Mars Bar Queen

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Safe Sex, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: "Remember tomorrow kid, ok," he said as he did up his pants. "If you wants some action bring a Mars bar and don't forget the condoms. Our ladies here may be mad but their plumbing still works and we don't want any accidents."

Chapter 1

It was wrong; I was young but that was still no excuse. I had always wanted to be a doctor but I hated to study so when my exam results were posted, medical school was out. So I did the next best thing and signed up to be a nurse. Six weeks intensive training then it was off to the wards for some on the spot training.

I got posted to the near by psychiatric hospital, I supposed being quite big and male they thought I would be more useful working there; and I went straight on to the night shift too. My first night was a bit of an eye opener; at midnight I did my first rounds with my mentor Keith.

"Look son," he said, every step he took his large bunch of keys rattled at his belt. "We're more your warders than your nurses."

"Ok," I replied, this wasn't like anything I had ever thought of.

"Yeah, night shift can be alright just as long as you come equipped," he chuckled.

"With what?" I asked.

"You need a Mars bar and some condoms," he laughed.

Mars bar and condoms, what sort of mad house was this, I thought.

"You'll see," he laughed again.

After wandering through the main wards we came to a few private rooms.

"Lets see if the 'Mars bar Queen' is awake shall we," he said.

He unlocked a door and we both went in and he turned a night light on. In the dim light I could see in the bed this women, about mid twenties.

"You awake Alice," he called out softly, "I've got a Mars bar for you."

Her big eyes opened and she stared up at us both, but then her eyes fastened on to the Mars bar in Keith hand.

"You want this," he said.

She didn't say anything or move but her eyes remained fixed on the chocolate bar.

"If you want it you know what you have to do Alice," he said.

I watched her and slowly she pulled the covers off then she lifted her long nightdress right up to her neck. She was the first naked woman I had ever seen in the flesh. Again slowly her legs opened and her knees lifted slightly.

"There's a good girl," said Keith.

Keith then climbed onto the bed, unbuckled his pants and rolled on a condom onto his hard cock.

"Our Alice here just love Mars bars, don't you?" he said.

I watched open mouthed as he pushed his cock into her and proceeded to fuck her hard and fast. At this stage in my life I hadn't even seen a blue movie much less live action. Keith didn't last long.

"Yes, yes," he called out as he pumped his spunk into his condom.

"There you are Alice," he said and handed the women her prize.

She almost snatched it from his hand and ripped the wrapper off and eat it very quickly.

"Remember tomorrow kid, ok," he said as he did up his pants. "If you wants some action bring a Mars bar and don't forget the condoms. Our ladies here may be mad but their plumbing still works and we don't want any accidents."

"Yes sir," I said still a little in shock at what I had seen.

"Does everybody know about her," I nodded over my shoulder as we walked away from the lock room.

"Our Mars bar queen," he chuckled, "sure kid, I bet she gets banged ten times a day. She doesn't eat anything but Mars bars."

"Oh," I said.

"It's quite surprising that she never puts on any weight," he mused. "Got a nice body on her, what do you think?"

"Yeah," I agreed.

I thought about it, seeing her body in my mind; she was quite slim with a nice pair of tits, I don't know what size, about a 'B' I would guess.

"What's the matter with her?" I asked.

"Fuck knows," he admitted, "she doesn't talk or recognize anybody, her husband included, but she just loves those Mars bars; do anything for them as you've just seen."

We exited that area and we walked on down a long corridor to a pair of big locked doors. From my much small bunch of keys Keith showed me the right one to use.

"This area is a coma unit," he said. "All the local hospitals transfer the long termer here, save them bed space."

"What do we do with them?" I asked.

"We stick monitors on them in case they wake up," he said, "change there fluids every other day and let them get on with it."

"Oh," I said.

"Some have been here for years," he explained. "A lot of court cases pending."

"Court cases?" I didn't understand.

"Well there're dead but alive," he explained, "should we kill them off, use their organs for others or just leave them here soaking up our tax payers money. Jury's still out on that."

"Oh," I said.

"Oh I must show you her," he said changing direction suddenly. "You're going to love this one.

He stopped beside another young women and pulled back her single sheet; she was naked beneath.

