An Eye on the Housekeeper

by Conan Barbarian

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young up and comer in the video industry searches for domestic help and finds more than he advertised for.

I graduated college with a degree in journalism and mass communication, so when I was offered a position at an affiliate television studio in Seattle, and began earning a steady, decent wage, it was natural for me to begin collecting an array of video equipment. Although I had no real solid plans, the idea of running my own video production studio was rather appealing to me. I enjoyed the work and applied vast amounts of effort and time to the job. As my responsibilities grew, so did my income and consequently my video equipment collection as well. In a couple years time, I could afford to move to a larger apartment the that was quickly becoming a necessity to accommodate my growing collection of tapes, CDs, DVDs and equipment.

As the apartment was closer to the downtown studio where I worked, I found I was working longer and longer hours and finding less time to work on my own projects, visit the health club, and do the house-keeping, let alone date on a regular basis. I had gone out a couple of times with women I had met in the clubs around Pioneer square, but nothing worthwhile really developed. I decided I needed to make a fundamental change to my lifestyle so as not to become a lonely, bitter, workaholic by the time I was 30. As I was still in a position where I had to prove myself at work, I couldn't really cut back on the 50 to 60 hours a week I was putting in there save to get permission to take some of the smaller video projects home and where I could work on them with my own equipment on my own timetable. This generated a few extra hours of free time, but not enough to satisfy me, so I decided to hire a housekeeper to come in twice a week and maintain the livability of my abode.

I hadn't the slightest clue what to look for when hiring a housekeeper, so conducting interviews was really more of an embarrassment to me than a challenge to the prospective house keeper. I handled the first couple of interviews rather clumsily, and I think it became pretty obvious to the prospects that my only major concern was that they wouldn't rob me blind. I wasn't overly thrilled with the first two candidates, both of them being pretty patronizing and seemingly harboring resentment that a person in his mid-twenties would be making enough money to afford both a rather upscale apartment and a housekeeper. I tired of the process quickly, I had already mentally decided that I would hire the 3rd candidate as long as they knew which end of vacuum to hold, and didn't show any overt kleptomania tendencies. I needn't have worried.

Precisely at 11:00 A.M. as agreed, the door buzzer went off, and Doris announced her self over the intercom. I gave her the apartment number and opened the door slightly while then went back to the video I was working on while waiting for her to make the journey to the 11th floor of the building. A knock interrupted me and I ushered Doris into the apartment. She appeared to be in her mid-fifties with generous thatches of gray mixed into her sandy blonde hair. She stood around 5' 4" with ample breasts and while she wasn't exactly trim, she couldn't be described as fat either. Her blue eyes sparkled while she talked and was nearly always smiling when she wasn't answering my set of pre-determined questions. The interview suddenly began taking a different turn when Doris began asking me questions. It was a pleasant turn, and she listened intently to my answers. Her face showed an expression of concern when she realized that this was not case of looking after someone who couldn't take care of themselves, but rather helping someone in the betterment of their lifestyle. It wasn't need to explain myself to Doris, but she posed the questions with such sincerity that it was clear that the relationship had already taken much more of a personal level than I had achieved with any of the other women I had interviewed. I wondered briefly afterwards whether I had been manipulated, but received a resounding "No." from my conscience.

After about 40 minutes of this conversation, I offered Doris the position, and she readily accepted. As I walked her around the apartment she asked multiple questions regarding my equipment and my extensive video collection. Attempting not to sound short or rude, I made clear to her the sensitivity of the equipment but also told her to fell free to borrow any of the video collection that interested her. We established her schedule would be on Tuesdays and Fridays, I gave her a key to the apartment, and then accompanied her to the lobby to ensure that the doorman was aware who she was. We shook hands in the lobby, and my eyes couldn't help but be drawn to her full but well-shaped ass as she walked quickly from the building. While I didn't harbor any sexual attraction to Doris, the view did bring to mind my now extended dating possibilities and the prospect of more regular sex.

