Blackwater Cove I: The Nanny's Daughter

by Connor

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Interracial, First, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: This is the first in a series of stories that revolve around the residents of the community of Blackwater Cove. These stories will be as individual and varied as the people of any community are.They could be your neighbors, perhaps even you. I hope you find your visit titillating! Welcome to Blackwater Cove

Growing up with wealth and privilege isn't as bad or as hard as some would like you to believe, other than having a pretentious name like Mathew Charles Marston II. I never felt the need to play poor little rich kid. My mother came from a good family, married well, divorced my cheating father well, and then married again even better.

My step father was actually a nice enough guy. He was positively a genius at the stock market and other investments. He doted on my mother, giving in to her every whim. If anything, he was a tad mousy where she was involved. I never once saw him deny her anything or stand up to her in any way.

My parents were constantly coming and going. I grew up seeing my nanny more than I saw them. All in all, that was maybe not such a bad thing. We stayed on good terms with each other as there was little chance for conflicts.

I never went to school, not even a private one. My parents had a private tutor for me. I came to know when I was older it was out of a fear my mother had of my biological father stealing me away from her to some far off place where she would play hell getting me back.

My nanny Margarita was a lovely, kind woman. She not only looked after me but also taught me many of life's important lessons. She was a single mother of one daughter, Angelina. They lived together in a guest house we had behind the main house.

Angelina was the only real friend I had growing up. She was the only one who didn't call me Mathew. She mainly called me Matt, Mattie if she was teasing me, and every now and then she would call me Mateo. I liked the way it sounded when she used that name. I had acquaintances that I met through my parents but Angelina was my closest friend. Living a sheltered life tends to do that. My parents seemed fine with that in the privacy of our home, though I noticed early on that my mother acted differently when others were around or when we were in public.

Unlike me, Angelina went to public school and had many outside friends. None the less, the bond we formed was strong on both sides. Margarita treated me like a second child.

I suppose it should have come as no shock to anyone when Angelina and I developed romantic feelings for each other. It shouldn't have but did with my mother anyway. Like the saying says, there is no one blinder than he who won't see.

We made it through puberty unscathed. That was mainly due to the fact that I was somewhat naïve, most likely. Things began innocently enough, as they often do. Angelina grew into an extraordinarily attractive young lady. I had noticed, to be sure, on the occasions that mother gave the all clear and Angelina was allowed to use the swimming pool with me.

I loved to look at the curves of her body in a swim suit. Her long, wavy black hair tantalized me with the way it clung to her when it was wet. Her plump breasts, full hips, and round ass filled out her swim suit nicely. I know sometimes she would catch me looking at her; she would always turn her face away blushing.

Margarita had raised her to be modest but I still saw enough to know that Angelina was a knock out. I sometimes lay in bed at night and fantasized about what she looked like under her swim suit.

Mother never treated Margarita and Angelina poorly, not out right, but she never treated them as an equal either. Something my meager knowledge of social classes couldn't quite fathom, or how they were perceived here in Black Water Cove. My step father positively adored them.

It was one evening after watching a movie together that Angelina put me under her spell once and for all. She was gushing on about how romantic the movie was. The discussion turned to romantic kisses and how neither of us had ever kissed anyone.

After some talk and teasing we decided that it would be appropriate for us to try our first kiss together. After all, we were best friends. I looked at Angelina's full lips. I felt my stomach doing flip flops.

Angelina was blushing as she closed her eyes. We moved together and suddenly I felt her warm, soft lips pressing against my lips. I hadn't had any experience with kissing but I could imagine any kiss tasting as sweet. We tried kissing the way we had seen couple do it in movies. I think we did a fair job at it.

We pulled apart and I could see that Angelina was blushing even harder. There was something more though. Her face was flushed in a way I had never seen. I had to admit, my face felt pretty hot too. Angelina moved closer to me as we continued watching movies. My whole body felt like it was burning.

After that I was hooked. I was asking Angelina for kisses ever chance I had. She would giggle, bush, but seemed all too happy to comply. We took to holding hands often. Every now and then Angelina would tease me by asking if it meant that she was my girlfriend.

