Nice Place to Work

by hornypaki

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Swinging, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Executive's Sexual adventures with employees and wife's friend

Chapter 1

Raza Ali was a handsome man of 38 years of age; 5 ft 10 inches, with a fit build shaped by a passion for sports. He had light brown eyes and a French goatee beard. Women would look, and many would happily let him screw them. He got all the sex he could ask for. Just not at home from his wife.

He worked for a large multinational at their head office, as a human resource manager, in the business sector of Clifton in Karachi.

His wife, Zubia, was busy with her own career at a Foreign Bank and their two children one daughter and one son were cared for by his In-laws, in the Joint family home.

They had married at their parents' request. Love never entered into it. Although Raza had found Zubia hot at first sight. He now knew that looks can and did deceive.

Ten years of marriage had settled down into the routine expected of all marriages.

Twice a week, Zubia would dutifully let Raza fuck her., interested only in the mechanics of sex. And the release of sexual tension Raza gave her.

Two times a week, Raza would empty his seed into Zubia with as much interest as masturbation would have caused.

The fact that Zubia, with her large black eyes, full lips and Roman nose, had a body that cried out for a good fuck, (firm breasts and a well rounded ass), made the whole thing seem like a such a waste.

Before Zubia, there had been Neeloo, a colleague and a great piece of ass. There was a woman who knew how to fuck a guy dry. She had wanted marriage; he had gone along with it. After all, she never refused him where sex was concerned. Too bad her parents had not liked him. He still saw her and made sure that he fucked her. Her marriage and children made that difficult but not impossible.

The thing that really turned him on was taking her butt in the shower, after a quick hard fuck in the bedroom... She had a great ass and a natural ability where anal sex was concerned. He'd fill her ass with his love juice and then later in the bedroom, he'd make her suck his cock until he came in her mouth.

She always was willing to do whatever he asked. She loved him. Did he feel guilty?

No. He just took what was on offer. He'd be a fool to refuse a free fuck, from a great piece of ass...

Raza adjusted his trousers to give his 7 inch fat boy, some breathing space. Thoughts of fucking Neeloo, flooded into his mind. Sadly Neeloo's in-laws were in town and so

Neeloo's very hot body was unavailable.

Zubia made sex feel like an act of charity, by her and the usual quick office fucks, he had used over the years, were either on leave, too busy or just too bitchy to deal with.

His thoughts turned to the slightly plump but very hot Aisha. Her long dark hair and big blue eyes were not her only assets. She had a great pair of tits and a really fat ass. Some how, whatever she wore seemed to be too tight for her body? No matter what she wore, Raza always seemed to be waiting for her breasts to rip through her Kamiz and wobble before his eyes.

Once at a beach party, she had turned up in a t-shirt and a pair of knee length shorts. Every male there nearly shot their seed into their pants at the sight of her. The cold waters of the Arabian Sea had cooled a lot of men down and certainly washed a lot shorts and pants clean of evidence, where some had cum.

Her husband Rafi, was either too dumb or just didn't care about it.

He thought about trying to get into Ashia's panties, she had flirted with him on many occasions, hands touching his; eyes flashing an invitation; a deliberate show of cleavage... Too close to home. She was his wife's best friend and that made her too risky.

Too bad really, she looked hot and he was sure she could give a guy a ride to remember.

The file before him caught his attention. He had been reading it without too much interest. It was a personal file on a 24 year old Secretary named Miss Shazia Shahid.

What caught his eye was the ID photo, (the face looked familiar) and the complaint noted for his attention.

Shazia had a round face with a pair of big steamy eyes, an open smile and a nice clear complexion.

The ID photo was not the usual one, used on passports and ID cards. This one had been taken with care.

The compliant listed an excessive number of casual leaves taken and poor time keeping.

Usually, not something he would personally handle. A memo to the party concerned was usually the first step in the process.

Raza sat back as he had remembered where he had seen Shazia before. In the photocopy room next door to his office; she had squeezed past him in the doorway, on her way out;, her breasts brushing against his lower chest, as she did so, with a smile and a" Salaam, sir".

He had watched her walk away, her hips gently swaying, as she walked. She had turned her head, seen him and smiled again...

