Marcy and the Black Bikers

by Clvfan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband and wife get seperated, she gets caught by four black bikers. Can her husband find her and what happens if he does.

26-year-old Navy Lieutenant Pete Reynolds woke as the sun was rising. He smiled to himself as he heard the birds beginning to sing with the coming morning. He was snug inside a sleeping bag in a small two-man tent. The delicious warmth against his back was his beautiful 23-year-old wife Marcy. He was on an extended leave after serving two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pete was a Navy Seal, he ran a Seal team that had seen quite a bit of action in both theaters and they were getting three months of well deserved down time.

Pete had laughingly told his men when they had disembarked from the C-130 that brought them back to the states. "We might as well be in the Army, most of the work we have done has been on land lately."

He and Marcy had been on a four-day Motorcycle trip through some of the back country of Virginia. He was stationed at the Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia and they lived about 20 miles from the base. They had toured the wooded roads and there was a 40-mile stretch of mostly dirt road coming out about 10 miles from their house onto a main highway. They were camped just about 40 miles from home, could have made it yesterday but they wanted to spend one more night camping.

Marcy felt her husband move and knew he was awake, she slipped a soft white hand over his hips to slide down through his pubic hair just teasing the base of his cock with the tip of her finger. She gave him a kiss on a broad shoulder blade,

"Morning babe" she said.

Pete grinned as he felt her hand moving over him, he turned on his back so she had better access to his cock. She was lying on her side and he turned his head to kiss her on her full red lips. Every time he saw her he was amazed at his luck in having such a beautiful woman love him.

Marcy was a 5' 7" bundle of dynamite. She was a striking redhead, her hair was a dark red, when the sun hit it, it seemed to glow with a red halo. Bright blue eyes and full lips, clear milky skin and a magnificent figure, 34c breasts capped with a big pink aureole and pencil eraser size nipples when she was aroused. A small waist flaring out into round hips and firm thighs and calves.

The hair covering her mound was a fiery red and it extended down around her vulva.

While he was being thankful for having her, she was looking at him and thinking similar thoughts.

As she ran her hand down his hardening cock she was surely thankful the day he asked her out. Pete was 6'2" of all muscle, he weighed around 220, big broad chest lightly covered in soft brown hair, narrow waist and muscular ass and thighs. His hard flat belly had a line of hair starting just below his navel and spreading to part around his big cock. Pete had 9 1/2 inches of fat hooded cock that could send her body into orbit. A pair of big balls to fill her with cum and he was the best lover she had ever had. Looking into his smiling green eyes she gave him an answering grin.

"You are about to wake somebody up you know." he told her.

"That was the idea lover." she smiled.

Pete rolled over on his side to face her being careful to make sure she could keep her hand on his cock. Marcy was jerking him just enough to keep covering and uncovering the big round head. It fascinated her to watch as she did this.

Pete brought his own hand into play cupping a round breast and working a nipple gently between thumb and finger, it started to harden immediately.

"Ummm that feels good, I love you, you big lug." she whispered.

"That makes it nice since I love you too woman." he answered and kissed her eyes and nose before capturing her lips with his.

The taste of him, the smell of him always aroused her, she loved the way his hands moved over her body.

Marcy was a Navy brat, her father was a commander on a aircraft carrier in the Atlantic. He also was stationed out of Norfolk, had been for the last 6 years, She had lost her virginity when she was 16 and had 6 lovers since then, but when she met Pete she knew he would be the only one she needed from then on. They had been married for three years, a lot of that time apart, but she knew that's the way of a military marriage. She just made the most of the time they had together. Like now.

Pete moved her so she was on her back and he was leaning over her, his tongue working in her sweet mouth, hers was caressing his lovingly. His fingers had her nipple standing tall, he moved his hand to slid down her soft belly, his fingers combing through her red bush before he parted her tight lips with his middle finger. He slid the two fingers on either side down the outside of her vulva squeezing them gently as he probed into her moist labia and on into her tight channel.

