Marcy and the Black Bikers

by Clvfan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Husband and wife get seperated, she gets caught by four black bikers. Can her husband find her and what happens if he does.

26-year-old Navy Lieutenant Pete Reynolds woke as the sun was rising. He smiled to himself as he heard the birds beginning to sing with the coming morning. He was snug inside a sleeping bag in a small two-man tent. The delicious warmth against his back was his beautiful 23-year-old wife Marcy. He was on an extended leave after serving two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pete was a Navy Seal, he ran a Seal team that had seen quite a bit of action in both theaters and they were getting three months of well deserved down time.

Pete had laughingly told his men when they had disembarked from the C-130 that brought them back to the states. "We might as well be in the Army, most of the work we have done has been on land lately."

He and Marcy had been on a four-day Motorcycle trip through some of the back country of Virginia. He was stationed at the Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia and they lived about 20 miles from the base. They had toured the wooded roads and there was a 40-mile stretch of mostly dirt road coming out about 10 miles from their house onto a main highway. They were camped just about 40 miles from home, could have made it yesterday but they wanted to spend one more night camping.

Marcy felt her husband move and knew he was awake, she slipped a soft white hand over his hips to slide down through his pubic hair just teasing the base of his cock with the tip of her finger. She gave him a kiss on a broad shoulder blade,

"Morning babe" she said.

Pete grinned as he felt her hand moving over him, he turned on his back so she had better access to his cock. She was lying on her side and he turned his head to kiss her on her full red lips. Every time he saw her he was amazed at his luck in having such a beautiful woman love him.

Marcy was a 5' 7" bundle of dynamite. She was a striking redhead, her hair was a dark red, when the sun hit it, it seemed to glow with a red halo. Bright blue eyes and full lips, clear milky skin and a magnificent figure, 34c breasts capped with a big pink aureole and pencil eraser size nipples when she was aroused. A small waist flaring out into round hips and firm thighs and calves.

The hair covering her mound was a fiery red and it extended down around her vulva.

While he was being thankful for having her, she was looking at him and thinking similar thoughts.

As she ran her hand down his hardening cock she was surely thankful the day he asked her out. Pete was 6'2" of all muscle, he weighed around 220, big broad chest lightly covered in soft brown hair, narrow waist and muscular ass and thighs. His hard flat belly had a line of hair starting just below his navel and spreading to part around his big cock. Pete had 9 1/2 inches of fat hooded cock that could send her body into orbit. A pair of big balls to fill her with cum and he was the best lover she had ever had. Looking into his smiling green eyes she gave him an answering grin.

"You are about to wake somebody up you know." he told her.

"That was the idea lover." she smiled.

Pete rolled over on his side to face her being careful to make sure she could keep her hand on his cock. Marcy was jerking him just enough to keep covering and uncovering the big round head. It fascinated her to watch as she did this.

Pete brought his own hand into play cupping a round breast and working a nipple gently between thumb and finger, it started to harden immediately.

"Ummm that feels good, I love you, you big lug." she whispered.

"That makes it nice since I love you too woman." he answered and kissed her eyes and nose before capturing her lips with his.

The taste of him, the smell of him always aroused her, she loved the way his hands moved over her body.

Marcy was a Navy brat, her father was a commander on a aircraft carrier in the Atlantic. He also was stationed out of Norfolk, had been for the last 6 years, She had lost her virginity when she was 16 and had 6 lovers since then, but when she met Pete she knew he would be the only one she needed from then on. They had been married for three years, a lot of that time apart, but she knew that's the way of a military marriage. She just made the most of the time they had together. Like now.

Pete moved her so she was on her back and he was leaning over her, his tongue working in her sweet mouth, hers was caressing his lovingly. His fingers had her nipple standing tall, he moved his hand to slid down her soft belly, his fingers combing through her red bush before he parted her tight lips with his middle finger. He slid the two fingers on either side down the outside of her vulva squeezing them gently as he probed into her moist labia and on into her tight channel.

"Ummm babe that's good." she murmured into his mouth. Pete gave her a little kiss on the nose and started trailing wet kisses down her neck and up the slope of one breast. He took her hard nipple in his mouth and sucked hard before opening his mouth wide and engulfing as much sweet tit as he could and washing it with his tongue.

Marcy was having trouble reaching his stiffening cock now so she put her arm around his neck caressing his short hair and holding him to her breast as he built that fire in her loins.

