by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two people meet to give the woman a first time anal.

He watched her as she walked ahead of him towards the room, her ass swayed with each step and his anticipation grew. He had seen pictures of her body before, but now, he would get to see the real thing, he sat her bag down and closed and locked the door. She turned to face him, he saw the deep blue of her eyes, the almost perfect face, he had almost hated that face as it had spat rude comments to him online, but now they were alone, as he stared into those blue pools.

She could see there was still some anger in his eyes, she had been rude to him on more than one occasion, but for the moment, all she could think of was being with him, giving herself to him, as she had promised him. They had been going at it for a few days on the instant messenger, finally, she had seen that she really wanted to be here, in this exact spot. She half nervously began to unbutton her blouse, she knew he liked her tits and she wanted to break the tension by showing them to him.

He caught himself as his eyes averted to her exposing chest, her tits were nice and he wanted to see them, touch them, suck them and as she shrugged her blouse off of her shoulders, he gazed at the pert nipples poking through her Victoria's Secret bra. He watched as she brought her hands between the cups and unhooked it, opening the bra to let him see what he wanted, she took the bra off and added it to her blouse, standing there as his eyes explored her silky tits.

He felt himself harden, she did have a lovely chest and a beautiful face, he watched as her hands worked her pants down over her hips, then folded them and put them with her other clothes, the only thing she wore now was the matching panties and they soon joined her other clothes, she smiled at his obvious discomfort bulging between his legs. She looked him in the eyes and smiled, "I am here as agreed, I am yours, you may do with me what you wish, but please don't hurt me. I agree that you can bind and discipline me, but I hope you won't let your anger out on me for my past behavior."

She walked to him and dropped to her knees, she looked up at him as she worked to get his pants down, she really didn't like the anger in his eyes, but she would soon change that. She pulled his pants down, then rubbed the bulge in his underwear, a small sigh escaped her lips, then she pulled his underwear down and looked at the cock she had only seen pictures of. She stroked it with her hand, looking up to offer him a peace offering with her eyes, then she engulfed the head and stroked the shaft of his cock. His hand wet to her head, rubbing it as she sucked on him, she went slowly and deliberately, wanting it to last.

In a way, she was sorry that she had mistreated him, he was a nice guy, she sucked him into her mouth and dropped her hand to his large balls, cupping and massaging them, wanting to make him feel good. She could feel the affect she was having on him, his cock grew in her mouth, she timed her movements to obtain the maximum pleasure for them both. Secretly, she wondered what lay in store for her, she had tried to manipulate him and she knew he had been mad, she only hoped that he was a man of his word.

She heard small moans coming from his lips, she knew she was making him feel good, she wanted him to cum in her mouth, needed it, she loved the taste of cum, but she worried too that he would have a long recovery time and the whole reason for this meet was so that she could be anally deflowered. Need overcame want as she worked to have his cum in her mouth, taking long strokes, she soon felt his cock swell and prepared to swallow his cum. He grasped her head and pushed deep, his cock touched the back of her throat as his cum erupted, sliding down her throat as she hungrily swallowed it, feeling her own wetness at the delightful taste.

She took his shoes off, as she licked her lips and savored the remanants of his load, then his socks and finally the rest of his clothes. He was no young guy, but for his age, he was very fit looking, she liked his chest and ran her fingers through the hair, "Shall we begin, Jeff?" she asked demurely as she took his hand and led him towards the bed. He had her get on all fours on the bed, pulling the tube of lubricant from his bag before joining her, he lay opposite from her and nudged her body over his, she looked down at his flaccid cock and licked her lips, remembering the recent taste she had accepted. She flinched as she felt the cool gel he was now rubbing around her puckered anus, trying to push his finger through her ring, she resisted out of habit, but when his mouth contacted her pussy, she felt herself relaxing.

She went to her elbows and grasped his cock, pulling it back to her mouth as she sucked on the soft head, his mouth and fingers still working her ass and pussy, one finger now inside as he worked to stretch her ring. He knew it would be awhile before he could actually fuck her there, but he worked to gain some pliability to it, he soon had two fingers in her, his mouth working the length of her slit, his tongue piercing her labia, she felt her clit growing and her moisture increasing. He could hear soft moans escaping around his cock as he worked on her, he could taste her musky juices, he loved to eat pussy.

His mind was on her, he wanted her to enjoy the experience, they had talked about how it would feel and what would happen, he could feel her relaxing her muscles, he added a third finger. Now he worked to stretch her, feeling her pliancy as he did, he liked when they were able to relax like that, he could taste her juices increasing, he lapped them up hungrily. He could also feel the affect her talented mouth was having on his cock, it was growing again. He paused for a moment, to refresh the lube, she was afraid he would stop altogether, but her demeanor changed when he resumed, she worked to squeeze his fingers with her anal ring, she loved to do that on her own finger.

After awhile of stretching, she took his hard cock out of her mouth and turned her head, "This now, please, I want to feel your cock in my ass." This being her first time, he wanted to make sure that she was in the most comfortable position, so he had her get up and placed the pillows off of the bed about where her stomach would hit the bed and told her to mount the pillows, she complied, her ass now high in the air. He watched as her slickened pucker expanded and contracted, awaiting it's invader.

He walked around to the side, offering her his cock in her mouth once more, he wanted it to be as hard as possible when he pierced her anal ring, she sucked him to full hardness. She felt the bed move as he climbed on it, her heart raced as she felt the touch of his cock on her anus, he slapped her ass, "Relax," she tried, but she was scared as well as excited. She felt the pressure as he pressed against her ring, she gritted her teeth and tried to force herself to relax, willing his penetration as her head sank flat on the bed and he broke through, she let out a slight gasp, never feeling so full before and it was only the head of his cock.

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