The Apogee Amulet

by Bradley Stoke

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, BiSexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Bestiality, .

Desc: Sex Story: Kate and Candice, together with Princess Cordelia, continue their quest for the Golden Knot. The quest will soon be complete, but first they must obtain the Apogee Amulet from the giant Gorgaroth. And this is a deal only to be achieved by the women servicing the needs of his manhood.

A horse's penis is a very different proposition to that of a human or even of a dog, but Kate was in great need, the hunger she felt for semen so intense and a horse's penis such a fine provider, that only the call of her mistress, Candice, could drag her from her efforts.

The horse stood, curiously motionless, while with both her hands and her mouth Kate pummeled and squeezed and twisted and bent and chewed and licked the penis of Firebrand, the noble steed upon which her mistress and the Princess Cordelia rode, while Kate, as befitted her status, would walk behind.

However, perchance for not much longer would Kate need to suck dry the semen of the ever-obliging mount to sate the hunger that the warlock of Lower Drizzledown had bestowed on her as a punishment for that occasion when she was too eager to partake of the seminal fluids of the warlock's young sons. Soon, Candice would wrest the Golden Knot from the guardianship of the fearful cockatrice and she would once again have more normal appetites.

And then, perhaps, her hunger for Firebrand's semen would be subsumed by her desire for it to penetrate her cunt and she would know again the pleasure of a horse's monstrous member inside her.

But, for now, no such pleasures. This morning, as it was every morning, her craving was at its most acute and her need most great to swallow the considerable volumes of sperm the horse so reliably provided: a well of supply that should surely never go dry. And at last, the black penis, as dark and mysterious as the rest of the mighty stallion, gave generously of its wealth and Kate gathered as much as she could to her mouth as it splattered forth, placing her lips to its vent to swallow every precious last drop. And then to relish its rich taste, which filled her mouth and scented her nostrils.

Alas! Not every drop of Firebrand's prodigious outpouring made its way directly into Kate's mouth. She greedily licked what she could from her fingers, her lips and the tip of her nose. Then she sucked and nibbled the drops of goodness off the horse's still massive cock, so as much as was possible might fill her belly. And all the while that massive penis swayed and swung with its post-orgasmic release, a few more drops of precious semen still to make its way along the cubit length of the steed's proud member to be caught in Kate's ravenous open mouth.

She knelt in the grass beneath the horse's flank, anxious to catch every trickle, her knee besmirched by mud and the horse's earlier faecal outpourings, a hand holding the penis while her other hand supported her weight. Behind horse and servant was the tree to which Firebrand was tethered, over the branches of which was slung his golden saddle and the questing pilgrims' provisions. The early morning sun shone through the gaps in the Kankun Mountains that surrounded the valley through which they had advanced these last few days. The trees were sorry, scraggy things, no longer the lush green colossi that had sheltered them only last week in the Dankwater Forest, but where the nights echoed with the howling and gibbering of unseen sprites and demons.

Kate sat cross-legged beneath the horse, whose penis steadily shrivelled to a more normal size and who would not again be fit for milking for several more hours. She felt at last the contentment that her gorging on semen had bestowed on her, but was already contemplating when she might next feast upon such a meal. The mountain birds croaked and cawed their songs in the slopes that rose on either side of the flat, broad valley. A mountain monkey was yelping over the top of the valley rim, and Kate fancied she could hear a wolf's answering howl. Or maybe it was the snarl of the vicious cockatrice.

But prominent amongst all the sounds were those of Candice, Kate's mistress, whom she adored and loved, especially when she privileged her servant with the yield of her penis, and the princess they had rescued from the ogre in the Valley of the Dead Manticore. They were at it again, Candice and the princess, the fucking that, to preserve the princess's virginity, could only be performed in her arse. But so worn now was that arse from incessant buggery that surely it matched the dimension of an unregal woman's vagina.

Kate smiled to herself. She could tell from the urgency of her mistress's cries that she would soon have need to ejaculate and now, so soon after milking dry sturdy Firebrand's penis, Kate would have the taste of her mistress's penis, sullied though it was with the faecal flavour of Princess Cordelia's arse. But, although Kate had not gained a true appreciation for the taste of shit, she would never let a little thing like that, however fresh or messy, in any way divert her from her desire to swallow sperm.

And, indeed, there it was! Her mistress's cry. So much more urgent as she came close to ejaculation. And the echoing cries of Princess Cordelia, who, needless to say, would never permit a drop of semen to touch her flesh, let alone seep inside any of her three orifices.

