Joni - The Taxi

by Knightwolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Joni strips while riding in a taxi

This was an incredible dare given to me a couple of months ago by a guest of this web site. It took me a little while to organize and, unfortunately, even longer to write about it. Basically the dare was to take a ride in a taxi totally nude.

I thought that sounded great, but I had to find a legitimate reason for a young woman to be nude when taking a ride in a taxi. Fortunately I figured out what to do.

I waited until a day when it was really raining. Since this is summer we don't have a lot of rain so I had to wait a while. Finally a day came when a strong storm front was blowing in. I put on a thin white cotton sundress with nothing on underneath. It was already almost transparent - the shadow of my nipples could easily be seen. When the sun shown through the dress it was very evident that I had no panties on.

Anyway, I got someone to take me to the far side of town. I live in a large city so that was about an hour away from my apartment. The storm had blown in and it was really pouring. It was about 10:00 am and about 70 degrees. I immediately called a taxi and then stood on the corner in the rain getting absolutely drenched. You can imagine what the rain did to my dress. It was totally transparent - as though I wasn't wearing anything. Literally everything was visible.

The taxi pulled up and I jumped in the back seat. The driver was an older man (about 50 I guess). His eyes were bugging out as he turned to look at me and ask me where I was going. I could feel the wet dress sticking to my skin as he stared for a few seconds longer than necessary. I gave him the address and then told him how to get there - being sure to give him directions that would take a long time to get there.

As soon as he pulled into the traffic the fun started. I sat forward and took off my dress - stating rather casually that I hated sitting around in wet clothes and "hoping you don't mind." Of course he said that it was fine. Then I started to shiver and asked him if he could turn on the heater, which of course he did. Now I was totally nude in the back seat of a taxi driving through the center of town.

Then I decided to get in front! Remember, I'm only 5'2" and very thin. While we were driving down the road I swung a leg over the front seat and straddled it - facing away from the driver so that when he turned to see what I was doing my ass and pussy were literally inches from his face. I ended up sticking one leg right in front of him and then down into his lap as I pretended to be stuck for a moment. Then I rolled into the front seat onto my back with both legs splayed open - one leg in his lap and the other now resting on the dashboard. I swear he almost drove off the road! I started laughing as though it was all an accident and explained that I was cold back there and wanted to come up here where it was hotter. He just mumbled that he thought that was great.

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