Darkness Comes

by Yotna El'toub

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Ma/mt, Mind Control, Fiction, Horror, Incest, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A tale of ancient terror. A horror that extends from the beginning of time itself.

Copyright© Yotna El'toub 2004

WARNING: The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and unintentional. The characters and situations portrayed are pure fantasy; the author is keen to state that in reality adult sexuality should remain only in the adult world. Please do not allow or cause this story to fall in to the hands of minors.

"Yet from those flames no light, but rather darkness visible". John Milton, Paradise Lost.

Chapter one: Finishing off...

The skip was almost full; Jeff bent down and picked up the broken board he flipped it, scattering snails in the process.

He could just make out the faded green script.

'SSSI - Warren's Wood, welcome please take care of... '

Sighing he flicked his wrist, the shattered sign spun through the air, and clattered into the steel container.

"OK Joe, we're about done - they want us off site today," Jeff paused, then added bitterly "that's the last of the old wood; my childhood playground is gone - for good"

"Come on Jeff, I'll buy you a pint, the Dog and Pheasant will be open by now." Joe smiled at his old friend.

Together they packed away the tools, before starting the ancient transit van. Joe drove through the driveway gates then parked up momentarily, allowing Jeff to nip out and lock the gates. Jeff settled back into the torn seat, letting out an even larger sigh.

"When I think of the days I spent in that wood, it's a shame. Bloody money dominates everything! Site of Special Scientific Interest, still it made no difference, a mate of the minister I expect!" Jeff spat his words in disgust.

"I never understood why you accepted the contract, feeling as strongly as you do?" Joe asked.

"I wanted to say goodbye, and make sure the work was done to the highest standard. The place deserved respect, and I was able to ensure it was delivered!" Jeff winced, feeling his treachery stinging.

The tyres of the van crunched as they met the gravel of the pubs car park. Skillfully, Joe maneuvered the large van between the parked cars, before picking out a suitable space. The van shuddered to a premature halt, belching black oil.

The doors were thrown open, and slammed in unison.

"I think this may be a long session; I feel a piss-up coming on!" Jeff grinned for the first time that day.

"OK mate, first rounds on me!" Joe smiled, and slung his arm around Jeff's meaty shoulder.

Chapter two: Moving in...

"Finally, we're here," Adrian stated, "never thought we'd get in - August they said, not nearly sodding November!"

"Still, they've done a good job, it's the nicest in the estate," Judith smiled, peaking over the full tea chest, "Hopefully we can get this lot sorted before Christmas!"

"Where are the kids?" asked Adrian.

"Exploring - I expect" Judith answered, before disappearing towards the removals' van.

Katie ran from room to room in excitement, the house was so big, so airy and light. She vaulted up the stairs, barging a surprised Brian out of the way.

"Oi, nutter!" Brian shouted.

He glared at his sisters disappearing behind, cursed under his breath and plodded on. He tried to remember the plan of the upper floor; his room should be the second on the right. As he reached the landing he smiled, he had remembered correctly, it pleased him, small things always did. He was less impressed when Katie emerged, dashing onwards.

"Hey! Keep out of my room" Brian boomed.

Katie ignored the protest and shot through another doorway, she stopped dead.

As quickly as it had appeared - the mirage of the forest vanished, leaving the scrawny teenager open mouthed, staring at the blank magnolia walls. Katie shivered, she felt watched, no more - observed. She turned on her heels and headed downstairs for mum, and sympathy. In the room a shadow flitted from corner to corner as if searching, hunting- for a way out.

A tearful Katie sat at the kitchen table; it had not gone well. The family wouldn't budge, they didn't care - she didn't want that room! It may have been designed for her; it may have been the most controversial, and the hardest fought - but she hated it. She had only wanted to swap with Brian but no, not a chance. Brian had said she was just being spoilt again, and her parents had agreed. It was so unfair; Katie bit her knuckles until the whiteness threatened numbness. She was not spoilt; she was scared - why couldn't they understand?

Chapter three: Feelings.

Jeff returned his empty pint pot to the bar; that was his sixth - in just under an hour. He felt - if anything, more depressed, if he could only be certain...

