by Jazzy655

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Desc: Sex Story: A fighter who works for a travelling fair falls for the Bosses daughter.

It was summer when I met Eddy. He worked for my Dads travelling fair as a bare fisted fighter for money.

Him and a few others that had proved themselves worthy to be put in to the ring, not just to show off but to earn a good wage from it. My Dad always said your heart's got to be in it not like most of the audience who just want to show-off in front of their mates or their girl friends. It's a cold-blooded sport. I had worked the entrance of this blood-ridden tent for five years and hated every sick day of it.

My father's the owner and in charge of it, this being his only income to feed my mother and two small brothers. I had watched grown men get beat up so bad that they were unidentifiable afterwards, just for a few shillings. One man had his nose broken, he needed stitches in the side of his head but he still came back for more as his wife was cheering him on. I have seen men taken away on stretchers some of them I'm sure suffer brain damage from being beaten so badly. There is one rule for all, no weapons. You can fight other people until you drop or give in, which not many of them will do that in front of their mates.

Well, I have explained the reasons for my distaste for the sport. Unfortunately this distaste did not stop me from falling in love with one of the fighters who work for my Dad. In my families eyes this is so wrong. My Dad always made a point in telling me "You'll not marry one of those chaps!" that's what he called the men who worked for him.

"Even if they do keep this show going you'll never marry a CHAP!"

"I thought you liked Eddy Dad?" I hopped that the more I talked about him the more he would like him.

"He's too stubborn Charmain, just keep quiet about the lad and your Dad will come round in his own time" I should have listened to my Mum and kept quiet; my Dad seems to have got worse towards him. Eddy keeps telling me, "Your Dad is the governor Char he can like or dislike who ever he wants"

"Don't I know it I thought to myself?" I looked at Eddy who was walking towards me. I saw my Dad give Eddy his money then he looked straight over at me and gave me that evil look.

Eddy had finished fighting, I watched him walking towards me, I thought how good looking he was, then smiled to myself as he was watching me staring at him. We went to my trailer where Eddy had a shower and I cooked us some lunch. When we finished eating Eddy turned to me and smirked, as he had his hand up my jumper trying to undo my bra whilst trying to take my top off, his hands were every where. I felt his hand between my legs he was making me very wet and excited. I must admit he knew how to get me wanting him. I couldn't wait to get my clothes off I could feel his hard throbbing cock bulging through his trousers. I undid the zip to his trousers and slid my hand into his pants and started to fondle his very erect penis, moving up and down his hard shaft.

He was making me wet with his fingers, pushing them into me harder then he pulled me onto the bed where he finished undressing me he had removed his own clothes. His fingers were still working their way up inside of me. Then his head came between my very wet pussy lips. He pushed my legs open with his foot so I could not close them. Not that I wanted to. I felt his tongue lapping up my juices and licking my clit teasing me with the gentle strokes of his tongue. I was going crazy trying to push his head hard on to my cunt, but he didn't give in to my frustrating moans and kept me at that agonizing state until he pushed his penis hard into me. It was so good feeling every inch of his hard organ inside of me. Then I slid my finger gently in to his arse, I knew how much he liked this, it made him push deeper in to me until he groaned with pleasure and pushed hard as he came inside of me. We laid there chatting for ages and finally agreed that despite my Dad being against it, he should move in at the end of the week.

It was nice waking up beside Eddy, he was so loving he was always telling me how much he loved me I felt so secure with him. It was as if we'd known each other for years. I rolled over and put my head under the quilt I put his cock in my mouth and gently licked all around the top of his helmet, putting the tip of my tongue into his piss hole, his cock started to respond and soon become hard. He rolled over to reach for the vibrator which was in my bedside drawer.

I was to engrossed with sucking Eddy's cock to realize at first that he had got it until I felt it between my legs I opened my legs to give Eddy easy access and carried on with what I was doing which was making Eddy come. Which he did and I swallowed and loved every last drop I sucked him dry then I sucked and licked his balls.

