Nida and Safina

by hornypaki

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, InLaws, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sex with servant and sister-in-law

Any man would understand my situation

I wake up in my shorts; with my cock poking through the slit at the front; hard and throbbing, demanding attention.

It was 11 am on a bright sunny Karachi Sunday morning and I was home alone.

I took the burning hot shaft of my man meat in my hand and gently began the ancient ritual of masturbation.

I thought about all the girls I would like to fuck... and there were many... but unable to fix my mind on one, I gave up and sat up in bed feeling disgusted with myself. This was getting to be a habit.

At 36 years of age, I shouldn't be jerking off like a teenager... Should I?

My wife had taken the kids off to Islamabad for a month and showed no signs of coming back soon.

Four weeks without sex was a lot to take.

I took a cold shower, shaved and tried to think of anything but sex.

You know how it is. You start off and try to guide your thoughts to something boring but up comes your cock, hot, mad and throbbing as suddenly, you see, in your minds eye; a sexy young thing, teasing you with her breasts and ass and you want to explode.

The door bell rang and I pulled on a pair of Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt and walked slowly to the door. I adjusted my t-shirt as best I could to hide the bulge in my shorts.

I wondered if it was massi (the maid) and speculated (as I had many times in the past month) about giving her a few hundred Rupees for a good fuck on the Afghani rug in the T.V lounge.

Then realising it was her day off, I opened the door and saw my sister-in-law Nida smiling at me with her 5 year old son beside her, and her 2 year old daughter in her arms.

"As-salaam Walli kum, Salman Bhai" (Peace be with you Salman brother) She said with a sing-sing voice.

Believe me, in the state I was in, I didn't need to hear that voice or see that face smiling at me.

It was a secret thought of mine that, if I had met Nida before her sister or before she was married; my life may have taken a different turn. Nida always gave me an erection.

"Walli-kum salaam Nida "(Peace to you too) I replied standing aside and gesturing for her to come in...

As she entered, her son heading straight for my absent children's room and their toys, I watched Nida pass me followed by her maid Safina carrying various shopping bags and looking at me in her usual sly way. I winked at Safina as I usually did whenever I saw her.

Today the 20 year old, musky, long haired Safina was looking very good to my lustful eyes. I watched her tight ass move in her orange shalwar kamiz (shalwar is a pair of baggy trousers and kamiz is a long shirt) as I closed the door to my 4th floor Clifton apartment.

Nida sat herself down, and making herself at home; ordered Safina to put the shopping bags in the kitchen and put the shopping away in the cupboards.

Nida was about 31 or 32. Slightly taller then me, with a well maintained figure of 38, 29, 36, short silky brown hair and a pale complexion; Very different from the tanned, 32, 24, 32 short figure of Selma, my wife.

"Selma, e-mailed me last night and told me to buy a few things for you. Tea, sugar etc"

She explained putting the baby on the floor so she could toddle off towards the children's room.

As she bent forward to do this, her dupatta slide from her breasts to her wrists giving me a beautifully clear look at her large breasts in her low cut yellow kamiz.

NIDO Full cream milk, immediately came to mind. It was my nickname for her; and as I stared at the fat globes of mouth watering flesh, I couldn't help but lick my lips.

I had given her the name after accidentally seeing her breast feeding her son, just after my marriage to Selma. I had envied the boy as he suckled on her fat red nipple.

"Safina" Nida called out not noticing me staring as she helped the child on her way.

"Karna Karum karo" (Heat the food up)

"I thought we'd have lunch together as Shafiq (that was her husband) has lost his mind again" she explained to me.

Relations between Shafiq and Nida were always on the rocks. Usually because of his mother and Nida's obvious dislike for each other; why they had ever married was a mystery even to them.

"I tried telephoning but your line was busy" She added quickly stepping over to the door of my children's room, and checking what her kids were up to.

"Oh yes" I said standing up and following her, watching her beautiful ass move as she walked "I took the phone off the hook"

I stood behind her and also looked into the room.

A tug of war had developed between the two kids over a stuffed toy hippo and Nida stepped in to settle it, as she bent over to take the hippo off her son and give it to her daughter.

I couldn't help myself, I came up behind her, reached out and pressed my open hand on her left butt cheek and stroked it...

I remember reading somewhere that 'an erect cock has no conscience'. At that moment, my conscienceless cock had hijacked my reason too and guided my hand to Nida's lovely ass.

Nida said nothing but stood up and looked at me in a strange way. Her eyes dropped to the obvious bulge in my shorts and she said simply "Oh. I see".

Without another word she walked past me back into the lounge and into the kitchen where Safina was heating the food.

I sat in the lounge and cursed myself for being so stupid. Nida would tell her sister and then there would be a fight and all the rest.

Five minutes or so later, Safina came out the kitchen and disappeared into my bedroom.

Nida then came out of the kitchen and looking very calm and cool said "Go on. She will take care of that for you".

"What?" I asked in surprise

"Your erection" Nida said without embarrassment.

