F451-09 Coach

by f451

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Coach Jim loves the soccer Moms on the team he coaches. Cindy is a soccer Mom who cheats on her husband with her daughter's black soccer coach.

Coach Jim loved the end of practice, when all the mothers, the soccer moms, would show up to pick up their kids. They could often be seen arriving early and standing off to the side watching their kids at practice. This year, Jim's favorite Mom was Cindy. She was Amanda's mother. Amanda was one of the better players on the team, but it was her mother, Cindy, that Jim really cared about. Jim was absolutely proper with the players, they were just 10 year olds, and he taught them well. He was a good coach.

The mothers were another thing entirely though. They were all old enough to know their own mind. In the 10 years that Jim had been coaching kids soccer, he had managed to go to bed with at least one of the mothers in 8 of those years. Every year a new set of mothers. Jim coached in a very affluent suburb in Michigan. He had the time because he worked the graveyard shift at an auto factory. Around the town where he coached, he was an oddity because he was black and the suburb was 90% white. Like you find in any really affluent place, the wives and mothers here tended to be white and blonde and beautiful.

Cindy was so pretty it made him ache. She was a little taller than average and had shoulder length blonde hair. Her face was beautiful but warm, a girl next-door type, kind of like Cheryl Tiegs. She tended to wear clothes that showed her athletic body. His favorite was her tennis outfit, a really short skirt that displayed her long pale legs and a tank top that made her look sleek and smooth as a fish, but couldn't hide her perfect breasts.

Jim could see that Cindy had that look. Certain women got it, certain white women. He had learned to spot it easily now. When he was younger, it used to confuse him. Some women are just drawn to the flame. They may have no idea, and then they meet a black man that's big and strong and handsome. The taboo against black men and white women then works on their subconscious and pretty soon they are having fantasies about a black lover with a giant cock.

Cindy had it, he was sure. When they spoke at the field, she would giggle nervously, laugh a little too easily and look shy whenever he looked straight into her eyes.

Once one of these women reached the state Cindy was in, all he needed was an opportunity to be alone with her for while and he could seduce her. His opportunity had arrived. At the last practice, Amanda had told him that she would miss the next practice because she was going on a trip with her Daddy and wouldn't be back until Monday. She said her Mommy had to stay home because of a charity auction she was organizing on Saturday.

He was standing at Cindy's front door. Practice ended about 30 minutes ago and it was near dusk, still light enough out that she wouldn't be afraid to open the door.

"Hi, Cindy, how are you? I just stopped by to make sure that Amanda was all right, she didn't show up for practice today."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Amanda was supposed to tell you last practice, she's visiting my in-laws with my husband. Did she forget?"

"She must have. It's OK though. I just wanted to make sure she was safe. Since I'm here though, how does Amanda like the team? Is she having fun?"

"Please, I'm being rude. Please come in." Cindy looked a little nervous, but her manners took over. "Would you like something to drink? I was just having a glass of wine. I have beer and soft drinks too, if you'd rather." Jim couldn't believe his luck. A glass of wine would give him reason to stay around for a while without having to be creative.

"I'll have whatever you are. Thank you."

They sat in the living room and chatted for a while about Amanda and the team and the other players. Jim sat on the sofa and Cindy sat in a chair. They talked about the school and some town events. Cindy found herself thinking wicked thoughts. She had noticed from the start how good looking and strong he was, but it was his voice that really got to her. It was deep and resonant. It made her feel all warm and wet inside. She felt really guilty about being attracted to him, she was happily married after all. She wasn't about to risk her marriage on some fling, and certainly not with a black man. This was the first time she had been strongly attracted by a black man, though, and it was interesting.

Cindy's glass was empty and she walked into the kitchen to refill her glass. "Would you like a little more wine, Jim?" She was feeling the wine just a little bit because of her empty stomach. Jim walked in after her. "Here let me help you." And he put his hand over hers on the bottle. His touch on her hand was electric. She liked his touch. So far it was innocent, she didn't need to repel it right away.

Cindy turned toward him and he was so close that she was looking up at him. He said something, she was not sure what, and that warm resonant voice combined with his proximity made her nearly swoon unexpectedly. She hadn't realized just how strong her attraction to him was. Her knees felt weak and she leaned slightly against the kitchen counter to steady herself. Completely unconsciously, she tilted her head back and to the side and parted her lips slightly, just the way every woman does when she wants to be kissed.

