Marnie Follows Instructions

by Caesar

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, MaleDom, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: The slave follows instructions but does not realise her master is watching.

Copyright© 1996-2003

There was a pianist named Liszt
Who played with one hand while he pissed,
But as he grew older
His technique grew bolder,
And in concert jacked off with his fist.

"Would you meet me tonight... will you follow my every


I could see the surprise on my Slave Marnie's face when she found the motel room empty. She came in closed the door and threw her handbag onto a chair before she noticed the white paper on the bed. Lifting the open envelope she looked around, with a frown coming to her face.

Of course the note within was for her. You see, this was an elaborate set-up. A Master, that is me by the way, has to continue to be creative I always believed. She did surprise me when she didn't immediately open and take out her instructions. In fact my Slave sat down on the edge of the double bed and crossed her legs while just looking at the envelope and the rest of the room. Much to my own surprise.

Damn, was she dressed to kill! I mean she followed my phone instructions down to every point. They were rather simple, that she should dress like a lowest slut street-walker and that she should come to this very room at exactly one in the morning to do whatever I wished. She had got the key from the clerk, after I warned him I would be having company, just as I had instructed.

"Its a cheap hotel, a place where a man takes a slut to fuck


My darling Slave was dressed to kill. Normally she wore very attractive professional clothing, and was modest in what she revealed. I guessed that with the darkness of the night she did not mind showing a bit more of herself off. I was right. From the bottom, she wore black flats that greatly highlighted her small feet and elegant ankles. From there her legs were encased in black stockings with a seam running up the back. And if you hadn't read any of my other accounts, Marnie had great legs! Higher up, the dark bands of the stockings were revealed before the hem of the very short tight black leather skirt. Black seemed to be the theme tonight - and I knew that also revealed just a bit about my Slave's mood. On top she wore a translucent black blouse with short sleeves that was tucked into her skirt. I could see the push up black bra and how her breasts looked deliciously inviting.

"... and tonight, my dear, you are that slut."

The effect was exciting and I wanted to surprise and ravish her clothed body - as she had made herself up for my pleasure. You see, the reason she could not see me but I could watch her was that I got this new toy the other day. One that I had not told her about, obviously. On the tiny round table in the room sat my duffel bag and next to that my laptop. There was nothing strange about that except that the laptop was half open, leaving it turned on, and the tiny ball camera sat in my open duffel bag facing the bed. I had planned this very thoroughly and I had borrowed my friends laptop and then used a bit of medium to connect the two. Thus, via the mini network, I got to watch in real time my Slave!

So here I sat, as the pervert I truly am, in the next motel room. Yes, it was worth the expense, if you were thinking along those lines. Some experiences are worth nearly any cost. Besides the two rooms in that cheap motel came to almost nothing.

My laptop's screen was filled by the jerky but flowing images of the next room.

Finally she opened and read the envelope. I saw her face reveal her surprise and I thought I caught a bit of disappointment. Did my submissive wish to show off her outfit for me, to succumb to my any wish and to pleasure me fully. That, of course, I had no doubt of. What she did not know is that is exactly what would happen tonight!

"Hello my darling Slave..."

She dropped my instructions onto the floor and sighed hugely. Then Marnie crawled backwards up onto the middle of the bed. She took one last look around the room, desire for her missing Master very plan in her gaze.

"... from this moment on you are not to leave the bed!"

I could not help but laugh as she frowned and lazily started to unbutton her blouse. Without ceremony or preliminaries my submissive began to disrobe. She sat up onto her knees and threw her blouse over onto a chair. I was impressed that she had follow my wishes by staying in the bed - I had wondered if she would have got up before beginning to fulfil my instructions.

The bra quickly followed and she revealed her small round breasts with the equally small pink nipples. The colour of my monitor didn't do justice to the contrast between her pale skin and the light pink of her nipples.

Then she pulled out her tiny gold clip-on earrings and they joined her blouse and bra on the chair. My Slave then rolled onto her back and then surprised me by just laying there looking up at the ceiling. "Master where are you?" It was spoken with a very deep needy voice and I felt just a little guilt at what I was doing. Though, if you keep reading, that feeling didn't last long.

We both had speakers on our laptops, my current laptops microphone was currently turned off. Though I heard her words, the quality was rather crappy.