My cock throbbed joyfully at the thought but I heard myself say 'I want YOU, not her."

Nida smiled slyly and said "I think at this moment you wouldn't care less who you fucked'.

Nida sat down on the sofa opposite me and adjusted her dupatta (head/neck scarf), as I sat on the chair in front of her.

"Go on" She repeated firmly "She is waiting for you. Don't worry, I will not tell anyone"

Not sure what to say, I got up and walked over to my bedroom looking back at Nida I was about to say something like "You are joking right?" When Nida said "Jaldi karo, Mujhe puk luggi" (Hurry up I'm hungry)

The curtains were drawn as I entered the room, closing the door behind me. I instinctively looked at the bed, but Safina was not on it.

Just as I was about to storm back into the TV lounge and curse Nida for making a fool of me. Safina came out of the bathroom completely naked and walked over to me smiling.

"Aiye Sahib Mei shower khuri thi" (Come on sir, I was just showering) she said.

I watched her darkish breasts, full and heavy, wobble as she walked. Her 36 inch hips swung seductively as came over to me. I could see a small fold of flab drooping above her hairless groin and imagined I could smell her choot.

She knelt on front of me and stroked my hard Lund gently. "O very good" she said in English; something she must have picked up.

I pulled my t-shirt off over my head as she tugged my Bermuda shorts down; kicking them aside as I watched her stroke my hard Lund.

I was on Lund-auto-pilot now. The sperm in my balls boiling and cloudy all reason.

Nida next door... ? Fuck her! (Oh please yes!)

Selma my wife... ? Fuck her too.

I wanted pussy and here was Safina ready and willing to give me her brown hairless fuck hole. A fool would refuse.

"Muo mai dalho?" (Put it in my mouth) she asked looking up at me.

I shook my head and pulling her gently to her feet, turned her around and made her bend over, her hands on my bed and her fat, chocolate brown ass jutting up in front of Lund.

She knew what to do and adjusted her position wiggling her bottom at me provocatively.

"Tail ki beghaer, gaand mei mutt dalho sahib Please" (Don't fuck my ass hole without oiling it up) She asked calmly. This girl was well experienced.

I slapped her ass rubbing my fingers along the slit of her pussy and said "Gaand! Mei tumari sonee choot pardunga" (Ass! I'm going to bust your lovely cunt open)

I had taken a condom from the box I hid on top of the wardrobe (no drawer is safe from a child) and slipping it on over my straining cock; I moved close in behind her, taking my burning hot rod in my hand, I pressed the pre-cum smeared cock head into her choot.

"O Fuck!" I said as I felt the hot liquid fuck hole swallow my throbbing shaft right up to my balls.

I am not a huge guy, 6 inches, but the ease with which I entered Safina convinced me she was well used to being fucked, probably by bigger Lunds then mine.

Taking firm hold of her hips and looking down at where my fair skinned body pressed against her dark brown ass, I began to pump her hard and fast. Her pleasure was unimportant to me, only my own mattered; I wanted to slide in and out of her hot wet choot as hard and fast as possible before shooting my load of cum.

"Uff Uff Uff Sahib" She moaned "Aista karo aur Aista;" (Slower much slower).

I was too far gone to listen, with wide eyed amazement; I watched my Lund piston in and out of her choot. I saw her butt glistening with sweat and heard her moans and squeals of pleasure as I rammed my Lund over and over again into her wet hot cunt.

I felt the sperm erupt up from my balls and quickly pulled my choot juice covered Lund out, ripped the condom off and holding it in my hand pressed my body hard against her sweating ass, my balls pressing up against her choot as I shot a string of pearly white cum high over her back. Several more followed in quick succession until I stepped back, the last drops of cum dripping from the piss hole of my semi hard Lund, onto the marble tiled floor.

"Uff sahib" Safina moaned "tum nai meri jan nikala' (You've exhausted me).

There was a knock on the bed room door and Nida asked "Kya, Ab log Fareeq hain?"

(You people finished yet).

She opened the door and saw Safina sprawled face down on the bed, my cum running off her back to the bed sheet and me standing wiping my semi hard dick clean with my t-shirt.

"Achaa, Safina Jaldi nakai chaddar buddulkarea, aur khana lagao" (Ok. Safina shower, change the sheet and set the table) She said before asking me "Had fun?"

I tossed the t-shirt aside and stood naked before her and said "I would still like to make love to you"

"Make love or fuck me?" She asked with a smile before she closed the door and left Safina and I alone

By the time I had showered and changed into a shirt, briefs and slacks, The food was already on the dinning room table where Nida sat feeding her daughter, while Safina fed the boy.

I sat down and watched Nida and Safina feeding the children.

Nida looked at me and said "Come on; eat up. You must be hungry after Safina"

Safina smiled at the mention of her name.

After lunch Safina made some tea and took the children for their nap in the children's room, flashing me a big smile as she went. I winked back.

Nida poured the tea, unaware that as she moved to the edge of her chair and leaned forwards, her legs opened in a very unladylike way and the kamiz went up along her thighs to her waist.

