A Good Good Morning

by LancelotMN

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman is woken up in a very pleasant manner.

Amy slowly woke up as she felt her bed moving. As her eyes opened and blinked adjusting to the sudden light of the morning she looked at Tim, seeing him sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at her with eyes full of love. "Good morning, Beautiful" he said as she stretched her arms above her head and yawned. "Good morning, Handsome" Amy returned to him. Tim leaned down to kiss his beautiful girlfriend on the lips. It had over a month since they had spent time with each other, Amy having just flown in the night before, but too tired to talk much less show Tim how much she missed him. As Tim's tongue parted her lips and snaked its way inside Amy could feel her arousal once again sparking in her, reminding her of what she had been missing the last few months. Her tongue felt his enter her mouth as she opened to accept it. She closed her eyes and began massaging his tongue with her own, their tongues beginning a dance that she hoped their bodies would finish.

Amy wrapped her arms around Tim's neck and pulled him tighter to her while Tim put his left hand behind her head intertwining his fingers in her long beautiful hair and putting his right arm around her lower back, just above the swell of her ass. As they continued to kiss passionately, igniting a fire that had been being fueled for the last 5 weeks Tim began to feel his member respond to Amy's lustful kiss. Their tongues continued their dueling, each trying to show the other their love without saying a word, both knowing the other's need.

Tim moved his right hand down lower, reaching down to cup her sweet ass cheek with his hand, gently squeezing it, reacquainting himself with the feel of her body. Amy felt his hand squeezing her ass and began to moan as she remembered the surprise she had in store for Tim which she hoped he would soon find out. Tim continued to knead her ass with his hand as his mouth started kissing her cheek, moving over to her left ear and licking the outer edge and nibbling on her earlobe. He began to kiss behind her ear and follow the line of her jaw down to her collarbone where he proceeded to nip the skin with his teeth, not hurting, just making sure she knew he was there. Tim nipped with his teeth and then would suck on the skin before kissing his way over a few centimeters and repeating on a new, fresh piece of her sensitive skin.

Amy lay there with her eyes closed, savoring his lips on her skin, trusting Tim to make her feel good. As Tim continued kissing the skin on her left collarbone Amy moved her left hand to the back of Tim's head, letting her hand rest there, not pushing him anywhere because she loved where he was, just leaving it there to encourage him. Her right hand began to go to her shirt and play with the buttons, deciding whether or not to reveal more skin for Tim to feast on. She chose to wait for now, and left the button done up as she moved her right hand to Tim's back to get as much physical contact with him as she could. Tim began kissing back towards her neck, having reached the edge of her collar bone. As he retraced his way back, kissing more skin and tickling her neck with his goatee he moved his left hand down to her side, pushing his hand under her shirt to rub the skin directly on her side, feeling her warm body with his touch. His mouth continued its journey towards the middle of her neck, finally reaching the hollow of her throat, nibbling on her delicious skin as she began to writhe in his arms.

After giving her neck some more kisses he began to give her right collarbone the same treatment as her left, kissing, nipping, and sucking then moving a few millimeters to do the same to new skin. As he moved his lips he revealed more skin, pushing her shirt over. Tim moved back towards the middle upon reaching the edge of her collar, kissing more skin with his mouth as his left hand rubbed her side and his right hand squeezed her supple ass. Once reaching the middle Tim decided to explore new territory and proceeded to kiss south on her lovely body, leaving a wet trail which he would blow on every few seconds to cool her heated skin. As he got to the first button with his mouth he grabbed it in his teeth and skillfully worked it out, freeing more skin for his warm, wet mouth to explore. He continued kissing down, coming upon the start of the valley between her breasts.

He tried to undo the next button with his teeth, but was unsuccessful, finally relenting to pull his right hand from her ass to unbutton her shirt and give him more access to her nubile body. As he pulled his hand from her ass she moaned, protesting his hand leaving her body. Amy's moans of protest soon turned to sighs of pleasure as his mouth continued to kiss the valley between her lovely breasts and his hand returned to squeezing her ass. Using his teeth to pull her shirt open he gazed down at her perfectly shaped breasts, his mouth beginning to water in anticipation of tasting her rosy nipples.

Finally he could wait no longer and his mouth descended onto her left nipple, engulfing her entire nipple and areola in his mouth, sucking it in as his soft yet rough tongue licked across the nipple. Amy arched her back, trying to push more of her breast into his mouth, letting out a small gasp as waves of pleasure seemed to flow from her chest. Tim moved his left hand from playing with her hair to cupping her right breast, his mouth continuing to suck on her tasty nipple. Amy's hands decided to become more active in this journey of love and lust that they found themselves on as she reached down to the hem of his shirt with her left hand to gently stroke his bare chest under his shirt and her right hand moved down to squeeze his ass. As she found his ass she squeezed him, letting him know she wanted him more.

Tim could no longer fight the temptation that her right breast had for him and kissed across her chest, across the valley between her breasts, and to her right nipple, beginning with a slow licking around her breast, kissing more towards her nipple and finally reaching his destination of the small bump that was hard with her arousal. She began to make small whimpering noises, knowing how wet she would be when he finally chose to travel down to her most sensitive area. Tim continued his kissing of her right breast, flicking the nipple with his tongue as he sucked on it, knowing that by the end of the day she would have a mark of his love, a mark of his ownership of her. She already knew she was his, and these things just were evidence.

Tim's right hand moved up from her ass to the small of her back and began stroking her side, slowly moving to her belly and rubbing it. He slowly moved his hand down further, rubbing in slow circles as his fingers edged under the waistband of her shorts, moving towards her panties to get under them. His hand continued to travel south until he finally touched her soft, downy hair and he realized that she had gone to bed without panties on. He stopped sucking on her nipple to look up at her in question. Amy looked down at him with a grin, letting him know that she had planned this all along. Tim grinned back, loving this beautiful, sexy, horny woman. His right hand continued down towards her womanhood, eager now to feel her soft sensitive skin under his fingers.

She was now silent, reveling in his touch. Amy wondered how this big strong oaf with rough calloused hands could touch her body so softly and tenderly, his tough hands of leather turning to velvet with his touch. As his finger found her clit and gently pressed on it she shuddered, her hips suddenly jerking up to meet his hand. Tim could now feel how wet she was, practically dripping off of her sweet pussy lips. He slipped a finger between her lips, into the cleft of her pussy and rubbed, not going inside, just sliding along her slit. He continued to rub, spreading her juices around to make things easier for his fingers to enter her hot wet tunnel. Finally, she could wait no longer and whimpered for him to put something inside.

He smiled, looking at her face, flushed with pleasure, grinning to himself at how hot he could make this beauty. He was not one to deny her anything though so he slowly inserted a finger inside slowly twisting as he pushed, her wet pussy walls giving a slight resistance to his entrance. Soon his finger was completely inserted into her pussy and he rotated it in a circle, rubbing around the inside of her pussy and making her begin to move her hips. As he tried to get his finger deeper in her pussy he realized he couldn't get any further in the current position she was in. Tim decided to take matters in his own hands and moved down the bed, his right hand coming out of her pussy, his left hand coming off of her breast and sliding down her body to the waist of her shorts. His hands grabbed her shorts and tugged on them. She lifted her hips so he could slide them down, eager to help him with anything that might help her feel more ecstasy. As he slid her shorts down her legs, she quickly sat up and discarded her open shirt, leaving her totally naked before his lustful gaze.

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