Be Courageous And Be Brave

by Bossbeat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Humor, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Adventures of Alan,and Elena continues,in a situation,there's a tragety,that tests Alans faith in their love.

The Further Aventures of Alan, and Elena
The Romantic Saga Continues

"For what ever road you choose, I'm right behind you, win, or lose" Rod Stewart"Forever young "

1984, accorbing to George Orwell it was supposed to be the time for big brother, but it was just another year for Alan Colegate, well not just another year, he is now a College graduate at twenty, heading home, with his friend from North Carolina, who is moving there to New York Heather Franklin, they both have already landed thier first freelance jobs outside of college while doing little jobs, and internships, besides thier studies, and now they have Graduated, and all Alan can think of is seeing is the girl he loves:Elena Shackler who is now 17, it has been almost two months since he last seen her on spring break, he came home just to see her, while his college crew went down to Florida to whoop it up, he whooped it up here with her, now he's back for good.

"Hey, Babe penny for your thoughts?" Heather calls him by a pet name she has called him since they first met almost a year ago in a southern accent." You're kinda quiet there."

"Me?" he laughs"You already know what I'm thinking about."

"Elena, I should have known, she all you ever talked about since you came back from spring break, I have never seen anyone so head over heels! I can't wait to finally meet her, she a cutie from the pictures you have of her."

"Yeah, I know you do, and when you do, you be good now, she not like that. you know." he playfully admonishes.

"That you know of." she says in her Boy George outfit," If I find out that she does, will you let me have at her?" she says twirling he long strawberry blonde hair in her fingers."

"Will you let me have at you if you do?" he snaps back, with a half grin.

"You never know if don't try." he laughs as they roll down the highway, in her van with thier stuff, and his car in tow behind it.

Sevreal hours later they arrive at his familys home on Long Island, where in the suburban community of where his family lives, they arrive and is greeted by his folks, and brothers, and sisters"So what are you gonna be doing now son?" his father asks.

"Well Heather, and I have a gig right now that is paying big bucks for a sneaker, and a dance troupe ads, and were feeling out the details and looking to get started right away as soon as we set up, but it's not due til next month, so I have a little time, in between."

"And what about you and..."

"Elena? Heather already knows the history with I and her, she's just a friend looking to set up here, and she has excellent insight on a lot of matters, concerning what we have to do, and NO we didn't do anything."

"You know she calls here from time to time."

"She told me the last time I was here. particularly when she needs advice, and that she can't reach me, it has been a hard two years, but now I'm back to stay, until I get a joint of my own, maybe a house if we do really well. But in the meantime I'm starvin like Marvin, what's to eat around here?"

A couple of hours later, the doorbell rings at the Shackler residence, a seven-teen year old Elena opens the door to find "ALAN!!!!"

She leaps onto him hugging him with her arms, and legs around him, and smothering him with kisses," Oh God, I missed you, missed you, missed you, missed you, missed you, you know what?" she says with her patented mischievious grin, looking at him, and not believing he's finally back.

"Other than you've gotten heavier? What?" still holding her.

"I missed you!and of course I'm heavier, these grew, and what you're holding by has grown as well, me all over has grown, also in mind, and spirit." pressing her hands together in the middle of her chest, and doing a kow tow, while still attached to him." and still quite limber, I'm still with the Ballet school, and still with my Kung-fu."

"Good, I will have to test your skills later," kissing her again.

"Ah hem!"

Elena Looks at the doorway"Who's that?" getting down from her boy-friend, and pulling down her mini-skirt that had ridden up(Not that there was much to ride any way.)

"This is my friend Heather Franklin, fellow artist, and copywriter." The stunning strawberry-blonde puts out her hand to shake.

"Hi, so you're the mysterious Elena? You're all he talks about, I can see why." smilng as she looks at Elena, while subconciously licking her lps.

Elena takes her hand, and shakes it noticing how she's looking at her, and is taken aback by it," Like wise I'm sure."

"I know that this is short notice I was hoping if Heather may stay here until she finds a place of her own, she doesen't eat much, and she's willing to pay for room, and board."

"Well I'm sure that my folks won't mind, but I'll have to ask them, she can use the guest room down stairs, and we'll see what they say later, and I have news!"

"And what, pray tell, might that be?"