Eddy put the vibrator on to its full speed and put it up inside of me as hard and as far as it would go and was moving it in and out as fast and as hard as he could. He had some lubricant in his other hand which he rubbed into my arse. This on its own felt good. Then he entered my arse with another vibrator he gradually added more and more speed to this it was turning my stomach over with pleasure, the sensation of feeling both of them vibrating plus how Eddy was moving the one in my cunt bought me to the biggest climax that I have ever had. I just couldn't help myself I let out a scream and almost passed out with the orgasm it was just the best. When we had finished having sex Eddy said to me "You enjoyed that a lot didn't you as I've never heard you make so much noise?" "Ok do you have to make a fuss about it, I feel embarrassed enough" As I answered I could feel myself blushing.

"Don't feel embarrassed you turned me on as I knew I'd pleased you, now I know what drives you crazy your have to have more of it plus I loved hearing you scream, I'll tie you up next time and see how much you can take" He grinned and said "that's if I don't come just listening to you, I loved hearing you Char, I've never experienced excitement like it" Eddy looked at me so serious as he put his arm around me and kissed my neck and said "I love you like I've never loved anyone before and that's the truth Char"

I so much wanted to tell him how I felt about him but it just wouldn't come out of my mouth, I think I'm frightened of letting my feelings go so freely, in case he laughs at me. He's always said he would never laugh at my feelings, but I've never been good at trusting people. It was as if Eddy could read my mind, he looked at me and said "Char you have to trust me some when surely?"

My Dad was knocking at my trailer door, so I shouted and asked him what he wanted. He said he needed Eddy to fight as there was a few rowdy skin heads about, and one of them is going in the ring, he wanted Eddy there to fight. Eddy answered him and said he'd be there in ten minutes. Eddy got changed, kissed me on the cheek said he'd see me later and rushed off out the door.

I made a cup of coffee and just as I was about to sit down my Mum knocked the door, I shouted and told her to come in as the door wasn't locked. She went straight to the tea pot "yes it's just been made" My Mum poured herself a cup of tea and came and sat next to me, she always liked a chat and cuppa before she did her shopping. She asked me about Eddy and was I serious about him.

"Mum I've never been so serious about anyone in my life before" "Well you know your dads not happy about him not being a traveller so be sure he's the right one Char?" "I'm working the door in 10 minutes Mum can we finish this conversation later?" My Mum gave me a hug and said "I'll see you later" When I arrived, Eddy was in the ring, he winked at me to let me to let me know he'd seen me, I smiled back at him. He had another three fights and won them all; my Dad didn't like it very much as Eddy was getting congratulated by everyone.

It was getting very awkward between me and my Dad as far as Eddy was concerned. He hasn't spoke to me since he found out that we were an item which is getting on for three months now and since Eddy moved in with me he's been putting Eddy through hell. I knew I had to do something.

So when we both finished, I told Eddy that "we need to talk later is that ok?" "Sure, about what?" He answered me with a puzzled look on his face.

"It's about my Dad silly; we can't go on like this" We passed my Dad on the way back to my trailer he looked at Eddy and asked him where he was going, "I've finished guv" replied Eddy.

"I never said you could finish for the night!" My Dad answered him in an angry voice.

"I did Dad; he's worked all day and done more than his fare share" My Dad moaned something under his breath and walked off. That night I talked to Eddy and told him that it's for the best if we don't see each other any more, he looked shocked and said "I thought I meant something to you Char? I love you and I don't care about your Dad, don't let him split us up" "I know you're right Eddy I love you too but my Dad won't ever let us be happy" "So what are you saying Char, do you want me to go?" I didn't answer him, and then he saw the tears in my eyes.