Jim saw it and smiled to himself. She was his. He lowered his face to hers quickly and kissed her. Her hands pushed against his chest at first to make him stop, but she quit that soon. After that her tongue responded to his and they had their first deep passionate kiss. Cindy was shocked at first that he would kiss her, and then at herself because she wanted it so badly. They kissed again, hungry for each other, their lips nibbling and softly biting, their tongues sparring. Kissing a black man was a wicked thrill for Cindy. She couldn't believe how hot she was getting.

When she felt his hand on her breast, the shock was too much. She pushed him away and said "wait, please, I'm not sure what I'm doing." She went and sat down on the couch. Jim sat down facing her and took her hands in his. "I'm sorry, I went too far."

"No, please, it was my fault. I'm just not sure what I want."

Jim took Cindy's chin and guided her face toward his and they kissed again, starting slowly and then regaining intensity again. Jim kissed her face and neck as well as her mouth, all gently, making love to her face with his lips. She melted into the couch and her arms went around him and held him to her. After a while Cindy felt his hand slide down her neck and onto her chest, his palm covering her breast. She didn't startle this time, she moaned. She couldn't believe she had gone this far with her daughter's coach, but she couldn't stop yet. Her desire had overcome her good sense.

As Jim unbuttoned her blouse, Cindy moaned with each button, each one a little surrender. When he opened her blouse and popped the front clasp on her bra, her breasts felt the cool air for the first time. His large hands on her bare flesh felt so strong and gentle when they played with her nipples. Cindy moaned almost continually now. He bent and began to kiss the small pink buds and her pleasure rose again. They kissed and then he sucked and caressed her breasts for a long time. Jim could see her legs opening and closing as they continued to neck like a couple of randy high school students.

Jim knelt in front of Cindy and reached under both sides of her skirt and pulled down her panties. She put up token resistance. Then he raised her skirt and began to kiss the inside of her thighs down near the knee. He worked his way up to her pussy slowly. He was pleased to see that she was blonde down here too. When his tongue finally touched her clit she was ready for it and a loud moan escaped her lips. He decided not to tease her as much as he usually would. He drove her quickly to a shuddering orgasm. Cindy moaned uncontrollably and held his head tight to her pussy. He licked all the way through her orgasm and it made her twitch and bounce. Cindy laid back on the couch after her shivering subsided and closed her eyes. Jim sat back up on the sofa and now he could see tears squeezing from her eyelids. "Cindy, what's wrong?"

"I feel terrible, I've been unfaithful to my husband. I should have been stronger. I should have asked you to leave earlier. It's all my fault."

"No, it's my fault. I'll just go."

Now Cindy felt guilty about Jim. "Wait Jim. What are you going to do now? I got you all excited and you were so good to me. You know, my husband doesn't do that to me very often." and then after a pause and now very softly "I really liked it."

"I'm glad you liked it."

"I want to do something for you, but we can't have intercourse, I'm not ready for that."

"You could do the same thing for me."

"You mean go down on you? Suck you?"

"Yes." Jim loved hearing her say the works "Suck you".

"Oh, my gosh. I... Well..."

"Please do it for me, Cindy."

The voice was irresistible.

She had been thinking she would give him a hand job, but now she realized that wasn't what she wanted.

"OK." She said quietly. She seemed uncertain what to do next.

Jim undid his belt and unzipped his pants. He pushed his clothes just far enough down to let his cock loose. Cindy gasped. She reached out tentatively and grasped the thick black cock. Like other women she had imagined large cocks but had never expected to actually touch one, but here it was filling her hand. Her white hand looked small encircling its base. She held it up and looked at it, then stroked it slowly from base to tip and beack again. She liked sucking her husband off, although she always spit out his cum. The truth was, she had already imagined sucking Jim's cock. She leaned down and slipped her mouth over it and began to make love to it. She loved hearing Jim's breathing get loud and heavy as she got him more excited. Her own breathing also got heavy as the cock in her mouth made her incredibly excited. She was being so nasty, sucking a stranger's cock, a black stranger. Her vagina was soaked already.