"Will you look at those tits," he whispered in awe.

She was I suppose about thirty but she had these big tits sticking out from her chest with hardly any droop.

"I've often had a nice wank between them," he said. "If you want a go be my guest. To fuck her properly, again you'll need to wear a condom, you know plumbing."

"Thanks," I said routed to the spot.

"Yeah they really a great pair of tits," he said almost to himself while his hand gently moved over her twin assets.

"I'll go if you want some privacy," he said tearing his eyes away from her.

"No it's ok," I said, "another day perhaps."

"Fine, fine," he chuckled, "a bit different from what you were expecting I'll bet."

"Yeah something like that," I admitted.

"Let move on," he said covering her up again, "I heard we had a new one it today, lets go and see."

"Oh my will you look at her," he whispered.

He had pulled her sheet back to disclose the naked body of a young teenager.

"Isn't a fucking shame to see her like this," he said looking her up and down, "she can't be more that what fifteen or sixteen."

"Yeah," I agreed, she reminds me of my own younger sister, same body shape, same colouring although I've never seen her naked.

"Ok," he said and somewhat reluctantly he cover her up. "let's go and make some tea."

We had a crisis during the early hours and we had to call a doctor in to sedate a couple of howlers.

"The doc's use great pill here," he said.

"Oh," I replied.

"Yeah," he said, "I'll point out the one you need to look out for, I can't pronounce the bloody name of it but it starts with an 'X' and ends with 'FLY'. We all call it xfly."

"Oh," I said, "What's it do?"

"Well the doc's use it to quieten them down at night, like those two earlier, they'll be on xfly," he explained. "But the patient will remember nothing about it the next day."

"Oh," I said.

"Yeah so when you see the doc's giving xfly to a young women we all know she's available all night," he said. "Trouble is they usually only give them to the old biddies."

Oh," I said.

"So how did you like your first night then?" asked Keith as we were clocking off.

"Well it wasn't what I was expecting," I said with a big grin.

"No I bet," he laughed, "now don't forget your Mars bar and condoms for tomorrow night."

"Yeah ok," I said and I was off home.

As I passed the corner shop I stopped off to buy a box of Mars bars and a couple of boxes of condoms.

"How was it the," my younger sister Tracy asked.

It was eight in the morning and she was up getting ready for school. I couldn't but help compare her slim body with that of our newcomer, naked under a sheet; they could have been twins.

"Interesting," I said and I leered at her body behind her back.

"So you all set lad," chuckled Keith.

"Sure," I replied with a big grin and I held up my Mars bar and my condom.

"I see you're fully equipped lad," he said. "Right I'm off to the Coma ward, see that little teenager, keep her company for a while. The doc's say it can help if you talk to them. You have a wander by yourself."

I could hear my heart beating in my chest as I approached Alice's room; I unlocked the door and turned on the night light.

"Hi Alice," I whispered.

I could see her big eyes staring at me.

"Want one of these?" I said holding up my Mars bar.

Her eyes locked on the chocolate bar in my hand and slowly she pushed her sheet off and pulled her nightie up to her chin.

"I can see that you do," I chuckled.

Her legs open wide and she lifted her knees slightly. I climbed on to the bed and looked down at her fully exposed body. I ran my hands over her smooth young skin. I couldn't believe that I was about to have my first fuck. I rolled on my condom and pushed my cock slowly into her. She didn't move under me but I didn't care, I pounded into her hard until I at last spurted. I pulled out and cleaned up and gave Alice her prize.

I wandered through the rest of the wards with a big smile on my face; happy I was no longer a virgin. When I got to the Coma ward I could see in the distance Keith on the last bed, his backside pounding between the youngster's legs, and again I though about my sister. I didn't want to get too close so went to see the big titted one, I didn't know her name yet but I'm sure Keith did. I pulled back her sheet and gently ran my hands over her tits.

"Fucking great tits on our Clare," he said, making me jump for I hadn't heard him.

"Yeah," I said, "how's the new girl?"

"Names Alex," he said, "knocked off her bike poor cow, only bloody fifteen years old."

"Oh," I said, she was the same age as my sister too.

"Enjoyed your time with Alice then?" he chuckled.

I smiled and nodded.

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