The Kissing Bandit

by Jaz

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, .

Desc: Sex Story: A kiss is just a kiss. Unless it's not.

Dicklamer: The very nice people who run this website have decided to tell you my story is not true, pure fiction. That's probably a good idea, let's go with that.

Oct 31st was the day I'd been waiting for. I was finally going to fuck her. Susan was mine and it was time to claim her. I went over to her house a little after 6pm.

"Hey baby, how ya... ?!"

She was naked, my beautiful little slut was naked, she just could not wait for me to shove my cock in her.

Susan dropped to her knees and pulled my cock out. The look on her face was priceless. She grabbed it with both hands and began smelling it, rubbing my fat cock all over her face.

"I've dreamed about how it would look, it's mine now. I'm going to be so good for you, John I love you, I need you--this cock. Watch me, I'm gonna put your dick in my mouth now," she said as she began kissing and nibbling, sucking and greedily slurping.

Her husband had trained her well. I'm not very long, but my dick is quite thick. Her mouth was stuffed, crammed full of John-cock I grabbed the back of her head and slowly fed it to her. She was coughing, choking really. I started to pull out, but she stopped me. Susan grabbed my ass and forced me all the way down her throat. Her eyes were tearing up and she was making these cute little retching sounds. She clearly would pass out soon, but she would not stop swallowing my cock.

Somehow I heard her say quite clearly, "More, don't ever stop, CUMM, I need your cum!!"

I felt it in the bottom of my balls, I was about to erupt. I pulled her even closer to me, while I hunched forward and dumped a full load of sperm in her throat. The little slut sucked down every drop. She had a happy, satisfied grin on her face. She had pleased me and she damn well knew it.

She wasn't done yet.

"John thank you, I want your cum in me every day. I will never get enough. I'm sorry but I need your cock, NOW. It has been so long since I was fucked. It has been years since it was by a man who really loved me. I've been really naughty and I need you to spank me, hard..." she said as she bent over and grabbed her ankles, leaving that firm, thick ass in the air.

I was not sure if she wanted me to fuck her wet, tasty pussy, or her fresh, juicy ass (was it possible, was she an anal slut too?!). I had to have her, to possess her completely. So I took off my pants, and pulled out both of my cocks and rammed both of her holes. Say-what? Shit it happened again.

I woke up in a cold sweat, with a hard cum covered dick. God she was killing me. Susan Stacy was driving me insane. A great and terrible thing happened to me this summer. Out of the blue, out of the clear, pure blue--I met a woman and fell in love. I'm 34 and that has never happened, I don't think I even believed it was possible for me. I've never had a girl friend for more than a month. I'm not really a nice guy, I know that. I think my biggest weakness, and my greatest strength is that I can't, won't stand for Bull Shit. I have plenty of bad traits. I know that. But I don't lie, steal, cheat--and I will not fucking tolerate it. Ever.

So now you know what happened to my previous girl friends. Susan was different though. She was beautiful, beautiful (my god she was beautiful). If I had to describe her she's kind of a mix between Deborah Norville and Jessica Simpson. She had this quirky sparkle and I'd catch myself just grinning, with this big goofy, " boy ain't I lucky" expression. But it was more than that, she was kind, almost to a fault. I mean, she was as smart as I am but was so... nice it almost made her seem naive.

We had been dating about four months and still had not gone beyond heavy (prolonged, extensive oral) petting. I was slowly becoming her pussy master.

I love to eat pussy, to make my woman gush, and whimper. I think I love that even more than having her pleasure me.

Susan was not a virgin ("Duh she's 31"). But she was one when she got married at 19. He is the only man she has ever been with.

She had a rough marriage. I know he was a jeaulous, verbally threatening, prick. I don't know if he was ever physically abusive to her ("Duh, I didn't hunt him down and stomp his ass, so of COURSE I didn't know.")

They had seperated 4 times in their 12 year marriage and her divorce would be final Oct 31st.

