Teri, Mike & Me

by Tilpondarius Dedonde Manaday

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Desc: Sex Story: A story of love, friendship, and cowardice.

If we hadn't both been a little drunk, the whole thing might not have happened. We were, though; tipsy anyway, relaxing at the neighborhood bar after working out at the gym. Mike was my neighbor, best buddy, drinking partner, and the black answer to every woman's dream. At least that's what the women thought; hell, that's what I thought. I'm not gay, or puny, or bad-looking, but I thought he was gorgeous. Worse, he was easy-going and modest, which pretty much assured him of a steady stream of pretty girls weekending at his house.

We were both tipsy, and Mike was going on about Teri, my wife. He had a real crush on her. Teri liked him, and his flirting tickled her, but I wasn't worried about him taking her away from me.

"You know," Mike said, "I don't mean any offense, but Teri is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. I mean that. If she wasn't married- hell, if she was married to someone else, I'd be after her like stink on shit. No offense, man."

I laughed. "None taken. She's beautiful, no question."

"Yeah, well. Truth is, I'd do just about anything to get into her pants."

"Would you?" I loved the heck out of Teri. What Mike didn't know was that Teri wasn't near as passionate as she was beautiful. She always seemed to be poised on the edge of adventure. She was loving, and she liked sex, and she was passionate about a lot of things- she had a temper that could singe hair at twenty feet-but she was restrained in the sack. I had to beg her just to get her to kiss my cock, and she refused to talk about anal sex. Anyway, Mike had always had a thing for her. He had never made a secret of it.

"Yeah," Mike said, drunkenly and sincerely. "I would. No offense, man, she justs gets under my skin."

I finished my drink and gestured for another. I was tipsy, too, and a notion that had floated around in the back of my head for a long time popped up. I wanted to suck Mike's cock.

Understand, I've never done anything like that. Never even had feelings like that, but Mike- hell, I don't know. My cock is as big as his, and I work out along with him. I'm reasonably good-looking. What I mean is, it wasn't some sort of thing where Mike was some black god I wanted him to dominate me and steal my wife.

He was a tight friend, though, and the fact is, he had the body of a god. At first I'd watched him work out, or glanced at him in the shower, and imagined Teri riding that powerful black body, that big black dick of his sinking into her pink. It was an arousing fantasy, but eventually, Teri slipped out of the image, and it was just me, and Mike, his smooth broad chest, hard flat belly, and above all, his cock, long, thick, oily black, with a loose foreskin hiding the head. I wondered what it tasted like, what it felt like, how his buttocks might hardened as gouts of come spewed from the head.

I never told Mike, of course. Guys don't talk about things like that. For that matter, the idea struck me as perverted. It wouldn't go away, but it wasn't going to embarrass me as long as I kept it to myself. I should have.

Mike said he'd do anything to get to Teri. I figured I couldn't offer to suck him off in exchange for helping him seduce Teri. That wouldn't work. He'd jump on that and close his eyes while I sucked him and pretend I was a woman.

Worse, he'd think I was gay.

Then it hit me like a shot of tequila. He said he'd do anything. Would he suck me off? It was just a short reach from my cock to his, if he would. In my drunken confidence, I thought the idea was brilliant. The tequila I'd been drinking thought it was brilliant. I asked him. "Would you suck me off if I helped you get to Teri?"

Mike drew back and looked at me oddly. "Man, don't say things like that. Get Teri to eat your nasty white cock."

I shrugged; in for a dime, in for a dollar. "She doesn't like to do that." I cleared my throat. "I'm serious. Eat my cock. I'll help you seduce Teri."

Mike made a face. "Serious about what? Come on, man, I am not queer. I never did anything like that."

"I haven't either. I'm just really curious, you know. I've thought about it a lot, the three of us."

"Stop it, man, I don't want to hear it. All right? Just stop." Mike scowled and moved subtly away from me, angry distaste all over his boyish face.

I stopped talking about it, but Mike kept scowling; it looked like the evening was over. Mike paid the tab, still scowling. I hoped I hadn't screwed our friendship. I really liked Mike. We finished our drinks and went home; Mike lived next door, and I had driven, so it was an awkward few minutes. Mike sat as far from me as he could get, and he was quiet and a little surly.

