The Billy Goats Gruff - and the Troll

by GentleButFirm

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is just silly. But sometimes that's just what you need.[quote]Lucinda found herself back on the grassy verge near the river, flat on her back, legs wrapped securely about Buddy's frantically pumping torso.[/quote]

Once upon a time, there were three brothers Gruff. Their names were Billy, Bobby, and Buddy, but that doesn't matter much. The Gruff brothers lived by themselves in a ramshackle house on the outskirts of the village. That matters, but not a lot.

The reason the shack matters is that this is where Lucinda, the daughter of a local farmer, would visit, whenever she felt the need of company. Male company, and not her father. Lucinda wasn't blessed with high moral standards, but she had pert breasts to compensate. She thought it was a fair exchange. She was right.

Lucinda had formed a relationship with the Gruffs largely by accident. Escaping from the farm one afternoon, hot and weary from lying in the sun for most of the day, she walked down to the river, hoping to take a quick dip in the cool water, before heading back to the farmhouse, and pretending to her father that she had been working.

Upon arrival at the river, Lucinda was surprised to see a man leaping from a tree branch into the river, stark naked, pale, tall, and blessed with a good set of lungs, judging by the noise he made as he hit the water. Lucinda, never one to miss an opportunity, climbed quickly out of her overalls, ditched her underwear carelessly on the riverside, and waded in.

Needless to say, the young man, whose name turned out to be Buddy, took full advantage of this turn of events, and formal introductions were barely dispensed with when Lucinda found herself back on the grassy verge near the river, flat on her back, legs wrapped securely about Buddy's frantically pumping torso. Lucy was a girl of few needs, and in almost as short a time that it took the adequately endowed Buddy to complete his act of selfishness, she had managed an orgasm of her own, albeit with the assistance of a couple of pudgy farmgirl fingers.

Lucinda had never been with a man before, not even one such as Buddy, and she felt it was necessary to thank him appropriately, so after he rolled his flabby weight off her, she hopped up and kissed him. On the tip of his penis. She didn't expect a reaction from it, but took a liking to the way it twitched under her tutelage, growing longer and harder as she cleaned the mess of the previous ejaculation from her lover's erection.

Buddy thought he knew exactly what to do now. After all, how different was Lucinda's mouth from his rough meaty well-accustomed hands? Grabbing her head, as his cock disappeared down her throat for the third time, he tried to pump her, just like he would his hand. He still has the psychological scars from her rejection of his offer, as she clamped her teeth on his tender skin.

Realising this girl knew what she wanted, Buddy lay back and left her to it, and it wasn't long until he came again, spraying the semen inside her without even an inkling of the idea that he should have let her know. As it turned out, his lack of manners wasn't noticed, because Lucy liked what she could taste, and licked up every last bit.

With the sex neatly out of the way, Buddy and Lucinda returned to the river, to wash off the signs of their activity, and practice leaping from the branch, screaming, some more. Lucinda was definitely better at this, and a few other things, but she felt it would be rude to tell Buddy, so she kept it to herself. Discretion was a big part of Lucinda's makeup, you can tell. The rest of it was an unknown quantity, so the discretion was valued. Or would be, if she knew what it meant.

Knowing that the rest of the day would be lacking in adventure if she went home, Lucinda accepted Buddy's kind offer to visit his house, where they were met by his younger brothers Billy, and Bobby. Lucy's first visit was an eye opener, as she notched up another two men on the same day as the first. To be fair though, she classed Bobby as a boy, not a man. He was even younger than she was.

From this initial visit grew a pattern. Lucinda would leave the farmhouse whenever she was bored, horny, tired, hungry, or afraid, and would walk the sizable distance to the Gruff household, where she would make herself useful in ways that only the three brothers could have dreamed up. Her repertoire of bedroom tricks grew at a steady rate, her naked body sometimes involved in what seemed to be non-stop activity for an entire day. She learned to insist that the brothers assist her to an orgasm of some sort prior to seeking their own, and, should only one of them be available, she would often request that he repeat the procedure, with some variation, so that she could manage again. The brothers were happy, and the arrangement became a habit.