Kate raised herself off the ground to leave Firebrand snorting and whinnying while she scampered over the broken ground, naked as she always was since she'd surrendered her clothes to the goldwright who guarded the Broken Back Bridge when an exchange was necessary to secure the passage. She remembered too well the extent of that shyster's villainy as he exceeded the bounds of their bargain. She was lucky to escape with her body intact after the buggering he and his demented nephews had met upon her. Her mistress comforted her that evening, but even then the demands of the irascible princess outweighed those of a petty servant.

And here was that princess who reluctantly allowed Candice to remove the penis from inside her anus, where it still twitched and trembled in the morning sun and just about to release its precious semen. Kate pounced to her mistress's feet, knelt on her knees and applied her lips to that penis which more than any other in the world she loved to distraction, and, even now, mindful though she was of her mean and lowly status, she occasionally resented the princess's more privileged access.

"Thank you, sweet Kate!" exclaimed a grateful Candice, as her servant and whore swallowed the last trace of semen down her eager throat. "Do you wish also to drink my piss?"

"I would be honoured to do so!" agreed Kate, grateful for her mistress's show of affection, eager to relish again the rich taste of her urine, which when they marched through the dry desolate plains of the Grunhilde Plateau had been all there was to quench her thirst on many a parched day.

"And after that, your servant may lick clean my arse and vagina," haughtily added Princess Cordelia, speaking, as always, only to Candice. It was so far beneath her dignity to directly address a mere servant that there was no law of decorum known for that exchange.

"I'm sure she will be delighted to do so, your royal highness," replied Candice, smiling at the princess, before letting loose a torrent of piss into Kate's mouth, the force of which nearly choked her. "You shall assist the princess, sweet Kate, will you not?"

"Happily!" Kate said at last, urine trickling out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin, where it gathered in a small pool on her chest above her bare breasts. It was, of course, unnecessary for the princess to have reminded Kate of her duties. Each day, taking care only to address her mistress, she would perform the same duty. She would ask Candice whether the princess wished to be cleaned, and after Candice had passed the message to the princess, who pretended otherwise not to hear Kate's words, Candice would repeat that her royal highness would be so desirous, sweet Kate.

And so it was again today, after wiping away the traces of urine from her face with some leaves from a tree, that Kate applied her tongue and fingers to Princess Cordelia's anus and vagina, cleansing it of any trace of shit, urine or, very rarely, semen, and in the process bringing the princess to an orgasm which was always expected from the naked servant.

And all the while, Candice watched, her penis once again fully erect, an indulgent smile on her face, perhaps content that the two most frequent fuck-partners of her life, of which only one she had the pleasure of knowing vaginal penetration, could be in such pleasurable union. But for Kate, this was a union rather the less equal, as Princess Cordelia evaded her gaze from the servant busy at her lower regions and never deigned to thank her for her services. Nor to apologise when, as she did on several occasions, let loose a turd, which Kate would have to midwife into the world and then dispose of discreetly, not having learnt to appreciate its full meaty taste, although she might savour that of the princess's rather sour piss.

"I think we are less than a league from the Golden Knot," Candice announced, after donning her cloak and ragged clothes. "Perhaps tomorrow we shall reach the object of our quest. And then at last all will be well. I will be released from my curse, Kate from hers and your royal highness shall once more have sway over your rightful birthright."

"And not a day too soon, Candice!" agreed the princess, as Kate enrobed her with her gown, parted fully at the front to reveal her proud full breasts and the vagina from which Kate had extracted every errant hair. She pulled up the princess's long golden tresses, and then combed them with the ivory and golden comb, which along with all the princess's other possessions, had remained unblemished, while every last one of Kate's own had been pawned to that deceitful goldwright. "My stepfather, the Duke, will soon feel the wrath of my vengeance. And then I shall be crowned Queen of my realm."

"But sooth, your royal highness, there is but one more delay. We must obtain the Apogee Amulet from the giant, named Gorgaroth, who lives in this valley. And a most formidable giant he is too!"

"Will it be meet to slay this giant?" speculated the princess, regarding Candice's trusty Sword of Valour, which had made such short work of the Hounds of High Bunion and had decapitated the vile marsh goblin who dared block Candice's path.