Pete was working a big finger in and out of her cunt, he had it curled and scraping her G-spot, making her shiver with the sensations he was causing. Marcy spread her legs to let him have easier access and he looked up from a saliva slick breast, grinned and started kissing his way down her stomach stopping to tickle her cute belly button with the tip of his tongue. He moved so he was lying between her legs, his head between her soft white thighs. Running his nose though her red curls he inhaled the sweet woman scent of her rapidly heating pussy.

When his tongue laved her engorged clit Marcy's whole body tensed with desire, his touch made her quake with passion. Pete slowly tongued her pussy, running his tongue into her tight lips and washing the inside of her as far back as he could get. Marcy put her legs over his shoulders and he brought his hands up the outside of her legs to slide up her waist to squeeze and knead two hard nippled breasts.

"Ohhh Lover you do that so good" she sighed.

The taste of his woman was sweet to him and his cock was fully hard, he wanted her to fill his mouth with her essence and he worked harder on her clit, sucking and flicking it with his tongue.

"Yess lover, ummm that's it... Oh yeah pull my nipples,... Huhhhh your tongue's so wet... HUUUUuhhhhhh yes" she cried as her orgasm overtook her. Her pussy throbbed and poured out her cum into his waiting mouth. Pete drank it all, filling her cavity with his tongue and loving the feel of her clasping vaginal walls squeezing it. Marcy using her calf and thigh muscles on his shoulders had hunched her pussy up to his mouth as tight as she could get it.

She shuddered through her climax on his wiggling tongue, he stayed right with her as the throbbing slowly subsided. Marcy had been eaten many times by her other lovers but none could take her to such heights of ecstasy.

Opening her legs she quickly scooted around and pulling up on his shoulders she pushed him on his back. she kissed his cum smeared face with licking sucking kisses, cleaning her cum from him. When she had him on his back she straddled his hips and reaching down between them she positioned his big cock at her entrance.

Wiping the head back and forth to coat it with her cum she eased down, the feeling as it parted her vulva into a big O was exquisite and the spongy head parting her wet walls as she slowly slid down sent delicious shivers through her.

Pete also was getting that tingle of passion through the head of his cock as it opened her tight cunt, it was like a hot velvet glove squeezing around his cock.

Marcy took her time, he was so big she had to go slow and let her vaginal walls get used to him. At last her red hair was mingled with his dark brown ones and she had him fully inside.

Pete loved to watch her face as she took him in, it was a study of concentration, she looked so cute as she chewed her lower lip with the feeling she was having, her face flushing with her rising passion.

Having him fully ensconced Marcy started rotating her hips in a slow circle, she had her hands on his chest and was smiling down at him, her red hair falling about her face. Pete ran his hands up her arms and then over to fondle her pink tipped tits.

When she sat on him like this she could feel the head of his cock against her cervix, that always gave her an extra little jolt of pleasure, and when she rotated her hips it moved around rubbing her cervix so deliciously.

Marcy started raising up and down, the slick friction of the loose skin on his shaft rubbing her clutching wet channel making little goosebumps pop out on her.

Pete had to give little groans of pleasure himself and as their bodies grew more heated and excited she picked up the pace. Pete's hands had moved to her hips now helping with her fucking. Both were breathing heavy and a sheen of sweat glistened on their bodies.

Pete was watching his wife's face as she climbed for her release. Her blue eyes were closed, the tip of her pink tongue just sticking out of her full red lips, she was lost in rising ecstasy.

Marcy's hips were pounding now and Pete was hunching up off the ground to meet her downward thrusts, his big head hitting her cervix on every stroke.

"Ohhh yeah lover you're making me cum, mmmmmm I can't take it." she squeaked as her love muscle tightened around him and flooded his shaft with her love juice.

She milked all along his embedded cock, throbbing and clenching through her climax.

Pete could only groan as her milking pussy drew the cum from his balls. The head was against the back of her pussy and his first three shots of sperm were so powerful they blew right through the opening in her cervix straight into her womb, then they flowed down and around his dick to seep out her filled vulva to puddle in his pubic hair and run down around his still pumping balls. Pete produced a lot of cum and Marcy's well fucked channel was extremely slick as she continued to revolve her hips around his jerking twitching cock.