I looked at the shalwar covered inner thighs and tried crossing my legs.

Nida noticed and asked "Still hot are you?

I uncrossed my legs a moved my ass down to the cushion edge, leaning back, I adjusted the front of my slacks to show off the growing bulge in my briefs.

Nida looked at it and smiled, before sitting back on the sofa and crossing her legs. The full length of her long thighs down to her butt came into view as the yellow fabric of her shalwar clung to her skin.

I asked "What is the deal with Safina?"

Nida sipped her tea and said "Well, She and her mother have been with us for years as you know. Papa has had her; so have Omar, Atique and Shafiq".

"Your father, brothers and husband have fucked her?" I asked in shock.

Nida nodded and smiled "they have her quite often actually so does Uncle Rasheed and I am sure there are many others".

"OH don't be a hypocrite Salman!" She scoffed Putting the empty tea cup down. "Everyman wants a quick fuck now and then. You just remember to give her something before she leaves."

I could see how having a hot girl like Safina in the house could be a tempting and easy target for my widower father-in-law and un-married brothers-in-law but Shafiq... ?

"If I was your husband, I wouldn't waste my energy with Safina" I said immediately feeling stupid for saying it.

"How sweet" Nida said nibbling on her biscuit."Bull shit but sweet. You should remember I just saw you bang the hell out of Safina."

"Saw?" I asked "You peeped?"

Nida laughed, her whole body shaking as she said "Wouldn't you look?"

This was my opening and I took it.

"Like what you saw?" I asked slowly standing up and stroking my Lund.

Nida's eyes stared at my hand as it stroked the bulge in my slacks, she was smiling but it was not a confident smile. I could almost see her brain turning and twisting as it thought of an answer.

Finally, she nodded and stood up hurriedly almost running for the kitchen.

Surprised, I followed her and saw her pour and drink a glass of water...

I went up to her but she turned her back to me and said "I think we should leave now".

"Why?" I said softly "You don't have to go."

I put my hand on her back and stroked it. It was damp with sweat and my fingers brushed over the clasp of her bra as they stroked her and I moved a bit closer behind her.

Putting my hands on her upper arms I leaned forward and kissed her neck.

"Mutt karo" (don't) she whispered.

I kissed her neck again and took a deep breath, smelling her apple scented hair.

I stoked my hands up and down her arms as I pressed closer behind her, my bulge now pressed gently against her ass.

"Please Salman. Yeh say nahin hai. Selma meri behen hai" (This isn't right. Selma is my sister) her voice shook slightly as she said this.

My hand slipped around her waist as I pressed my erection harder into the cushion of her ass, my chest pressed against her back as I kissed her neck again slowly.

I knew that a little seduction would cancel her objections.

"Ab nai dekha hum ko? (You saw us) I asked my hand stroking her hip as the other moved up to her breasts, and teased the soft skin of her bust exposed by the low cut neck line of her kamiz.

"Maza ai dehkne say Kya? (Like what you saw) I whispered as the tip of my tongue teased her ear lobe.

She shuddered, her head down as my hand moved around her waist and down between her legs. I pressed my Lund harder against her gaand (ass) as my hand pressed down on her groin.

"Yeh gulat hai. Yeh say nahin hai..." (This is wrong... this is not right) Nida said softly over and over making no attempt to stop me as my hand pressed her crotch and my other hand squeezed her mamme (breast) hard.

She shuddered again, her breathing got deeper as she pressed her gaand back against my cock.

My hand was pressing and rubbing her choot harder now. The thin fabric allowed my fingers to feel the contours of her cunt easily. I could feel her panties beneath the shalwar but the fabric was also thin and I imagined her fuck box covered by a thin white lacy panty and rubbed myself against her firm butt slowly...

I unzipped the back of her kamiz and kissed her between the shoulder blades.

I stood up straight and pulled her up straight, my hands squeezed her breasts as I kissed her neck and ear.

I pulled the front of her kamiz tail up and forced my hand down under the elastic waist band of her shalwar, under the panties beneath and pressed my fingers on the wet hot hairy choot of my sister-in-law.

"Ab do bahut di wet hai." (You are very wet) I said rubbing my fingers along the oily crease of her cunt. "Wet and hot"

"What do you expect?" She sighed "Shafiq hasn't fucked me in two weeks".

"Fool" I said with feeling "I you were my wife, I'd fuck you every chance I got'"

"Bus karo" (Stop it) She whispered "Tik hai... Mei kuram ho... Jo karna karo" (Ok... I'm hot... do what you want to do) Then pulling away, she said "but not now. Let me get Safina and the kids home first."

I pulled her into my arms and said "Forget that. Chalo bedroom main" (Come into the bedroom.

She shook her head and pulled away. "Jee Nahin!" (NO WAY).

I watched her adjust her clothing, and head towards my kids' room.

I put my fingers to my nose and sniffed the scent of her choot from them. A buzz went through my balls as I closed my eyes and thought about Nida naked under me.

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