Over the next few months, I rarely saw Doris, but the benefits of her services had a profound impact on my social life. The apartment was always immaculate on the days she came, and she even went out of her way to take care of things which were not part of our arrangement. I noticed that she had cleaned out my refrigerator on one occasion and had re-arranged the clothes in my closet in a more organized manner on another. I no longer worried about the condition of my apartment and didn't hesitate to ask my more frequent dates up to my apartment with great success on more than one occasion. The time I spent at work was more productive, as I could take care of more personal matters in my off time. I always put a little more in her check, but during our infrequent conversations, I always sensed that money wasn't the reason she made the extra efforts. The conversations were always warm and friendly, and she always asked if I had been making any inroads in my social life. I was convinced that she was taking on a more matronly approach to our relationship and that any social success I might gain with the ladies would partly be attributed to her efforts.

About 3 months after Doris started working for me, I began a project that while not being overly complex, was rather tedious. After a couple of days I found that I wasn't really making very good progress on it at the studio and got approval from the station manager to work from home for a few days as I had the necessary equipment there. The following Tuesday morning I sat in my bathrobe working on the project when I heard a key in the lock and realized that it Doris' day to clean.

Doris entered the apartment walking backwards as she was pulling a small cart with cleaning supplies and when I moved quickly to hold the door for her, she jumped with surprise

"Oh!, My goodness, Peter, you startled me. I didn't expect you to be here."

Her eyes quickly glanced up and down me in my bathrobe then she looked furtively around the apartment. "Is this a bad time?" she asked, "Should I come Back later?"

"No, this is fine" I replied, 'I just doing a little work from home this week, to many distractions at the office."

"Well alright, if you're sure I won't be too noisy."

"Not at all Doris, I'm going to take a quick shower so you don't have to see me walk around in my bathrobe all morning."

She gave a dismissive laugh and a wave of her hand.

"You, go ahead, I'll start in the kitchen."

When I finished my shower a few minutes later, I wrapped a towel around my waist and filled the sink with water to shave. The bathroom was still full of steam, and the fan wasn't doing much take it out, so I opened the bathroom door and fanned it a few times then left it open a crack so the mirror would defog faster. As I shaved, I felt the towel slipping from my waist but since I was almost finished and rather than risking a nick or cut, I let it fall while I finished. I rinsed my face, then grabbed a hand towel to dry it. I held it over my face for a few seconds, then turned to find the clean boxer I had brought into the bathroom. As I pulled my pants on I heard movement in the bedroom and realized that Doris must have already started in there. I saw her walk past the partially open, door, and I wondered how long she had been in the room. I had work to do though, and I quickly dismissed any concern from my mind.

I returned to my work in the living room, as Doris went about her business. After about an hour and a half, Doris interrupted me asking if it would be alright for her to vacuum now.

"Sure," I replied, "I need to take a little break anyway, my eyes are getting a little bleary."

"I'll make it quick so you can get back to work." She said as she turned on the vacuum

I went to the kitchen and got a bottle of water then leaned against a wall sipping it as I watched her. She was dressed in Jeans that molded to her well-rounded ass, and a loose fitting T-shirt that she wore un-tucked and her ample boobs held away from her waist. I idly marveled out how she was in remarkably good shape for her age, and after a few minutes of watching her boobs jiggle and bounced as she expertly wielded the vacuum back and forth to my surprise had my dick beginning to swell...

Doris switched the vacuum off snapping me out of my trance, and I quickly turned around under the pretense of discarding the water bottle to conceal from her any evidence of the growing bulge in my pants.

"I'm just about done here," She called from the living room, "and then I'll be out of your hair."

"Take your time," I replied, "It's kind of nice having company."

When I was satisfied that any sign of arousal had dissipated, I returned to my work while Doris put the finishing touches on the living room with a dusting rag. I caught myself eyeing her from time to time, but avoided it as much as possible so as not to create another potentially embarrassing situation. After a few minutes I looked up to see that she had stopped dusting and was studying the titles on some of my videos.

"See anything you like?" I asked.

"Yes," she said still studying the titles, "Did you say that you wouldn't mind if I borrowed some of these?"