She collapsed into his arms and he hugged her tight kissing her ear and neck, murmuring how much he loved her and how great she was. They stayed that way till their ardor cooled and his cock started softening, even soft it seemed to fill her up.

She took the tip of his nose in her teeth nipping it a little before grinning and pushing herself up letting him slide out of her cunt. She scooted up on his belly her leaking cunt leaving a smear of cum where she moved up on him.

"I think I have worked up a pretty good appetite there sir, if you would be so kind to start breakfast, I will try and clean this gallon of cum out of me, you do produce a full load you know." she laughed.

Pete laughed with her. "Okay baby you do that, I'll fix some breakfast. They pulled a little trailer behind one or the other motorcycle and that's where they carried their tent and ten gallons of water plus their food.

While Marcy cleaned up he fixed some bacon and eggs over the campfire. After eating and putting out the fire they broke camp, Marcy was dressed in black leather pants and a white t-shirt with a black leather vest.

Those pants were skintight, they gave Pete a thrill every time he looked at her. He had on Jeans and a black leather vest.

Marcy was finishing loading the trailer when she came over to Pete with a wet rag in her hand.

"What's that for babe" he asked?

"Why lover, I got cleaned up and I also got my little pussy ate but you didn't get either one, just thought I would rectify the situation. She dropped to her knees in front of him unbuckling his belt. He just stood there with raised eyebrows and expectant smile on his face.

Marcy got his pants and briefs worked down over his hips, and holding his soft cock in one hand she washed it with the cloth, pulling the skin back off the big head she cleaned him good. Holding it directly in front of her face she jacked him quickly watching as the big head was covered and uncovered by the foreskin.

She started giggling at the sight, she loved to do this. However this action quickly made Pete get hard and she wanted that wonderful meat in her mouth.

Holding his cock up with one hand she started licking his balls, she could taste their dried cum and she licked it all off his balls before sliding her tongue up the underside of his cock and taking the head in her mouth. Washing it with her tongue she tightened her lips and slide down the shaft. In this position she could only get about 7 inches in but she worked her lips and tongue in a steady zrhythm as she hefted his big balls in her hand and rolled them around.

Pete's legs were shaking with the pleasure of her hot wet mouth. "Damn babe you're good, ummmm your tongue... So wet, ahh I can feel it coming" he moaned.

Marcy could too, his balls were drawing up in her hand and his dick swelled in her mouth as the first load streamed into her throat. From experience she knew she couldn't swallow the amount that he put out. She took her mouth off him and jacked him off, usually all over her tits and body but she didn't want to mess up her clothes so she aimed him beside her till he was just pumping little spurts then took him back in her mouth to suck every last bit of his sweet, tangy cum from his balls.

When there was no more to be had she tucked him back in his pants, zipped and buckled him, getting up she pulled his head down to hers kissing him with open mouth and letting him taste himself on her lips. Pete ate it up and smiled, whatever this gorgeous creature wanted him to do was alright with him.

They started home but had only gone a few miles when Pete's cycle quit, his was an older Harley-Davidson that he kept in mint condition but he had been having trouble with the ignition coil lately, he knew he should have replaced it before now.

A big sigh "Well I guess maybe its best if you go on home, get the pickup and come back and get me" He told Marcy.

"Why don't we both go" she wanted to know?

"I have never seen anybody on this road but you never know," he said "I would hate to lose this baby, its only thirty miles or so, shouldn't take you long."

"Okay, Lover." she agreed. They hooked the trailer up to her Harley.

"Call me when you start back and I will be ready, cause I am going to take a nap till then." Pete grinned.

He gave her a kiss and she headed out.

A couple of miles down the road her cycle was heard as it passed by four black bikers camping off the trail.

The leader, a big guy called Skull wasn't too happy to hear any kind of motor.

The reason they chose this place to hide out was that nobody ever used this road. He sent Jerome a fat sloppy looking guy to go down the road a piece and watch for anyone else, he didn't want to be surprised by the police. Jerome was to call them if anybody came by. Skull loved modern technology, cell phones were wonderful. Skull and his little gang had held up a rural bank about 150 miles north, got about 30,000 dollars, enough to live high for a while before they had to do it again.

They used this stretch of forest to hide in because hardly anybody ever used it.

