Stripping Games
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including True Story, Swinging, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - This isn't a story. It is a compilation of stripping games that I have found or made up. I haven't found one website that had a good selection so I decided to put it here.

I've tried to find web sites describing various adult games. I've found a few, but not many. Below is a list of the games I know about. Please feel free to email me with other suggestions or variations. I'd also appreciate any descriptions of personal experiences you may have had involving stripping, daring or other adult games. With your permission I will edit those stories as needed and add them to this site.

Always remember that these are games and are supposed to be fun for all involved. Peer pressure is fine, but forcing someone to do something against their will is not.

Converting normal games to stripping games

Virtually any game can be converted into a stripping game. Simply require the losing team to remove an article of clothing whenever a point is scored. Below are several examples.

Trouble/Sorry - every time a person is sent "home" he or she must remove a piece of clothing.

Checkers - every time a piece is jumped the loser loses a piece of clothing.

Twister - whoever falls first must remove a piece of clothing.

Card games - loser of each hand removes clothing.

Truth or Dare - obvious

Adult Games

Spin the Bottle

A group of people sit in a circle, preferably on the floor, with a bottle in the middle. One person spins the bottle. Whoever the bottle points to must remove a piece of clothing. That person then spins the bottle.

Jewelry does not count as clothing. Each shoe and each sock counts as one piece. To be fair, everyone should wear the same number of pieces.

When a person is nude he or she continues to play, now dressing whenever the bottle points to him or her. The winner is the first individual to get completely dressed.

This version insures that virtually everyone gets completely nude at some point.

When one person is completely dressed the game is over. Everyone must then remain clothed as they are until the party is over.


Each person receives 10 strips of paper. He or she writes a different dare on each strip. The group should set rules regarding whatever limitations to set. Duplicate dares are OK.

The dares are then placed into some type of bag or container. A person pulls a dare from the bag and must perform it. These dares can be as tame as "Tell us when you last fucked someone" to as daring as "Walk down the street completely nude" or whatever else works for your group.

I suggest giving each individual the right to reject one or two dares.


Clothesline is best done with a large group people in a large room.

Divide into two equal sized groups (or more depending on the number of people).

The goal is for each group to remove as much of their clothing as they feel comfortable with and stretch the clothes in a straight line across the room. Whichever group has the longest line wins.

This is a great game for peer pressure. Obviously the more clothes taken off the longer the line.

Frozen Spoons

This is a variation on a much less risqué game.

Preparation: Put several spoons into the freezer. Several balls of smooth string.

Divide the group into two or more groups of 5 to 10 people.

Each group lines up in single file. The first person in each line is given the frozen spoon with one end of the ball of string tied to it. Each group starts at the same time. When the host says start, the first person in line turns around and starts passing the spoon through the clothes of the person immediately behind him or her. Two specific rules: The spoon must go underneath each piece of clothing including bras and underwear; The person passing the spoon through the other's clothes must never let go of the spoon. In other words, the person passing the spoon through a person's shirt will have to reach down the front with one hand and up the front with the other. The spoon cannot simply be dropped through.

As the spoon passes through the string is pulled through behind it. When the spoon is all the way through the person's clothes, that person takes the spoon, turns around, and passes it through the person's clothes behind him or her. Meanwhile, the person that started goes to the back of the line so that he or she will be the last to have the spoon passed through his or her clothes.

The half way point is when the spoon is passed through all the clothes in the entire line. Now each person has a string going through all their clothes and basically tying everyone together.

The spoon is then pulled back up through all the clothes the same way it was put down. The spoon must always be in someone's hand.

The winning team is the first one to pull the spoon out of the everyone's clothes.

Cross Dressed Couples

This idea came from MTV.

Hang three sheets from the ceiling side by side so that they hang about one foot from the ground with a couple of feet between each sheet. Each team will stand behind a sheet. They will be able to see each other but those in front of the screen will only see their feet.

Put all the men's names into one bag and all the women's names into another.

Randomly pick a man's name and a woman's name from the bag. That will be team one. Repeat two times until you have three teams of two couples.

Each couple comes forward and stands in front of a sheet. When the host says "Go" they must run behind the curtain and completely exchange clothes, including bras and underwear. Everything except jewelry. They must take off their clothes and put on the other person's clothes as properly as possible as quickly as possible.

