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Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Lactation, .

Desc: Sex Story: My daughter-in-law gives birth to my granddaughter and her breasts give me milk. Oh yeah, she has a juice pussy that loves to be fucked, too.

They were young but so much in love. I stood as best man at my son Jim wedding. His wife to be, Monique, was lovely in her white dress. It covered her feet and the train was eight feet long. The bodice scooped low exposing the tops of her breasts.

Months passed and before long, I was a Grandpa. It wasn't my first, mind you, but still she was great. Over the next few weeks, I was a constant visitor. At first, I was afraid I was overstepping my limits but Monique soon still those thoughts. She never failed to greet me with a hug and kiss to my cheek.

I have always had this 'thing' about women nursing their young and Monique wasn't about to be left out of my fantasies. Moreover, I asked myself, why not? After all, I had watched her grow from a small-breasted young woman into a much larger busted women and mother. My only complaint was when she was going to nurse my granddaughter she would leave the room.

My son Jim called and said he had to leave town on business. OK, I had said and he asked if I would look in on Monique at least every other day. Because my granddaughter was involved, wild horses couldn't have kept me away. I assure him every thing would be just fine and he expressed his relief.

The very next day I was at the front door ringing the bell. Monique opened the door and gave me the biggest smile she had ever shown me. I went inside admiring her new outfit; a short skirt showing her long sexy legs and a top obviously three sizes too small. It not only hugged her much larger breasts but anyone could easily see the cups of her bra.

"I hope you don't mind, Ed, but I was just about to nurse Matty."

"Oh, well don't worry about me," I stated. "I'll just watch TV until you finish. Maybe I can hold her until she goes to sleep." Holding my granddaughter was just about the most favorite thing I could imagine, unless you count Monique's large milk filled boobs.

I had expected her to leave me alone but she made herself comfortable on the sofa. I picked the recliner chair and found a football game to watch. From the corner of my eye I could see Monique slipped open her blouse and lowering the flap of her nursing bra. I barely caught a glimpse of her nipple with a drop of milk oozing from it before she pulled Matty's sucking lips to it. Inside my pants I felt the growing of my erection. Before me was my most dreamed of fantasy save it being my lips suckling her milk-filled breast.

As Matty nursed Monique turned her head and looked at me. She held my granddaughter in her loving arms and smiled sweetly. I quickly turned my head so as to not give her reason to question me.

"Ed, does this bother you?" she asked in her sweet little girl voice.

"Why would it bother me? It's one of the most natural things a woman can do for her child," I replied desperately trying to keep the lust from my voice.

"Is that why your pants are sticking out?" she asked with a calm voice.

I turned my head away and made the adjustments needed to relieve the pressure. My eyes were glued to the TV but my side vision saw her still nursing.

"Well, I have lots to do at home so I guess it's time I get going," I said getting up form the chair.

"Please, don't leave yet," she said quickly. "Matty is just about finished and I think we should talk."

I paused and then sat back down. A few moments later Monique stood and left me alone. She put Matty in her crib and was back before I realized it. She sat back where she had been but hadn't rebuttoned her blouse.

"Uh, did you forget something?" I asked trying to be a polite.

"No, I don't think so," she said back. "Ed, Jim has told me about some of the things you like."

"Really, like what?"

"Well, for one thing he's told me about the stories you like to read."

"Ah, well, I wasn't sure he knew."

"He's also told me you like to write and post them on the internet."

"OK, I'm busted. Did he tell you what I like to read and write about?"

"He says you have an extensive collection of incest stories most of them about Father/Daughter."

I said nothing feeling it best to let her do the talking.

"He also says you have an interest in stories about lactation. Tell me, Ed, does the thought of women with milk in their breasts excite you?"

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