Nicole's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Incest, Brother, Sister, Father, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Size,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hi Jax, my name's Nicole, I love all your stories especially the true ones like 'Kate's Story' and I would like you to write about me. I'm a very short, only 5'2" tall, and I'm slightly on the plump side, but I'm chubby in all the right places, I'm very busty! I've always have been. Nicole is my real name and I would like you to use it, just change my surname if you have to and it will be fine. I'd love to know that thousands of guys are jerking off to my personal experiences and moaning my name while doing it. When this all happened I was just sweet 15.

Hi Jax, my name's Nicole, I love all your stories especially the true ones like 'Kate's Story' and I would like you to write about me. I'm a very short, only 5'2" tall, and I'm slightly on the plump side, but I'm chubby in all the right places, I'm very busty! I've always have been. Nicole is my real name and I would like you to use it, just change my surname if you have to and it will be fine. I'd love to know that thousands of guys are jerking off to my personal experiences and moaning my name while doing it. When this all happened I was just sweet 15.

"Don't be such a baby Nicole," giggled Barbara, "Give them a flash."

"She certainly got more than enough to flash with," giggled Clair.

"Please I can't," I whined and I hated hearing that in my voice it sounded so childish somehow.

We were driving along in Clair's open top car and both the others two had lifted their tops to expose their bras to some passing guys.

"Come on here's a couple more," said Barbara.

I took a big breath and gripped the bottom of my knitted top and lifted up to reveal my well-staked bra. As Clair had said I wasn't small in the boob department and I filled my D cup to almost overflowing. I loved it when we were on the highways and we did flash our tits; it was so much fun. The guys would go crazy, I always thought that they were going crash.

"Hey they were cute," said Clair, "shall we turn around and pick them up?"

"W-what no," I stammered.

"Scaredy cat," said Barbara, "I could teach you how to blow them if you want?"

"No please," I said the thought of meeting close up the two guys that I had just flashed was too much for me to contemplate.

"Drop us off at Nicole's place please," said Barbara, after we had cruised about a little while longer.

"Sure, no problem," said Clair who did a right turn at the end of the street.

It was always like that, they would tease me into doing something and then they'd praise me for doing it. I felt great but sometimes I would go too far for my own good!

"Have you told your parents yet?" asked Barbara.

"What, oh no, not yet," I said.

"I'll do it now, if you want?" she said, "I'll tell them we are off on a road trip to visit my Aunt who lives by the coast, just for the week end and I'll be there to look after their darling virgin daughter."

"You think they go for it?" I asked my heart beating wildly in my chest.

Barbie had promised me a weekend away where I would do the deed with some guy, if I could get up the nerve; well a blowjob at least.

"Yeah, sure," giggled Barbara, "your dad thinks I'm very trustworthy and I think he fancies me too, you should have seen him when I wore that short skirt the other week."

In fact my dad loved when I brought my girlfriends to our house, all of them are really quite cute, most were 16 to 17. I'm sure he loved to have the little beauties around (he divorced mom when I was 12, but they get along well enough so I spend a lot of time with dad). Sometimes I think he peeks at my boobs too. Looking back now I must confess I did dress a little too sexily around his house, it must have been maddening for him. I loved those cut off tops and tank tops that looked so huge on my body. They are very comfortable though but they were always riding up my body and it was quite normal for me to be showing more than I should.

"Well it was rather short," I said, thinking back to the skirt she wore the last time she came around.

"Yeah, drove all the guys wild with lust," she giggled. "It was a great party you should have come. There were these two guys there, old they were at least forty, anyway I sucked them both off outside behind the garage."

"You never," I gasped.

"Yeah they wanted to take me some place and fuck me," she giggled, "I would have too but I already promised my pussy to Tom."

"Tom fucked you that night as well," I gasped again.

"Sure," she said with a smile, "fucked my brains out he did."

Barbie was always doing that, she would make a point of describing things to me in great detail; it was so hot. I loved to hear how she got fucked, sucked or teased her dates.

"Hello Mr Johnson," Barbie called out brightly, as we entered the lounge.

