by Libertine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: A female lawyer tries to do her job, "screwing" the defendant, but gets screwed herself.

It was Friday afternoon, and Mike was working on some cost estimates when he looked up from his office desk in the corner of the barn where he stored construction materials and equipment. The clothes were like a man's, dark pinstripe jacket with shoulder pads and lapels, trousers, white shirt and striped tie. The contents were distinctly female, wide hips, crimson lipstick, a delicately boned face with shortish, wavy black hair, black pumps with inch-high heels. He guessed she was in her thirties, probably twenty pounds heavier than she had been in high school but still slender and fit for her age. She wore no rings. "I'm Cera Carlin," she said, "your wife's divorce lawyer."

He stood, and noted she was almost as tall as he was. "Please take a seat. I'll be with you in a moment."

"Mr. Cowley, I charge by the hour, and you are going to end up paying my bills. Perhaps you should speak to me now."


"I'm here to go over your books for the last three years, prior to the formal discovery process to establish the worth of your assets."

Mike pressed a button to summon Brenda-Sue, his secretary and book keeper. "I've agreed to alimony and child support, even for the one which isn't mine. What does she care about Cowley Construction Company?"

"Mr. Cowley, last year you were offered nearly 4 million dollars for your company by Prestige Development, and you laughed them off. You must value your company at more than 4 million. This is a community property state, so your wife is entitled to half of the marital assets. You will owe her at least 2 million dollars, maybe more, depending on what I find in your financial records."

"I don't have that sort of money."

"The court will order the business sold, and half the proceeds will go to your wife."

"That's stupid. If you destroy the business I've spent fifteen years building, I won't have an income, so how can I pay alimony and child support? What about my 47 workers? They'll be out of work, and since they are non-union, Prestige won't hire them. They just want me gone, to eliminate competition."

"That's not my concern, Mr. Cowley."

"Maybe it should be," said Brenda-Sue, who had moved up behind Cera Carlin. "You know the difference between a rooster and a lawyer? The rooster clucks defiance! You want to screw my boss and the rest of us who work here. You know what my motto is? Do unto others as they would do unto you, and do it to them first." Brenda-Sue was half Black and half Hispanic, and she weighted about 260 pounds. She grabbed the lawyer's arms from behind in a vice-like grip and easily lifted her a few inches off the floor.

"Good idea, Brenda-Sue." Mike stepped up to the frightened lawyer and calmly removed her tie. Then he unbuttoned the collar and the rest of the buttons down the front of the shirt. With a yank, he peeled the shirt back to expose Cera's expensive bra. Another yank left the bra up around Cera's neck. Her breasts hung free, not bad but not the perky tits of a teen-age chick nor the firm melons of an augmented bust. "I think law schools exist to provide conscience-ectomies. How else can you explain this bitch's disregard for other people? She needs a lesson in humility."

"I'm only representing my client the best I can," protested Cera, who could not believe this man had the audacity to bare her breasts like that.

"Do unto others," said Brenda-Sue. She put Cera back on her feet but twisted her arm around behind her and walked the slender lawyer across the dirty floor to a work bench upon which was mounted a huge wooden vice. It was holding a door to be planed, but Mike saw what Brenda-Sue had in mind, and he cranked open the jaws of the vice and removed the door. Brenda-Sue lifted the twisted arm until Cera Carlin was bent over at the waist, with her breasts hanging down between the jaws of the vice. Mike turned the screw and compressed the lawyer's tits in the vice. "Ow! You're hurting me!" Mike cranked a couple more turns, to make sure Cera was firmly secured. Brenda-Sue released the arm and began to pull the jacket back and off Cera's shoulders. The lawyer, less than half Brenda-Sue's size, couldn't resist, as the book keeper methodically undressed her. The jacket came off, and the shirt, and the bra. Then Brenda-Sue slid the pants down, revealing cotton panties and knee-high stockings. She took the panties and left the lawyer her stockings and shoes.

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