"Come on you old git, lets have a game of darts," Joe interjected, "it might take your mind off the wood?"

"Nah, not in the mood tonight, d'you want another?" asked Jeff, with a controlled slur.

"Not me, Jesus, you are slotting them away - take it easy son" Joe coughed.

"Not tonight, tonight I'm getting trashed - tomorrow is a big day..." Jeff's voice tailed off.

"What's happening tomorrow?" Joe asked, his eyebrows rose.

"Oh probably nothing - just a little joke" Jeff smiled, an odd little smile.

Joe wandered off back to his friends, he shook his head - sometimes Jeff seemed so remote.

Jeff sat for a long time, his seventh pint untouched, his mind mulling over the plan. He had selected the wood personally, and positioned it carefully - it was perfect; but still he doubted his ability. It had taken so long, one error in carving or positioning, and it would be over. A shudder ran through Jeff's large frame.

"This is the guy who can tell you, our local amateur historian. Isn't that right Jeff? Jeff!" Cherie's plumby voice was insistent.

"Sorry Cherie, I was miles away" Jeff smiled, indulgently.

"Adrian is moving into one of the new houses, and he's heard of the woods reputation..."

The newcomer cut off Cherie.

"Always up for a laugh, one of my workmates is into all that Wicca stuff" Adrian smiled.

"Don't laugh friend, there's more to life than bloody accountancy" Jeff growled

"How did you know I was an accountant?" Adrian asked, his face falling.

"Just a gut feeling, sod off! I'm not in the mood for your type" Jeff blasted.

Chapter four: Morning.

Katie woke early, and popped her head out from under the protective duvet. The room looked back at her, benevolent and peaceful.

'Maybe I over reacted?' She thought.

She slid the crumpled duvet off, dropping into a heap on the bedroom floor. Katie looked down her body; she was too thin - even at fifteen there was only the suggestion of feminine shape, the slightest of swells to her chest, followed by the flatness of her tummy.

Katie sniffed, and gazed at the poster of Jude Law. He was gorgeous, but unattainable - he would never want her, not with this half girl body. The room darkened slightly, momentarily, as if a cloud had flickered across the sun. Katie blinked, rolled over, and fell back into a light slumber.

In the loft something stirred, and flowed from the eaves towards the insulated floor. Here it pooled oil like, pitch black it gathered, increasing in bulk but not in form. The black sap rippled around the joists, searching, hunting for escape. The smallest of gaps was penetrated and the black ooze flowed from its prison. It gathered on the ceiling before silently streaming down the walls in rivulets of jet, sucking the light from the magnolia hued bedroom.

Katie moaned, and turned in her sleep. Shifting irritably she settled down, her back flat on the bed. Her eyes flickered, registering the dream she peacefully dreamt. They did not register the darkness reaching out for her, and failed to see the tendrils of slime that crept up her duvet. Slowly but unstoppably the unreflective sap hunted her down.

Unnaturally the sap strands streamed up the sheet, getting ever closer to the sleeping girls feet. Finally it reached her largest toe and wrapped an affectionate tendril around it. The secret touch thrilled Katie; her dream darkened and took on a sensual edge. In her fevered mind gentle fingers caressed her toes, sending pulses of impure pleasure racing to her pelvis.

Katie's eyes opened, and she glanced towards her feet. Her eyes widened, and drank in the fullness of her new ripe 'dream' body. Soft mounds tipped with wide nipples adorned her chest, and lush wiry hair replaced her meagre bush. Her hesitant fingers slid to her breasts and plucked the stiffened tips, once, twice - then descended, to part her quivering labia. Silently she rode her passion, arching her back to increase the pressure of her flexible fingers on her thickened nodule.

With an orgasmic grunt Katie woke up, just in time to observe the horror of the darkness sliding from her thighs, and into her contracting body. She felt the repulsive slither of tendrils over her erectile bud, as the ooze made its way down to her slit. Her mind recoiled, and snapped as the pain hit her, drawing her mouth into an expansive, but silent scream. Then it all passed... The darkness filled her - possessed her.

Chapter five: Release.

Brian slept in late, waiting for the house to become his. He knew if he delayed long enough the others would be immersed in the daily routine; leaving the house deserted.

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