"And what, pray tell, might that be?" She mocks," You are so dramatic, there is this guy that came to my dancing school, and he was looking at me, and he was from one of those prestigeous schools, they usually look at the girls much younger, but he was looking at me, and I think he want's to sign me up for one of thier summer programs, and if all goes well, I may study with them, after I graduate! Oh Alan that is one of my dreams, to dance for one of these big companies."

"Really? Who is this guy?" Alan asks

"Murray Volkinoff, the Russian defector from the sixties, he teaches now."

"Hey, I heard of that guy." Heather interjects"As a matter of fact..." reaching into her bag she pulls out a card," That's who is bankrolling one of our first gigs!"

Alan looks at the card, then hands it to Elena," Wasn't he injured somehow, his leg?"

They both anwser"Yes," Elena continues"It was a boating accident about ten years after he defected, they said he'd never walk again, but he does so anyway, and sometimes he uses a cane, do you think this is a coincedence?" She wonders.

He takes a deep breath, and sighs, and smiles," It's just me being suspicious, this is an opportunity, this is something you want to do, take it, but if something funny is going on you tell me, cuz Hell this guy might be just a lecherous old fart, out to get some young stuff."

"Alan!?!"bumping his arm," He's a nice guy! Now when I go see him I'm gonna have that in my mind as I talk witth him, Mr. Nasty-man!"

He laughs." Don't blame me! You know Mr. Senzer the music teacher at the Jr. High? It should be called "Pervert 101"he's the nastiest man I ever saw. Bozo looking Mother-Fucker! You know he's nasty!"

"He's a nice man. Wheres the proof?" Elena putting her hands on her hips, looking at Alan with her head cocked."HUH?"

"Look I heard stories from other people, about one girl who killed herself when my brother was there because of him doing something to her."

"I've heard that story too, now I bet you're going to tell me one about the pictures of young girls that one of the custodians found!"

"You know that one?" they hear someone laughing in the back ground, and it's Heather"What?" he says.

"Already you're like an old married couple." she keeps laughing.

They both look at each other, and they both blush(Elena can tell!)and turn away looking at the walls, then turn back, Alan puts his hand out, Elena takes it, and they lock fingers, and look into each other eyes, and they both feel the love they have for each other, and they Kiss, long, and hard in front of thier friend.

Heather is amazed, as she sees thier passion, no thier love, it almost is tangible." Oh! Don't mind me, I'm just a bystander, why can't I find someone like that?"

They both look at Heather"HUNH?" then Elena to Heather," The Door to the downstairs is that way, you can stow your stuff there, and the kitchen is that-a-way, and the T. V.YEEEK!!!"is all Heather hears as Alan walking, with Elena in tow out the door.

"Don't worry I'll find it!"

Twenty minuets later on the side of Elenas parents house"I'm cumming!!!AAAAAGGGHHH"they both scream in climax." MMM, that was sooo good." Alan says while kissing her

"Yes you were." Elena says as Alan still holding her aganst the wall with her legs still wrapped around him, and his cock still inside her slowly softening," You don't know how I missed you." giving him little pecks.

"Is it me, or what we were doing?" kissing her back.

"Is there a choice?" nipping his broad nose," That is a cute nose."

"Nosy." they both laugh.

Then"Uh-oh"Elena remembering something.

"What?" Alan inquiers. as she lower herself onto the ground.

"Oh its... nothing, just something I forgot to do."

"Maybe I can help you with it."

"It's nothing, I'll tell you what, if it is something, you'll be the first to know."

The weeks go by as May turns to June, as life turn to normal Alan is busy with Heather getting thier new business off the ground, and Elena is busy getting through finals, and Dancing for her new instructor, as one morning before school," Morning Elena. Did you sleep well, Princess"her Father asks every morning with his paper and coffee, as her Mother prepares breakfast.

"I'm just a little more tired than usual." still yawning.

"Are you all right, Dear?" her Mother asks.

"Yeah, I'm o. k., it's just all the stuff ganging up on me, I'll tough it out."

"Are you sure, you can drop somethings for a while, and..."

"MOTHER PLEASE!I'm alright!"

"Elena Don't speak to your Mother in that tone!"her Father says sternly

"What is this? Gang up on me day? I said I'll be FINE!DAMMIT!" at that she stomps her way out, and slams the door on her way out to wait for her bus to school.

"What the Hell was that about? asks her Father. Elenas Mother begins to ponder...