Jim guided her down to her knees between his legs and then let her continue. Now she was looking straight at his face as his black cock slid in and out of her lips. Meanwhile her hands were massaging his balls and the shaft.

"Cindy, I am going to come in your mouth. I want you to keep sucking when I come. It feels so much better that way. Don't let any escape. OK?" Cindy nodded her head but didn't stop. Somehow, his taking control, his telling her how to submit to him turned her on even more.

Jim's breathing got very ragged and deep and his cock began pulsing in her mouth. Cindy realized she was eager for it. She wanted to repay him for the wonderful orgasm she had just experienced. She sucked more slowly and softly as he got closer, teasing him right up to the instant when she felt a huge throb in her mouth and a big glob of cum filled her throat. Then she sucked harder and faster, intensifying his pleasure and taking more cum into her mouth. All the time, she kept her blue eyes trained on his dark ones.

Jim adored watching the beautiful blonde suck his cock as he felt spurt after spurt of semen shoot into her mouth. Each time his cock pulsed, he could see her eyes widen. One of her hands jacked his shaft, squeezing more cum into her mouth and the other lovingly cradled his balls. It amazed Jim how good that simple action felt.

As Jim finally relaxed, he said, "OK, OK" and Cindy slipped his cock from between her lips without breaking the seal. "I want to see." Cindy opened her mouth and there was a pool of cum which filled it, as white as her teeth.

"Swallow it, Cindy. I want it to be part of you." Cindy thought she might throw up, but she wanted to please this man who had pleased her. Jim watched her gulp as she swallowed it down. She smiled and then giggled as the tension was released. She smiled again at him. "You've been saving yourself for me. I could tell. I couldn't believe how much stuff you made."

When Jim kissed her on the mouth, she nearly swooned again. She couldn't believe that he wasn't afraid of his own cum and was willing to taste it on her lips.

They rested in each other's arms on the sofa for a while and then Cindy told Jim he had to go home. She wasn't ready to do any more yet. Jim wasn't worried. He knew that he would call in a day or two and drop by and he and Cindy would be fucking all over the house. She had such a wonderful slim ass, he particularly wanted to fuck her doggy style. He was pretty sure he could get her to let him fuck her in the ass too.

That night, before falling asleep, Cindy couldn't stop thinking about sex with Jim. Her mouth would water when she thought of sucking him and she kept thinking about what that big cock would feel like inside of her. She masturbated and finally fell asleep after coming.

The next morning Cindy was horrified to think of how she had been unfaithful to her husband. She had to resist any more involvement with Jim. She had to.

When the phone rang, she dreaded that it might be Jim. "Hi, Cindy. This is Jim." She shivered and tried to tell him that no, she couldn't talk to him. But she couldn't. He asked to come over and talk to her, just talk. She found that her mouth wouldn't make the words to say no.

The doorbell rang and startled Cindy. She tried to act normal as she let Jim in. She was trembling, but not sure why. It was partly fear and partly anticipation. She had to tell him that nothing more could happen, yet the previous evening had been the most exciting sexual experience she had ever had, even though it had only been oral sex.

Jim began to reassure her that she was not a bad person and what they had done was natural and need not hurt her marriage. But when he touched her hand, she felt a warmth radiate from the spot. She wanted to experience him again. He represented sex unlike anything she knew. When she sucked her husband, she enjoyed it, but last night when she took Jim's cock into her mouth, it electrified her.

Almost immediately they were kissing and Jim was undoing her blouse buttons. As he caressed her bare breasts, she said "Jim, you have to promise me something. Promise me you won't fuck me. I can't have intercourse with you. Please promise me?"

"You like what we did last night though, right?"

"Uh huh." It was hard for her to come out and admit it.

"Ok then. Tell me what you want to do instead of fucking."

"I..." she trailed off.

"Go ahead. You can say it."

"I want to suck you instead. I want to have oral sex." She trembled as she said it. She trembled because it was true. She wanted him in her mouth. God help her, she was even eager to experience the taste and feel of his semen again.

"Do you want to do it on your knees again?"

"Yes." Her voice cracked again as she said it, hating to admit that she wanted to be submissive to him.

