Driving Lessons


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Desc: Incest Sex Story: My driving lessons turn out differently than I thought.

I had a real problem. My parents promised to buy me a car once I got my license.

Sounds easy right? Well, it wasn't. Every time I approached them about taking me for a driving lesson, they were always too busy. This went on for two years until my 18th birthday came and went, and I still wasn't any closer to a set of wheels. Luckily, Grandpa Boyd offered to teach me.

Even though he's over 65, he doesn't drive like it, so i figured I'd be in very good hands. But Grandpa ended up teaching me a lot more than just how to work a stick shift.

The first few weeks went smoothly. Grandpa was a really excellent teacher. IF I screwed up, he'd calmly show me what I did wrong, and he'd give me a big hug when I got it right. In fact, he grew more affectionate with every new lesson, until it became apparent that my grandfather was trying to cop a cheap feel.

I didn't mind. So what if he was my grandfather? He was still an extremely handsome man, and on top of that, he was giving me free driving lessons. As I tooled around town in his old clunker, Grandpa Boyd's large, rough hands fondled just about every part of my nubile body, from my perky B-cup breasts to my taut little butt. During our last lesson, Grandpa had me drive out to the outskirts of town and back road to the woods. Then he unbuckled his seat belt and began stroking my long, blond hair.

"I'm so proud of you Kristie," He gushed. "You're going to make an excellent motorist!"

"Thanks Grandpa," I cooed, batting my eyelashes coquettishly. "I just hope the examiner feels the same way."

Grandpa snickered, smiled wickedly, and placed his hand on my bare knee. "Well, I know a way that you could pass that test with flying colors."

Some how I sensed what was coming. Maybe subconsciously, I wanted it to happen, maybe that's why I'd worn my smallest skirt and skimpiest halter top.

"How, Grandpa?" I asked in a husky voice. "Show me."

Without saying another word, Grandpa unzipped his pants and unleased the biggest, fattes cock I'd ever seen! The thing was at least a foot long and laced with a network of pulsating veins. Almost instinctively, I curled my slim fingers around the thick base, hypnotized by its monstrous size.

"Put it in your mouth and give it a suck, Kristie," He growled, entwining his fingers in my golden tresses and mushing my head down to his lap. "If you suck the examiner's cock, He'll pass you for sure."

I thought that was the excuse he was using to shove his dick in my mouth, I'd play along. "Sure thing, Grandpa," I murmured as his knob slid past my parted lips.

Even though I'd sucked my fair share of dicks, Grandpa's whopper was a definite challenge, gagging when he stuffed his entire length down my throat. Not wanting to seem like a total slut, I pretended to resist when he removed my top and hiked up my skirt.

I wasn't easy role to play. My grandfather was turning me on big time! My nipples were hard as little buttons, and when Grandpa's probing paws slipped between my thighs, I squirted girl-goo all over the front seat.

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