They would stay about a week till things calmed down then head to one of the bigger cities to drink and whore around till the money was gone. He figured a couple of more days here. Along with Skull and Jerome there was Victor a skinny guy and Wink. Wink wasn't quite right in the head, they had to keep a close watch on him. Sometimes he liked to use his knife on women.

Marcy got home pretty quick, she figured she had time so she took a quick shower and changed clothes, putting on a pair of blue jean shorts and a blue tank top.

She got in their Chevy Silverado, called Pete to tell him she was on the way and headed back.

Jerome could hear a vehicle coming up the road, he dialed Skull to tell him, he saw a good-looking woman in a truck pass by. "Hey man there's a really good looking chick in a truck heading your way" he told Skull.

"Well maybe she would like to stop and stay awhile." Skull replied. "Come on up the road behind her."

Marcy rounded a curve and saw two motorcycles laying across the road and what looked like a person laying half under one of them. She stopped and got out walking slowly forwards, something just didn't look right about it. "Is anybody hurt" she asked.

The person under the bike slid out and stood up, he was skinny black guy in jeans and a sleeveless t-shirt.

Marcy knew immediately she was in trouble, turning to get back in the truck she saw a big black man standing beside the driver's door with the keys in his hand.

Another one came out of the forest to cut off any escape to the left. She heard a cycle coming, and her hope grew for a moment till she saw a fat black guy riding up. She knew he was part of this crew.

The big guy grinned. "We were going to have a party, why don't you join us."

Marcy didn't say anything, wasn't anything to say, she was smart enough to know that pleading wouldn't do any good.

"What's your name pretty thing" the big guy asked?

Marcy didn't say anything. By now they had gathered around her. The one that came out of the forest was flicking a four-inch blade knife, opening and closing it.

"Well no matter, I will just call you white pussy." he grinned. Skull took her by the arm, Marcy being a military brat was a pretty tough kid and she knew plenty of hand to hand fighting. She knew she could probably take this guy but she couldn't handle all four of them. She had no illusions about what they wanted. Pete knew about when she should arrive and he would start looking pretty quick she knew. She just had to survive till he got here.

Giving Victor the keys Skull told him to pull the truck over into their campsite out of sight and he guided Marcy over by the arm.

Marcy thought she could probably get away from him on the way but she knew she couldn't outrun all of them. As they got into camp she saw sleeping bags laying around the ashes of a campfire and one cycle off to the side, she could see the license number and she repeated it over in her head several times to memorize it. Victor had the truck back in the woods now parked on the other side of the camp. Jerome and Wink rode their bikes in and Wink went back to get Victor's bike.

Marcy was trying to study their faces without them realizing what she was doing.

The big guy was about 6'4" big chest and waist, didn't look like much fat, just a big guy, He was a dark chocolate color, shaved head tattoos on his arm, he was so dark it was hard to tell what they were. Victor was walking towards them, he looked about 6', he was lighter in color than the big guy, skinny body and arms and a scar running down his right cheek. He also had tattoos, you could see them better, they were just some kind of weird design. Jerome was also coming up from the other side, Jerome was fat, no other word for it, he was about 5' 10" and looked like he weighed around 300 hundred pounds, he was ebony black with close cropped kinky hair, if he had tattoos she couldn't tell. The other one had gone back for the last bike so she hadn't got a good look at him yet.

Skull stopped in the middle of the camp turning to look at Marcy as Victor and Jerome came up to encircle her. "Well White Pussy welcome to the party, " his white teeth a smiling light in his dark face. He saw she had a wedding ring on. "Your husband expecting you, well no matter you are going to be late." he said.

"He's in the Navy." Marcy told him.

That brought a smile to all three faces. "Looks like we will be doing him a favor then, taking care of his wife while he's away." Jerome laughed.

All three men were admiring this gorgeous redhead standing before them. Jerome and Victor knowing they would have to wait their turn after Skull, but that was all right with them.

Skull wanted to fuck the shit out of this little white pussy. He laughed to himself, the experts say rape isn't about sex its about domination. To him that was a crock of shit. He liked the feeling of a woman around his dick. He liked to take his time and make their bodies respond to him whether they liked it or not. It was all about sex for him.

"Take your clothes off White Pussy, I want to see those pretty titties and cunt." Skull ordered her.

Marcy didn't move, while she knew she was about to be raped and the less she resisted the better her chances of surviving, she wasn't going to make it to easy for them.

