Marnie Goes Lingerie Shopping

by Caesar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: Just a romp in the change room with Marnie and her master!

Copyright© 1996-2003

There was a young Jew of Far Rockaway
Whose screams could be heard for a block away.
Perceiving his error,
The Rabbi in terror
Cried, "God! I have cut his whole cock away!"

I can't express how much I like my Slave, Marnie, dressed for my private enjoyment in sexy lingerie. It could be simply stockings, a classy teddy or maybe just high heels. It did not need to overdone, just one or two pieces to highlight her naturally beautiful face and body. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly no expert in a lady's apparel. Hell, I don't even know the proper names for most of them. I just know how much I enjoy seeing, and yes feeling, certain garments on the body of my Slave.

I'm getting off track. Don't you just hate when that happens?

Since I'm the one that gets much of the pleasure out of her wearing revealing and sexy outfits I demanded to help purchase many of them. They were for me in an abstract way. Of course she agreed - what else could a Slave do? Actually, I believe she agreed simply because this allowed her to get more outfits which make her feel sexy and desirable. They indeed do that!

Usually I simply give her a bundle of cash and tell her to surprise me. Not this time, though. Maybe it was her excitement at finding the store or maybe she just wanted me to share the experience of picking out new slinky outfits for her to wear. Don't get me wrong, this account is not about money - it's about sex, submission, and of course, lingerie.

In an older brick building in downtown Vancouver, the elaborate lingerie store surprised me. It was a very classy, discreet place. I'm not sure what I was expecting, maybe something like the stores in malls - tiny, crowded places with unattractive salespersons watching like hawks.

The large, classically decorated establishment was stocked with very attractive ladies, of all ages, and a wide selection of discreet garments for discriminating females. A well-dressed woman approached us as soon as we entered and after a brief query towards my Slave led us to one corner of the store. I sat on a low bench and watched as Marnie and the sales clerk browsed the variety of choices until they returned to my corner with both sets of hands full.

It promised to be a long shopping trip. Thank goodness for that bench!

There was a concealed room opposite where I sat and the garments were placed there. Before going in my Slave came over to give me a passionate, though quick, kiss. "Thank you for coming, Master."

I simply smiled as she retreated to the tiny dressing room. I do, very much, enjoy pleasing my Slave.

A young lady brought a tray of drinks and snacks about. I grabbed two small goblets of cider for myself and my pixie-faced submissive.

The saleslady returned and talked with my Slave outside the curtain. Shopping can be a very involved process for some I imagine. As you may guess, it wasn't for me. This establishment catered to the former clientele yet didn't forget there was often someone like me tagging along.

"You try those on and I'll be back in a few moments." The mid-forty-year-old lady came up to me and smiled professionally. "Is there anything I can get you, sir?"

"No thank you. Just don't call me 'sir'. I work for a living." Old joke - you'll understand if you have ever been in the military. She smiled at my feeble attempt at humour and retreated to leave the two of us alone in the remote alcove. As I mentioned, discretion.

The curtain opened a crack and my Slave's face appeared. "Anyone around?"

"Nope." Though large and well-staffed the business was rather quiet other than a low piano concerto playing from hidden speakers. Otherwise, we were effectively alone, and my devious mind started to grind. As you will discover, my Slave had surpassed my imagination this time.

The curtain whisked back and there stood my barefoot Slave. She looked positively sexy and very attractive. Marnie wore a purple French-cut panty and a push up purple bra.

My little minx turned slowly so I could get the effect of her in this outfit before she finally asked, "Well?"

Didn't my wide eyes answer that? Some things just had to be spoken out loud. "You look great!" So I'm not great with words - I'm sure my lust-filled gaze added what I didn't vocalise.

With a quick giggle she closed the curtain, leaving me with but a memory of that delicious sight. It was only a few moments until she again peeked out and saw no-one so she again pulled back the curtain.

Was it me or was that store getting warm?

Damned if she didn't look better this turn than in the last. This time she wore off-white stockings, garters and another push-up bra. I had this sudden urge to tie her hands above her head while I sampled her sexily-clad body, though I allowed it to pass as I simply gazed at her in hunger.