Later that day at school, Elenas friend Liz Is walking down the hall, she hears a commotion, a voice that is familiar, but loud, she rounds the corner to see Elena giving some poor boy the third degree"... and next time watch out who're you bumping into, get me?Now get the fuck away from me!"

"Elena? Hey, whats going on here?"

"Ol'toad-boy there bumped into me!"

"And?" she inquires

"And? What you want more?"Elena feeling her ire rise.

"Calm down, this the third person you yelled at today."

"Sixth." she corrects." I just don't know whats going on t-t-todayyyyyy!"as she begins to cry.

"Elena? What is wrong with you?"

"I don't know!" sniffing back the tears"It's been like this all day!

"Is it Alan?"

"No everything's been great with him, I had a little argument with my folks, and I can't keep anything down, and... OH, GOD!"Realising somthing"Do you have your pocket calander?" Liz hands her the one she keeps in her books, and come to the same realisation, as Elena looks at the calander

and does some figuring in her head, and counting off with her fingers, and then," DAMN!!"Elena gets a concerned look on her face.

"Elena, are you thinking, what I think you're thinking?" Elena looks at her oldest friend, and the tears are welling in her eyes, and she is smiling.

At the same time Alan is working hard on a project, that he has gotten that week, the money for this job will pay for new equipment, and perhaps a present for Elena for passing her finals that are coming in another week, he gets a call"Hello? Oh hi Mrs Shackler how are yo... Mrs Shackler you're shouting... Please calm down... you want me to come over there... when?... When Elena gets home... You sound pretty angry, did she do something?... You haven't figured it out yet, but you have suspicions... Of what? You'll tell me when I get there... or Elena will tell all of us... O. k. Bye." He hangs up the phone, Heather hearing the coversation, or his side anyway, sees the quizzical look on Alans face, as he scratches his head.

"What's up Babe?" she asks.

"That was Mrs. Shackler, she wants me to come over when Elena comes home today, what time is it?"

Heather looks at her watch," Ten after two why?"

"That means she'll be home in another half hour, let's call it a day, I won't be able to concentrate anyway, you got your van?"


"Then I guess I'll see you later, unless you're coming over too?" reaching for the keys to his car.

"Try to keep me away, she grabs her purse, and they both leave.

Elena arrives home seeing Alans car outside, makes her happy as she walks in the front door, and she sees that everyone is solemn"Hi everyone, what's going on it looks like a funeral in here." Alan walks up to her, and kiss her, and takes her hand

"I don't know I just got here, your Mom called and said that you had something to tell us. what is it?" Elena get a sinking feeling that her Mother has figured out the secret that she herself has just discovered.

"I-I don't know..." her parents come from upstairs, descending as they speak.

"Elena for the past several days I have been watching you, Im your Mother, and I know your pattern of the things you do. Particulaly your menstral cycle." hearing that Elena feels her heart drop as her Mother goes on," I noticed that your products aren't like they should be, I figured you were late, sometimes we ladies do that, but your yelling at your Father this morning, and the use of profanity in front of us, so Elena don't lie to us, please... tell us."

"Elena, what is going on?" Alan now concerned even more, as the tears begin to fall from her eyes, she turns to him. she takes his other hand, and look at the others, and to Alan, Her lip trembles, as she is about to speak.

"Alan, Mom, Dad..." Looing at her mother, and Father." then in Alans eyes," I am pregnant."

"HUNH!?!"Alan not believing his ears," W-w-wwat was that?"a tremble get in his voice, and his heart begins to pound, and his throat gets dry, and his eyes widen.

"Alan I'm sorry, I'm pregnant, I'm having your baby, I just found out a little while ago Liz, and I cut our last class, and did a home pregnancy test." she says between the sobs.

"I-I don't understand"then to her parents," Mr. Mrs. Shackler, we've been so careful, but Elena you're on the pill."

"I haven't taken them since your last visit in March, and I've been so busy with my studies, Kung-fu, and dancing, and when you came that day I forgot." putting her face to his chest, and feeling the tears wet his shirt.

"Nooo. It's not your fault, I didn't think as well, and once again I broke a promise, what ever you want to do, I'll be with you all the way, at your side."


"Have I lied to you yet?" he smiles at her wiping her tears.

"Never." almost inaudibly, and making a little smile feeling better that Alan has accepted the child within her body, Alan let's go fo her for a moment

"Mr. and Mrs. Shackler, I'm sorry for this situation, I, m sure my folks will want to talk with you, and us about what next, and of course we'll be married, as soon as possible."