"That may not be necessary, your royal highness. The giant is an awesome fellow I am told, some eight feet tall, but he is a kindly soul who may be persuaded to bargain for his wares. But only, I fear, if we keep him mindful of the penalty of being less than compliant." Candice placed a palm on the sword's handle, but Kate knew, as perhaps Princess Cordelia did not, that her mistress was genuinely loathe to bring harm to beast, fowl or human that was not morally justified. As she had told her servant, blood spilt without good cause was blood for which the perpetrator would need answer on the final Day of Judgement.

Kate cleansed the princess's neck and face with water from the stream and soap from the bag of royal cosmetics, taking care to pluck any stray hairs from her long swan-like neck and rub the shine off her long pointed nose. The princess's face remained impassive, although moments ago it had been contorted with ecstasy as Kate plied the regal clitoris with her tongue.

It was more than a league that they had to march. It was rather several hours tiring slog over the rocky path, Kate following behind Firebrand's tread, her bare feet now immured to the cuts and bruises of the uneven ground, whilst ahead Candice held Firebrand's reins and the princess clasped her arms around Candice's waist, her long fair hair blown behind her and her gown trailing on the horse's flanks. But there it was, hidden in a coppice, between two towering pillars of granite: the stone manor house of Gorgaroth, the giant who had possession of the Apogee Amulet.

Candice slapped her heels into Firebrand's majestic sides, hastening the horse forward, Princess Cordelia's long golden tresses lifted up by the extra spurt and Kate left behind, trudging wearily, her red hair tangled with brier and earth, her feet sore and filthy, and over her shoulder those of her mistress's provisions that could not be carried on the horse's saddle. Finally, perhaps ten minutes later, Kate arrived at the manor house, built of stern grey granite, at the front door of which Candice and the princess were in heated discussion with a monstrous tall man, Firebrand tethered against the well.

Kate knew that her best place was behind, so she knelt down by Firebrand, wondering whether now was the time she could savour more of the horse's semen, the beneficence of Candice's own seminal outpourings two hours before just a distant memory. But she could be called on at any time to provide service for her mistress and she could ill afford such tempting distraction.

Kate looked around her. Where the sun's rays squeezed past the tall conifers and the looming granite heights, the manor house shone in greens, blues and emerald, while exquisite flowers and green shrubs bejewelled the gardens. But where there was shadow, the estate had a gloomy aspect. And most of it was in shadow. Kate felt low, as she so often did these days, as the burden of her servility and the cruel dispassion of the princess deflated her once buoyant spirit.

And then her heart leapt with joy and she sprung up to her feet. Was that not the whimper of a dog she heard? And, yes, she heard right. Two German Shepherds lay head down, their eyes scanning about them, just by the entrance to the manor house, keeping low, perhaps fearful of their master, and so well hidden by the long grass and a trestle of herbs. With luck, Kate would know the bounty of the two virile dogs' seed. A pleasure she had been yearning many a long week since they rested that night with the swineherd and his huge wolf-hound.

The discussion between Candice and the giant had got more heated, at one occasion prompting Kate's mistress to part her cloak and reveal her erect penis, but no doubt also her Sword of Valour. Whether it was the steel or the fleshly blade that persuaded the giant, Kate knew not, but almost immediately he became more cooperative. At this point, Princess Cordelia turned around, and ruffled up her dress to display her full buttocks, spread wide enough, no doubt, for Gorgaroth to see the full capaciousness of her anus.

The discussion continued but with a different urgency, the princess herself making heated and haughty comments, her voice shrill on the afternoon breeze, while Kate sat cross-legged, her fingers gently agitating her clitoris, as her gaze drifted from her mistress and the haggling to the placid dogs, one of which had risen to his feet to reveal a truly handsome penis beneath his belly. How long would it be till Kate would have the taste of it? And then the giant himself lowered his britches, and Kate returned her gaze to the concerns of her mistress and her regal companion, wondering and indeed fearing how huge the giant's member might be. If it was of a proportion to the rest of him, then it would surely be a monstrous thing, as huge even as noble Firebrand's.

Kate sighed in relief, knowing full well that at some stage in the evening she would be impaled upon its length. The giant had a handsome member, as Kate could clearly see, and although it was still limp or, at least, nothing like as erect as Candice's proud organ, it was but an average greatness, perhaps only of a dimension equal to that of Candice. And maybe, generous though that would be on a normal-sized man, not even of the same magnitude.

The discussion seemed to be over, for the giant entered his door with the princess in attendance, and Candice strode over to her servant, a broad grin beaming across her face.

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