you've got on will be fine," he said looking her up and down.

She was wearing a pair of really tight Jeans and a t-shirt that stuck to her fine figure.

"I can't wear this," she said, "let me change the top at least."

"Ok," he gave in.

"I think this one," she said and held up a short white button up top.

She stood up, turned her back on her father and pulled the t-shirt over her head.

"What about my bra?" she said over her shoulder, "off or on."

"Off, I think," he said.

"Right," she said and reached behind and unclipped her bra. Mum says I need new ones soon, these are 'B' cups but I seemed to be overflowing them already."

"Right you ready?" he asked now very nervous.

"Sure," she turned around still doing up the top button.

There was a lot of flesh showing between the top of her jeans and the bottom of her top.

"Sit in front of the fire," he instructed, "great."

He fired off a number of shots with her sitting there.

"What about we undo a couple of buttons?" he asked off hand just to see what she would say.

"Well ok," she said a little nervously. "I suppose I'm being a little silly considering how small my new bikini is."

"That's right," he said.

"Is that alright dad?" she smiled.

"Fine dear," her said and snapped away again. "We'll fill this card up this morning then we'll have lunch, if that's ok with you."

"Sure dad," she said and smiled again feeling more comfortable now.

"I think I'll like your bikini top on now but with that top on over the top but undone," he said.

"Yeah, ok," she said standing up and removing her top again with her back to her father.

He noticed that her breasts were big enough now for him to see the sides from behind.

"Hand me my top will you," she asked holding out one hand the other across her front. "There's not much of it."

She turned and pulled her old top back on.

"How's that?" she asked.

"Lovely," he said and snapped away.

At the setting he had the camera the 256M card would hold just short of 200 pictures so he could snap away and not worry about the number of shots he was taking.

"What skirt did you bring?" he asked.

"That little white one," she said and went to get it out. "A bit short I suppose.

"No that's fine," he said, "put your bikini bottoms on with the skirt over the top."

"Ok," she said and rolled her tight jeans down her thighs.

"Do you think you could close your eyes for a few seconds," she said with a giggle and she pulled her small panties off.

Though eye slits he could see her all but naked from the waist down.

"Ok you can look now," she giggled for she had put her thong bikini bottoms on.

"You look great," he said, "lovely long legs."

"Thanks dad," she smiled from his praise.

He checked the counter and was surprised that he had taken over one hundred shots already.

"Let have that top off now," he said.

I'll have to do some adjusting here," she giggled, "or I'll be showing too much. There that's better."

"It is rather small," he said, "no wonder your mother had a fit."

"It's the fashion this year," she said defending her purchase.

"You might as well no bother with that top," he laughed, "it hardly covers anything."

"Well if I can pluck up the courage I may go topless next year," she giggled nervously.

"You can start now if you want?" he said knowing he still had plenty of space left on the memory card.

"I'm not sure I could," she giggled, "not in front of you."

"Why not me?" he asked.

"Well you're my dad," she said.

"Look, I'm family despite what your mother says," he said, "and don't forget I changed your nappies many a time."

"It's not the same dad," she said, "I'm a lot bigger now."

"Yes I can see that," he laughed, "especial in that top."

"Dad, stop it," she said feeling a little vulnerable for she was dressed in almost nothing.

"Look we do this last bit with you topless," he said, "and I won't breath a word to your mother."

She'll kill me if I did, he mused.

"I'm not sure dad," she said sounding like a little girl again.

"Look, if you don't like them I can always delete them," he said.

"Yes I suppose," she grudgingly accepted.

"You promise you'll delete them," she said, "and not a word to mum or anybody else for that matter."

"Sure," he said.

"Ok," she said.

With fumbling hands she unclip her top and it fell on the floor.

"Lovely," he said and snapped away.

"Turn slightly away from me," he instructed, "great."

"Ok that was fine," he said with a big smile. "You get dressed and start on lunch while I'll download this lot then you can have a look.

"Ok dad," she said and grabbed her top eagerly.

He connected up his camera to his PC and downloaded the 193 pictures. Quickly while she was still out of the room preparing lunch he slipped a CD-R into the drive and copied them all.

"Come and have a look," he called out.

Bringing a plate of sandwiches and a cup of tea she sat down in front of the PC monitor.

"I've set it up as a slide show," he said and image after image showed on the screen.

"Oh they are good dad," she said.

"Thanks babe," he said, his hands resting on her shoulders.

"God I'm I really that big," she gasped as the first topless picture came into view.

"You are very nicely built," he said.

"Thanks," she said shyly.

In truth she had enjoyed showing herself off to her father and wanted to do it again but she was still a bit apprehensive about it.

"I'll put in some new batteries in and wipe the card clean," he said "then if you want we can do some more after lunch."

"You won't show anybody theses will you," she said, "the topless ones I mean."

"No of course not," he said with a smile. "I can always delete them now, if you want?"

"Yes please," she said.

His hands moved the mouse and soon the hard drive was purged of her few topless pictures.

"Thanks dad," she breathed a sigh and giggled, "I really enjoyed you taking them but I'm happy that they are gone too.

It felt very naughty having pictures like that of her, taken by her own father too and she could help but notice that her pussy had become just a bit wet.

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