Cleaning Day

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Blackmail, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Maid has been watched by her employer and the time is right to take advantage of her.

Claire ran the feather duster across the table top, then over the desk, stopping when she came to the diamond ring on the blotter, she picked it up and stared at it. She had been a maid at the Thomas house for almost eight months now, they payed her reasonably good, but the ring caught her eye, she could never afford something like this, not on her salary. She watched as it sparkled in the light, she put it down and continued her work.

When she had finished the room, she went back and examined the ring again, her eyes were getting glassy, just dreaming about it, she slipped it on her finger and stretched out her fingers, admiring it. She hated the skimpy maid costume she had to wear, but the color of the outfit showed off the brilliance of the stone as she held her hand against it.

"CLAIRE!!!!" she jumped straight up, she had not heard Mr. Thomas come into the office, "Yes Sir?" she tried to hide her hand with the ring on it, "Show me your hand," hesitatingly she did. She stared down at the floor, knowing she had been caught red handed, he took her hand and stared at the ring on her finger, "Do you think this is yours, Claire?"

She shook her head no, then he let her hand go, she worked to get the ring off her finger, but it was on tightly, she thought he was going to help her get it off, as she saw his hand approach, it stroked the tops of her exposed breasts instead. She went to slap it away, he grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm behind her back, then he marched her around behind the desk, "Stop! You're hurting me!!!"

He opened a desk drawer and produced some handcuffs, she tried to twist away, but he held her firmly and clasped them over her wrists, then he shoved her down into the chair. "Mr. Thomas, I'm going to report you to the police!" He went back to playing with the exposed tops of her breasts, "And say what? That I handcuffed you? A thief, who steals a valuable ring. Who do you think will go to jail?"

Claire thought for a minute, she hadn't intended on stealing the ring, but how could she prove that? Wasn't possession 9/10ths of the law? Or something like that?

"Look, Mr. Thomas, I was just cleaning up in here and saw the ring. I thought it was beautiful and just wanted to see what it looked like on my finger. I wasn't going to steal it or anything, I just wanted to see what it looked like, really."

"I'd really like to believe you, Claire, but you did have it on and you thought no one was home. Mrs. Thomas has complained that some of her jewelry is missing, do you know anything about that?" It was a lie, he just wanted to get the upper hand, "Jewelry is missing and now I find you with her ring on, I'm no detective, but it kind of adds up to me."

Claire was panicking, she knew she hadn't done it, but could she prove it? His fingers were now under the front of her top and her nipples were responding to his touch, they were getting so hard, they ached. She hadn't had sex in months, something always seemed to go wrong, all she had were her plastic and rubber friends and her fingers, they were good, but always left her unsatisfied.

With his knee, he urged her legs apart and started on her knees, caressing her thigh up to the hem of her slirt, he stopped, looked her in the yes, his other hand still busy on her nipple, he smiled and pushed his hand under her skirt. He worked his way up to the juncture of her thighs, his hand roamed the smooth flesh of her belly, then down across her pubis. He drew a finger down the crease of her pussy lips, on the outside of her panties.

"What do you think, Claire? Do you think we could turn this misunderstanding into an understanding? My wife is gone until 5, it's only 1 now. Would you like to earn my forgiveness and perhaps keep yourself out of jail?"

She pondered it for a minute, his fingers stroked both her nipples and her slit, she felt herself getting wet, she was horny as hell, but she was no thief. It seemed like the only way out was through her own body, she reluctantly agreed. He smiled again, he wasn't unattractive, though he was as old as her own father.

He worked his fingers under the crotchband of her panties and across her smooth pussy, "Bald, hmmmm, I like that, Claire. It makes it so much nicer to eat," his words made her blush slightly, but it also made her ever wetter. His finger split her labia and then found her clit, which had been growing since he first started stroking her body.

He stood her up and then reached up under her skirt and drew her panties down, leaving them at her knees, then he ran his hand back up her thigh, watching the nervousness in her eyes as well as her lust. He pushed his thumb up under her hood, her clit was engorged with blood, he stroked it, she felt weak in the knees, no one, besides herself, had touched her there in a long time.

He drew closer to her face and she saw his lips approaching, she felt like she should turn her head, but her pussy, as well as the rest of her, could't resist, she welcomed his tongue into her mouth, small moans of delight escaped. Secretly, she wondered what it would feel like to have a real cock inside of her, it had been so long, his tongue as well as his thumb were like a blow torch, making the heat within her rise.

He could tell that she had done without sex for quite awhile, her movements and mannerisms showed this, he increased his ministrations on her clit and broke their kiss. "I am going to make you cum, Claire. I want to feel your juices pour over my hand, show me what a little slut my maid can be. Oh yes, I've watched you, I know that you can be a slut. I've watched you pleasure yourself in the bathroom, things are not always as they seem, I have many things I have learned about you. Funny, all it took were some dirty pictures and magazines left temptingly within reach. An empty house, Claire working, only Claire was soon working on her own little diversions."

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