He remembered thinking "Chaloo". (Easy lay) and filing her away in his list of "to screw "people.

The memory caused his 'fat boy' in his pants to throb in approval.

Picking up the phone, he asked Shazia's supervisor to send her up to him.

Shazia was there in perhaps 15 minutes. She stood in front of Raza's desk as he pretended to read her file.

He had already noted the soft baby pink lawn Shalwar Kamiz she was wearing and the soft scent of perfume that filled the room as she entered.

Looking up, he smiled and noted that her face was more tanned then the photo showed but her complexion was indeed good.

She smiled back and shifted her weight from one foot to the other.

"Ms. Shahid" he began "tell me, are you happy here with us?"

She looked a little puzzled and replied "Yes sir. Very happy, sir."

"Is there any problem with your colleagues or superiors" He asked continuing to study her face and neck.

"No sir" She replied. "Everyone is very nice here".

He leaned forward and lay the file down on the desk.

"Well, you supervisor has made a serious complaint about you. You have taken 10 extra casual leaves over the past month and you have been late for three days in a row" He said. His voice businesslike, while his eyes drank in her face and figure.

Her dupatta, (long neck scarf) Slipped down from her shoulders, she caught it in her hands but made no move to restore it to its original place.

Raza now saw the dark shadow of a bra through the fabric of her Kamiz. She leaned slowly forward, her low neckline revealing her very nicely packaged breasts to Raza's eager eyes.

She smiled making eye contact with Raza and asked "What kind of complaint, Sir?" Her eyes dropped to the file and she appeared to be trying to read it upside down.

Raza eased his chair back and said, "Here, read it yourself."

Without a moment's hesitation, she came around the desk and stood beside Raza seeming to look at the file again. Raza looked her up and down as she leaned forwards to read the file. He appreciated her firm round buttocks and felt his cock twitch its approval.

Shazia moved slightly, her action causing her legs to touch his thigh.

She was now looking at him and smiling. He smiled back and pushed his hand up the back of her legs and onto her ass.

"Is this so serious" She asked.

"Could be' He replied softly running his hands over her ass."That depends on you".

She smiled, turned around and leaned back against the desk.

"Oh, I am willing to co-operate in anyway Sir"

Raza unzipped his trousers and said "Well, let's see shall we?"

She smiled and walked over to the door and locked it. She came back to Raza and turned his chair so that she could kneel between his legs. She then reached for his cock and eased it out of his pre-cum stained white briefs. Her head bent down and her lips parted to take the wet red head of his manhood into her mouth.

Raza watched her lick the head of his cock and said "I think it can be dealt with easily".

"The complaint or this tasty lund (Cock)?" she smirked, reaching to unbuckle his belt and

Undo his trousers fully.

Raza smiled, standing up he let his trousers fall to his ankles. His briefs followed, tugged down by Shazia's soft hands. Shazia again began to lick and kiss his man meat. She licked his hairless shaved groin and gently fondled his balls with her hand.

Her other hand pumped his shaft, the fingers gently running over his the sensitive slit of his piss hole.

She moved her mouth down to his hairless balls, and took each nut in turn into her mouth and sucked them.

Her hand moved between his legs to massage his butt cheeks and trace a finger along the crack of his ass. The feel of her finger on his hairless anus, sent a shiver through him.

"You Like that Sir?" she whispered, her voice hot and sexy.

"Put it in you mouth" Raza said, holding his prick shaft in his hand and running its bloated head along her wet lips. His other hand gently gripped her head and coaxed it forwards.

"Choozo "(Suck) he hissed as his throbbing cock head disappeared into her mouth.

Placing her hand on his prick, she eased it teasingly into her mouth, slowly swallowing all 7 inches of It., with apparent ease. Raza was wild with lust. His buttocks clenched as her finger probed his butt hole and she deep throated him with expertise.

Her head began to slowly bob up and down on his cock. Sucking and slurping noises filled the office. Raza closed his eyes and let his head fall back, mouth open as he enjoyed the thrill of her blowjob.

The tip of her finger, teased the tight ring of his anus. As her pace increased.

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