Teri, Mike & Me

by Tilpondarius Dedonde Manaday

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A story of love, friendship, and cowardice.

If we hadn't both been a little drunk, the whole thing might not have happened. We were, though; tipsy anyway, relaxing at the neighborhood bar after working out at the gym. Mike was my neighbor, best buddy, drinking partner, and the black answer to every woman's dream. At least that's what the women thought; hell, that's what I thought. I'm not gay, or puny, or bad-looking, but I thought he was gorgeous. Worse, he was easy-going and modest, which pretty much assured him of a steady stream of pretty girls weekending at his house.

We were both tipsy, and Mike was going on about Teri, my wife. He had a real crush on her. Teri liked him, and his flirting tickled her, but I wasn't worried about him taking her away from me.

"You know," Mike said, "I don't mean any offense, but Teri is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I mean that. If she wasn't married- hell, if she was married to someone else, I'd be after her like stink on shit. No offense, man."

I laughed. "None taken. She's beautiful, no question."

"Yeah, well. Truth is, I'd do just about anything to get into her pants."

"Would you?" I loved the heck out of Teri. What Mike didn't know was that Teri wasn't near as passionate as she was beautiful. She always seemed to be poised on the edge of adventure. She was loving, and she liked sex, and she was passionate about a lot of things- she had a temper that could singe hair at twenty feet-but she was restrained in the sack. I had to beg her just to get her to kiss my cock, and she refused to talk about anal sex. Anyway, Mike had always had a thing for her. He had never made a secret of it.

"Yeah," Mike said, drunkenly and sincerely. "I would. No offense, man, she justs gets under my skin."

I finished my drink and gestured for another. I was tipsy, too, and a notion that had floated around in the back of my head for a long time popped up. I wanted to suck Mike's cock.

Understand, I've never done anything like that. Never even had feelings like that, but Mike- hell, I don't know. My cock is as big as his, and I work out along with him. I'm reasonably good-looking. What I mean is, it wasn't some sort of thing where Mike was some black god I wanted him to dominate me and steal my wife.

He was a tight friend, though, and the fact is, he had the body of a god. At first I'd watched him work out, or glanced at him in the shower, and imagined Teri riding that powerful black body, that big black dick of his sinking into her pink. It was an arousing fantasy, but eventually, Teri slipped out of the image, and it was just me, and Mike, his smooth broad chest, hard flat belly, and above all, his cock, long, thick, oily black, with a loose foreskin hiding the head. I wondered what it tasted like, what it felt like, how his buttocks might hardened as gouts of come spewed from the head.

I never told Mike, of course. Guys don't talk about things like that. For that matter, the idea struck me as perverted. It wouldn't go away, but it wasn't going to embarrass me as long as I kept it to myself. I should have.

Mike said he'd do anything to get to Teri. I figured I couldn't offer to suck him off in exchange for helping him seduce Teri. That wouldn't work. He'd jump on that and close his eyes while I sucked him and pretend I was a woman.

Worse, he'd think I was gay.

Then it hit me like a shot of tequila. He said he'd do anything. Would he suck me off? It was just a short reach from my cock to his, if he would. In my drunken confidence, I thought the idea was brilliant. The tequila I'd been drinking thought it was brilliant. I asked him. "Would you suck me off if I helped you get to Teri?"

Mike drew back and looked at me oddly. "Man, don't say things like that. Get Teri to eat your nasty white cock."

I shrugged; in for a dime, in for a dollar. "She doesn't like to do that." I cleared my throat. "I'm serious. Eat my cock. I'll help you seduce Teri."

Mike made a face. "Serious about what? Come on, man, I am not queer. I never did anything like that."

"I haven't either. I'm just really curious, you know. I've thought about it a lot, the three of us."

"Stop it, man, I don't want to hear it. All right? Just stop." Mike scowled and moved subtly away from me, angry distaste all over his boyish face.

I stopped talking about it, but Mike kept scowling; it looked like the evening was over. Mike paid the tab, still scowling. I hoped I hadn't screwed our friendship. I really liked Mike. We finished our drinks and went home; Mike lived next door, and I had driven, so it was an awkward few minutes. Mike sat as far from me as he could get, and he was quiet and a little surly.

I should have kept my mouth shut. I really wasn't gay, or bi or whatever. At least I'd never done anything like that. I'd known Mike since Teri and I had gotten married. We bought the house next to his, and Mike and I discovered a lot of similar interests; working out, camping, cars and baseball and beers in the neighborhood bar.