"Eddy my Dad won't leave us be, I'm sorry I shouldn't have let us get this serious"

I don't think I slept at all for crying, it was morning and my Dad was knocking the door. I shouted to him "Eddy's not here" The knocking stopped and I heard my Dad walk away. My Mum came round for her usual chat, she saw that I had been crying "oh no what's your Dad done?" "Just everything Mum, I've ended it with Eddy I knew Dad would never have accepted him" "Well Char maybe it's for the best there's plenty of good men out there you know" "No Mum!, don't even go there I love Eddy" With those words I stormed out of my trailer and went to work. My Dad soon got to hear of it, and started to talk to me as if nothing had happened "Dad you haven't had two words to say to me for weeks so don't waste your breath now, just for once you could have been pleased for me and gave us your blessing"

I only saw Eddy a few times after that, as when ever I was working at the entrance he was working the other shift, so we hardly ever saw each other. On those few occasions when we did bump into each other Eddy acted like he didn't know me. I hated seeing him, I knew it was hurting him just as it was me. My Mum noticed how upset I was being around Eddy and asked if I wanted to go and work for my uncle George for a few months. He had a circus and needed some one to run the candy floss and toffee apple kiosk while my cousin was on holiday, So I thought about it and it would be a good idea for Eddy and myself to have a bit of space between us.

"yes I'd love to" So my Mum arranged it so that my uncle could come and pick me up at the end of the week.

I was all packed and ready to leave. When I saw Eddy I called him over and told him I was going away for a few months he just looked at me and said "why are you telling me Char? Do you like hurting me or what?"

"No the reason I 'm telling you is that if it was you going I'd have worried where you'd gone and I didn't want you to worry, believe it or not Eddy I still love you but its impossible for us, oh I'm sorry I said anything" "Thanks Char how long you going for?" "A few weeks" My uncle pulled up beside me so as I got in his car. I said

" I'll see you when I get back Eddy"

Within a few hours we were pulling in the yard where the circus was, my uncle showed me to the trailer where I'd be staying. He said we open on Thursday; it was Saturday so I had five days to get settled in and to find my way around. I went and unpacked then went to see my cousin Jessie he was pleased to see me and gave me a kiss and cuddle. There was some one with him that looked up and said "who's this then? I hope you're going to introduce us Jessie" Jessie said" this is Tom, and Tom this is Charmain my cousin"

I soon found out that Tom was a bit weird he also seemed a little slow. I asked my uncle if he was ok mentally,

"well he's been with us since he was about seven. His Mum and Dad just packed up in the middle of the night, and when little Tommy woke up he was all alone they've never been seen again. That's when he started to go down hill, we sent him to a proper school that the Doctor at the hospital refereed him to.

He always enjoyed school and was a good pupil. Why do you ask anyway? "

"because he was at my bed room window this morning, trying to watch me get dressed, and he's been following me every where"

"He just knows a pretty woman when he sees one"

It was Thursday and I started work, it was very busy I had a young girl showing me how to put the candy floss on the stick I was doing fine, so the young girl went and left me to it. I thought I had better close as I was getting in a real mess with the candy floss now that girl had gone, so I cleaned the sides down and turned every thing off. I was just going to lock the kiosk up, when Tom barged in, he grabbed my tits.

"Get off me you piece of shit" Then he put his hand up my skirt and between my legs, so I slapped him round the face.

He looked at me and said "I'll get you back for that Bitch" and ran out the door.

I was closing the kiosk for the night when my uncle came and asked if I managed alright. I told him I was doing ok, but could he walk me back to the trailer as Tom frightens me, "you don't want to be afraid of him my love he's harmless" My uncle laughed to himself on the way back. He watched me go in and lock the door, I heard him shout good night.

No sooner had I got in and locked the door, some one grabbed me from behind, put their hand over my mouth, and ripped my top off, I tried to scream but who ever it was, was too strong and I couldn't move. I didn't know what hit me but it hurt like hell and I fell to the floor. That's all I remembered, when I opened my eyes I was tied to a chair, my knickers and skirt had been removed.

Sat opposite me was Tom, he had a sick smile on his face and when he spoke the right side of his face started to twitch and his head was jerking about, plus his eyes were moving around all over the place, it was as if he couldn't focus on any thing, he didn't seem like the same person at all.

"Tom What do you think your doing? let go of me before my uncle sees you!"

I tried to get free but my hands were tied tight behind me and my ankles tight to the chair. I started to scream but Tom punched me in the mouth then wrapped some thing round my mouth I could just about breathe.

Toms hands were all over me, touching my tits and squeezing my nipples, I managed to wriggle out of his hands, but then his fingers were prodding around between my legs.

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