Hi girls" my dad said.

"Mr Johnson, I'm going visiting next week end, my Aunts got this place right on the beach," she said, "can Nicole come with me, keep me company you know."

"Sure no problems," my father said, "I know you'll look after her."

My tummy felt like it was made from jelly, Barbie would be here soon and now I wanted to stay at home but I knew I had to go through with it. She was late as usually which didn't help any but then she arrived and we were off.

"God you should see the guys," Barbara enthused, "talk about handsome and loaded too."

"Oh" I said but I wasn't scared for I knew Barbie would look after me.

The beach house was very isolated, far away from everything but it only had two bedrooms.

"That's all we'll need dummy," giggled Barbara. "Here are the guys now."

The guys were around 45, both were nice enough I suppose and Barbie kept telling me how older men were better because they were more experienced. The bitch was doing a great job preparing me to be their whore. Out of the back of their car they brought boxes full of goodies, beer, wine and food.

"Don't want to run out," said Colin.

"Yeah, how about a beer," said Trevor, "it's very hot out today."

"Sure," said Barbara and she took two cans and gave me one. "Lets get our swimming costumes on."

"Yeah right," I said but now I definitely felt a little scared.

Barbie was very pretty with a nice slim body that looks great in a bikini. I would have preferred to wear a one piece for as I've said I'm rather well built but when packing Judy would have none of it. My bikini was rather tiny because it was old, I started to use one pieces when my tits started to get bigger than any girl of my age. I remember that bikini was plainly immoral and I could never understand how Barbie managed to convince me to use it!

"Got to show them the goods," she chuckled.

Almost as soon as we hit the beach Barbie removed her top.

Fucking great," said Colin and he handed out more beer.

Both guys then looked at me to follow suit.

"Come on don't be a baby," said Barbara, "get them out for the guys."

"Please, I can't," I whispered to her.

"Course you can, you don't want to hide all the good bits, now do we?" she giggled.

I have never been topless before but the beer had given me enough nerve to do it.

"Will you look at them," whistled Trevor, as my top hit the sand.

I felt shy and proud all at the same time.

"Stick them out babe," encouraged Barbara and we set about playing with a fresbie.

"Come on my little virgin try and catch the thing," Barbara scolded, as once again I dropped the flying disk.

It wasn't my fault, I'm usually good at this game, but every time I jumped to catch the thing I was conscious of how my boobs wobbled about and the looks the two guys were giving me.

"How can a girl with big tits like her still be a virgin?" asked a slightly drunk Colin.

"More than that," giggled Barbara, "even her mouth's a virgin, she never even sucked a cock."

"What," said Trevor, "I don't believe it."

"Yeah our buxom babe is totally a virgin," giggled Barbara, "but not for long, ah guys?"

"Not if we have anything to do with it," said Colin.

Their words and their hot eyes following my naked bouncing bust was getting me so hot.

Later the guys cook a simple steak dinner for us all with lots of wine to go with it. By the end of the meal I was feeling a little fuzzy.

After flaunting my near naked body all afternoon it seemed silly to wear too much, so I put on a short skirt, although not as short as Barbie's but then she has the legs for it. I had also pulled on a tight knitted top that made my boobs look even bigger.

"Lets have a dance while the guys do the dishes," said Barbara who turned the stereo on to a good channel. Barbie was a great dancer and she strutted her stuff until the guys came in from the kitchen to cheer us on.

"Get your kit off," yelled Colin.

"Yeah," agreed Trevor, "do a strip."

Buoyed up with wine and beer I followed Barbie's lead. Off came her top and then off came mine.

"Yeah," encouraged the guys.

Next we lost out skirts and we danced to the music in our underwear.

Barbie then removed her bra and whirled it around her head.

"Come on Baby," she encouraged.

"Please no," I said.

"Come on," she said again, "it was just like being on the beach."

Well I suppose it was, but I still wasn't that happy about it.

Colin jumped up and unzipped his pants and hooked his hard cock out.

"Look at this girls," he shouted somewhat drunkenly.