The damn curtain closed and then opened again.

Black was the theme of the next lace and translucent teddy. Very delicious! I would suspect this would be a perfect outfit for some of my Slave's more aggressive moods.

I realised I had drank both glasses of cider as I waited for the curtain to again open. You may have guessed that I'm not very good at waiting for others.

Yet I couldn't wait. I wanted my to see my Slave in this playful and sexy moment as she changed into the next outfit. Perhaps I was bored with sitting in a woman's apparel store. Or it may have been the sexy sight of my Slave and I wished a more personal view. I'm not actually sure.

This time I swung open the curtain and slipped in, closing it behind me.

Marnie was standing with one foot upon the wooden bench as she pulled up on the leg of a bright white stocking, the kind with a little design to offset the solid colour. She already had the other leg covered, but wore nothing else. She looked up, surprised at my intrusion, and then smiled mischievously.

Believe me when I say I just came in to surprise her and to get a voyeur's look as she dressed. I sometimes enjoyed watching her ready herself in the mornings as I lounge in bed. Yet my Slave quickly threw her arms around my neck and stood on her toes to kiss my chin. Of course I reacted in kind.

It was enough to get my mind flowing in another direction and I reached down to hold her naked buttocks, effectively lifting her up and against me. My face dropped so our lips met and we mutually opened our mouths to spar with our tongues.

Now, we had spent the last few evenings together, and as you may guess they were rather exciting. If that wasn't blunt enough, we had sex numerous times and in several varying positions. So don't assume I was hot and bothered simply because I was desperate. At least don't assume that this time!

It was also upon my co-conspirator that the blame should be laid. You see, while my hands roughly fondled her bare ass, hers were between us unbuttoning my Levi's.

My cock, already hard from the views she had graced me with earlier, popped from its confines to press into her stomach. Hot, throbbing and passionate, my Slave well knew what she had gotten herself into. Soon it would be my turn to see what I could get myself into. Bad pun, wasn't it?

That was when I knew the game had turned from a quick grapple in the change room to something much more. I was not even aware that my companion was anything more than playful until that moment. A quick grab and stolen kiss in public was normal in our relationship.

Marnie lifted the leg that had the white stocking half-raised to a point just below her knee up upon the bench. Her hand tried to pry my cock down, almost painfully, I may add.

You'd think she wasn't getting enough at home, wouldn't you? Well, I like to think she was just getting closer to her prime, and I planned to enjoy as much of that time as possible. She was my Slave and I intended on keeping it that way for many moons to come. So I hoped she was getting enough at home - I worked rather hard at pleasuring her. That's not a complaint, mind you.

Well, I'm not as stupid as I may sound, meaning my damn grammar and spelling, so I understood what she was attempting to do. I simply lowered my body by bending my knees several inches. Marnie wasn't dainty or patient as she worked my manhood between her smooth pale thighs and I suddenly found the head of my cock between the outer lips of her labia.

"Push!" She whispered into my ear. What else can a gentleman do at that moment? I mean, it wasn't like I could take time out to truly enjoy our time together, not since we were a curtain away from being revealed.

I found her sex wasn't prepared for my hard pole, as the outer area was not as damp with her excitement as I would have normally expected. In fact my submissive hissed, most probably in discomfort, as my hips pushed slowly and firmly forwards. Thankfully I found her love channel well-prepared for my member and the comfortable and very delicious feeling of her wetness coated my cock the further it entered her.

Marnie lifted her legs up and locked them behind my waist. With my hands and cock you could almost say she had a three-point stance. Bad joke, sorry. I moved forwards and pressed her to the old hardwood wall.

Gentleness wasn't a virtue in such a situation and though I tried to go slow I found my hips moving almost without conscious control as they rocked forward. The dampness turned into a flood as I felt the hot thick juices of her cunt ease my path.

Her mouth, next to my ear, enclosed upon the lobe and sucked frantically. Not having a wide berth to maneuver she simply clenched and ground her pelvis into my own. I fucked her with the enthusiasm of a teenager worried about being caught. In other words, I fucked my Slave hard and fast. At least as hard and fast as that position allowed. There are a few logistics involved in holding up your mate.

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