Jim stripped her naked and kissed her all over. He laid her on the couch and licked her pussy for a while, but didn't allow her to come. He stood and undressed himself revealing his engorged cock. Kneeling on either side of Cindy's torso he presented his cock to her and she sucked it greedily. He didn't allow her to keep it for long. He pulled it back from her and carressed her breasts with its long heavy length. To Cindy this was extraordinary. His hard black cock felt so sexy against her soft feminine breasts. Her breasts were just big enough to wrap around his cock. His cock was so long that Cindy sucked it as he slid it back and forth between her breasts. Only sluts and whores do this, Cindy thought.

After a few moments Jim backed away from the couch and beckoned her to him. She knelt in front of him and began to suck him immediately. Clearly, she was enjoying it. He just let her work on him. He ran his hands lightly over her blond hair and pale white shoulders, just reminding himself that it was a beautiful blond girl with her mouth on him. He liked resting his hand on the back of her neck and feeling her head bob as she blew him. He loved the sight of her straight spine leading down to a narrow waist and wider hips and round bottom. He loved the light blond peach fuzz her could see on her back. He concentrated on what the tip of his cock was feeling in her hot wet, mouth and imagined what coming in her mouth would feel like.

He stood Cindy up and kissed her deeply, conscious that his cock had just been in her mouth.

"Were you scared yesterday, when I came in your mouth?"

"Yes" He could see her blushing.

"Are you scared today?"


"If you want, I could just come on your face and breasts. You wouldn't have to eat it."

"That would be easier. But what do you like? What do you want me to do?"

"I like it when a girl let's me come in her mouth. It makes me feel very special."

"You like it when the girl eats your cum too, don't you?" She said with an impish grin.

"Very much so." And he kissed her again. Then with slight pressure on her shoulders, he guided her back to his cock.

Before she began sucking again, Cindy looked up at him. "It's OK. I want you to come in my mouth." And she went back to her blowjob. Jim rested his hands on her head and watched her. He was so aroused by her statement that he was near coming in just minutes. When his cock pulsed and swelled in preparation for coming, Cindy sped up a little and clamped her lips tighter. One hand held his cock and the other his balls. She forced him over the edge and she exulted when the semen filled her mouth and his body hunched over as his whole body convulsed with his orgasm. She milked all the cum from his cock and swallowed it. She looked up at him and smiled. She was glowing hot with desire herself. His coming had driven her own desire to a frenzy.

Jim knew Cindy needed him badly. "Normally I'd fuck you silly right now, but I made a promise. He laid her on the couch and dove between her legs and found her clit with his tongue. It took little time before Cindy was writhing on the couch in her own orgasm, some of Jim's cum still on her lips. After she stopped coming, Jim kept licking. In a few minutes Cindy's breath was rapid again and soon another more languid orgasm possessed her body. Then, finally, she was completely relaxed.

The two of them rested naked on the couch. Comfortable with nakedness now, Cindy's head on Jim's shoulder. "Jim, I think you have to go now."

As Jim dressed, he said "I'll call you soon."

Cindy didn't object. She just said "Be careful." It was a tacit admission. She would see him again. She wanted him. She just wanted to make sure her husband never found out.

After he left, all she could think about was that she had let him come in her mouth and it had turned her on. She couldn't believe it. Cum was thick and bad tasting, but she was already thinking about doing it again. She wanted to eat her husband's cum, too. She wanted to know if it would taste different. My God, she thought, what kind of a girl am I that I want to do this?

After her family returned, she managed to see Jim a couple of more times. Each time, she had incredible oral sex with him. She realized she loved taking a man in her mouth, she did it with her husband too and he was overjoyed. A thought was festering in the back of her mind though. She wanted to fuck Jim. That was natural enough. Jim made her wild with desire and fucking him was the next step in intimacy with him. What shocked her was the deep craving she had for him to shoot his semen into her body. She didn't just want the sensation of his big cock in her pussy, she wanted his sperm inside of her.

She had slept with a few guys before she married, but she had been a good girl and had always done it with a condom. The only semen that had entered her body had belonged to her husband. Every time she thought of letting Jim fuck her without a condom, her stomach knotted up and her skin flushed with the heat of desire. When she had made love to her husband while they were trying to get pregnant, she had felt something like this. But this was different. It was forbidden. Good girls didn't do this. No matter that she knew she mustn't, it was all she could think about.

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