Not to be out done Trevor did the same; his was slightly bigger.

"Come on Nicole," jeered Barbara, "your turn now."

I reached around and unclipped my bra strap.

Actually Barbie was all the time 'coaching me', she was not as drunk as she made out. Every time I started to be uncertain about something she would tease and coerce me on into continuing. She also gave me a lot of 'clues' about what to do.

Colin then made a grab for Barbie, which made her scream with laughter, and they fell to the floor kissing; I could see his hands all over her body. Trevor then grabbed me and his hands found my boobs and he squeezed them hard. The pain went straight to my pussy and I started to get very wet.

"Fucking great tits Nicole," said Trevor as his hands roamed freely over me.

It felt great, I loved it, I love his hands on my hot body, it was like I was being worshiped. I glanced over to Barbie and Colin and her head was already bobbing up and down on his cock. I never seen a blowjob before and the sight now sent a shiver through my body.

"Suck it Nicole," Trevor demanded as he presented his cock right in front of my face.

This was it, this was what I had been waiting for. I quickly looked over at Barbie and she caught me eye and she winked. I opened my mouth and my first cock went in.

"That's it Nicole, suck it," encouraged Trevor who took my head between his hands.

It felt strange but nice somehow. His hands were back on my boobs squeezing them hard.

"My, what a pair of tits you've got Nicole," he said. "Ok, that enough of that."

He pulled his cock out of my mouth but I didn't want it to go. I looked quickly over to Barbie and she was now sitting astride Colin lap and her hips were pushing against him. Oh my they were actually doing it and in the same room as me.

"Let's loose these," said Trevor and he pulled my panties down my thighs.

"No please," I said making a grab for them but it was too late he pulled them off and threw them across the room.

I tried to keep my legs tight together but Trevor just pulled them apart and fell in between them. Before I could say anything his cock was pushing its way into my virgin hole. I must have been so wet for it just slipped straight in.

"That right, fuck the slut," called Barbara from the other side of the room.

That's right, I was no longer a virgin but a slut, getting fucked in the same room as she was. The heat was spreading now, centring on my pussy and moving through out my body, then I came for the first time with a cock in me.

"Fucking great ah Nicole," sighed Trevor who had just pumped his spunk into me and was now kissing my nipples.

"How was it baby?" asked Barbara for she and Colin had finished too and she had crawled over to see me.

"Yeah ok I guess," I said which was about all I could say.

"Why don't you two girls have a cuddle while we rest for a while," suggested Colin.

"Yeah come on baby," giggled Barbara.

I was too tired to stop her and then I felt her soft hands on my body.

"Yeah that it girls," said Trevor, as we kissed and her hands were gentle on my boobs.

"Stick that arse up baby," said Trevor to Barbie and he grabbed her around the waist and pushed his new hardness into her from behind.

That's not right surely, I thought, wasn't Trevor my lover for the weekend.

"Suck this Nicole," demanded Colin who pushed his semi hard cock in front of my face.

I opened my lips and took him in. I could feel him grow inside my mouth as I worked my tongue around his knob end and suddenly Colin pulled me away from the other two and pushed his newly hard cock into my pussy. This wasn't right, I thought, but Colin was already pumping away for all he was worth.

"What a fucking pair," he grunted and squeezed my boobs hard.

As I looked towards Barbie, she had her head resting on her crossed arms, her arse high in the air and my first lover doing her from behind; stupidly I felt a stab of jealously towards her for stealing my lover, then Colin brought me back to earth by spunking inside me.

Over the weekend both guys fucked me and used me in every possible way, except for anal sex, they tried but I was just too tight for it. The worst part was that I loved it, I loved the attention and I loved to suck cock, I found out I love to give head. Later I found out the guys had given Barbie quite a lot of money for that weekend, she had used me and I felt betrayed. When her family found out she was whoring, she upped and left home. We didn't meet again until I was 21 when I was at college far from home. It was hard to be a student so far away, I never had enough money so I started to make a bit extra by doing some Escort work, but that's another story.

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