Lucy would spend a number of days in their house at times, before tiring of their company, and heading back home. Her father never seemed to notice, but she put that down to the ever-present whisky bottle, and put it out of her mind.

As the term of the arrangement stretched into a number of months, Lucinda, tired of the same old routines, would try to add some variety to the gymnastics, but it soon became apparent that the boys were primarily interested in a minimum effort arrangement, and would happily do nothing whatsoever. If it wasn't for the fact that all three of them were both endowed and lacking in any kind of erectile dysfunction, she would have given them up. As it was, she could play them like instruments, in the same way as Buddy had attempted to play her on their first meeting, and she managed to arrange regular relief from her simple frustration.

One hot summer day, four months into the somewhat unorthodox polyamorous relationship, after a bout of oral pleasuring more suited to a strong horse than a small woman, our heroine decided that she needed to go home. One more Gruff shaft in her aching mouth, and she would be tempted to teach some more lessons. Better to leave, and come back another day. They really were three goats, these boys.

Walking outside in the heat of the afternoon, Lucy thought she might take a dip on the river again, back where she and Buddy had first met. She headed down the trail, with the expectation that she knew how to get to the swimming hole. She was wrong.

Lucy looked all around her as she turned to follow the path, and slowly realised that she wasn't anywhere familiar, and that she didn't know where to go next. She could see the trail meandering down near the river though, and decided that she should be able to get wherever she wanted from there. Pushing back her shoulders, and smiling in the sunlight, she strolled some more, and as she got closer to the river, she realised that there was a bridge across it at this point. Lucinda thought this was pretty cool, not having to get wet to cross the river, and she ran quickly down the last section of the path, keen to get there, and try the bridge out.

As her feet left the soft surface of the semi-overgrown path, and hit the wooden planks of the bridge, her shoes made a strange, reverberating sound. She clip-clopped out the middle of the bridge, and stopped to have a look around, just in time to see a head pop onto the bridge from the other side.

"Listen, you guys, I've told you not to... Oh, hello. I thought you were those Gruff boys. Umm... just... lemme do this again, alright?" he disappeared then, as Lucinda stared where he had been standing. She couldn't believe what she thought she had seen, and decided to wait until her reappeared. It didn't take long. The head, and the rest of the body, popped somehow into the space at the end of the bridge, and then spoke, in a deep, sonorous but grinding voice: "Who's that walking on my bridge?"

The threat was apparent in the in tone, and Lucy, never one for conflict situations, was terrified. "Ah, it was just me. I... listen, I just want to cross the bridge, that's all."

"You can't do that. I'm going to eat you!"

"Eat me?"

"Ah, yes. Eat you. That's right. Isn't that right?"

"Well, I don't know, I'm sure. I thought I should introduce myself, but I'm not going to bother, if I'm to be your afternoon snack. What... umm... are you, anyway?"

"What am I? I'm a troll, of course. What did you think I was?"

"A troll? Oh. I had no idea. You... well, you're not pretty, are you?"

"Pretty? I'm a troll."

"Oh, well, do you have a name?"

"A name? Listen, you are supposed to quake in fear. I'm supposed to ask the questions. I've practiced for this for a long time. It's Boris."

"Boris? Okay. I'm Lucinda. Or Lucy, if you like."

"I don't want to know your name!" Boris thundered at her. "I'm going to eat you. How can I eat people I know? That's how those Gruff brothers have survived so long. They gave me somewhere to sleep when I first arrived here, and now I can't eat them. I'm not falling for that trick again."

"Umm... Boris, do you always have that?"


"Well, that erection."

"Oh. Well, yes, I guess. Why?"

"Well, it's... big, isn't it?"

"Is it? I mean, of course it is! I'm a troll. All trolls are well endowed."

"Could I touch it, Boris?"

"Touch it? Don't be ridiculous. You're lunch. Why are you making requests? Oh, alright, just once though."

"God, Boris, it's so big and hard. Not sure about the colour. Is green normal for you?"

"Green? Yes, yes. Oh, that's nice."

"Boris, should I keep doing this?"

"Yes, you could just... what was your name again? Linda?"

"Lucy. Like this, Boris?"

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