Forever Hold Your Peace

by LuvsItWet

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Young Army buddies share more than just hard work and war stories.

Copyright© 2004

My wife April sure looked pretty in white. She'd always wanted a church wedding and now she was gonna get one.

When we got married almost three years ago, we'd ran away to Maryland and got hitched by a justice-of-the-peace because we had thought she was pregnant. April just knew that her folks would kill us both and we paniced.

Three days after we got back from our overnight secret honeymoon, her period started.

April and I hadn't told our parents about us getting married so we could both still live at home. We were both still in high school and couldn't afford an apartment of our own. I got a job working nights at one of the mills just out of town and April took a part time job in the evenings at a convenience store down the street. Both of us making minimum wage.

Even that wasn't going to be enough to make ends meet. We needed rent, furniture, food, gas. We needed money if we were ever to start a life together. We went on like that for nearly two years. Going to school, working, and dating when we could but mostly miserable.

I was easy pickin's for the Army Recruiter that stopped me on the street one day. Before you could say "Tar Heel", I was on the bus to boot camp.

April stayed home, of course, and finished her junior year. I got my GED just after basic training. We broke the news to our folks when I came home on leave. They were real easy to talk to in that new dress uniform. April went to California with me for tanker training.

I was an E-3 by about halfway through advanced training and we had started talking about maybe starting a family. We lived in base housing and April got a job at the PX. Life was good.

I had been a good driver back home on the old dirt track by the fair grounds. Now I had something worth driving. An M1A1 Abrahms. The bad part was that we did most of our excercises out in the desert and would be gone for weeks at a time. But the crews tightened up.

"Honey, Deeter tried to kiss me tonight." April whispered throatily in my ear.

We were laying in bed. The guys had just left and my little blond was feeling romantic. She'd been drinking the cheap red wine that Berto and Maria had brought over and had a pretty good buzz on. I could tell because she had been the one to start stroking my dick. Usually I was the one that started any sex play between us but that night she was already wound up.

Deeter was our loader and Alberto, Berto for short, was our tank commander. We worked, ate, and slept together when we were on excercises. We played together when we could get the down time away from work. Berto was hispanic from East L.A. and married to a cute little chicita with three kids already. Deeter was a black guy from the Mississippi backwoods and was still single. Berto had been in the Army for about six years. Deeter was single and, like me, had only been in less than a year.

We all got along great. The guys razzed me a lot about being their red necked chauffeur, but I gave it right back to them. We all got pretty good at dishing out the racial slurs but it was all in good fun.

"Yeah? So, what'd you do?" I murmered back. I was getting into the soft stroking of my cock and the way April was lightly scratching the bottom side with her long nails.

"I let him." She was looking up at me through her dark lashes in the dim light. As if to gauge my reaction.

I reacted. My dick jumped in her hand.

"You didn't!" I said in mock disbelief.

"I did too. I couldn't very well scream "Rape" after the way I had been teasing him all evening. Now could I?" She replied with a big grin. Still stroking my hard-on.

"I thought you two were out in the kitchen for a long time." My hard-on jerked rythmically in her hand as she tightened her grip.

We had pillow talked about the possibilities of a third or maybe even a fourth person joining in our sex play for over a year now. Nothing specific, just fantasy people. Vague, faceless people playing naughty games with us. It got us both hot.

"He pushed me up against the fridge and layed it right on me. Kinda caught me by surprise."

"Oh, God." I moaned. My dick was about as hard as it ever gets and I could feel myself getting close to the edge.

Berto, Marie and I had gotten wrapped up in an episode of a reality survivor show on TV and even though I noticed Deeter and April disappear into the kitchen, I didn't think too much about it at the time.

"He's a really good kisser. And with my eyes closed, I couldn't even tell he was black. Except his lips are fatter and softer. His tongue is sure big, though."

"Baby, you keep this up and I'm gonna cum." I had to warn April to slow down.

"You like the idea of Deeter kissing me, don't ya?"

The mental picture of my wife and my buddy together almost tripped my trigger. April slowed down a little to give me a chance to back away from the brink.