Wink arrived at the group and she could see he was only about 5'6, small build, his skin was light with almost a yellowish tinge, long dreadlocks and a wild look in his dark eyes. His left eyelid drooped about halfway down. He was flicking that knife blade in and out of the handle.

"Now if you don't, then I will have to have Wink there," Skull nodded toward the Knife-welding biker "cut them off you and sometimes he gets a little carried away, now you don't want that do you White Pussy?"

Marcy inwardly shuddered at the thought of being cut by the crazed biker. She grabbed the bottom of her top and crossing her arms pulled it over her head, her round firm breasts bobbing as they came free of the shirt. All four men were focused on those pink tipped beauties. She didn't look at any of them, she unbuttoned her shorts and worked them and her black panties down over her hips bending over to slip them off her legs. All she had on were her white tennis shoes.

Skull grinned, he was going to have those hanging breasts in his mouth before to long. "Why don't you lay down on that sleeping bag there White Pussy." he directed.

She didn't move, Skull grinned and looked toward Wink. Wink started forward still flicking the knife.

Marcy sighed and moved to the bag, she was trying to delay as much as possible.

She lay down on her back but kept her legs closed.

All four gathered around her, lust shining in their eyes, each had his own thoughts of how he was going to enjoy this fine hunk of woman. Skull stripped off his shirt then set down to take his boots and pants off. He stood up so she could see him.

Marcy was watching him, he was big all over, her eyes went to his cock, it was still soft but it looked to be about seven inches even that way, he would probably be as big as Pete, maybe a little longer when hard.

Skull always enjoyed watching their eyes when they saw his big cock for the first time, he was surprised this time when he didn't see any terror or apprehension in those blue eyes. He knelt down beside her running a chocolate hand over her white belly, then up to cup a soft tit.

Marcy just closed her eyes, this wasn't the time to try and fight back. Skull smiled when he saw her closed eyes, he didn't care, he was going to enjoy this soft body. He was very gentle as he ran his hands over her belly and breasts, his big fingers squeezing lightly then tweaking a nipple. Skull lay down on his side next to her and leaned over, his full lips enveloping as much of one tit as he could, licking all around before sucking her nipple gently.

Marcy didn't want to feel anything but she knew a body didn't care who was pleasing it, it reacted to stimulation from anybody if they did it right. She could feel her nipple starting to harden in his sucking mouth. He went from one to the other getting her pink nipples standing tall, her breasts shiny with his saliva. He could feel her breathing deepen. Marcy couldn't help what her body was doing but she wasn't going to make any sound that would let him know he was getting to her.

Pete was looking at his watch, Marcy should have been here by now, he reached for his cell phone and called. No answer. In his business when something didn't go according to plan that usually meant that something bad had happened. Maybe she had a flat tire, or an accident. Sitting here wasn't going to do any good.

With a sigh he got up and pushed his Harley off the trail over behind some bushes, then started walking down the road towards their house.

None of the bikers heard the phone, it was in the console of the truck and the windows were up.

Skull moved his hand down over her flat belly and red muff to slip a big chocolate finger down into her red-fringed white vulva, he dipped the tip into her dry channel.

"Open your legs White Pussy." He growled around her nipple. Marcy didn't move and he bit her nipple, the pain radiating through Marcy's body. She spread her legs slightly.

She was dry and Skull was having a hard time even getting his finger in her. He brought his hand up to her face. "Get it wet." he commanded. Marcy opened her eyes to see his big finger in front of her face. Steeling herself she opened her mouth and he stuck his finger in to the second knuckle, knowing what he was going to do she tried to work up a lot of salvia, she coated his finger with her tongue.

Skull looked at her and smiled, "you do that good White Pussy, have to see if you do as good on my dick later." He withdrew his finger and dipped it back in her vulva and into her channel, it slid in much easier now, he worked his finger in and out brushing it over her clit with each movement.

Marcy felt nothing, no desire for sex only the desire to really hurt somebody if she got the chance. Her body was a different matter, his stimulation of her clit was making her pussy lubricate whether she wanted it to or not.

Skull could feel the moisture in her pussy, he was still licking and sucking her tits. "You like my finger in you White Pussy, I can tell, you might as well let go, I am going to fuck you good baby." He left her tits shiny with his saliva and left a wet trail down over her flat stomach, he moved to lay down between her legs, grasping them behind the knees and pushing them back and open to his lowering head.

