Bewitching Legacy: Logan Comes Home

by Connor

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Incest, Cousins, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: The continuation of the story of Logan and Briana picks up where Bewitching Legacy left off.

Briana lay in bed next to Logan. She looked over at him sleeping soundly and smiled to herself. She had the person she had been watching and loving from a distance for more than two years here next to her. Still, Briana was troubled by a measure of guilt.

She had kept to the letter of her Aunt's wishes. Briana had done nothing to affect Logan's free will. Not specifically anyway. Briana had gone to Logan with Astrid's blessings. It's true she had thrown her virgin body at him as if she were a well practiced slut. Logan still didn't know that in truth she had never been with a man before him.

She had also used some extra ammunition. Briana had worn an extra strong perfume that had been brewed especially to attract men. It hadn't been anything aimed directly at Logan; it would have worked on any man close by. It had taken every measure of her strong, yet still developing talents to remain unnoticed by others. Therefore she hadn't broken her Aunt's decree.

Briana had gone to Logan carrying worry and doubt. She knew she was making a bold move and the last thing she had wanted was to push Logan away for ever. She had known that he would feel an unusual attraction just from coming face to face with another like himself for the first time. What she hadn't known was if that would be enough to bring him back with her. Above and beyond all else, Briana had not wanted to fail in doing so. Logan was the one thing she wanted more than all else.

However, Briana couldn't help feeling guilty. Logan had asked if she had used a spell or something. She knew he had only been half joking when he had asked. Briana had told him no and that was the truth. She didn't tell him about the attraction potion, however, and had explained it all away as the gift in him sensing another person with the same gift.

That explanation had been true, to a point. With Logan's belief that his powerful sexual attraction had been solely caused by the sense he has for his own kind, he now harbored uncomfortable feelings around his mother. Briana hadn't foreseen that Logan would assume that he was also sexually attracted to his mother and as a result, he would avoid Astrid. She felt she was to blame for this.

Briana feared that if Logan continued to feel uncomfortable being any where near his mom, he would end up leaving. That thought scared her tremendously. She also knew that Astrid was hurt by the fact that her son acted as if he wanted nothing to do with her. Briana's mind was in a whirlwind as she tried to think of the best course of action.

Briana spooned up next to Logan. She softly caressed his hair as he slept. She wanted so badly to wake him and make love. Logan, she knew, was completely worn out from a hard mental day of learning things so she settled for lightly kissing his cheek. Logan sighed deeply in his slumber.

"I love you." She whispered to an unhearing Logan, not yet ready to say those words to him directly.

In the morning Briana woke with a feeling of being watched. She opened her eyes and smiled at her beloved Logan. He lay with his head propped up on a hand and was watching her intensely.

"Good morning." She said sleepily.

"Good morning back." Logan replied as he looked into her eyes.

Briana stretched luxuriously. Logan feasted his eyes on the sight of her body looking incredibly sensuous all stretched out. He immediately became aroused, staring at the feminine curves of her body. His fingers traced slow lines over her hip as he bent his head to kiss this lovely vision.

Briana looked back into his eyes. Her finger tips slid over his chest feeling his muscles react to her gentle touch. Briana loved to feel the warmth and texture of his skin. She ran her finger down over his stomach.

Logan cupped one of her breasts in his hand and caressed the soft mound of flesh. He ran his thumb over her hard nipple. Briana smiled up at him, she loved being touched by him. She ran her finger tips up his back until her arms were wrapped around his neck. She pulled his head down to meet hers for another kiss. Their tongues played over each others.

Briana felt Logan's body pressing against hers. He felt rock hard against her smooth, soft body. Her fingers trailed down his body to his firm ass. She felt him quiver under her fingers. His erection pressed hard against her thigh. She grasped his cheeks tighter when he slid his hand down to hold the mound between her legs.

She was already wet as Logan massaged her sex in his strong, yet gentle hand. He rubbed at the sensitive nub of her clit. Briana moaned her pleasure at his touch. She spread her legs more to give her lover better access to her sex.

Logan delighted at the purely feminine sounds that escaped her lips as he massaged her most sensitive area. His hand was already becoming wet with her juices. The heat coming from her sent a wave of warmth running up his arm and through his body. His arousal grew at the feeling of her silky smooth labia against his hand. He brushed his lips against hers in a loving and prolonged kiss. Logan slipped a couple of fingers inside of Briana's warm, wet pussy. He slowly rubbed them around her, savoring the feel of her against his skin.

There was no need for urgency as a slow, comfortable passion filled them both. It was a passion born from two people whose love was felt into the very core of their being. Their heart beats had meshed into one. Conscious thought stepped aside to a combined subconscious emotion.