"Please, help yourself." I replied, "In fact, if you'd like, I can show you how to use some of this equipment so you can have something playing while you're here as well."

"Oh, I couldn't" she said "I'd be afraid I'd break something." But her voice betrayed her. She obviously would have liked to have something playing while she worked. What an ignorant asshole I had been. Nobody likes to do house cleaning in stone silence and she had been to intimidated by all the audio and video equipment to even think about turning anything on.

"Don't be silly," I insisted "here, let me show you."

She watched intently as I showed her how to turn the main video monitor, amplifier, and video units on which would allow her to play any of the video or audio titles that were in the racks. She repeated some of the steps to me to make sure she had it right, and when she was confident, she stood back with a satisfied smile on her face, no doubt thinking about how much more enjoyable her next visit would be.

I went back to what I was doing while Doris finished up her cleaning, and after she had her cleaning equipment and supplies back in her cart, she started looking through the video titles again. After a few minutes, she selected a couple, and asked if I was sure I didn't mind if she borrowed them. Assured that I didn't, she loaded them into her cart and I held the door for her as she left saying, "Alright Hon, I'll see you Friday if you're here."

I enjoyed the view of her tight ass walking down the hallway for a few seconds before allowing the door to close. "I've got to get laid." I thought "I can't believe I'm getting a woody over a fifty some year old lady."

Over the next couple of days I finished up the project I was working on, so I wasn't home on Friday when Doris came back, but she returned the videos that she had borrowed and left a note that she had borrowed several more. This pattern continued with her borrowing and returning the videos and me spending ungodly hours at work. I was feeling more secure in my job and knowing that I had to change my lifestyle, I began cutting back on my hours at work, and started trying earnestly to build more of a social life. Without trying to sound conceited, I actually found that it was pretty easy to get laid in this town. All it really took was to actually be interested in what women were saying and let them lead the conversations. In a few months, I was getting to the point that I was getting laid once or twice a week but I was jumping around to different clubs a lot because I didn't want to cause any embarrassing situations between more than one woman in any one place. One day at work while I was editing a news piece, so as to get the best video angles to support the commentary, a devious idea suddenly hit me.

On the way home from work, I stopped a Radio Shack, and began picking up the supplies and equipment that I was going to need. Returning home, I went to work, and around midnight, I had completed the initial setup. Tiny wireless cameras were now mounted in different locations around the bedroom, and a motion detector would switch on the record function of the main video unit. All that needed to be done was to place a tape in the unit and set the power to standby, then anytime someone walked into the bedroom, their every move would be captured on 5 different tapes.

I had never been that much of a voyeur, but the idea of capturing a sexual liaison on video was strangely appealing to me and I couldn't wait for the opportunity to try it out. It was at the clubs the next night, but had no luck in enticing a lady back home. I tried again the following night as well as the next Friday but to no avail. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever pull this off when on Saturday, I struck pay dirt. Her name was Lola, and unlike the song, she was all woman. She was about 5'5" with auburn hair and a slender build. She had medium size tits, not anything that you would find striking immediately, but certainly nothing you would scoff at. We talked and drank for several hours and through our gestures and looks, the sexual tension continued to rise. We danced some slow songs, and my hand traveled down to the top of her ass without protest. A little after midnight I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk to which she agreed, and within the hour we found ourselves back at my apartment.

I began kissing her immediately after we walked through the door, and her breathing immediately got heavier and more frantic. After a few minutes, I led her by the hand into the bedroom, faced her and lifted her dress over her head and off revealing a sexy black lace matching bra and thong panties. I took her bra covered titties into my mouth as I held her firm ass with both hands. She held the back of my head with both hands as sighs escaped her mouth. I laid her back on the bed and slid her panties off before going to work on her pussy with my tongue. In a few minutes she began bucking against my face and wrapped her legs around my head. When her orgasm had subsided, I laid her back again and slid my rock-hard cock into her warm slippery cunt. Fucking her slowly at first, I felt every spasm and twitch in her pussy as she rose to meet my thrust.