Mike was tall, broadchested, very dark, and handsome as the devil. I didn't envy him all the women he had, exactly; I'm good looking, I work out as much as him, and I did okay with the women when I was single. But Mike was in a class by himself. His body was almost hairless, with coarse tufts under his arms and at his pelvis; smooth, hard, black skin.

I'd never said anything to him before, and I shouldn't have that night. I felt angry and depressed when I dropped him off. He went into his house without a word. That was it, then. Mike thought I was gay. He'd be polite when he saw me, but the workouts were history; he'd be busy. He'd have something else to do when Teri and I went camping. I'd lost a friend.

He said hello to me the next morning going out the door to work, but it was cool. The following day, he turned down an invitation to go down for a beer. "I have a quarterly report I have to finish," he said. Maybe he did. I doubted it.

The following days, Mike wasn't around. Even over the weekend, he was never out in his yard, or over flirting with Teri. Teri herself mentioned it, but I didn't say anything.

I was surprised when Mike asked me down to the bar for a beer. When I tried to smooth things over, dismissing my proposition as drunk talk, he changed the subject uneasily. I let it slide, but a few minutes later we went back to his house to look at the old Hudson he was restoring.

"Listen, man," Mike said as he handed me another beer. "I like Teri. I like her a lot and I respect her. I talk trash to her sometimes, you know that. But I. Well, one time I told her I wanted to fuck her ass. I just, I don't know, I had a beer too many, and there it was in front of me, all tight and sexy and I told her how I felt." Mike shrugged and got himself a beer.

"The thing is, she looked like she might. She looked like for a second she really considered it. Then she kissed me on the cheek and said, 'We're not going to do that, Mike. Because Tom is your best friend and my husband.'"

None of that surprised me, Teri finding Mike attractive, or turning him down flirtatiously.

"'Yeah, I guess you're right, ' I said. She was right, you know? I couldn't argue with that. Then she said, 'But the next girl you bring home, you pretend it's me. Okay?' Then she walked away, with a sexy little wiggle." Mike sighed and shook his head. "That wasn't drunk talk the other night. You had a big damn hardon driving home. I saw it."

He was right. "Yeah," I said. "I guess so."

"I am not a queer. You understand that? I am not homo."

"I'm not either, Mike. Anyway, I don't think I am."

"So what is this? What's this about anyway? You secretly a fag?"

"No. I'm just curious, that's all. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like?"

"No. No way. I like women."

Of course he did, but then I noticed he had an erection, the same as me. He about jumped out of his skin when I squeezed it. "What's this?"

"Jesus, man! Don't do that!" Mike snorted and stood and finished his beer. "Anyway, what makes you think Teri is going to let me? I'll never get anywhere with her."

"I can't promise you will." I stood up too. I was getting pretty excited. "But she's attracted to you. I can set her up for you. It might work."

"Yeah. Well. Let's go inside, okay?" He turned out the lights in the garage and we went into his living room, sitting on his sofa. "I'm not kissing you, understand? Not on the lips. And you sure aren't fucking my ass. I draw the line there."

I nodded. My heart was starting to pound.

"You've got a nice body, you know? I mean, for a man. Nice cock, too."

"How nice?" I asked thickly. Mike put his hand over my zipper.

"I do this, you're going to help me fuck Teri. You're going to help me fuck your wife."

I nodded. My mouth was dry. Mike nodded, then tugged my zipper down and opened my jeans. "Bigger than I thought," he murmured, pulling out my hard cock. He stroked it, and if felt fine. He licked the length of it, and that felt good. Then he licked his lips and ovalled them over my head. I was about to explode when he took my glans in his mouth and worked his tongue around it. I reached out and stroked his thick neck and smooth brown shoulders.

Then he pushed his head down on my cock, not stopping until I was deep in his hot throat, and his nose nestled my pelvis.

"Mike," I gasped, "Good lord, where did you learn to do that?"

Mike rose and ran his flat tongue the length of my cock. "Practice, man," he chuckled. "I've been practicing with a big Italian sausage. You like it?" He laughed. "Yeah, you like it."

He went to work. Every time he came up for air, he was smiling broadly, chuckling, whispering endearments to my cock. "You like that, big fellah? Old Mikey make you a happy guy?"