I should have kept my mouth shut. I really wasn't gay, or bi or whatever. At least I'd never done anything like that. I'd known Mike since Teri and I had gotten married. We bought the house next to his, and Mike and I discovered a lot of similar interests; working out, camping, cars and baseball and beers in the neighborhood bar.

Mike was tall, broadchested, very dark, and handsome as the devil. I didn't envy him all the women he had, exactly; I'm good looking, I work out as much as him, and I did okay with the women when I was single. But Mike was in a class by himself. His body was almost hairless, with coarse tufts under his arms and at his pelvis; smooth, hard, black skin.

I'd never said anything to him before, and I shouldn't have that night. I felt angry and depressed when I dropped him off. He went into his house without a word. That was it, then. Mike thought I was gay. He'd be polite when he saw me, but the workouts were history; he'd be busy. He'd have something else to do when Teri and I went camping. I'd lost a friend.

He said hello to me the next morning going out the door to work, but it was cool. The following day, he turned down an invitation to go down for a beer. "I have a quarterly report I have to finish," he said. Maybe he did. I doubted it.

The following days, Mike wasn't around. Even over the weekend, he was never out in his yard, or over flirting with Teri. Teri herself mentioned it, but I didn't say anything.

I was surprised when Mike asked me down to the bar for a beer. When I tried to smooth things over, dismissing my proposition as drunk talk, he changed the subject uneasily. I let it slide, but a few minutes later we went back to his house to look at the old Hudson he was restoring.

"Listen, man," Mike said as he handed me another beer. "I like Teri. I like her a lot and I respect her. I talk trash to her sometimes, you know that. But I. Well, one time I told her I wanted to fuck her ass. I just, I don't know, I had a beer too many, and there it was in front of me, all tight and sexy and I told her how I felt." Mike shrugged and got himself a beer.

"The thing is, she looked like she might. She looked like for a second she really considered it. Then she kissed me on the cheek and said, 'We're not going to do that, Mike. Because Tom is your best friend and my husband.'"

None of that surprised me, Teri finding Mike attractive, or turning him down flirtatiously.

"'Yeah, I guess you're right, ' I said. She was right, you know? I couldn't argue with that. Then she said, 'But the next girl you bring home, you pretend it's me. Okay?' Then she walked away, with a sexy little wiggle." Mike sighed and shook his head. "That wasn't drunk talk the other night. You had a big damn hardon driving home. I saw it."

He was right. "Yeah," I said. "I guess so."

"I am not a queer. You understand that? I am not homo."

"I'm not either, Mike. Anyway, I don't think I am."

"So what is this? What's this about anyway? You secretly a fag?"

"No. I'm just curious, that's all. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like?"

"No. No way. I like women."

Of course he did, but then I noticed he had an erection, the same as me. He about jumped out of his skin when I squeezed it. "What's this?"

"Jesus, man! Don't do that!" Mike snorted and stood and finished his beer. "Anyway, what makes you think Teri is going to let me? I'll never get anywhere with her."

"I can't promise you will." I stood up too. I was getting pretty excited. "But she's attracted to you. I can set her up for you. It might work."

"Yeah. Well. Let's go inside, okay?" He turned out the lights in the garage and we went into his living room, sitting on his sofa. "I'm not kissing you, understand? Not on the lips. And you sure aren't fucking my ass. I draw the line there."

I nodded. My heart was starting to pound.

"You've got a nice body, you know? I mean, for a man. Nice cock, too."

"How nice?" I asked thickly. Mike put his hand over my zipper.

"I do this, you're going to help me fuck Teri. You're going to help me fuck your wife."

I nodded. My mouth was dry. Mike nodded, then tugged my zipper down and opened my jeans. "Bigger than I thought," he murmured, pulling out my hard cock. He stroked it, and if felt fine. He licked the length of it, and that felt good. Then he licked his lips and ovalled them over my head. I was about to explode when he took my glans in his mouth and worked his tongue around it. I reached out and stroked his thick neck and smooth brown shoulders.

Then he pushed his head down on my cock, not stopping until I was deep in his hot throat, and his nose nestled my pelvis.

"Mike," I gasped, "Good lord, where did you learn to do that?"

Mike rose and ran his flat tongue the length of my cock. "Practice, man," he chuckled. "I've been practicing with a big Italian sausage. You like it?" He laughed. "Yeah, you like it."

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