"Of course you are." I would answer with a smile. "If you want to be."

Angelina would reply by laughing, though it always struck me there was something sad in her laugh.

"Sweet Mateo, you know I can't be your girlfriend." Angelina would say. She had an accent that I had always found attractive. I discovered that it was a distinctly Latina accent.

"Why not?" I would ask. It always disturbed me when she would say things like that. The girl was a hottie. Any guy would love to have her for a girlfriend. I wanted to be that guy.

Angelina would look at me with her soulful dark eyes. She would give me a sweet smile and kiss me one more time. That always signaled the end of this particular conversation.

A couple of years went by. Angelina and I continued growing closer. Mother was now dragging me out to coming out parties for local debutantes, sometimes to socials at the country club. I hated them. I found them to be boring and the people to be plastic and fake. Mother was always happy to point out single daughter from "good families" Whom she said I should ask out.

For my part, I was still naïve in the ways of the social order. I had no idea that I was considered quite a good catch by these debutantes. My main interest was always to get home to see Angelina.

It was one evening while walking in the garden holding hands and kissing that we were discovered. Margarita had happened upon us while looking for Angelina. I was profoundly embarrassed to have been caught making out with Angelina by her own mother.

"Angelina, Mathew, what do you think you are doing!" Margarita said in a stern voice. It looked as though she were about to faint.

"Mamma!" Angelina jumped having been startled by her mother.

"Margarita, I'm sorry. We weren't doing anything but kissing a little. Don't be mad at Angelina, please." I stammered while blushing madly.

"Mathew, you should go to the house. It's getting late." Margarita said to me in a softer voice.

I stood for a moment looking at Angelina. I hated the thought of just walking away and leaving her. Angelina looked small and frightened. I had this tremendous urge to protect her.

"Go on Mathew." Margarita urged me.

"Ok." I finally said, feeling helpless. I wasn't happy about it and I hesitated for a moment to look at Angelina one last time.

I went back to my room and spent the rest of the evening brooding. Finally sleep claimed me but not before I had decided that I had to talk to Margarita and set things straight.

"Angelina, what in the name of the blessed mother where you thinking?" Margarita said to her daughter after I had left.

"We were just kissing, mamma."

"Look at who you were kissing. No good can come of it." Margarita said sternly.

"Mamma, I love him." Angelina confessed with a sob.

"Baby, you are my world, my little angel. I do not want to see you get hurt. Mathew is a fine young man, yes that is true, but his life has already been planned for him. It is a life that you and I don't belong in or could have any part in other than the part we are playing now." Margarita said gently but firmly.

"Mamma, I think Mateo loves me too. I think he wants me to be a part of his life." Angelina said with a note of defiance.

Margarita let out a deep sigh. "That may or may not be true right now Angelina but it would not be allowed by his parents."

"That isn't fair." Angelina said, quiet tears flowing down her face.

"Life is often unfair. I want you and Mathew to spend less time together. He needs to be in his world and you need to be in yours." Margarita told her daughter, once again using her gentler voice.

That night as I lay thinking and brooding over matters, Angelina was crying herself to sleep. The next day I was determined to do something about it. I had never before felt such a focused mind set. I would not be denied. I found Margarita working in the kitchen.

"Would you like some breakfast Mathew? Margarita asked me.

"No, I wish to speak with you." I replied.

Margarita looked at me for a moment, and then nodded her head. "Come Mathew." We walked outside to the gardening she where we would have some privacy.

"I don't wish to upset you but I want to let you know that I fully intend to keep seeing Angelina." I said with my new found determination.

"Mathew, you know that is not possible." Margarita said while shaking her head.

"I beg to differ. I think it is very possible if that is what Angelina and I wish. I realize that it is popular with my parents to still treat me as a child but I'm 17 now. So is Angelina. It's time for us to start thinking for ourselves. It's time for us to start planning our own lives." I said unwaveringly.