Which was a problem. Susan's lawyer had told her that in the state of NC a divorce decree can be delayed by six months if one spouse has committed adultery, and the other contests it. But I think it was more basic han that. I wanted this woman to be MINE. Until her divorce became final she belonged to someone else. Susan wanted to be able to say she had honored her marriage vows. That she had never fucked another man, had never given so much as a hand job.

I've licked and nibbled and sucked her sweet pussy many times, but she has never seen my cock.

I could hold out another 3 weeks, we both wanted to wait until she was free. But she was driving me insane. I was horny, sex starved and frustrated. I'm not making excuses, but I've never been in love, and I've never been that horny.

That's the state I was in when I got the phone call.

"Jaz it's me... can you come, I need you. I'm at the trauma center in Winston-Salem. They're keeping me at least one day. I'm in room 216."

"Susan what is wrong, are you ok, what happened?!" I asked in rapid fire. The sound in her voice bothered me a lot. She had a tremor, a shakiness that I had not heard before.

" UM, I'll tell you when you get here... please. I'll live but I need you--NOW."

I made the 10 minute trip to my local hospital in just under 8 minutes. The elevator was too fucking slow so I just ran up the stairs. I don't know what asshole designed the layout of rooms, but room 216 was across from room 246. When I finally found it I was pretty frustrated. I entered the room, and saw Susan sitting in the corner completely dressed (which seemed odd since we were in a hospital). She looked up and saw me and her face just... cracked. She was shivering and a trickle of snot was covering her upper lip. She was sobbing now and kept saying, " I'm sorry, I could not stop him."

As I wrapped her in my arms I noticed the bruises on her face, she had been smacked--hard. Her voice had a thick rasp, and her neck had bruising as well. Someone had choked my girl friend. It slowly dawned on me, the unthinkable had happened. Susan had been brutalized. I felt the tears streaming down my face, I pulled her into my lap and rocked her softly.

"Don't cry baby, I love you. This is not your fault. I'm here, I'll take care of you."

They kept her in the hospital for two days. A rape counselor was assigned but Susan could not talk to her about it. She could not stand for me to be out of her sight, and preferred to hold my hand or sit in my lap. All she would say is that it was "her fault, she was so stupid." The counselor took me aside and explained that this was a common reaction.

"Mr. Pressman it is crucial that you keep a close eye on her. If at all possible I suggest you take some time off from work and just be there for her."

I followed the Counselor's advice and notified the job that I would need at least a week off. Susan asked if she could stay at my Apt, she didn't want to be alone.

"Baby, of course you can. I'll make up the spare room, stay as long as you like, I want you with me," I reassured her.

She smiled and said "Thank you so much Jaz, but I would rather sleep with you. Don't take this the wrong way, I do mean SLEEP. I'd just feel safer."

I remember thinking..."Oh shit, how am I going to do this? Having her in my Apt would be great... having her in my bed would be hard (Rock fucking hard) for me to take. Having the woman I loved sitting in my lap all day had been tough enough. I wanted to ram my cock in her fat ass. She did not mean to but she was a natural wiggler, a sexy snuggler. But it was more than that. Her scent alone, drove me crazy. Her... temperature made me, well HOt. I was afraid I would humiliate my self.

I did not want her to wake up in the night and see my cum covered boxers. To see how little control I had, how weak I was, how much I wanted to fuck her. Right then I knew the idea of sex, scared her, disgusted her. Clearly I was a selfish pig. In spite of all she had been through, the pain she had suffered, a part of me just wanted to fuck her right up the ass.

Susan would be sleeping in my bed.

It had been a rough first day for both of us. Susan was still unable to tell me what had happened. She slept most of the day, and insisted that I not turn on the lights.

I was really starting to worry. Things got worse. I fixed supper and found her locked in the bathroom. I could hear her crying through the door.

"Susan baby come out, it's me. Don't cry it won't be so bad if you tell me. You have to."

Susan finally came out and sat on the edge of the bed. "John... I'm going to tell you, but I'm afraid of what you will think. This is really hard, so I think I want to tell it like a story, please don't stop me. Just let me get it out. Ok?"

I agreed, sat down and put my arm around her. The sun was just starting to go down as she began her tale.

This is what she said:

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