Mike was incredible. I only lasted a couple minutes, and when I started to come, Mike grabbed my ass and buried his face in my pelvis. I think he would have been laughing the whole time, if his mouth and throat hadn't been full of my cock.

"Man, oh, man," he laughed, coughing a little and licking me clean when I'd finished. "Man. Now that wasn't so bad. That was pretty good, I think. You like that? I do all right?"

I didn't even stop to catch my breath. I slid on the floor beside him and pushed him on his back. He lifted his hips so I could get his jeans and shorts down.

He had eight inches of meat, anyway, and it was the blackest part of his body, a smooth, oily black all the way up to the foreskin that half-concealled the dusky head. I stroked that magnificent pole, and then pulled the foreskin back. I kissed the head wetly and tasted musk and chocolate.

"Hershey's," Mike giggled. "I got a chocolate dick. Go on. Go on, now."

I laughed. "You want this too, don't you?"

"Don't mess with me," Mike said impatiently. "Suck my black dick. Suck me down and make me come."

"I haven't been practicing, you know."

"That's all right. Take your time. Watch your teeth, man. Hercules doesn't like teeth."

Being a guy, I can tell you head is only an appetizer. Deep throat is what its about, and Mike had already done me. The first time was really clumsy. It felt enormous, his cockhead in my mouth. My jaw started to ache almost right off. There was the taste of chocolate and, vaguely, urine, and something else, not unpleasant. I pressed my face down on him and gagged; my stomach heaved.

"Take it slow, man. Slow. We got time." He grunted and shuddered. I went down again, swallowing and pushing at the same time. I gagged and backed off. Again. Mike's belly hardened, that flat washboard of dark brown skin. I watched his belly, and though my stomach lurched, I felt that big log slide into my throat. I could only hold it for a moment, though, before I felt a sort of panic and rose up off him.

It didn't matter; he was coming already. I stayed on the head, working my thumb over the stuff my tongue couldn't reach, milking him. It tasted okay; it didn't have a lot of taste at all, actually. I swallowed and worked him as well as I could and Mike stroked my shoulders as I had his.

"Man," he said, flopping back when he'd finished. "That was something else."

I coughed a couple times and licked his beast. What did he call it? Hercules. There were still smears of chocolate trapped in his foreskin. I had sucked my best friend's cock, and it had been everything I'd hoped. The funny thing is, I was looking forward to seeing his log inside my wife. Maybe one kink leads to another, I don't know. And I sure didn't want just anybody banging Teri. But Mike was something else, and my best friend to boot. I stroked his belly, played with his half-hard cock, lifted his balls and kissed them.

"Man," Mike said, staring at the ceiling. "You did good. Better than I expected." He rose on an elbow and looked at me. "Looks like your fellah is getting all stiff again. You want me to-?"

"Any time, Mike. I mean that."

"Course you do. You got to work on your technique, man. Me, I got my licks down.

It was odd; as long as I was around, Mike flirted with Teri flagrantly. He was so bold at times that Teri frowned at me, wondering why I was letting him grab her boob or kiss the nape of her neck or stroke her perfect ass. I always smiled mildly and shrugged; 'that's the way Mike is.' Teri didn't buy it, but it was clear he wasn't making any headway anyhow.

Once I walked in on Mike kissing Teri; he'd backed her against a wall, planted his face over hers, and cupped her breasts, kneading them while he kissed her. Teri was kissing him back, even, and with some spirit. I felt a pang of jealousy. Then she broke the kiss. "Mike," she said- Mike was kneading her breasts for all he was worth, and Teri had arched back, not stopping him at all. "Mike. Mike, are you paying attention?"

"Sure, Teri. What?"

"You just stuck your tongue halfway to my tonsils. You're handling my boobs like they're going to give you milk. I liked the kiss. You're being gentle with my boobs. But once you let go, that's it. You stop and act like a gentleman. Mike? Are you listening? No more of this nonsense."

"Or what? What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to kick you so hard where it counts your voice will go up two octaves. Do you think I can't?"

Mike dropped his hands and looked horrified and contrite. "Sorry."

"You don't have to sorry me. I liked it. But that's all-" Then she noticed me standing across the room in the door. "Hi, hon," she said. "I'm giving your buddy a lesson in manners."