"Oh yes... Yesss, Oh that's it Baby, that's it... Yes... YESSS, Oh, Fuck MEEEEE, Fuck Me, Fuck ME, FUCK MEEEEEE..."

I kept a steady pace for several minutes and my thrusts were met with groans each time. When I felt my cum begin boiling up, I rose up supporting my upper body with my hands and began hammering into her in earnest. Her groans became more intense and eventually turned into little screams until I emptied my cum into her seething pussy.

After we dozed off for a little bit, she said she had to go, so I dressed and walked her back to her car and by the time I watched her speed away, I was sporting another huge erection thinking about what had just been captured on tape. I rushed back to my apartment and was pleased to find the system had worked perfectly. I rewound the tapes and watched all 5 of them front to end which took about 25 minutes apiece. I searched each one for the best angles, and began working on the editing. I was so engrossed in my work, that when finally had a finished product that captured the facial expressions, the sounds, and the body positions that I thought best, it was around ten in the morning. I ran this tape through my main system and found that watching myself fuck this woman on the big screen in surround sound was extremely erotic. I found myself jerking off and blowing my load just as I drilled it into Lola with her encouragement on the screen in front of me.

I would have to make a few technical adjustments to my recording system as far as the positioning of the cameras and mikes were concerned and also add another camera to get a low level angle which I thought would produce better results. Overall though, I was very satisfied with my first effort. I burned the video to disc then locked it in my fire safe in the bedroom closet.

Over the next few months, I continued to bring women into my video lair each with a different purpose in mind. Some I was trying to capture a good cum shot with (achieving marginal results) and I even managed anal sex with one. I had a collection of about a dozen videos in the fire safe and each was technically and graphically better than the last. I found that since I knew I was being recorded during sex I was more animated and dramatic in my actions. I also went out of my way to entice more vocals out of my partners which produced even better results. I reviewed the video continuously and always searched for ways to improve them but I found that I was running out of ideas since I was operating only on my own base of knowledge. With that in mind, I stopped by an adult bookstore and picked up a few higher quality porn videos with different themes. I figured that if you were going for anal action or money shots the filming techniques would be different than if you were just trying to capture straight out fucking. Although I have to admit that it was rather pleasant research, a thorough review of these tapes did produce a good many more ideas and I continued to refine my procedures.

"Oh, OH... OHhh I don't knowww... OHHHHH."

"Relax, Baby, it'll be fine. Trust me, You'll love this."

"But it... OHHHHH, it hurOhhhhhh."

"You're too tight, Baby, relax... That's it, Yeah... Oh yeah... MMMMM Baaby feel my cock up your ass, doesn't that feel good now."

"Ohh, yeah, MMMM. Oh that IS goo... OHH yeah."

"Oh Baby, I'm gonna cum."

"Oh, do it... DO it, shoot your cum in my ass."

I watched the images on the big screen as I pummeled this woman's ass. It was my best achievement to date, and I had gotten great video of it. The woman was a little older, around thirty. A real looker, with short blonde hair, nice size boobs and a very tight ass, she was back out on the town after a nasty divorce, and willing to try new things. I, of course took immediate advantage of this and led her to believe that anal sex was just as common as vaginal. I didn't cum in her ass like she asked, I pulled out and shot a big load up her back with 4 cameras catching that action while 2 other caught the expression on her face. It was now nearly 7 A.M. as I finished the editing and copying to disc and I wanted nothing more than a few hours of sleep. I shoved my porno videos I had been using for camera angle research back on the one of the lower shelves of the video rack in the living room the took the new disc to the bedroom where it joined 20 or so others in the fire safe before collapsing in bed. It slept much of the Sunday away, then went to the gym for a while, got something to eat, watched some TV, and fell back asleep so I could get a fresh start to the week. I never gave those porno videos in the living room a second thought.