"Mathew, I know how it is when you are young. I remember well. You are not thinking with your head right now. In time you will know what I'm saying is right and you will understand."

"No, I don't think so. I love Angelina. I would prefer to see her with your blessing, not behind your back. I will continue to see her though. I'm not trying to be disrespectful but it is time for everyone else to stop trying to determine what will or will not make me happy." I said with the same level of conviction.

"Your mother would not approve and she would put a stop to it quickly." Margarita pointed out to me.

"To hell with what my mother does or doesn't like. She is not going to decide my future for me."

"Mathew, watch your tongue. She is your mother." Margarita said sternly.

"True but that doesn't make her right. Not about this and you know it. If she wishes to be close minded and bigoted that is her choice that she will have to deal with. I'm not her, I'm better than that. If you wish to continue with the status quo, that is your choice. Personally, I think it's time for a few changes."

"I do not wish Angelina to be used simply so that you can prove your independence from your family. She would only be hurt in the end." Margarita told me flatly.

"I should think that you of all people would know me better." I said somewhat stung by her implications.

"Yes Mathew, I know you better. I know your intentions are honorable. Angelina would still never be fully accepted in your world. In your mother's circle, she would be an outcast. To some extent, so would you. Have you thought on how that would affect you and her?" I could feel Margarita's resolve starting to waiver.

"Yes I have." I said with a mischievous smile. "That is, in the least, a bonus."

"My Mathew, how you are growing into a fine, strong young man." Margarita gave me a motherly smile.

"I'm trying." I simply said.

"Of course, you realize your mother will send us away to stop you." Margarita informed me.

"Yes, I know. That is why she can not, must not, know until the time is right." I said. My face and voice were showing the gravity of the situation.

"Mathew, I do not condone going behind your mother's back or being dishonest with her. It is wrong to disrespect her like that." Margarita said.

"Yes, well she has left me with little choice. In time she will know all, when it is clear and safe. Until then, ignorance is bliss."

"Come Mathew." Margarita said with a sigh.

We walked to the guest house. Margarita led me inside, to Angelina's room. She knocked on Angelina's door. Angelina opened her door far enough to see her mother standing in the doorway. Margarita opened the door further so that Angelina could see me standing next to her.

Angelina couldn't disguise the look of surprise on her face. She looked from her mother to me, then back to her mother again. I just smiled at her.

"Well, what are you waiting for child?" Margarita said to her daughter.

Angelina's face split into a massive grin as she jumped into my arms. I had never felt such a swell of emotions as I did at that very moment. I knew beyond doubt that this was the girl I wanted to be with forever. Margarita turned and left without saying another word.

"I can't believe momma changed her mind." Angelina said in a whisper after her mother had left.

"Well, I can be very persuasive." I replied.

"Yes, I know this well Mateo." Angelina said with a smile.

We spent the rest of the day just enjoying being with each other.

Angelina and I finally got the chance to be alone a few weeks later. My parents were going to Rome for a couple of weeks. Initially my mother wanted to take me over my protests. My step father convinced her that at my age it would be alright for me not to go. He also argued that since I was a trust worthy young man that they could relax more knowing I would be there to watch over things. I think what actually helped my mother give in was she wanted a romantic get away without child in tow.

At the same time Margarita was going to Las Angeles to visit her brother, his wife and kids. She didn't plan on being gone but for a few days, still, it would give me and Angelina some time. Margarita was also reluctant to leave Angelina behind but finally did so with much muttering and nervous playing with her prayer beads.

Our fist night alone Angelina came to the main house determined to impress me with her cooking. She showed up wearing a beautiful dress and had planned on making dinner for us. She succeeded in impressing me.

Even though our parents wouldn't have been thrilled, I got a bottle of wine from the wine cellar. We had enough that it would never be missed anyway. Angelina and I had a romantic dinner by candle light together.

After dinner we made our way to where we could be more comfortable. We lay on the big Alpaca rug we had and sipped our wine. The room was cast in the glow of the fireplace. I thought things were about as perfect as they could get.