"About time, too," I said, and wished I hadn't; I wished I hadn't even witnessed it, though I was proud of Teri. Mike glowered at me. Teri gave me the oddest look I've ever seen, both guilty and a bit suspicious.

This was the plan. Teri sunbathed in the backyard weekends. I was going to get her all hot and frisky, and then Mike would call as if I had to go to the plant. We even had a camcorder with a zoom, and microphones planted in strategic areas.

It started out fine. Teri wore a string bikini that wasn't much more than a thong. She was pleased when my eyes lit up. She invited me to smear oil over her round shoulders, her back, those fine, round buttocks that were just barely covered. When I slipped a finger under the strip of fabric covering her puss, she rolled her hips and spread her knees a bit. One finger, two, slithering into her hot wetness. She gave a throaty laugh and smiled darkly over her shoulder at me. With the oil and her own lubrications, Teri's pussy was wet and slick as anything. "Maybe we should go inside," I said, nibbling her ear and pulling the straps down her arms to investigate her firm breasts.

"No. Let's do it out here."

"What if somebody sees? Mike, for instance?"

"He can eat his heart out," Teri said, smiling wickedly "He's been a shit lately, as if you haven't noticed..." That was the moment Mike chose to call. I went inside and answered it. When I went back out, Teri had straightened her bikini.

"Work?" she asked, frowning.

"Yeah. One of the lines went down. I don't know how long it'll take. I'll call you when I know."

Teri sighed and shrugged. I kissed her and gave her breasts a squeeze. Her nipples were like strawberries, stiff and jutting. She was as hot as she could get without having a cock in her. "Keep it warm for me," I said.

"Right. Maybe I should put foil over it and you can microwave it later." She stuck her tongue out. Well, maybe she wasn't as hot as I had hoped.

I left, parked around the block and doubletimed it into Mike's backdoor. He had the camcorders ready, aimed and focused. He had tight trunks on and nothing else. I gave his cock a squeeze and wished him luck. Mike strolled out the door like a black god. A minute later, I heard him on the microphones we had planted.

"Hey, Teri. Is Tom home?"

Teri had sprawled on her belly; she seemed startled by Mike. "No, he- he went to the store. He'll be back any minute."

"Good, good. You don't mind if I wait?"

"No," she said uncertainly. "Of course not. Would you like a beer?"

"Sure. You stay put. I'll get it."

Mike went inside our kitchen, got a beer, opened it, and glanced out at Teri, who had cradled her head in her arms and closed her eyes.

Then he stayed there in the kitchen. I could see him; he was getting nervous. My wife was laying a few feet from him, two strips of cloth covering her lush body, her pussy wet, and Mike was losing his nerve.

I cursed him impatiently, but it was several minutes before he came back out and sat.

He sat, and sat, and sat, Teri dozing in front of him, laid out like an offering to the gods. Nothing was happening.

"Mike?" Teri said sleepily. "Can I ask something of you?"

"Sure, what?" Mike said quickly.

"Will you give me a massage? I know its selfish, but-" she shrugged.

"Well, I." Mike stopped. "Tom isn't here," he said. "Maybe when he gets back."

I was outraged. He was wimping out. Teri rolled on her side, though, smiling broadly at him. "Mike, you're not afraid of me. Listen, let's be honest. You are a handsome, sexy guy. If I wasn't married to Tom, I would marry you in a second. I'm attracted to you, god, who wouldn't be? But the truth is, I could dance around you naked and you wouldn't do anything to hurt me, or Tom. I know you, Mike. I love you as much as Tom."

Mike looked like a whipped puppy. "Yeah," he said, "I guess you're right."

"A massage? Please? I know you like touching me. I like it too."

Mike squirmed, that pathetic excuse for a puppy dog. "Teri, jesus-"

"I'll tell you what. You can touch any skin you can see. Okay? Just don't you dare tell Tom."

Mike looked cowed. "Okay," he said a little breathlessly.

He knelt beside her and started rubbing her shoulders. Then he rubbed her neck. Then her shoulders. He was a weinie. He was a wimp. I was not going to suck his cock again ever. I was going to bite it.

"Mike," Teri said. "Come on. Not just a neck rub. If you don't want to, just say so."

Mike cleared his throat. "Okay."

"Mike, are you okay? You seem, I don't know, anxious."

"No. Me? Of course not. Not me."