I decided to lay off the carousing for a while and concentrate on work before I started letting things slip. One evening about 2 weeks later, I was laying on the couch watching a movie when I noticed the pornos on the bottom rack. Not wanting to leave them in the living room any longer I got grabbed them from the bottom rack to and started walking to the bedroom when I noticed that the two of the titles were in the wrong boxes. I knew I had been very tired when I put them away, but given my work, it is second nature for me to check titles against their case. I thought about this for a while and the only explanation besides my being delirious had to have been that someone else had had them out of their cases. Doris was the only other person who had been in the apartment since that night. I put the videos back in the bottom rack and thought bout this for a while. I pictured Doris looking through the videos for something to borrow when she sees these titles. Maybe she had always been curious about pornos, but couldn't borrow because of what I might think about her if I noticed they were gone. She would have had to have watched them in my apartment. I wondered if she had seen pornos before if she had been totally about how graphically sex was displayed. How long did she tell me she had been divorced? Did she have an active social life? The image of her coming across these titles, being initially shocked, then curious then finally gathering the courage plug them into my system was very intriguing to me. I could imagine this older woman sitting watching the vivid sex scenes play out in front of her, becoming aroused and fearful at the same time that I might walk in the door at any minute. Sex and fear is a powerful combination at times. She must have felt like a teenager necking in the backseat of her boyfriend's car afraid that her father would catch her. Either that or I just put them in the wrong case. It wasn't like me to do that but the idea of Doris watching these videos was so far fetched and non-compliant with my image of her that it was almost sure it had to have been my error. I was still so intrigued though that I had to know. I put the tapes back in the wrong boxes as I had found them and replaced them in the bottom rack. I then took 4 very thin pieces of splicing tape and ran a piece from each video to the bottom of the rack. A person couldn't see the splicing tape when looking at the video rack but if the tapes were removed, the splicing tape would be broken.

The next day was Tuesday and I knew Doris would be back in the apartment. I found myself distracted for a majority of the day wanting to get home and see if the tape had been moved. That night, I found, to my disappointment, that the tapes had been undisturbed. I really didn't know why I was disappointed, and I wondered what I would have done if I found that Doris had moved them. In any case, I left them in the rack with the splicing tape still in place. This went on for two weeks, and I was convinced that either I had placed them in the wrong case or if Doris had looked at them, she had satisfied her curiosity or was revolted by them. When I came home that Friday however, I found that the tapes had been moved. It was unmistakable because not only were all four pieces of splicing tape broken, the tapes had been replaced in the proper cases. Now I was seriously intrigued and strangely aroused. Had she watched them or merely picked them up and realized that she had placed them in the wrong cases. I had to know what she was doing. I made another trip to the electronics store and by 11:00 that night I had 2 more small cameras mounted very discreetly in the living room wired to another motion detector.

The next Tuesday when I returned home I was very anxious to see what the cameras had caught. I knew I would have a couple hours of video with nothing more than her cleaning, but I hoped there would be more. I rewound one of the tapes, and settled onto the couch to see what Doris had done in my apartment that day. The image came on as Doris was closing the door behind her. Although I had numerous video of women getting fucked by me while they didn't know they were being taped, this felt strangely more voyeuristic and exciting. I watched as Doris moved around the apartment vacuuming, and dusting. After a few minutes, she stopped and dug a Walkman out of her bag, clipped it to pocket of her tight jeans and put on the headphones. In a few minutes, she was bobbing to the music slightly as she went about her chores and I watched her boobs jiggle slightly under her loose fitting T-shirt. She disappeared from the camera for extended amounts of time as she did work in the bathrooms and bedroom so I fast forwarded to the point she returned. Even though there was nothing provocative about what she was doing I found my dick getting hard just watching her move around. When she had finally finished her work and packed up her supplies, Doris walked to the video rack. I sat up on the couch and watched intently as she ran her finger over the videos studying the titles. She selected 2 and started to walk to her cart when she stopped, bent over and looked at the pornos on the bottom rack. She seemed to cast a glance around the room, then she held one finger to her lips as though thinking. I was sure she was going to reach for the pornos when she suddenly checked the time on her watch, stood up straight, put the videos she already had in her cart and left the apartment. As I stared at the empty apartment on the video screen, I realized my heart was beating faster, and I wondered why this older woman had me so excited.

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