It wasn't long before the mood and wine had us kissing passionately. My hand worked its way to one of Angelina's ample breasts. This wasn't the first time, though we hadn't gone much further than a little feel here and there.

This time Angelina pushed my hand away. I looked at her a little confused. She had never done that before. Angelina stood up. She reached behind her and pulled the zipper on the back of her dress down. She pushed the shoulder straps off and let her dress fall to the floor.

Next she unclasped her bra and removed it. This was the first time I had seen Angelina's bare breasts. They looked magnificent. Angelina rejoined me on the rug. She wouldn't look at me directly and I could see she was blushing fiercely.

"Are you sure?" I asked. My face felt as if it were on fire.

"Yes Mateo. I love you." Angelina said in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

"I love you too." I hooked a finger under her chin and pulled her eyes up to meet mine as I spoke.

Angelina took one of my hands and placed it on her breast. The warmth of her skin and the feeling of her hard nipple against my hand caused the fire in my face to start spreading through the rest of my body.

Our bodies pressed close together again as we kissed deeply. Angelina's fingers worked on the buttons of my shirt. I scarcely realized it when she had my shirt completely off.

We took our time to finish undressing each other. We enjoyed exploring each newly uncovered area. We took in every little nuance of each other. Soon enough, we were pressed against each other, completely naked. This was the first meeting of our bodies. Her skin felt wonderful against mine. Everything had a dream like quality. My erection was so hard it was almost painful.

My hand found its way between Angelina's thighs. My body quivered when my fingers touched the silky skin of her lips that framed her sex. I felt her body quiver as well. There was wetness against my fingers already. I allowed them to explore the mysteries of her womanhood.

Angelina's breathing intensified as my fingers gently found their way into the depths of her snug pussy. I could hear her moans, and feel her breath against my skin. It had a further intoxicating effect on me.

Tentatively Angelina took my hardness in her hand. She ran her fingers up and down the length of my shaft. For a brief moment I feared I was going to have an orgasm right then.

I lowered my mouth to one of her breasts. Taking her hard nipple between my lips, I licked on the hard little button. Angelina began panting harder as I sucked on her tit. Her hips were moving in time with my probing fingers as I played with her wet pussy.

The little noises that Angelina was making were driving me crazy. Every sound, touch, taste, and scent was being burned into my memory. Even the dream - like state I was operating in couldn't dim all of the sensory sensations I was experiencing.

"That feels so good Mateo." Angelina moaned at me.

That was all the encouragement I needed to keep doing what I was doing. I ran my tongue around her nipples in circles, moving from one to the other. My finger was sliding in and out of her slick hole.

Angelina was stroking my stiff cock as I fingered her. Her speed and intensity increased by the moment. I could feel my orgasm building in me. The last thing I wanted was to cum already. I was afraid that would be the end. I tried to pull back some but Angelina held on to me fast.

"Wait Angelina." I pleaded.

"No Mateo, keep going. It's ok." Angelina said breathlessly.

She pulled me closer to her. I looked at her pretty face. She had her eyes closed and was softly biting her lower lip. Suddenly Angelina arched her back and pushed her pussy harder against my hand.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" She moaned.

I felt the muscles of her pussy tighten around my fingers. Her body twitched and quivered. She pulled me almost on top of her. Angelina rubbed her hips against me as she kissed me hard. I correctly guessed she had had an orgasm. The effect on her was electrifying to me.

Angelina stroked my hard cock faster, against my protest. I knew I wasn't going to hold out much longer. I gave in and started to rub my throbbing cock against her pelvis. Angelina held me close, kissing my face as I thrust against her.

I couldn't hold out any longer. I groaned deeply as I pressed my cock hard against her. It felt like I was going to explode from the pressure that had built up. It seemed as though every muscle in my body was one big knot.

With a shudder I felt my hot sperm erupt. I shot my load all over Angelina's stomach. My hips continued to pump against her as I unloaded every drop onto her. After what had seemed like minutes I fell against her. Angelina held me and we lay kissing.

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