Making The Baby

by Ray1031

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Long time lovers have decided it's time to make a baby. Then, on the day they chose to begin, things happen.<br>An odd little story - with a twist.

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itself. But be warned!!


Katrina had been nervous and excited all day. But now she was getting peeved... Jeffrey, Jeff was late... today, of all days, he was late. This was to be 'the day'. After eight long years together, this was to be 'the day'.

They'd met in Germany, fallen in love, and decided to make a life together. She'd moved to the United States, giving up her family, her friends, her entire life, all for him. He had been her sponsor, providing her with a place to live and promises of support for the Immigration Department, since they had not been married.

At the very beginning, they had agreed, no children until she was out of school and he had his business established. No children until they had a home of their own and could afford them.

She had finished her schooling two years ago and now worked with him at the business. The business was successful now, with an established clientele and an annual gross, for each of the last two years, of almost an even million. The people working for them knew their jobs, liked their bosses and the company. They were all one family.

They were ready. Now, they'd decided, was the time, and tonight was to be the start. They were going to produce a child, their child. It had been discussed at length, between them and their doctor. Tests had been performed, physicals taken, and 'they' were ready. They had even agreed on the date. The child should be born next March or April, so it needed to be conceived this month. At the advice of their Doctor, they'd had no sex for the last 30 days. Allowing plenty of time for any residual birth control in her system to dissipate and for their own juices and sex drives to kick themselves into overdrive for tonight. They were going to have sex a minimum of three times daily, every single day (except during her menstruation if it occured), for the next 30 days. They were both currently so horny that sleeping in the same bed had been extremely difficult for the last week or so.

But, he was late...

She sat again before her dressing table and, for the fourth time that evening, began brushing her long raven locks. She examined her dusty rose lipstick again for smearing and lightly touched up her make-up, for the fifth time. Katrina stepped to the full length mirror re-examined herself, wondering if she should change her choice of clothing yet again. She'd started with the sheer, red nightie, because it was her favorite of her sexy ones. Then she'd changed to the slightly more opaque, plunge cut, light blue, her over the shoulder baby-doll with the matching French-cut panty. Blue was his favorite color. Finally, she'd decided on something she'd bought just two months ago, something Jeff hadn't seen her in yet. A dark green, rubbery, vinyl bra and panty set with heart-shaped nipple cut-outs in the brassiere and no crotch in the panty. She'd added a light green garter and fishnets for contrast, and wore her sheerest, thinnest white robe over all.

She sat back on the bed, propping herself up with pillows and picked up her book.


Jeff was trying to make up for lost time. Everything seemed to be working against him this afternoon. It started at noon when they ran out of coffee, somehow it had been omitted from the last delivery by Office Max. A new office assistant was sent out for some but instead of Folgers, had returned with Hill's Brothers (a chicory coffee - nasty stuff). Of course, he was to be forgiven. He didn't drink coffee, didn't know the favored brand in the office, and so, had bought what his mother drank.

The office phones had gone on the blink. Something to do with a Taxi cab accident and a phone company distribution box a block away.

Then the call from the local IRS office. They wanted to come in and look at the company books tomorrow. So he'd stayed an hour over, working at the computers to be sure the books were up to date and that everything was in them.

When he finally left the office, his damn 'vette wouldn't start. Another hour waiting for a tow truck to help him start it.

Finally, to top everything else, after he'd called for the tow truck, he tried to call home so Katrina wouldn't worry... the fucking cell phone died with a soft 'plip' as he dialed. The local phone boothes and the phones in the office were still out. So here he was, two blocks from home, two hours late, ten miles over the speed limit, and thinking things were finally going right.

He relaxed, thinking about his beloved Katrina and the promised night ahead. He glanced to the passenger seat. The box of chocolates and dozen carnations he had for her there. He hoped that bringing her favorite flowers and food would return some of the romance to the planned evening. Then the old woman in the 12 year old Cadillac backed out of her driveway in front of him, without looking. He reached for the brakes, steered to the side but feared it was already too late.


She was worried. Jeff was never more than an hour late without calling. She'd tried to call the office and been told that the number was not in service. She'd tried his cellular phone and was told that the phone was either off or out of the service area.

Looking at the clock again, Katrina stamped her foot and thought 'Two hours. What can be keeping him?' Then the front door opened and in walked Jeff, with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers for her. She fetched a vase as he told her about his day, 'Carnations, my favorite!'

"... how I was able to miss that Cadillac, I'll never know. I mean, she backed right out in front of me without looking."

"That's okay, darling, you're here now and everything is right as rain. Do you want something to eat or drink first?... or should we go straight to bed?" she asked grinning. She hugged him around the neck and kissed him lightly on the chin.

"Sweetheart, let's go to bed before something else happens. We can eat something later"

And to be they went.

For the next two hours, everything went as they'd planned, better than they'd planned. Every move was perfect, each a step further into glorious ecstasy. Every word was excellent, further fuel for the fires of their passion. Jeffrey finished three times and Katrina had lost count after the first half hour. They'd paused for rest and to restart Jeff's equipment, only twice, but continued kissing, petting and cuddling, even during these small breaks.

They were into their third break, laying together in the spoon position on their waterbed. Katrina was behind him, her arms draped around his waist and her fingernails drawing light curly-ques on his abdomen. They were discussing whether or not he had 'just one more' left in him, when the doorbell rang. "Oh no," said Katrina. "Not now. How about if we ignore it?"

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