The soft moans that she made were an erotic serenade to his ears. The look of love, passion and pleasure sent a shiver down the length of his spine. Logan pressed his mouth against the mound of a breast. He licked at her hard nipple with the tip of his tongue. Taking the hard little button between his lips, his tongue moved in circles around it. He was rewarded with more soft moans from his lovely woman. He felt her body tremble slightly against his under the weight of pleasure.

Briana moved her hips up and down in a steady rhythm. Logan caressed her wet, silky interior. He suckled at her breasts as he fingered her warm inner womanhood. Briana murmured words of love as she basked in erotic pleasures.

She bit down on her lower lip and closed her eyes tightly. Her thighs pressed hard against Logan's hand. The muscles of her pussy grabbed onto his fingers and held tight. Logan knew that she was having an orgasm. He looked at her beautiful face to watch her expression as she came on his hand. Logan could feel her warm juices against his fingers. Briana opened her eyes and looked deep into Logan's eyes.

"Make love to me. I need to feel you inside of me." Briana whispered breathlessly.

Logan smiled at her and kissed her lips softly. He moved between her open legs that were beckoning to him. Guiding his hard cock to her, Logan rubbed it up and down the length of her slit. His head parted her labia, getting a hint of her warm, moist inside. Briana pulled at him, wanting to feel more of him in her.

"Fill me up." Briana implored Logan in a sultry voice.

Logan eased the length of his hard cock into her awaiting pussy. She swallowed his cock like a velvet glove enveloping a hand. She felt snug, yet warm and comfortable around him. The warmth of her inner body spread up his shaft and into his loins. Briana gasped as Logan sank the whole of himself into her.

Briana could feel every inch of his engorged manhood in her. The feeling of his cock filling her pussy was exquisite and she had to take a moment to relish the feeling. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and held him close. They spent a few moments not moving except to kiss each other as they relished the feeling of each others body.

Logan began sliding his cock in and out. Jolts of electricity shot through his body with each stroke. Everything seemed so natural, so right, as her pussy caressed his moving cock. It was more than just a coupling of bodies; it was also of heart, mind, and soul.

Briana purred her contentment each time his cock slid deep into her. She pushed her body upwards, trying to achieve an even greater degree of closeness. Each time his stiff rod rubbed her pussy it took her a little higher in ecstasy. Their bodies matched each other in a steady rhythm of in and out.

"I love you." Briana whispered.

"I love you too." Logan answered back.

In the midst of their union, this was the first time they had said these words directly to each other. Briana was pleased that Logan didn't hesitate in his reply. It added to the feelings his body was already giving to hers.

Beads of perspiration broke out on their bodies from the intense heat of passion. Their arms and legs intertwined, hands explored and their mouths kissed and tasted each other.

Logan's rhythmic strokes kept time with the beating of their hearts. Briana's wet pussy eagerly swallowed him up with each inward thrust. Each time his cock was pressed deep into Briana, their moans mingled in a harmony of pleasure. Briana felt that Logan's cock was a hard rod filled with fire, pushing heat through her whole being as he moved inside of her.

"Ohhhh baby!" Briana moaned.

Logan's thrusting increased in tempo along with the beating of their hearts. Every inch of his cock stroked her pussy as he tried to give as much pleasure to his woman as she was giving to him. Faster they moved, their bodies undulating against each other. Logan could feel Briana's snug pussy quivering on his throbbing cock. Still faster and harder went their rhythm in unison, their bodies climbing ever higher to a crescendo.

Logan buried his face in Briana's body. The ecstasy was so intense it was almost painful. Briana knew she was climbing towards the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced.

Faster their bodies moved and stronger their passion grew. Briana met each of Logan's thrusts with equal intensity. Her body screamed for release, her need was reaching a critical mass. She could feel the same emotions emanating from Logan. His need and desire only fueled her own more.

Their panting and moans were loud and unabated, their muscles taut with sexual tension. She wanted and needed to feel his hot fluid released into her body. Her pussy clenched down harder on his cock that felt so alive in her. Logan's muscles were one big knot. He pushed his aching cock deep inside of Briana.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" Logan moaned loudly as he could hold his orgasm off no longer.

Briana felt his hot sperm shooting deep into her. The feeling of him cumming in her pushed her over the edge. Briana felt as though she were soaring with the clouds.

"Mmmmmmmm!" She purred as she let go of her orgasm.

Logan continued pumping his cock in and out of her as his cum shot into her in waves. Briana used her pussy to milk every drop out of him. Just as she felt herself starting to settle down, she shot even higher.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" She cried out as she came again. Her body bucked and twitched under Logan's. Her hands clenched into fists as she rode the tidal wave of her second orgasm.

Logan and Briana collapsed onto the sweat dampened sheets. They spent a few minutes just holding each other, there was no need for words. Finally, reluctantly they got up and headed for the shower.

"That was incredible." Briana purred as they climbed into the warm water together.

"I'll say it was." Logan answered as he started washing Briana's back for her.