I watched and waited, seeing her chest rise and fall with each breath. Did my Slave have second thoughts about fulfilling my instructions or even about serving a Master that didn't even show up for such a well prepared Slave? I hoped not.

It must have been ten minutes before she again moved, by kicking off her shoes. They flew far out of sight of the camera. She then reached to her side and unzipped the skimpy skirt and then unceremoniously lifted her hips to wiggle out of her bottoms. Even unzipped they were obviously very tight, and I made a mental note to have her wear that skirt again for a more personal meeting.

Then she lay in only her black stockings and black French cut panty. "Damn!" I should have had her keep the stockings on. Perhaps next time, with that sexy skirt!

"You are to wear nothing but your panties..."

Lifting one leg at a time, bringing her knee almost to her bosom, my Slave rolled up the sheer hose right off her feet. Eventually the stocking balls joined the other clothing on the chair. That left her laying upon the middle of the bed with her hands by her side.

Seconds passed before a squeal of frustration came through my speaker. Though following my wishes, I could see that my Slave most certainly missed my presence. For that I'm very pleased. She would be amply rewarded soon enough.

"... don't expect to get much sleep tonight my Slave!"

I didn't mean for this encounter to be a test, as I felt that would be unfair to our relationship. Yet that is exactly what it had turned out to be. I was nervous at first to see if she did as I requested when she did not have me watching. Never had Marnie given me any reason to doubt her submissive nature towards me, this episode just reinforced that belief.

Marnie sat up and crossed her legs. Then she felt up to the head of the bed and under the pillows. Her hand returned with a small cloth bag.

"... under the pillow are the toys..."

She pulled the cord to loosen the top and then dumped the contents out upon the bed before her. The clothe bag joined her clothing.

I heard her laugh and her voice playfully spoke through my speaker, "Oh Master, you naughty boy!" Boy indeed! I will remember that the next I have her over my knee - that alone will get her five more!

She pulled the next note from amongst the pile and read it. Her face and eyes revealed her surprise and I laughed when she even began to blush. Marnie was no longer laughing but I saw that look she gets when her proper side became embarrassed at her own desires. Its a classical inner dilemma - though her Master always ended up getting his own way.

"... read the note my sexy Slave, and follow all that I


The time she took looking at that small piece of paper she must have read it half a dozen times. No matter how she read it, my submissive will have to do as her dominant friend and master requested.

She moved much of the adult toys over to the edge of the bed and took the tiny clear bottle. The note rejoined the articles as she unstopped the bottle. She read the label and spoke again with delightful surprise, "Raspberry!" Marnie lay back upon the bed, her head comfortably rested upon a pillow before she squirted a generous portion of the thick liquid into her palm.

"Pamper your skin darling..."

I then watched as she started the tips of her toes and very slowly covered every inch of her body, other than what was beneath her panty. She used much of the small bottle as it quickly disappeared upon her body, leaving her skin almost shiny. Marnie did not even miss the space between her toes, the back of her knees or even the underside of her arms. She spent long moments massaging the oil into her body, her eyes for the most part closed.

"That is my slave's body - remember to touch it with


When finally she was finished she turned her head and looked longingly at the door to her room. "Master mine." If she only knew!

Taking another deep breath she again closed her eyes and her hands began to freely roam her slim pale body. At first one hand daintily touched the skin on her neck while the other drew circles about her navel. I watched pleased to be a voyeur to this wonderful image - my Slave slowly pleasuring her body. Sure I had seen it before, but this time it was different. She didn't know she had an audience.

"... slowly! Enjoy that which I have so often enjoyed..."

Eventually one finger began to slid up and down between her legs, outside the black panty. I wondered if she was wet yet, the resolution and the light didn't allow me to distinguish any darker spots on her black undergarment.

I then realised the low buzz on the speaker every few seconds was the deep ragged breathing of my darling Slave. Was it exciting to fulfil her masters request? Or did the simple self enjoyment excite her? I suspected it was both. Would her own disappointment at being left alone inhibit her? Only time will tell.

Time moved slowly, and I wondered if she lagged simply to await my eventual arrival. I can not describe how exciting it is to watch a woman, whom thought she was alone, pleasure herself. At that moment it caused my heart to beat faster and my palms to moisten. It was to be a long evening and I wasn't about to join her as of yet. No matter how excited she made me.

Then, finally, the hand moved away from the place between her legs and back to the collection of toys that had come from the bag.

"I want you wet m'dear. I want that love nest between your

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