Night to Remember

by Kelly Anne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Fiction, FemaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ilkay finally awoke to find she was wearing her favorate locking high heels over fishnet stockings and nothing else. Tied to rings set in the floor and ceiling...

I had been watching her for weeks; I knew every thing I need to know. When she awoke, when she left for work, where she worked and when and where she ate lunch. I knew what time she left work and the route she took to get home.

Friday, I watched her leave for work and then opened her apartment door and walked in. I needed to know if she would be missed for the weekend. Wearing rubber gloves, I worked my way through her place. I knew she open for the next entire week. I only wanted her for the weekend so I was home free.

I went through her bedroom to discover the slut had a thing for bondage and rough sex. She had a box full of Bondage Digest, Tied and Tortured, and Dog Lovers.

Ilkay owned several fantasy costumes and locking ankle strap high heels in five different styles each with four to five inch heels. I found a box with so much gear in it your average fetish lover would have cum just looking, it's safe to say our girl was kinky.

Taking her highest heels and fishnet stockings and whatever I needed from her toys I set out to capture my attractive victim.

With everything prepared, I waited for her. Right on time she left her office; today she wore a charcoal grey business suite with 2-inch heels, which clicked as she walked on the pavement.

I followed behind her until she started her shortcut through the park, only someone looking for trouble cuts through Green Leaf Park. About 15 girls a year get raped here and today was no exception. I hurried to the building along the walk path and waited for pretty Ilkay.

I watched as she walked towards me with her head down, never noticing anything or anyone around her, until it was too late.

I grabbed her as she passed and placed the chloroform over her mouth and nose and waited for her to go limp. I am one inch shorter and about 15 pounds lighter than my victim. I am solid and easily wrap an arm around her and walk-drag her the twenty feet to her own car.

Two hours later, we are in the country at an abandoned bed and breakfast that was to be 'home' for the weekend.

Ilkay finally woke up to find she was wearing her favorite locking heels over fishnet stockings and nothing else. Tied to rings set in the floor and ceiling, she is spread eagle and I am sucking on her itty-bitty nipples as she awakens.

"Hello slut! I guess you know you are in deep shit, yes".

"Who the fuck are you and what am I doing here you bitch?" She yelled.

"That's alright slut. Yell all you want! No one can hear you. We are 10 miles from the nearest neighbor."

While she made comments about my family and heritage I ran my manicured nails up and down her body making her twist in her ropes.

I moved closer to her and grabbed her smallish but very round breasts, squeezing them hard. Using them as hand holds I pulled her whole body towards me, teasing her until I took her left nipple in my mouth and gently sucked on it helping it grow and get very stiff, until it looked like a pencil eraser. Once it was good and hard. To her surprise, I bit down hard and walked away, leaving droplets of blood forming on the abused breast.

"You bitch! That hurts!" Ilkay screamed.

"If you think that hurts, just hang around and see what's next, Bitch."

Gently running my hands over her trembling legs, I discovered that tell tale slick spot forming on the inside of her thighs. I moved further up until my mouth was inches away from her now very puffy vagina and surprise, surprise her clit is sticking up almost a half inch like a little penis.

"The bitch is loving this", I thought.

Ilkay starts twisting and dancing at the ends of her ropes, excited and afraid of what's to come. She looks like an insect caught in a spider's web, which in a way is exactly what she is. An insect caught in my web, unable to escape or even alert someone to your presence here.

She doesn't even notice the moisture running down her legs. From a nearby shelf I get an empty glass and let your own juices fill it almost full. I take the glass and set it aside.

Ilkay's small mouth was spewing forth curses and swears like a gutter whore. From my bag I retrieveI retrieve a 2 inch pink ball gag with a little devil girl drawn on it. Showing the gag to Ilkay, her mouth clamps shut. Smiling I hold her nose until she needs to breathe, and at the same moment I twist her right nipple making her scream in pain. I shoved the gag between her teeth and rotating it so devil girl showed out.

"Bye, Bye Slut" as I walk out of the old barn behind the bed and breakfast, close the doors and locking them as I leave.

A short walk to a side door into the old tack room where I have the regular, low light and heat sensitive cameras set up to watch you without you knowing it.

Watching from the monitors, I'm amazed how calm she is just hanging there. Calm that is until the barn slowly darkens as the sun sets, switching on the low light and night vision cameras. The eerie green glow shows Ilkay squirming with every little noise in the night.

Rustling sounds and something brushing her leg sends the captive beauty into a frantic struggle against the ropes that bind her still spread eagle in the barn. I chuckle to my self as I notice the source of the sound was a stray cat just being friendly.

After the full of night was upon us, I crept into the barn carrying a 12 foot12-foot bull whipbullwhip and wearing night vision goggles. A sane person would never use one on the skin of a woman. I had been spending two to three hours a day practicing, and building up my arm strength. I was sure I could undress her and tickle her nipples if I wanted to. Once she calmed down and just hung at the ends of the ropes...

Crack, the sound whip makes breaking the air and the thump of it hitting flesh echoed through the old barn. GaggedGagged, as Ilkay is she can't even scream, only twist violently. Slowly coiling the whip and waiting again for her to calm down, Crackcrack the whip strikes again. Over and over until her upper back and ass is covered with welts. Careful not to hit the critical lower back and kidney areas I move down her thighs and work my way around to her front.

I could just imagine her thinking, 'Jesus fucking Christ, she's going to kill me!'

She twisted wildly in a futile effort to get away from the painful point of the whip. Welts that by now covered her back, hips and ass would almost be glowing red. Causing mind-numbing pain.

Just before Ilkay's world went black, her entire body spasmed in an orgasm rocked her so much that it threatened to tear her arms from their sockets!

Ilkay Dreaming

First I was being lead through my office crawling behind a goddess with red hair holding a leash attached to a collar around my neck. I am proud of her status and do not care what others think.

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