The first couple to step out from behind the curtain, properly cross dressed, wins.

To make it more interesting, hide a camcorder behind the screen and record the contestants, then show the crowd afterward.

Musical Laps

Think musical chairs with a perverted twist.

Men sit in chairs in a circle, facing outwards, with a couple of feet between each chair.

Women walk around the chairs as the music plays. There must be one more woman than man.

When the music stops the women sit on the men's laps. They must straddle the laps, facing the men. They must do an active lap dance for 30 seconds. The woman left standing must remove one piece of clothing. She then picks one man to remove one piece of clothing.

The game continues until everyone is nude.

I've Never...

A group of people sit in a circle. Whoever goes first starts off by saying "I've never... whatever." For example: "I've never had sex on a rooftop."

Anyone who has done that must remove a piece of clothing. When someone is nude he or she is out of the game. People are expected to tell the truth. Care must be taken not to be ridiculous regarding their statements.

Statements should be sexual in nature.

X-Rated Scavenger Hunt

This game is probably impossible to play except perhaps on a college campus.

Divide the group into teams of 3 to 10.

This is a regular scavenger hunt. Give each team a list of things they must find and bring back. The first team back wins.

What makes this unusual are the items requested. The list should be sexual in nature. For example:

  • A used adult magazine

  • A used condom

  • A pair of panties taken off the owner

  • A bra taken off the owner

  • A pair of men's underwear taken off the owner

  • A baggie of semen

  • A baggie of urine

No one playing the game may contribute to the requirements. Use your imagination to come up with a daring list.

Nude Polaroid (or Digital Camera) Scavenger Hunt

Similar to the X-Rated Scavenger Hunt, except that each team is given a list of situations or locations in which they must take a nude picture of a member of their team. The first successful team to return wins.

For example:

  • In front of a fast food restaurant

  • Beside a police car

  • Beside a school bus

  • Next to a gas pump

  • Inside a convenience store

  • Next to an ATM

  • On the medium of a divided road

  • In front of a school

  • Beside a stranger of the opposite sex

Secret Word

As each person comes in, give them a secret word, something relatively common. Throughout the evening, whenever that person hears his or her secret word he or she must remove a piece of clothing.

Peein' Contest

Have a men's bowl and a women's bowl placed on a table in middle of the room. Everyone must use those bowls to pee. Group that pees the most wins.

Blind Man's Buff

Best played with a large group of uninhibited people.

One person is "It" and is blind folded. That person then attempts to find and grab someone else in the room. The rest of the group try to not to be caught. When the "Blind Man" catches someone, he or she removes one piece of clothing from the captive while still blindfolded. He or she then removes the blind fold and puts it on the captive who then becomes "It". Once a person is completely nude he or she is out of the game.

Organic bikini contest

Various organic materials and foods are set on a table in a private room. Couples are sent into the room and have either 2 minutes or 5 minutes to create bikinis out of the items provided. They must then come out and model their creations.

Themed Parties

Pajama Party

Everyone comes to the party dressed in their pajamas. Encourage everyone to wear exactly what they normally wear to bed.

Underwear Party

Everyone wears only underwear during the party.

Nude Party

No definition needed

One Piece Party

Each individual may only wear one piece of clothing.

Toga Party

Each individual may only wear a toga. No underclothes allowed.

Cave Man Party

Everyone dresses like cavemen

Swimsuit Party

Everyone wears a swimsuit, the smaller the better.

Towel Party

Everyone wears only a towel

Yard Party

Everyone may only wear a yard of fabric

Games in Cars

Stop Light Game

Pick a street with a certain number of stoplights. Everyone except the driver may play the game. Each time the car stops at a stoplight the player must remove a piece of clothing. Game is over when driver reaches the end of the designated strip.

Driver must not speed up or slow down in an effort to hit a red light.

Variation - player must step outside of car to remove each piece of clothing.

Variation - when player is nude he or she must run around outside the car during each subsequent red light.

Two Car Clothes Exchange

Two groups traveling in two cars stop at a stop light, major intersection or just along the road. Someone from each car (either picked at random or in advance) jump out and meet in-between both cars. They then completely exchange clothes, including underwear.

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