"It's a shame we didn't grow up together. We could have been kissing cousins, and played spin the bottle or doctor." Briana giggled.

"I think we've qualified for the kissing cousin part and I'll still play doctor with you anytime." Logan laughed.

"Mmmm, I love it when you're naughty." Briana said provocatively. "Come lover, we need to get dressed. I have to get down to Astrid's shop and you have some exercises to practice." Briana said as she and Logan dried each other off.

"You know, I still need to find a job." Logan reminded her.

"Your mom and I were hoping you would help at her store when you are ready." Briana said tentatively.

"We'll have to see about that." Logan said.

"You know she hopes you and I will take it over when she is ready to leave it."

"We'll see." Logan said with a smile.

"Alright babe." Briana said, though she was troubled by her worries and guilt again.

Briana stopped before leaving to watch Logan as he practiced meditation and visualization exercises, and when she was ready, she left quietly so as not to disturb him. She headed for Astrid's new age book store where she worked and where sometimes did tarot readings for tourists.

Logan had discovered that witchy - things were not solely confined to his family and that there was a whole subculture. He had also found out that his family was held with some esteem in that subculture. He was especially surprised to find out that his mother had even published two books on the subject. She also seemed to be the head matriarch in the close knit family.

Briana walked into "Connections" and she went straight behind the counter to give her aunt a hug. Astrid was as important to Briana as her own mother who was touring Whales with her father, visiting another branch of the family.

Her parents had made a successful business making herbal soaps, shampoos, and lotions. Their on line orders were almost more than they and other members of the family could keep up with, not to mention those that were sold directly through Astrid's shop. It was expected that Briana's younger sister would some day take over that side of the family business. Family members had a hand in all aspects of their various businesses.

She hadn't been there more than a couple hours before Astrid asked her what was bothering her. Briana shook her head with a smile. She should have known she wouldn't be able to hide anything from Astrid for long. Briana needed advice and there was no one better to give it than her aunt. She took a deep breath and then explained everything.

"Oh, is that all honey?" Astrid asked with a smile.

"Is that all?" Briana repeated raising her eyebrows.

"Sweetheart, I know the perfume you used. Trust me; it wouldn't have worked if there hadn't been something to build on. Logan will be fine, he just needs to learn." Astrid reassured her niece.

"He thinks his reaction means he harbors sexual desires for you." Briana said worriedly.

"He'll learn the difference. Teach him. Besides, anyone can see that nothing is going to pry that boy away from you."

"You really think so?" Briana asked.

"I know. The whole family knows. It's obvious, child." Astrid said while slipping her arm around her niece. "I have things covered here, go home and start working with him. In no time you'll see."

Briana smiled, feeling better inside about things. Astrid could always calm her fears. She did just as Astrid had said. Briana spent the rest of the day teaching Logan.

Over the next three weeks, Logan grew by leaps and bounds. Briana was surprised and impressed by his level of skill. She taught him tarot and other forms of divination, how to incorporate colors and scents, how to cast a circle and call out the four corners, and a great many other things. She delighted in his child-like wonder at each new thing.

Logan still didn't feel comfortable enough to do any work with the rest of the family but Briana marveled at how natural things came to him. Even things that she had struggled with like astral projection and seeing auras seemingly came easy to him. Logan still had a lot to learn but he was coming along faster than Briana had dreamed he would.

He especially liked doing circles with Briana. There was something about calling out the four corners that made him feel a sense of power. He always left a circle feeling refreshed and renewed.

Most importantly, Briana taught Logan about their family's special gift and how to control it. She taught him how to call it up at will. Control was the key thing. The last thing Briana wanted him to do was to call it up and begin to enter an altered state where he willed himself to devolve. A rare thing, but it had happened in the past. The last time she had heard any mention of it happening, she was a baby and it somehow involved Logan's parents. It wasn't something the family talked about.

When Thanksgiving rolled around, Briana was eager to show off her prize pupil. She was sure everyone would be impressed with Logan's progress. He was nervous as they got ready to go to the family gathering at Astrid's house. Most of the family was going to be there, many of whom Logan barely knew. He didn't know what to expect.

"Remember baby, just relax and use the control you've learned." Briana told him as they walked up the front steps leading to Astrid's house.

When they walked in, Logan was greeted with the smells of dinner cooking. He could smell the turkey roasting and the wonderful aroma of pumpkin pie baking. Whatever he had expected, it wasn't anything like the traditional family gathering he saw before him.

Most of the women were moving between the kitchen and dining room. He could hear their talk and laughter. Most of the men were huddled around the T.V. waiting for the start of the traditional football games. Children were off in another room playing games. Astrid had decorated her house for the season. The whole thing had a Norman Rockwell feeling to it.

"Logan, get over here. The game is about to start." One of his cousins called to him.

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