"Dear Michael. I'm not asking you to fuck me. You can be a little naughty, if you like. Tom knows we flirt, and he knows I'm attracted to you. If you don't trust yourself to touch my body-"

"No! No, that's okay. I'm fine. Just go on and lay down. I'm okay. You can trust me."

Teri laid on her belly, smiling ruefully. "Just a naughty massage, okay? And we can both think about what it might be like. I trust you."

Mike bit his lip, screwed his face up like he was changing a creamed-pea diaper, and delicately untied her bikini top.

"Mike, what are you doing?"

"I'm untying your top. I like a woman with a even tan."

"I wish you wouldn't."

"Too late," he laughed far too heartily, and then stopped. He cleared his throat.

Teri frown, but didn't try to retie the top.

Then he started giving her a massage. He worked down her back, massaged her shoulders, her neck, her arms. He even worked on her hands a little, and massaged her feet. Mike gave a good massage. He'd worked on Teri before, and even given me a massage a couple times. This time, though, it was utterly chaste. He never even attempted a grope. He had my approval; hell, my participation. Teri had even encouraged a bit of naughty. What the hell was he doing, only giving her a massage?

That was what he did, though. After forty minutes of that, Teri was melty with sensual pleasure. I had turned the camcorder off centuries ago. I was getting seriously impatient. The boldest thing he'd done was to untie her top. I wondered if I ought to rewind the tape, when Mike finally made a move. He slipped his hands under her arms, around her front, cupping her breasts and kissing the nape of her neck. I turned the camcorder back on.

Teri gave a throaty little laugh. "It's about time," she said, lifting on her elbows so he could fondle her. Mike caressed her breasts and nipples tenderly. Teri, her head lifted, closed her eyes and smiled gently.

"Teri, baby, I can't stop here. I'm gonna fuck you, fuck your beautiful ass."

Teri sighed. "Mike, no. We aren't going to do anything like that." She didn't try to dislodge his hands, though, and he continued kneading her stiff nipples.

"I can make you feel good, Teri. Make you feel like heaven."

"Good, I can believe," Teri said. "Maybe even really good. Heaven, no. Mike, I love you, but I love Tom better. I want you to stop." Her voiced quavered.

To my utter astonishment, Mike did stop. He slipped his hands away from her boobs. "Sorry. I just. You've got nice breasts."

"You've got nice hands," Teri said. She tucked her elbows to her side so there wouldn't be anymore groping. "Just, you know, don't get carried away."

"Well, I. Yeah, I guess so. Sorry."

Hesitantly, he went back to the gentle angles of her shoulder blades. Then he pushed her elbows out and grabbed her breasts again. Teri frowned over her shoulder at him. "Teri, baby," he said, "It's not just your breasts. As beautiful as they are, you're even more beautiful inside. You're smart and funny and willful and your ass is just heaven. Just absolute perfection."

"Mark, what's got into you lately?"

"Nothing. It's not me. It's you. Into you. I mean I've gotten into you lately. I don't mean lately. Not yet. I have to get into you. Right now. Oh god oh god."

Teri's eyes flashed. She grabbed his hands and peeled them off her, then laid down. "Stop it, Mike. You're not a teenager. What would Tom say?"

"Tom?" He sounded stunned. His eyes went off somewhere distant, and for a terrifying moment, I thought he was going to tell her the truth, that he and I were lovers and I was in front of a camcorder watching him trying to seduce her. Mike sighed, his broad shoulders sagging. "You're too beautiful. Maybe I shouldn't touch you anymore."

Teri looked even more confused than he did. Where was all this going? I dialed my own number impatiently. I could hear it ringing on the concealed mikes.

"Will you get that, Mike?" Teri said. She didn't want to get up in front of him topless; maybe she thought he'd follow her in if she did. Whatever; Mike went in and answered the phone.

"Mike, listen. Tell Teri I called from work, and not to wait dinner for me. That way, you and she will both know she was lying about me coming back in a few minutes. That'll give you the edge. Fuck her, Mike, for godsake, what are you waiting for?"

Mike snorted into the phone. "I don't know, man. I like Teri. This all seems kind of unfair. I don't mind suckin' your big old white cock. Hell, I'm gettin' to kind of like it. Can't we leave it at that?"

"Mike, I know Teri. She's hot as anything right now. I'm not going to beg you to fuck my wife."

"Tom, she's hot, sure, but you heard her. She'd feel bad about it. It makes me feel bad to make her feel bad. Couldn't we just tell her you and me are getting it on, and see if she wants to, you know, join us?"