"Ummm babe that's good." she murmured into his mouth. Pete gave her a little kiss on the nose and started trailing wet kisses down her neck and up the slope of one breast. He took her hard nipple in his mouth and sucked hard before opening his mouth wide and engulfing as much sweet tit as he could and washing it with his tongue.

Marcy was having trouble reaching his stiffening cock now so she put her arm around his neck caressing his short hair and holding him to her breast as he built that fire in her loins.

Pete was working a big finger in and out of her cunt, he had it curled and scraping her G-spot, making her shiver with the sensations he was causing. Marcy spread her legs to let him have easier access and he looked up from a saliva slick breast, grinned and started kissing his way down her stomach stopping to tickle her cute belly button with the tip of his tongue. He moved so he was lying between her legs, his head between her soft white thighs. Running his nose though her red curls he inhaled the sweet woman scent of her rapidly heating pussy.

When his tongue laved her engorged clit Marcy's whole body tensed with desire, his touch made her quake with passion. Pete slowly tongued her pussy, running his tongue into her tight lips and washing the inside of her as far back as he could get. Marcy put her legs over his shoulders and he brought his hands up the outside of her legs to slide up her waist to squeeze and knead two hard nippled breasts.

"Ohhh Lover you do that so good" she sighed.

The taste of his woman was sweet to him and his cock was fully hard, he wanted her to fill his mouth with her essence and he worked harder on her clit, sucking and flicking it with his tongue.

"Yess lover, ummm that's it... Oh yeah pull my nipples,... Huhhhh your tongue's so wet... HUUUUuhhhhhh yes" she cried as her orgasm overtook her. Her pussy throbbed and poured out her cum into his waiting mouth. Pete drank it all, filling her cavity with his tongue and loving the feel of her clasping vaginal walls squeezing it. Marcy using her calf and thigh muscles on his shoulders had hunched her pussy up to his mouth as tight as she could get it.

She shuddered through her climax on his wiggling tongue, he stayed right with her as the throbbing slowly subsided. Marcy had been eaten many times by her other lovers but none could take her to such heights of ecstasy.

Opening her legs she quickly scooted around and pulling up on his shoulders she pushed him on his back. she kissed his cum smeared face with licking sucking kisses, cleaning her cum from him. When she had him on his back she straddled his hips and reaching down between them she positioned his big cock at her entrance.

Wiping the head back and forth to coat it with her cum she eased down, the feeling as it parted her vulva into a big O was exquisite and the spongy head parting her wet walls as she slowly slid down sent delicious shivers through her.

Pete also was getting that tingle of passion through the head of his cock as it opened her tight cunt, it was like a hot velvet glove squeezing around his cock.

Marcy took her time, he was so big she had to go slow and let her vaginal walls get used to him. At last her red hair was mingled with his dark brown ones and she had him fully inside.

Pete loved to watch her face as she took him in, it was a study of concentration, she looked so cute as she chewed her lower lip with the feeling she was having, her face flushing with her rising passion.

Having him fully ensconced Marcy started rotating her hips in a slow circle, she had her hands on his chest and was smiling down at him, her red hair falling about her face. Pete ran his hands up her arms and then over to fondle her pink tipped tits.

When she sat on him like this she could feel the head of his cock against her cervix, that always gave her an extra little jolt of pleasure, and when she rotated her hips it moved around rubbing her cervix so deliciously.

Marcy started raising up and down, the slick friction of the loose skin on his shaft rubbing her clutching wet channel making little goosebumps pop out on her.

Pete had to give little groans of pleasure himself and as their bodies grew more heated and excited she picked up the pace. Pete's hands had moved to her hips now helping with her fucking. Both were breathing heavy and a sheen of sweat glistened on their bodies.

Pete was watching his wife's face as she climbed for her release. Her blue eyes were closed, the tip of her pink tongue just sticking out of her full red lips, she was lost in rising ecstasy.

Marcy's hips were pounding now and Pete was hunching up off the ground to meet her downward thrusts, his big head hitting her cervix on every stroke.

"Ohhh yeah lover you're making me cum, mmmmmm I can't take it." she squeaked as her love muscle tightened around him and flooded his shaft with her love juice.

She milked all along his embedded cock, throbbing and clenching through her climax.

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