Deeter was about 6' 4" and really, really black. Long and lean, probably not an ounce of fat on him anywhere. I had seen him stripped down in the heat of the desert and was always impressed at how he glistened with sweat running down his muscled torso. April, on the other hand, was just a little tiny thing. Not even five feet tall and wouldn't weigh a hundred pounds if she had a pocket full of rocks. She was blond and pink all over. They were a mismatched pair but the possibilities in my horned up state were limitless.

"What else did he do to you?"

"Not much. We just kissed for a few minutes. I didn't want Berto and Maria to know what we were doing." She said, starting to speed up her strokes again. "He did play with my butt a little bit. He picked me up with one hand and I wrapped my legs around him to hold on."

"I'm gettin' close, baby." I groaned. She tightened her grip and lengthened her stroke.

"He sure has big hands. He held all of my ass in one hand. You think it's true what they say about the size of a guys hands meaning he has a big... ?"

"Here I cum, baby. Watch me. Here it cums!" I interrupted April's rhetorical question. Just her wondering about the size of Deeter's dick pushed me over the edge.

"Cum for me, baby. Shoot it all out. Cum. I want to see Deeter's big black dick, baby. Can I? Can I play with Deeter's big black dick? Hmmm? That's it, honey. Let it all out. Would you like to watch me play with Deeter's big black dick, baby? You'd like that, wouldn't ya? Maybe I'll even fuck him for ya."

I hadn't cum that hard in a long time. April's hand job and the fantasy she put into my head caused me to shoot some of my cum clear up against the head board of our queen sized bed. My little honey sure knew how to push my buttons.

A couple nights later, at supper, April asked if I thought we could invite Deeter over one night without inviting Berto and Maria.

"You know, honey. Just the three of us." She'd said.

"Probably. What did you have in mind." April's brief experience with Deeter in our kitchen hadn't been very far below the surface but neither of us had openly mentioned it since she had told me about it later that same night.

"Oh, I don't know. I just thought if it was OK with you, I'd see if he'd be interested in fooling around a little bit more. Maybe where you can watch."

"He's interested. Gaurantee, babe. You'll probably have to fight him off." I had showed Deeter the nude picture of April that I carried in my helmet for good luck and I though he was going to ruin it with drool.

"Maybe I won't fight too hard." April giggled. "Will you protect my honor?"

"Humph!" I snorted. "It's your honor, you protect it. That is, if you want it protected."

At that point, I think we both knew we were OK with anything that happened.

"How does Friday sound? I'll check with Deeter. I think Berto said something about going up to L.A. this weekend for some family function. Baptism of a neice, I think."

"Friday's fine." April was quiet for a few minutes, then asked. "You think he'd like that little pink dress I bought when we went up to Maryland?"

The pink dress was the one she had worn the night we got married. It was scandalously short then and she may have grown an inch or two since. She couldn't bend over or sit down without flashing her panties. I didn't even know she still had it.

"Poor guy doesn't even stand a chance." I dead panned as I dragged her down on my lap for some serious lovin' with images of my wife's tight little butt being held in big black hands.

We were both a little nervous Friday evening. Deeter was due at around six-thirty for supper and April had kept herself busy since getting home from work with starting dinner or locked in the bathroom. She was working on her second glass of wine and I had had a beer or two.

"How do I look?" April was standing in the doorway to our bedroom with one hand high on the frame and the other hip cocked out in a vampish stance. She looked like a hooker leaning on a lamp post waiting for her next trick. The light from behind her clearly showed the outline of her legs through the little pink dress. All the way up to her crotch. Maybe two full inches.

"Good enough to eat." I leered at her with my best big bad wolf immitation.

"Now there's a novel idea." She shot back just as there was a knock at the door.

"Honey, would you get that while I check the roast?" April gave me a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. I felt her tremble and saw the red flush up her neck. She was as excited about the evening as I was.

