The Best Day of My Life

by drwho

Copyright© 2004 by drwho

Sex Story: Short story set at FSU. John is best friends with Amy, but is secretly in love with her. He won't do anything because he doesn't want to loose her as a friend. Amy has a different idea on the matter and takes it into her own hands. ~NOTE: This is the original, unedited version.~

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   School   .

Copyright © 2004 by DrWho, all rights reserved.

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Well today started out like every other day I guess. Hi, my name is John Nelson and I'm what you consider your average college student. I'm 6' on the dot and weight 190 pounds. I have brown hair and brown eyes and while I'm not fat I'm also not stacked either. I have some muscles but they aren't very well defined.

My grades are all right even though I do go to Florida State University, which is a top rated party school. I love it here as the atmosphere and all is great. Let us not forget about the girls... since it's a warm climate year around for the most part they dress accordingly. God love 'em.

I don't date much since I haven't found anyone I'm really interested in. I've had a few quick flings here and there, but nothing that's lasted more than a few weeks and most usually end on the first or second night with a quick romp in the sac. I can't complain though because my course load takes up a lot of my time anyway.

There is one girl whom I'm friends with that I would love to hook up with... and by that I mean more than just in bed. Her name is Amy and she's a sophomore who lives on the same floor as I do.

She's short, maybe 5'2" or 5'4", and weights a whopping 95 pounds when wet. It's funny to see us together, especially when we try to dance. She has very short black hair and the most beautiful bluish green eyes you have ever seen. I think she said her father was French and mother was a 2nd generation Japanese-American, can't remember though.

The body? Absolutely perfect in my opinion, of course she disagrees with me on that one. There is definitely no fat on that girl at all. Her biggest concern is her boobs and like every other girl she thinks they are inadequate. She's a 32B, which on her frame is huge. They fit her perfectly; besides... anything more than a handful in my opinion is a waste. Her tummy is flat and her ass is something that drives me wild... nice and firm yet so perfectly shaped. She screams sexuality and innocence, or at least her looks do. It's just so damned cute.

We haven't hooked up because we share the same feelings about friendships turning into something more. It's a bad idea that is doomed to fail. In the end you'll not only loose a partner but a friend and neither of us want that to happen.

I took my shower and got dressed, then meet up with Amy in the hall. I wore a pair of thin sweat pants and a t-shirt since it's only 60 degrees out... it is winter after all. Amy was wearing a short skirt and a sweater. I was definitely affected by that sight and instantly started cursing myself for not wearing any underwear.

We headed down to the cafeteria to grab breakfast and sit with our friends. You know, the usual routine so to speak. After standing in line we found our friends at our usual corner table. The problem was there was only one seat left. There was a serious shortage of seating and we did arrive at rush hour so to speak.

"Damn it's crowded today." I said.

"Only one seat left." Amy replied.

"You can have it." I replied.

"You're such a sweetheart." Amy replied. "But I got a better idea. Sit down."

"Ok," I said taking the seat and putting our tray down on the table.

"You have him trained too well." Melody said. She's Amy's best friend and roommate.

"I know," Amy replied.

"Ha ha, funny." I said. "So what's this better idea?"

"This," Amy replied, then sat on my lap. "Not hurting you, am I?"

"My books weight more than you do." I joked. "Of course not."

"Good then, let's eat." Amy said.

We started to eat the miserable food that they serve, if you can call it food that is. Everyone just chatted about the usual stuff, nothing much exciting happened... well almost. Amy kept wiggling in my lap, which of course woke up my lil'buddy. Since all I had on was a thin pair of sweat pants and she was sitting in a manner that left her bottom covered only by her panties, I knew she could feel it really well.

The little minx actually wiggled even more after that... damn her. Now I have to go back to my room and relieve myself before class starts, so I figured I'd repay her. After making sure no one could see what I was going to do, I dropped my left hand under the table and started to lightly stroke her knee.

Now she made the mistake once of telling me how ticklish she is and how it makes her really horny. She of course turned around and gave me a look; you know... what the hell are you doing. I just smiled back at her and continued to eat and join in the conversation every now and then.

Well she wasn't going to be outdone and shifted herself in my lap mumbling something about her leg being asleep. Now my dick wasn't just sitting under her behind, but right in the middle of her legs pressing against her crotch, which was soaking wet! I could feel it through my pants.

So I started to lightly run my fingers up the inside of her leg, stopping about midway. That caused her to shoot another look my way. I ran them back down to her knee then drew them back up a bit farther. She in turn wiggled a bit more in my crotch. We continued our little game until I went so far up I felt the fabric of her panties brush the side of my hand. I brought it back down to her knee really quick. I think Melody suspected something was up, but she kept quiet

"What do you think your doing?" Amy whispered into my ear.

"Sorry, lost track of where I was." I replied.

"Ugh-huh... so did you forget to jack off this morning?" She whispered back, wiggling her butt.

"No, you're just too damned sexy." I replied.

"Right, whatever." She said.

"It's the truth." I replied. "Besides, you started this anyway."

"You want me to stop?" Amy asked.

"Does it matter what I think?" I asked.

"No," she replied. "I kinda like it."

"Ugh huh," I replied.

"Do the thing on my leg again," she said. "A wiggle means go farther up, a pat on your knee means go back."

"Ugh... ok." I replied.

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