"This is a hell of a time to have second thoughts. She's waiting for you. The cameras are running. What's it going to be?"

"It's going to be very peculiar, man, all this shit. I really don't know about all this."

"You want her?"

"Man, I hurt I want her so bad."

"Well? The cameras are running. Let's get humping here."

"Yeah, cute, I get it. Humping. Very funny." Mike sighed, and "You called, and said don't wait dinner."

"That's my man. Remember where the cameras are, okay? I want to get some good shots."

"Got it," Mike said and hung up. He didn't sound enthusiastic.

Back to the cameras and Teri. She had already refastened her top, and she was sitting up when Mike came out stark naked, that black cock of his standing up proudly. Tacky. All we needed now was tinny guitar music in the background.

"That was Tom," he said. "He said don't wait dinner on him, he's tied up at the plant."

Teri looked him up and down, her eyes darkening. Mike took her by the arms and stood her up. "Teri, baby-" he began. He didn't finish.

She punched him in the stomach and he folded over abruptly. "Put your clothes on, Mike, and act your goddamn age," she said angrily. "I'm really disappointed in you."

She stormed in the house. Mike gasped and wheezed for a minute, then staggered in behind her. This didn't seem to be going well.

A minute later, Mike carried Teri out with her wrists tied behind her with one of my shirts. Her bikini top was gone. He laid her on the lounge chair and began kissing her breasts. Her nipples were swollen like strawberries. He cupped her vulva through her bikini and Teri whimpered and spread her legs.

Better, much better. Maybe she liked being tied up. I made a mental note.

When he moved around to lay on top of her, she kicked. Mike was quick, and paying attention. He jumped back and she didn't connect, thank goodness for future generations of Mike. She was wearing tennis shoes, and that would have hurt. She kicked again, though, and caught him in the shin. That hurt badly enough.

While Mike hopped around on one leg, grunting, his cock bouncing along in rhythm, Teri stormed back in the house. Mike sat, cursing, rubbing his shin, then looked at the camera. "What a woman," he said, happily, and staggered back in.

He was gone a couple minutes. I was starting to wonder what was going on when I heard a shout, and then Mike came shooting out onto the patio. An instant later, a heavy brass bookend came shooting out, kissing Mike on the temple. Mike staggered in a circle, a thread of blood coming from his head, then tripped on a lawn chair and sat down hard. He was losing his erection.

Teri rushed out, my shirt still tied to one wrist. She cradled Mike and fussed over him, dabbing at the cut, babytalking and apologetic. She cradled his head against her bare breast and Mike grinned goofily. As Teri fashioned a bandage around his head with my shirt, Mike licked her stiff nipples and worked the bikini bottom off her ass.

"Mike? Mike? Do you know your name? Do you know me?" Teri held his head, looking into his eyes. "What's my name, Mike? I'm so sorry. Can you hear me?"

"You are so beautiful," Mike said dreamily. "I want you so bad. Sexiest ass."

Teri gave an odd little whimper, then kissed the daylights out of him. "Inside, Mike. Let's go inside. I don't want anyone to watch. Do you know your name? Jesus, you big dumb bastard."

Teri helped him to his feet and Mike staggered inside with her assistance. A minute later, Teri's bikini bottom flew out the patio door. Then nothing.

Nothing for several minutes.

Nothing again.

The tape ran out in the camcorder, and I scowled at it and turned it off.

Nothing for two hours altogether. I considered going over and spying on them, but there were a lot of windows where I could be seen too easily. I called twice, but they didn't pick up. After a while, I rewound the camcorder, and for a good long time, I played and replayed the portion where Mike had his conversation with the bookend. I was really getting to like that one. I was, I had to admit, jealous. I was in a pretty sour mood when Mike finally made his way back to his house. He was freshly showered, a clean white bandage on his temple.

He still had that broad, dopey grin. "Man, she's better than I ever dreamed. I never thought a woman could like it so much in the ass."

"You fucked her in the ass?" I was peeved, but I still wanted details, especially if she let him do that.

"Yeah, in the shower, after the first couple times in the living room."

"She doesn't like it in the ass."

"Well, yeah, she said she's never done it. She fussed some. Kept sucking my cock down her throat. I got a little insistent, though, and "She sucked your cock?" I demanded.