We had talked about what we expected from any involvement with Deeter just the night before after a hot bout of marital sex. Not just to get us more excited like in foreplay and pillow talk but after being sated. No hard dick and no wet, swollen pussy. Adult talk. Thinking things through. We had agreed that Deeter would be the deciding factor. Whatever he us up for, she could go for. April wanted to tease. She liked to flirt and what they had already done, pretty innocent really, had just made her want more. I told her that I was OK with whatever they did together but that I wanted to be included. April wasn't sure if she wanted to go all the way with Deeter but she definitely wanted to work him up and said she might even get him off by hand if he would go that far. I told her that she would probably have trouble stopping there but that it was up to him and her.

We also talked about birth control. We had been using a combination of withdrawal, condoms, and timing since going public to her parents about a year earlier. We weren't too concerned one way or the other. We had always figured if April got pregnant, we'd have kids. Simple as that. But we weren't in any hurry either. April was nineteen. Plenty of time. Her period was due in a few days and she figured if things went that far with Deeter, she was in a safe zone. But she didn't expect it to go that far. I wasn't so sure.

"Hey, buddy. Come on in." I said letting the tall black soldier step past me in the foyer.

"Honey, Deeter's here." I yelled toward the kitchen as I closed the door.

Deeter's long legs took him from our little living room to the kitchen door in about two quick steps. But he stopped dead in his tracks right there.

Looking around him, I could see that April's little pink dress hadn't stretched hanging in the closet all that time. She was bent over with the oven door open and all of her tight white ass shinning in the bright kitchen light. She was wearing a matching pink thong panty and the strap was buried out of sight between her butt cheeks. The only material showing from the back was that tiny piece that snugly cupped her swollen little peach. She hadn't wasted any time starting the tease.

"Hi Deeter. Hungry?" April said as she stood up straight and gave our friend a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Starved." I didn't miss the casual black hand low in the middle of April's back. Possessive.

Dinner was pleasant. A three sided conversation about everything but what the three of us had on our minds. When I had invited Deeter, I had hinted that April might want a little more of what she had got from him up against our refrigerator. He knew that some sexy fun was entirely possible if things worked out right.

April and I made an effort to keep each other included in the tease. At one point I asked her if she was sure she had turned the oven off and with just a slight jerk of her eyebrow, she got up to check. I think she could have just looked at the knobs. But no, she had to nearly stick her head to the back wall with her feet planted about two feet apart. Deeter and I got a really good look at what she had to show. Another time, she asked me to get a second bottle of wine from the hall closet. I took my time, keeping up a line of chatter all the time I was away from the table. April's eyes were unfocused and she was flushed when I returned. They had just broken from a stealing a quick kiss.

After dinner, Deeter and I went to the living room and gave April room in our small kitchen to clean up. I told her to just stack the dishes, I'd get them in the morning. Any time I offered to do the dishes was a treat for her. I picked out a couple of slow dance CD's and turned the lights down.

"April said you're a good kisser." I whispered to my buddy. "I wouldn't mind if she wants some more. Just take it easy with her, I'm not sure how far she wants to take this."

A few minutes later, April finished clearing the dinner table and joined us. Deeter quickly stood and took her into his long arms, moving easily into a close dance embrace. I had the best view in the room from my chair near the front door. When April reached up with both arms to hold onto Deeter's neck, her little pink dress lifted above the back of her panties. Deeter's hands, at first, were on her waist but slowly drifted down to the hem of her dress and a couple of fingers slipped onto bare skin. I looked up to meet Deeter's glance and saw a vacant smile and a wink at me. My black friend was very comfortable with what was happening.

Partway through the second song, I cut in on the dancers. Deeter was gracious and excused himself to use the bathroom.

"Spoil sport." April whispered in my ear. She could reach my ear. Her face had only come up to the middle of Deeter's chest.

I gripped her butt cheeks through her dress and pulled her to me. "You promised to keep me included."

"Yeah, I know. But I had him hard already. Now I'll have to start all over." She said as she reached down and stroked my hard-on through my chinos.

"I'll show him your bare butt when he comes back from the john. That'll get him going again."

"Why don't you show it all to him then?" April looked up at me with a wicked little grin.

I got the hint and quickly found the waist band of her panties with my thumbs. In one swift move, they were a puddle on the floor. Spinning out of my arms, she quickly picked up the tiny garment and laid it next to Deeter's wine glass.

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