Just Can't Get Enough

by Bossbeat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Humor, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Voyeurism, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A moment with Alan and Elena, at a Frat Party. Someone tries to pick up Elena, but it doesen't go too well.

A Moment With Alan & Elena

1986: A kegger is happening at the Alpha Seven Kappa House at the Stony Brook University Campus, part of the pre-spring-break celebration, Elena now Nineteen is reuctant about going, but her friend, and room-mate Toni Morelli is not having it, she's getting her there by hook or crook," Now look 'lena, you have been harping about how this non-existant boy-friend of yours haven't been having time to give you the time of day, I say you need to get out more, you study alla the time, and when you're not studying, you're dancing, or doing that karate suff, or you call your favoriteshopping, look at it this way you'll be shopping, for guys!" while snapping her gum, as she talks.

"Toni! I told you Alan has a business in advertising, and art commissions, he says he, and his partner is swamped in orders, he said that he'll come if he can get some of the volume down."

"Uh-huh... Sounds like to me he's probably swamping that partner, I've seen that red head that came to see you that time, at least she came up, and where was whatsisname? I'd say it's time to trade up, besides there are guys here that are probably cuter, and you're not married to him, you do what you want! I do what I want!" they head to the Frat house, the place looks like something out of Animal House, music is loud and hot, the crowd of 18 to 21 year olds are rambunctious as they pass around huge pitchers of beer, wine whiskey, and types of illicit mind altering substances, Elena, and her friend imbibe in a few drinks, and dance a little, and soon a guy get's up his courage, and approach her."


Elena turns to him, and smiles, she has a beatiful smile," Hi"

"I've seen you around campus. Names Fenton."

"Fenton?" she says raising her eyebrow.

"Don't ask me my Mother liked the name, and you know what's worse than this name?"

'I'm afraid you're going to tell me, aren't you?"

He laughs," You bet, well you can't shorten it, you can't go with Fen, or Ton, the best you can get is Ffff!"

She laughs at his little joke," You're funny, Mr. Fentom-funny-name, oh I'm sorry Fenton, I said Fentom, you know it almost sounds like phantom! Oh, I must have had a little too much to drink! I saying stupid things."

"That's O. K. I done a little too much myself, what are you majoring in?"

"Well I'm studying Dance, but also teaching, as a back-up. you?"

"Business major, hey, I didn't catch your name."

"I didn't throw it." she says with her mischievious smile, she get up from the couch and almost fall, but Fenton catches her"Oh, thank you!, Now, I know I'm drunk!" she states as he holds her in his strong arms.

"Don't worry I got you." he says looking into her big brown eyes.

"You got me who got you?"

"I know that line, Lois Lane."

Yeah I saw that movie with my Daddy, I was eleven!"

"Here let's go to the patio, and get some air." he takes her by the hand, and leads her to the patio, and he winks to his fiends of a knowing bet to bag a girl, that was unapproachable, Elena is a very friendly girl, and has several male friends, but her heart belongs to only one, but her judgement is off tonight, as he guides her to the patio, and they both find a seat, and sit down, and for a little while they talk, and laugh, while looking at other couples making out in several shaded areas in the patio, he gets closer to Elena, and he takes her hand, and caress, and Kisses it, she pulls it away.

"I have a boy-friend."

"So? He's not here, and what he doesen't kow won't hurt him." He says kissing her neck. she giggles.

"You sure about that?"

"Sure about that?"

"Youre going to say something to him."


"Then how is he supposed to know?"

"Because he's standing behind you!" Fentons head snaps up and looks behind him, and there stands Alan, arms folded across his chest, and looking with his head cocked, and arched eyebrow at Fenton trying to make moves on his girlfriend.

"You Fenton?"


"How much?"


"The Bet?"


"Hand it over."


"It's either that or I kick your ass, from here over to the University Hospital, CAPICE?" he hands over a handful of bills to Alan"Now get the Fuck away from my girl!." he bellows, as the younger man, makes a hurried exit"That'll pay for dinner, and a movie, and a couple of other things." he notes.

Elena looks at Alan, and with her patented mischieveous smile," Your girl?"

"It's a Man-thing." he says sheepishly." You O. K.?"

"Now that you're here, even better."

"Whooo, you've been drinking!" catching a whiff of her breath.

"It's a frat party, what do you expect?"

"Well I've been here for sometime, and you haven't kissed me yet." Alan says while taking Elenas hand, and pulling her up to him standing.

"That's how we say Hello, and we haven't said that yet." looking into his deep dark brown eyes, as he is looking into hers," Hello"

"Hi!" and they kiss! Moments they are interupted.

"Hey'lena what happened to Fenton, he looks like he saw a ghost, he's white as a sheet, OH!"

"Oh, Toni, This is Alan my boy-friend." she say smiling to the petite girl.

"Shit, I didn't know he uh... uh!"

"I think the word you're looking for Toni is... Mouli?" Elena states.

"I never said that! I heard my brothers use it, but I never said it, but my father would kill me if I brought one home."

"I did, and I have never been happier." holding tightly to Alan.

"Ah what the hell!, and I was telling her, I do what I want, and she has been doing it all along, give me some tips girl, and you're the guy that has been rattling her pipes all this time, but I have to say, you gotta find time for her, a girl can't stay still forever you know! you get me?"

Alan laughs," Appeal heard, and noted.

"Then I'm outta your face, you don't need me here, any more like you at home, I want to give my Father a heart attack!" at that she leaves, and they both go back where they left off.

"My dorm is not far from here, want to... ?" she looks at him I have what we need there just in case"she says while kissing his ear.

'Yeah?" grinning ear to ear.

"Yeah Mr. I'm-gonnna-scare-a-would-be-lothario.", and kisses him, and he picks her up, and he walks her to the the dorm, and to the room.

"Are you upset with me for not being here as much as I'd like to be."


"Tell the truth."

"A little, a lot, but I know that you and Heather are busy, and I have school work, and a part time job, so we're busy." she says while opening alans shirt, and Kissing his broad chest, and breathing in his scent"You smell so good!"

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