"I have talked to you Mother earlier, Alan, she confirmed my suspicons about Elenas signs, as you will grow older young lady, perhaps you will know these things as well."

"Alan, wait."

"What is it Elena?"

"Married?"she says again scared.

"Well I want this to be right." trying to assure her.

"I do too, but..." looking away, and biting her lip, she takes a deep breath," In this conversation, have you all thought about what I want?"

"Well, Elena we're trying to find out what best for the child." she looks at him, her mouth is a stern straight line, as she speaks...

"You're talking around me!You're not asking me anything!I have wants too! Don't you all think I don't want what right for my baby? Or do you all think that I am some empty-headed teen-ager who got herself knocked-up, well, maybe that part is true, and even though, I am in the family way, I still can do somethings, I want to keep dancing, and my kung fu training, and I know no kicks to the stomach, and I hope you all will, help me with these, and difficulties, because I have worked hard over the last several months, and in a few weeks after school ends for summer I have a perfomance, and that I intend to dance that night wether you like it or not.I'm pregnant, not dead! And Alan don't take this the wrong way, I'd love to marry you, but not this way, not as an obligation, because you love me." Looking him in the eyes.

"But I do lo..."

"Shhhh!," her finger on his lips shushing him, she smiles at him," Ask me again later, you'll know when, or I'll ask you, again you'll know when." with that he takes her hand, and kiss it.

"I can wait, but don't take too long., I'm gonna be a Daddy!" he says as the feeling finally sinks in. Then "I'm gonna be a Daddy?" then...

"Alan... Alan?" she looks down"OHMIGOD!He fainted! Daddy, does pregnancy make men hormones go crazy too?"

Weeks later at the night of Elenas performance, Alan is backstage, and enjoying the show, he has been dragged to several performances of Swan Lake by Elena trying to broaden his cultural horizions, and falling asleep, she feels that Stevie Wonder concerts don't cut it, she aways tried to let him in on her interests just like he does her, but somehow they never mesh, but this is one time that he is glad to be where she is, she moves so gracefully in the Title role of 'Giselle, her leaps, and piroettes, kicks, twirls, she has worked hard for this, he's proud of her, and not only for that, she is bearing his child, she is not showing yet, but it's there, they haven't told the director Volkinoff, he doesen't like Alan, and he's not on Alans hit parade either, but he's on his other hit parade if he ever get mouthy about thier relationship"Excuse me young man." it's Volkinoff, Alan looks at him, and smiles, he promised Elena he'd try, and this guy is trying to get on his last nerve, and his pal Rudolfo ain't making it much easier.

"What is it Murray?" he sees that Murray is displeased by something, and he really doesen't care, as the old man is looking him up, and down, and then he finally speaks again.

"What have you done to her?" speaking in a deep Russian accent.

Alan looks at her, then back at Volkinoff," What are you talking about?She looks fine, she's been working hard for that part, and I'm proud of her!"

"Hmp, of course you don't see!, your eyes are not trained to see, not that your kind can see anything at all will be a surprise to me!"

"What was that little man?" Alan now offended.

"She moves like a pregnant yak!, I only kept her on because, it was too late to get the understudy ready. After this she will not dance for me again!"

"What?What do you mean she will not dance for you?"

"You know what I mean, it's you! You defiled my star!Do you think I wouldn't know that she is gravid with you foul seed?I have seen others like this but none like this!"

"You take it back, Elena has sacrificed everything for this, time, money, studies almost, and other stuff as well. and just because she's with me you're not going to cut her some slack, just tell me one thing, after she has the baby will you let her comeback to your company to study? This is something that she has always wanted."

"You should have thought of that before you did this to her, she is not to come back my descision is final, and you are not welcome here, Rudolfo, see this"Gentleman"out!" Rudolfo goes to grab Alan, to eject him from the backstage, but Alan is not having it, and being very proficient in Kung-fu, the one thing that, he and Elena has in common, uses Rudolfos move against him, slamming him against the wall, Uh-uh Rudy, your bossman, and I have words, but Rudlolfo stay silent as he come again at Alan, he swings at him, Alan feints to one side to come up with an elbow, slamming him in his side making him wince in pain, then another dancer come up and tries high kick, Alan blocks it, and grabs his leg, and swings him at Rudolfo, knocking him down again, then another come up from behind, and grabs onto him but only to be body slammed on top of the other two keeping them down scrambling with each other.

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