Exciting Women

by Softly

Copyright© 2004 by Softly

Sex Story: Ted has a hidden camera. He has watched two black men use his wife for over a year. But there is a lot Ted doesn't know. He is enticed into trying black pussy. He finds that black pussy is wonderful. And then there is Betty and Don.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wimp Husband   Swinging   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Female   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Size   .

Ted Sullivan sat before his computer with his cock in his right hand, slowly masturbating. On the screen were three actors who he had first seen together more then a year ago. The woman, who was quite pretty, was slightly fat, with large tits, which were always wildly flapping as one or the other of the men pounded his cock into her red slash, surrounded by her black cunt hair.

He had watched the third tape of them so often that he knew what was said, verbatim. The older black man had said, "Jeannie, you have got the greatest cunt that a woman could have."

"Oh, Calvin, you are just saying that. Your wife must have a nice pussy too, I'm sure."

"Does your husband know just how hot a fuck you are woman?"

"Oh, I love my husband so. He is the most wonderful man in the world. But, only you, Calvin, can give me the orgasms that shake my whole body. I'm sure that if he knew that we get together that he would want me to enjoy you both. I don't love either of you, but I need what only you two can give me."

All this was said as the three undressed. The woman lie on the bed. The older black guy lies next to her and proceeded to passionately kiss her, while fondling her tits. The other black guy busied himself by lapping her red slash.

Ted knew that the older black guy had met the woman when he was the starting quarterback for Richmond's Payton High School, and she was a cheerleader. The story was that on the senior class trip to Washington, she had gotten drunk. Calvin had taken her to his room, where she stayed until the next day. It was evident that Calvin had gotten to know her very well in the hours that they were alone together.

Ted remembered the conversation when the name of the other black guy came up. "God, Jeannie, is there no end to how long you want to fuck? I'm only human, woman, Christ, I've cum in you three times. Give me a chance to rest?"

"Calvin, I love your cock so. I wish that there was two of you?"

"What I should do is bring my younger brother along so that you get the kind of fucking a woman like you needs?"

Ted had carefully watched the woman's face when she considered her answer. First, her eyes looked at Calvin's eyes. A slow smile spread over her face. Ted knew that she was very bright, and did not want to appear too eager, but he knew instantly that she liked the idea of another randy, hot fucking, Blackman, with a long thick cock, servicing her wanton white body. "So, how old is your brother? And, would it hurt your feelings to share me?"

"I'm here for one reason. It is your cunt, baby. As long as you let me come in your sweet cunt three times when I'm here, I don't care who else rides you. My brother's name is Tony, and he is eighteen."

From then on, Tony, been a regular in the videos that Ted watched, as he stroked his cock late at night. Ted took a long drink of the vodka and line juice he used to get drunk as he played with his cock.

He pulled the disk, and replaced it with the eighth video. It too he knew by heart. Calvin said, "You know Jeannie, my wife and I are swingers. Do you think that you can entice your husband to come to a swinger's party? Has he ever had any black pussy?"

"Gee, Calvin, I don't know if he is interested in doing that? He is sort of laid back. Also, I don't know what he thinks of black people?"

"Well, I can tell you that when a black woman fucks, it isn't a-lie-there-like-a-log thing. A black woman humps up at her man hard and fast."

"Sounds like your wife would tear my husband's cock right off?"

"Huh, maybe. He sure would know that he was on a real woman."

When Ted had first heard that conversation, he had pumped his cock so hard that when he came, the cum flew all over his chair, and some went onto the computer screen.

When his wife, Jeannie, asked him if he was interested in joining a swinger's group, he carefully hid his excitement, and played the act that he was just doing it for her.

What Ted did not know is that Calvin had discovered his hidden camera, and line to his computer, the first day that he come to see Jeannie. All the dialogue was rehearsed. Peeking into his study, Jeannie had seen him masturbating as he watch she and Calvin fucking. When she had told Calvin, he had said, "If one black cock is exciting to him, two will drive him crazy. You know, Jeannie, if I bring my brother, your hubby will know for certain that what we have going on here is not a threat to him. We are just fucking, for the merry old hell of fucking."

Calvin knew what he was talking about. For in fact, as soon as his wife was letting both Black men fuck her, Ted knew that she did not love either. And, he had just had his first fuck of a black woman. Lena, Calvin's wife, was a generously endowed woman. Huge tits, and a squeezebox cunt that she used to all but tear his cock from his body. Good, God, Almighty, it is no wonder why all those Southern Bastards fucked their slaves all the time, if their pussies were as great as Lena's.

Any time Ted passed a good-looking black woman, he leered at her, wondering just how good a fuck she might be. He liked black pussy. The last swinger's party, he had fucked three black cunts.

At the same party, Calvin had kept track of Ted. He knew the little shit was hooked. There was no turning back now. He knew that Theodore would not object to anything that he did with his wife, as long as black cunts were dangled in front of his always-hard cock.

Calvin had told his poker buddies about the short, big tittied, ex-cheerleader that he had first fucked in Washington for five hours. They had laughed when he told them that even when she was engaged to be married that she kept phoning him, asking him to, "Come on over and visit me for a while?"

It was less than a month after she had married that his phone had rung.

"Yea, Calvin here."

"Calvin, It's Jeannie. My husband is out of town Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Would you like to visit me?"

He did. He had told Lena that he was going to go fuck the new bride. Lena didn't care. Calvin knew that she was fucking her boss, Mr. McCluskey, who had just given her a seventy dollar a week raise. What Mr. McCluskey and Calvin didn't know was that she was also fucking Walter Brown, one of the Vice Presidents, who had some serious meat, the kind that makes her black pussy sing. So, she had said to Calvin, "You go man. Give her pale white ass the kind of fucking that only a back man can, ya hear?"

Calvin's poker buddies could not believe their ears. "Calvin, y'all just fucking with us, man. There isn't a black woman alive that would encourage her man to go fuck a white cunt? Not one?"

"I'm giving you the straight shit, brother. I'll tell you what. If you guys want, I'll bring Jeannie, her husband, Ted, and my wife over here. You guys can fuck both women. Either one of them could take all the cock you five guys have and be wanting for more, let me tell y'all."

"Why you bringing Ted?"

"'Cause, you guys will laugh your ass off watching that little fucker humping away on my Lena. He can't get enough of her hot pussy. I think that if I was to offer him a straight trade that he would jump at the chance. Besides, he will keep her busy while each of you hump that sweet, little, white pussy."

Only Frank put up an objection. "I don't know, Cal? The last couple times that I made it with a white gal, they put up a hell of a fuss, screaming out, "You're hurting me, You're hurting me."

"Ah, Fuck head, Jeannie and my wife can take all the meat you're packing. Fact is, my wife will cuss your ass out, if you blow your load before she has the big "O." She will use bunts and double bunts, and things unknown to common cunts."

"Alright, my asshole brothers, when do we want to meet with these two whores?" Big John said.

"Careful who you call whores," Calvin retorted.

"Well, when?"

"Nine o'clock, next Saturday night?"

All said together, "Sounds good."

Ben asked, "Is it okay if I bring my brothers?"

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