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Desc: Sex Story: Oh, I forgot about this. I wrote it a couple of years ago. Hope you don't mind. A girl gets hot and bothered, and no relief in sight...<br> [Quote:]<br> Lisa was beginning to make noises as well now, her groans vague around the obstruction in her mouth, and more clearly when she removed her lips from him, and teased him with her tongue instead.

The midsummer sun beat oppressively on the baked ground outside the hotel. The heat trap they called a courtyard pool was incapable of lowering my internal temperature below sweltering. Even immediately after a swim, sweat broke out spontaneously without any physical activity.

I lasted until around two in the afternoon before I gave in and retired to the room I shared with Lisa. She had found a suitable set of muscles to enhance her lovelife, and it was unlikely that she would show up here again any time this week.

I treated myself to a cold shower before collapsing on the bed, completely naked and wilting with the heat. I had the windows open on both sides of the room, and the large fan above my head was distributing the air as best it could, but it was still stifling. The room was quite attractive if you ignored the temperature. I had a random pile of small cushions to rest my head on, and the bed linen matched the flowers in the large vase on the table.

As I lay there in the quiet, I was thinking about Lisa and her lover. Not that I brought them to mind deliberately, but my mind was wandering, and bumped into them.

Lisa had met her new man last week, and whilst she had tried some token resistance to his not so subtle advances, she really wanted him to convince her. And he did. I came back to our room late that night, and let myself in quietly. I was worried that I might wake Lisa up, but my fears were unjustified. She was undeniably awake.

Picture this. The room was open, like it is now. The way these rooms have been designed means that it's difficult to see anything from outside, even through the windows. Indeed, if I could have seen what was going on, I would probably never have opened the door.

Mike - that's the name attached to the muscles - was lying on his back on Lisa's bed, just the same as mine, but across the room. The rooms are 'L' shaped, so the beds are out of sight of each other, but only just. Standing in the doorway though, I could see everything with ridiculous clarity. Lisa sat on top of Mike, her bare butt bouncing lightly in the moonlight, her slim body blocking me from Mike's undoubtedly well distracted eyes, and vice versa. The immediate picture was one of sensuality rather than sex. A mutual joining of egos, rather than a panting grubby sexuality, a fuck. The seeming innocence didn't last long.

I stood in the doorway and watched silently. I wanted to get away from this embarrassing scene, but at the same time I wanted to stay and watch, even to take part. I compromised by keeping silent by the door, and watching the action with a swirling mixture of guilt, embarrassment and excitement. Slowly the excitement took over, and my other feelings were banished for the time being.

Lisa had been hushed when I walked in, the only noises I could hear were the breathing of the two of them, and the bedsprings, which had obviously been suffering from a terminal illness for some time now. As I played the part of the invisible woman, Lisa started to groan a little, not an uncouth grunt of air release like they have in pornos, but a subtle, even ladylike, groan of pleasure. I could see her firm shoulders flexing in front of me as she bobbed up and down in short strokes, her small butt lifting to show vague glimpses of her impalement, fuzzy and intriguing by moonlight. Mutual patches of dark hair were also visible through the gap at times, and I found myself trying to see as much as I could, the scene framed by the two bodies, my vision focussed without intent.

I'd never met Mike, but I liked what I saw then. His firm dark legs were bent in the classic position, nice feet alternately pushing into the ancient mattress and then pulled in by the flexing of his knees.

Though I couldn't see them at the time, Lisa's breasts had been viewable previously, both in the room, and out at the pool. They were nothing exceptional, but certainly no handicap. Lisa was a very attractive woman, a redhead with the classic freckles, a smile as wide as the sun, and pale skin. She had to be careful not to get burnt in the sun, but she looked startling out at the pool, more so topless, when you could see a few thousand extra freckles. I had to admit to having taken a good look at her nipples a couple of times. Don't get me wrong. I'm not remotely lesbian. It was a professional interest of sorts. I have a set of small insignificant nipples on appropriately sized breasts. If you could have bought Lisa's nipples in a shop, they'd have had 'large' stamped on them prominently. There would have been room.

I could imagine how her chest would look as I stood there. I could just see mike's elbows either side of Lisa's bobbing torso, his hands no doubt caressing her breasts, feeling the friction of his fingers around those nipples, squeezing gently, caressing with abandon.

As the pace picked up more, I came to my senses enough to get out of the doorway, and I silently picked my way over to my bed, and out of site of the coupling pair. Stripping quickly to my underwear, I slipped beneath the thin covers and lay still, scared that the springs would give me away. For once they refrained from making a loud squeaky welcome, and I was able to lie without giving my presence away, though I doubt they would have noticed in any case.

Out of sight of the coupling, I felt the embarrassment return in full force, and I lost any voyeuristic interest in the proceedings. Desperate to remove myself as best I could from the whole episode, I reached for my headphones from the beside table, risking the squeaking bed again without mishap. I started a CD from the remote on the headphone cable, turned the volume up to a thoroughly unreasonable level, and settled back on the cushions. I surprised myself by managing to drift off to sleep before the end of the third track, and as I slept, the headphones must have fallen off. I was unaware of any further activity until I woke early in the morning to the sound of renewed romance across the room.

Lying listening to the subtle but increasing noises again, I found myself unable to ignore them this time, and sneaked out from the bed for a peek.

It wasn't immediately apparent exactly what was happening, but eventually I managed to sort out the body parts, and my eyes were immediately locked on the proceedings. A description of the scene is insufficient to portray it accurately, but it's the best I can manage.

From my covert position in the corner of the 'L', I was looking directly at the foot of the bed. As I watched, Mike was kneeling on the bed, his muscled butt pointed directly toward me, his hands on the bed in front of him. The angle of his body meant that I could see his impressive erection pointing, but definitely not hanging, down between his parted thighs, a golden glow over his seemingly hairless body, his penis shining with promise.

Then suddenly the clear view of his manhood was complicated by the appearance of the top of Lisa's head, face up, from between his legs. As I watched, she reached her hands up to take hold of his butt, and pulled him toward her a little, and I could see her mouth moving around the tip of his penis, and then taking it into her mouth, little by little, her head sliding now, up and down the shaft. The admittedly muffled noises he was making were proof that he was enjoying the attention.

My curiosity had again overtaken any common level of sense, and I edged away from the corner a little, in order to see down the side of the bed, and confirm my suspicions as to what else was happening.

I wasn't disappointed, not at all. The muffling of Mike's voice was caused by the obvious culprit. He was returning Lisa's favour as I watched, his mouth buried deep in her pubic mound, caressing her intimately, his head bobbing around as his tongue presumably flicked her most tender regions.

Lisa was beginning to make noises as well now, her groans vague around the obstruction in her mouth, and more clearly when she removed her lips from him, and teased him with her tongue instead.

Somehow the oral attention was even more exciting than the more traditional behaviour earlier on, and I was entranced. They were obviously in no great hurry, and they both kept removing their mouths and passing comments. I could hear them, but not tell what they were saying.

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