Perfect Family

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I stood behind Jan and I reached around to cup her fine young breasts while we watched my wife get between our youngest daughter's legs and lick her then she used two of her fingers to bring her off. Her fine young body jerking as her orgasm rolled over her.

I suppose I'm nothing out of the ordinary except that somehow eighteen years ago I married the most beautiful girl in the world. Why she picked me, and she did pick me was still a mystery. Then as now her smile will light up my universe and it hasn't dimmed with time. She gave me two beautiful daughters who I have to say must have inherited all her genes and none of mine.

She tells me she gone up a dress size over the years but I can't see it, perhaps her bust might be a cup size bigger and her hips may just be a tad wider but she still one sexy package.

This year for the first time we could afford a holiday abroad instead of a caravan in Dorset, a week of sun and sea in Spain. We got lucky and got a large family suite in the hotel, a big double bed and two singles in the adjoining room. Day two the girls all decided to head for the beach and I was tagged as the mule to carry all of their stuff.

I suppose I'm no different from a lot of dads who see their young daughters on the beach for the first time dressed in just their bikini bottoms their perfect breasts on show to the world.

"Girls, are you sure you want to do this?" I asked averting my eyes from their chests.

"What dad? Oh you mean go topless," Jan laughed, she's the eldest at seventeen. "Look around you, do you see any girl with her top on?"

"Come on dad," smiled Wendy, she the youngest at sixteen, "I thought you men like looking at us girls."

"Stop teasing your father," scolded Helen, "but if you girls are going topless then so am I."

I didn't like it but what could I do, I could see the guys looking at them, at my wife and daughter's breasts and I could do nothing about it.

"What a lovely day," Helen said when we got back to our room. The girls were hogging the shower giggling like the schoolgirls they were. "God I could do with a stiff one and not a strong drink either."

"We haven't got the time," I said nodding towards the bathroom.

"Then we'll make time," she said walking over to the bathroom door.

"Girls, dad and I are going to lie down for awhile," she shouted over the noise of the rushing water.

"Ok mum," shouted Jan who put her head out from behind the shower curtain.

"There you go," she said walking towards me and pulling off her bikini bottoms leaving herself naked. "Having men looking at me all day has made me randy," she giggled, "and I just bet that all those naked tits has got you going too."

She pulled my swimming trunks down around me knees and impaled herself on my erect cock.

"God that's nice," she squirmed.

I reached up and grabbed her twin assets.

"I've never flashed my tits before," she giggled, "you think they like them, all those men I mean?"

"Fucking woman," I said moving under her, "you have a perfect pair of breasts."

"Call them tits," she groaned and squeezed my hands under hers. "Please squeeze them harder."

It looked like she was about to come and I had only just started.

"Oh yes," she groaned and her hips pounded against me.

Then she collapsed on top of me.

"Oh fuck me," she sighed, "I needed that."

I still hadn't come and was still painfully hard.

"I'm going to have a shower," she said getting off me, "Oh you poor thing."

She reached back and rubbed me.

"I'll get one of the girls to finish you off, ok?" she said and walked naked into the bathroom.

"What?" I called after her, surely I must have miss heard.

"Hi daddy," said Jan coming out of the bathroom with a large bath towel wrapped around. "Mummy said I can finish you off."

"What!" I said hiding myself under my hands.

"Come on daddy, let me," she giggled and her hand moved to take my cock.

"I don't think this is right," I mumbled but her hand was stroking me now and I lost the power of rational thought.

"You've got a nice big one daddy," she said.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

I just love doing this," she mused as she stroked me.

I wasn't going to last too long and pretty soon I was spurting high into the air.

"Oh my," cried Jan, "look at the spunk fly. Thanks daddy, I'll go and finish dressing now."

"What was that all about earlier?" I asked Helen, "you know letting Jan finish me off."

"Oh that, well they both grown girls now," she explained, "I rather they did it with you than some spotty youth."

"What?" I still didn't totally understand.

"Look dear," she said, "as much as we would like to keep them as children there are fully grown and they will be wanting to do things that perhaps we wouldn't like."

"Yes, so" I said.

"Well this way we can a least keep an eye on them," she giggled, "and I don't expect it was that unpleasant either."

"That's not the point," I said, "it's pretty immoral to say the least."

"God this is the twenty first century," she sighed, "we no longer live in the dark ages."

We had dinner in the hotel and I mulled over what she had said, most of it made some sort of sense but I still had some guilty feeling about my own daughters. Nothing more was said and we went to bed late after more than a few glasses of wine.

"Thought we'll take walk around the old town," announced Helen, "then perhaps the beach later."

Both the girls wore small shorts and skinny tops and I noticed all the local men leering at them. They didn't see or care to notice. We bought a few gifts for our friends back home then after dropping off our purchases at the hotel we all headed for the beach. All three girls stripped off to tiny thongs that didn't really hide anything.

"You see," said Helen nodding towards the girls, "all grown up. I bet you remember when I was slim like that."

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with your shape," I said.

"Nothing wrong that losing ten pounds wouldn't cure," she said.

"Rubbish," I defended her, "you're nigh on perfect."

"Thank you dear," she said and kissed me. "You know exactly what a girl wants to hear. You'll get your reward later."

"Mum, can I do daddy again," shouted Jan when we at last closed the door behind us.

"Mum she did him last time can I do it this time," pouts Wendy.

"Girls if we are going to bicker about this it shows your father and me that you're not mature enough to do anything," Helen said sternly.

"Mum," Wendy wailed.

"Girls, this is a special treat while we are on holiday, ok," said Helen.

"Yes mum," both girls said in unison.

"Right off you go and have your shower while your father and I have a cuddle," she said.

"Perhaps you're right dear," she said, "in some ways there are still children, but they will only go off and do something with somebody totally unsuitable. I'm all gritty, I think I join the girls under the shower. I send Wendy out to take care of that."

She patted my hard cock as she left.

"If you think so dear," I said still not totally convinced.

"Oh daddy," smiled Wendy, "what do you want me to do?"

She had come out of the bathroom with a huge towel wrapped around her damp body.

"Drop the towel and sit here," I said patting the bed beside me.

She was lovely and slim with nice if smallish breasts and great legs. I pulled my shorts down to expose my hard cock.

"Oh my, isn't it a bit big?" she asked.

Her hand reaching out and held me.

"No not really," I said. "Sit closer so that I can touch you."

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