Wait for a Diamond

by Softly

Copyright© 2004 by Softly

Sex Story: A young man, just out of law school, learns that he is rich. He is told that he should look for a Diamond, like his mother, for a wife. He find her, but she is in a coma like state. He gambles and put all he, or is, has on the line.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .

Jim Bluebaker was very selective about the girls that he dated. Hank, his dad told him; "Son, two things to remember in life, carefully pick a diamond for a wife, and when you have a chance to get something really important be prepared to risk everything for it".

Jim was starting point guard for Indiana his senior year. His 3.8 grade point average was enough to get him in law school. In June of 1998, he graduated. When he returned home his Mom and Dad sat him down and explained to him that a trust that his grandfather had set up for him was now his. In 1984, 16,666 shares of Microsoft were purchased at a cost of $6.00per share. There had been five stock splits so the share total was now 66,664.

At $115.00 per share, Jim was worth $7,666,360.00

"Jim, we think that you should travel across the United States. Never let anyone know what you are worth. Work a couple months here and then a couple months there. Study people. Dare, and while you are doing it, look for a woman like your Mother, a Diamond,"

Jim bought a used ten-passenger Ford van, removed some seats, and set out. November 3, he was six miles East of Cody, Wyoming on route 14.

Howling wind blew the snow. Jim slowed to pass a car stopped partly on the pavement. Seeing a woman inside, he stopped. As he approached the driver's window, he could see that she was about seventy years old and sobbing.

He got in the passenger side. He asked if he could help. Her story rushed from her lips. She had run out of money, her car just died, and her doctor had just told her that she only had a short time to live because of her cancer. Worst of all, who would or could, take care of her grand daughter?

Jim pushed her car off the road and took her home. Home was a log home, two hundred yards off the road about two miles from where he had met Emma. Emma was very weak. After they got settled, and Emma had made tea, she asked Jim if he would like to meet her grand daughter, Sandy.

Entering the bedroom, Jim observed a young woman, in a hospital type bed,

Cranked up, covered from the neck down by a blanket. Coal black hair, off set by white skin and deep blue eyes that stared straight ahead.

Emma explained that Sandy was a junior at the University of Wyoming, until twenty days ago. She was driving a snowmobile that had hit a tree stump buried under the snow. The doctors performed extensive tests on her. Sandy could not move her head, eyes, arms, legs, or speak. She could feel any touch, hear well, and see things in front of her. If you put her on a bedpan, she would go. There were no broken bones. Her doctor wrote that he believed that she had bruised a nerve. She would return to normal, but it might be next week or two years from now. She should be talked to and given as much stimulation as possible. She was sent home with Emma.

Emma was terrified, that if she died that Sandy would be put in a nursing home to be left alone all day. Jim quietly asks if it would be ok if he stayed a few days. An hour later, Jim had sorted some things out in his mind.

"Emma, lets sit at the table. Show me your outstanding bills". Jim wrote out $6,452.00 worth of checks. "Emma, I give you my word that I will take care of Sandy".

"Speaking of Sandy, she needs a bath". Emma filled the tub.

Jim carried Sandy to the bathroom, which was warm. He undressed her and lowered Sandy into the water. Not in his wildest dreams, did Jim expect to see what was now before him. She was a Goddess! Sandy had long perfectly shaped legs, ample fanny, nice waist, flowing to her breasts, which pointed up and highlighted her neck and arms. He used a hand towel to wash all but her breasts and vagina. Emma did those. Jim pictured in his mind; " she can hear, see, fully understand what I have done to her.

That night, listening to Emma cough, Jim sensed that his promise to protect Sandy demanded quick action. The next day, after a long discussion with Emma, they took Sandy with them to visit Mr. Wilson, a justice of the peace that had known Emma for thirty years. Jim had decided early on that he would include Sandy in all conversations. The four sat down, Sandy in a wheel chair, with her head propped up.

Emma told Hector that, "Jim here was about to marry Sandy when the accident happened. She wanted Hector to marry them now. She would answer for Sandy."

I am sure that old Hector thought that Sandy must be pregnant. In any event Hector married Jim and Sandy. Jim thought as they drove away, " now, as her husband, I can move her to my home until she recovers, after Emma dies". Emma died on November 22. Jim took Sandy with him to the bank. He arranged for the property to be sold, and the funds to be set up in a trust for Sandy.

Jim found several home movies. They showed Sandy playing basketball, running, playing with small children, and working at an old folks home. Emma had mentioned that Sandy was getting a degree in education.

His description of her every move was, "graceful". He knew that he was in love with her. She was a "diamond". He knew, also, that he had just taken that, "risk it all on one pitch or toss", that his Dad had said a man must do.

He called his Mom and Dad. "I'm coming home, married, found my Diamond". Hanks reply, "We will be looking for you son".

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