"Like a damn vacuum cleaner. Told me she'd never done that either. I said, Teri, baby, do it. How do you know you don't like it til you do it? She fussed some, but I got a little pushy. Guess she decided she liked it. She had her face glued to my hips like you wouldn't believe, bobbing and giggling like she had a new toy."

"She never did that for me," I said glumly.

"Yeah, well. You just have to ask her right."

"I've asked her every which way there is. I know how to satisfy a woman. I didn't do anything wrong."

"No. No, man, I'm not saying you did anything wrong. But Teri, she's kind of shy about things. You're just not aggressive enough. That's all. Be cool, man."

Be cool. I was frigging cold. I had gone from jealous to feeling murderous. Mike had not only fucked my wife, she'd done things with him she'd never done with me. And he had the gall to suggest it was my fault. The son of a bitch hadn't even done it on the patio, where I could have taped it.

"You couldn't keep it in front of the cameras?" I asked coldly.

Mike laid down, pressing a hand over his bandage and shrugged, smiling pleasantly. "Man, can I fuck her some more? She is so fine."

"You want to suck me some more?" I asked sourly.

"Not now, man. I have a headache." He smiled apologetically.

At least Teri didn't have a headache when I got home. She was drying off from a shower, naked and fresh, waiting, she said, to pick up where we'd left off. "I was talking to a girlfriend this afternoon," she said as I laid beside her and kissed her. "She- well, she gave me some pointers."


"Yeah." Teri smiled at me innocently. "Can I show you?"

Mike was right. She had decided she liked cocksucking. She was good, too; not as good as Mike, but good. Damn Mike. Her behind was slick from Mike being there, too, but it was magnificent there, one hand on her hip, the other toying with her breasts, jostling and bouncing as she thrust back on my cock in a mewing frenzy. She really liked that. Double damn Mike.

As Mike explained the next day, Teri had told Mike it would never happen again. Mike had agreed to that, too; the son of a bitch reallywas a perfect gentleman. Maybe I should have left it at that, but Mike had gotten into this thing where he swallowed my cock half-hard and worked it erect with his throat. It took me a while to figure out how to do that to him. I was almost getting more sex from Mike than from Teri, and she had developed a sudden eagerness to fuck me until her conscience didn't hurt as much. I needed a break, or at least some help fucking Teri.

Mike had his head on my chest a couple days later, licking my nipples as we rested. "We have to do something," I said. "She fucked you. She liked it. Don't you want to have her any more?"

"Sure. But I got this big fellah, don't I?" He stroked my cock playfully.

"I don't think your heart is in this, Mike. It ruins the symmetry if you're not fucking Teri."

"Can I kiss you?" Mike smiled up at me. "Not that I'm gay, or asking you to do me in the ass. Just a kiss."

"I won't suck you anymore if you don't help me keep Teri satisfied."

Mike thought about that, and shrugged. "Okay." He licked his way down my belly.

"Mike," I grunted. "If you aren't going to try to get back into Teri, I won't let you suck me. It'll all be off."

Mike thought about that. "You want to fuck my ass, don't you? That's what this is about." He licked my cock. "Okay. Fine. Teri likes it, so there must be something there. But you gotta take it easy, all right? And you gotta kiss me. I don't let any man do me that way unless he kisses me first."

"You're not listening, Mike."

"I got an okay ass. Teri says I do. Nothing wrong with my ass."

"You have an okay ass, Mike, a sexy ass. Okay?"

"It could be you and me, Tom. If you ever leave Teri. Would you like that? I might. I think I would."

"I love Teri," I said, getting exasperated.

"Yeah. I do too," Mike admitted. "I'm getting confused. This is all so peculiar."

I'd been home for half an hour when Teri came across the backyard from Mike's place. She was wearing a white shirt, way too big for her, and shorts; her hair was slightly disheveled, and she was breathlessly carrying a small bottle of what seemed to be spice. "Hi, Hon," she said airily. "I was just next door borrowing some-" she looked at the bottle- "Some tarragon."

"Hi, sweetie." I kissed her a little possessively. It was one thing to loan your wife to a man. But when your wife goes next door for the specific purpose of riding his tarragon, unbidden jealousy rises. Possessiveness rises. Lust, oddly, runs rampant.

