Velvet Acres Leisure Club

by Softly

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Desc: Sex Story: A storm drives three hunters to an island. Exploring, they discover that swingers spend the summer there. The annual games start on July 1.<br>They scheme a way to use the rules of the games to be with some of the ladies.

We were just three guys that hunted and fished on the Chesapeake Bay. For years, we had thought that Kent Island, just West of Annapolis, was the home of a nudist colony. While fishing, we had often used our binoculars to observe the naked men and woman sunning themselves, or playing volleyball on the beach. Then, last November during Goose season, we learned the truth. A storm had come up. Instead of returning to the marina, we landed on the island. Velvet Acres Leisure Club was closed for the winter. Wondering what the accommodations were like, we had wandered around.

What we found was a main club house, 6000 square feet in size, with dinning, dancing, kitchen, and lounging area. A row of twenty six small cabins, just large enough for a bed, sink, and small toilet were lined up to the rear of the building.

The area was all of two hundred, and twenty five acres of woodland. We found footpaths that weaved through the woods to small clearings, containing cabins which had more elaborate decor; picture windows, full sized overhead mirrors, king sized beds, jacuzzis, plus kitchens.

Me, I'm Marty Edmonds. I discovered a cabin with an unlocked front door. An instructional packet had been left in the rack behind the bathroom door. Johnny Cole, and Frank Bither looked over my shoulder, as I read about Velvet Acres Leisure Club. This is what was I read.


There was a rules section, then a listing of the events scheduled for various weekends during the summer. We all whistled when we read what was planned for the weekend which ran from June 30 to July 5. The Annual Games!

"WEEKEND OF THE GAMES - June 30 to July 5.

As you know, each year we are booked to capacity during this weekend, with two hundred and fifty couples, fifteen single ladies, and thirty-five single men.

For the new members, the games are a random, and exciting way for you to explore your sexuality. Here is the format:

The Games run from 8 PM until 2 AM.

The women pull a cabin number out of a bowl. Without telling anyone, she proceeds to that cabin and waits for the man, or men to appear to be with her.

The men draw papers out of a bowl. It will instruct them to compete in some sort of event, either alone, or with up to four men. Each event will have rules to explain what entitles the man, or men, to be "Winners."


Basketball. First team to make 12 points is a winner. At that point, the four men team draws a cabin number out of the bowl, and they run to that cabin to have sex with that woman, or women. As soon as they finish, they return to the main cabin to draw another sheet of paper, which may place them on another team, or into a solo event.

The loser in each event, must draw a new piece of paper, compete, and win for the right to draw a cabin number.

Other events are horseshoes, tug of war, arm wrestling, poker, darts, and scavenger hunt, riddles, blackjack, volleyball, and touch football. Rules may be reviewed at the main clubhouse."

We sat looking at each other. Each of us had a smile on our face, as our imagination played out the events that we had just read about. In my mind, I pictured; Fifteen minutes of all out, half court basketball, ended by an eighteen foot three pointer. As the ball goes "Swish," four men run to the bowl, grab a cabin number, and begin a jog of up to a quarter mile, using flashlights to see the way, to a cabin with their prize. Sweaty, out of breath, they enter the cabin, and pounce on the waiting woman, dissolving into a sweaty mass.


"I'll say!"

It was Frank that first saw that this was an opportunity for some high adventure. "Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" he queried. "If I get this right, there will be one hundred, sixty five women out here in the woods, that will fuck any man that comes in the door?"

"You got it," Johnny intoned, as he tossed his hat up into the air.

We talked of nothing else, when together hunting or fishing during the winter.

It became a matter of how to, not should we, try for some wild pussy. It was decided that we would select cabins that were the furthest from the main lodge, and closest to the small bay on the North side of the island. With a normal South wind, it would be calm in that bay.

Marty said, "As I see it, we should each stake out a cabin. When a woman arrives, we wait eight minutes, go in, and fuck her good. If another guy come in while we are there, we hop off, and say - She's yours buddy. He won't know if we won some other game before him, won't even care, or will she. Each of us will carry a "Two way radio." If someone says, "Condition Red," they need help to get away. If we say "Condition Five," we run like hell to the boat. Got that?"

Saturday, July 1, 2000, was a normal hot summer day in the Maryland area. There was the scattered thunderstorms. From a half mile off shore, we could see naked people everywhere at Velvet Acres. At twenty to eight, Marty eased his boat close to the North shore. I dropped the anchor. We all stripped off our clothes. Carrying a bag with our shoes, and radio, we waded to shore. We were in position by our chosen cabins when the women begin to arrive.

At Marty's cabin, when light came on, Marty examined his woman intently, from his position forty feet away in the woods. She looked to be about forty, was very pretty, to weight one hundred and fifty pounds, with a large ass, and full C cup tits. She was out of breath from the walk to the cabin, but was soon standing in front of the mirror, cupping her breasts, and sucking in her tummy.

Marty begin to talk to himself. Whew, guy, in six minutes, you are going to walk into that cabin, pretending to be out of breath, and start to kiss and fondle those jugs of hers. Her twat must be getting wet thinking of a man, any man, that will follow the path to her. She is as hot as you are, guy.

A rumble of thunder broke his thought train. The wind picked up, and rain suddenly begin to pour, soaking his naked body in seconds. Are we in luck, he thought. This will interrupt the Games, so there will be more time before the Winners filter out to the waiting women.

As the time reached eight minutes, he walked through the door. Without a word, he went over to the woman, who was now sitting on the bed, and rolled her backward onto her back, as he slid her to the middle of the bed.

Her hand reached out to feel his stiff pole, which bent to the right, with a small uncut head. She stroked it and ran her fingers around the head. then her eyes raised to his, with an inviting smile on her face, she said, "Hi, I'm Betty, and I'm glad to see you, Sweety... Come on, Baby, light my fire?"

She moaned as he opened her legs and ran his tongue across her slit. A kiss on the tummy was followed by his putting his head between her joyous melons, which covered his face, ear to ear.

Her ass was firm, and smaller then he first thought. His hands grabbed both cheeks, while running his cock up and down her wet slit.

The breeze brought the scent of pine to his nostrils. His hands kneaded her breasts, which rewarded him by becoming engorged, as the nipples swelled. Her eyes were closed, with her face turned away in the ecstasy of being ravished. A long low moan eased from her, without any conscience effort.

His cock, seemly on its own, found her slit, and slid into her passage, hastened by her lubrication. The fuck was on.

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