She was remarkably wet, and as enthusiastic as she was about cunnilingus, she was reluctant that afternoon. It didn't stop me. There's a word for it, but I don't want to know it. It was Teri-flavored, and it was Mike-flavored, and it aroused me. Maybe I wanted to keep Mike's seed to myself. Maybe I wanted to get it out of Teri by any means. Maybe I wanted to swallow and digest future generations of my neighbor in a fit of jealousy. I didn't know. It was hot stuff, though.

Afterwards, I took her out to dinner to save her the discomfort of finding something for dinner that required tarragon.

Mike and Teri were at it again, at (bitter wince) Teri's initiative. Mike later told me she told him again that that was the last time, but neither of us believed that, or needed to. Be careful what you wish for.

It was, as Mike had warned, a peculiar situation. Teri was fucking Mike and she thought she was cheating on me. She didn't dare say a word to me. Mike and I were sucking each other off; Teri didn't know that. We knew that Teri was fucking Mike, but Teri didn't know that we knew and neither of us dared say anything to her. She'd likely bite Mike's cock off, and leave me cold if she found out. She had a temper.

But there was plenty of sex. Mike got home from work an hour before me, and he liked fucking Teri. I liked him fucking Teri. Teri liked Mike fucking Teri. She really tried hard to make that last time the last time, but he made progress. After a couple days he won another this time was the last time. Two more days, and a final really this is the last time. Then she stopped last-timing him. It took him a week of evenings to wear her down, but she wasn't fighting him very hard. By Monday the next, he told me he had Teri from behind, leaning over the kitchen table. By Wednesday, I got home to an empty house again, and a few minutes later Teri came in the back door from Mike's house, wearing a little sundress. I followed her upstairs, and though she seemed a little uneasy about it, I undressed her and we went at it. Teri came like a wild raging tarragon.

I liked licking her taste off Mike's magnificent cock, too, tonguing and nibbling his foreskin. I loved the silky black shaft, the big veins, that thick mass in my throat and the way his buttocks hardened in my hands when he came. Mike was just as enthusiastic. "Come to papa," he'd tell my cock, and he'd dive, using his lips and his tongue magnificently. I'd stroked his big shoulders as he worked on me, and once he'd finished me, he'd lay back, laughing and gasping. "Man, oh, man, I can't believe this. I can't believe I'm doing this."

Teri was sucking me off too. It was great stuff; she tried harder, since she knew she was fucking my best friend. I was surprised how much she liked getting fucked her ass; she'd never liked that. She came more times than I could count before I came in her ass. She was usually slippery there, too. Mike had been there before me most afternoon.

Every evening I wandered over to Mike's, "to see what he's up to." Most nights I could taste Teri's musk on his big black cock. I loved that loose foreskin, and he liked me nibbling on it. I liked stroking his smooth, powerful shoulders when he sucked me. It seemed to excite him when I came in his mouth. He said I gave better head than Teri, but nothing could beat her pussy or her ass, and I had to agree.

Teri was getting laid six ways to heaven. Just the same, we were all lying through our teeth about what was going on, and for my part, I was getting almost more than I could stand. When, after nearly a month, Mike said he was getting exhausted too, we sat down and discussed it. We needed to open up about it, to tell Teri and get everything aboveboard. Neither one of us had any good ideas how to get it out where we could all deal with the situation.

It was, finally, Teri who made it all happen. Thursday night, after a hot, conventional, and somewhat sweaty fuck, Teri lay against me and stroked my poor, overused cock. "You ever think about doing it with another guy?" she asked.

"You ever think about doing it with another woman?"

"Maybe," she laughed. "I just wondered."

"You mean like Mike?"

Teri shrugged, smiling innocently.

"He's got a magnificent body. And he's got this monster cock."

"It's not that bi- It's not something I would know about," Teri said, her face flushing. "How do you know?"

"In the shower room at the gym. He's got a foreskin, too."

Teri was kissing her way down my chest and belly to hide the guilty look in her eyes. "Yeah," I said, "I've thought about it," I said. "I wonder what it would taste like." Then her mouth found my poor limp cock and I thought about other things.

"Yeah, she asked me if I ever thought about sucking you," Mike said as he licked my cock and balls clean. "I told her she was fucking nuts."

"Now why did you do that? Jesus christ, Mike."

"Yeah, I know." He took my cockhead between his lips and licked it thoughtfully. "I just don't want her to think I'm a queer, you know?" He flattened his tongue and licked the length of my shaft, something he knew I enjoyed.

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