Marcy tried resisting but he was to strong for her. Skull took in the sight of her tight slit fringed with bright red hair. He had never had a redhead before, the exotic sight was intoxicating, he dipped his head and ran his broad tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top. "Yummy, tastes like strawberry shortcake" he said from between her thighs. "We are going to have a good time aren't we White Pussy?"

Marcy didn't answer, she just kept her eyes closed and tried to figure out how she could get away from these animals. Skull was working his tongue deep inside her pussy and she could feel her body reacting, her cunt was lubricating more.

It was sort of like masturbating except not as good, she knew that if he kept up the gentle approach she would probably have an orgasm but certainly not satisfying.

The other three were slowly stroking their cocks as they watched Skull work her over.

"Yeah baby you won't want anything but black cock after this." Jerome laughed.

"I can't wait to see those red lips wrapped around my cock." Victor grinned.

Wink didn't say anything, he was thinking how excited he would get when he started cutting her.

Skull sucked her clit and tongued her cunt for a long time. He didn't mind she tasted good and he was determined to make her cum. Since she really didn't want this her body built slowly, but she could feel the little tingles coming over her as he continued to eat her. He could feel her legs tensing slightly also and started sucking her clit hard and fingerfucking her with a big index finger. He felt her cunt grab his finger and more wetness flow from her.

The only sound Marcy made was a small "uh" when she climaxed, it wasn't much of an orgasm for her, a few weak contractions of her vaginal muscles and it was over. To Skull however it was a victory, He made her cum even if she didn't want to. In his mind that made him a hell of man.

He wanted his dick in that tight white pussy now, he was about half hard, getting up on his knees he lowered her legs and straddled her body, holding himself up with his legs so his ass was above her tits. He lowered himself till her nipples were pressed into his ass and his cock was in front of her mouth, she still had her eyes closed.

"Suck it up hard White Pussy" he commanded. Marcy opened her eyes to see the arrow shaped chocolate helmet in front of her eyes. He smelled of stale sweat but that was all, at least he bathes she thought. Opening her mouth and closing her eyes again she encircled the head with her lips, Skull pushed forward a couple of more inches into her mouth. She moved her head back and forth and could feel him lengthening and hardening in her mouth.

The erotic sight of his Chocolate cock shiny with her saliva sliding in and out of her full red lips had him hard quickly.

Knowing he was going to blow a load down her throat later helped him to be able to withdraw from her mouth now.

"You ready for some big black dick in that little white pussy" he said as he moved back to once again take her shapely legs in his hands and spread them wide. Lowering his pelvis to line his cock up, the head touching her vulva, he pushed forward opening her lips and driving past her labia going in about 3 inches.

Marcy could tell he was as big around as Pete, Skull's cockhead wasn't as big and that helped because even though she had cum her pussy wasn't real wet. Skull backed out and pushed in another inch, she was so tight he could already feel the little tingles of pleasure in his balls. He kept easing in a little at a time till he was fully imbedded, his balls laying against her asshole. He started fucking slowly and building speed, her frictioning tightness felt so good.

Skull was probably a little longer then Pete, he was hitting her cervix on each thrust. As his precum begin to flow, it helped lubricate the way and he slid in and out easier. Marcy wasn't building to another climax, his big cock felt good to her pussy but that was all.

"Man look at ole Skull fuck that white cunt, he sure is tearing it up." Jerome howled.

"Leave some for us man," Victor giggled. Wink just stood there pulling on his dick and grinning vacantly.

Skull's cock felt like nothing but pure pleasure, it was sending urgent signals to his balls that it couldn't take much more of this wonderful tight hot cave.

He released her legs dropping his hands down beside her, Marcy dropped her feet to the ground but his big body kept her legs spread wide. His big hips were pounding down between her wide stretched legs driving her ass into the ground.

She was grunting little huffs as her breath was driven from her when he slammed down.

He pinned her to the ground and his balls pumped their first load against the back of her pussy.

Macy felt the hot liquid striking her cervix, from Pete this usually made her have her own climax, while the hot sperm gave her a pleasant feeling in her pussy there was no answering climax. She was just glad that maybe this part would be over.

Skull shot a big load of cum in her, it was running out around his cock, he moved back and forth a little, the slick sperm making him slide extremely easy.

He knew she didn't cum and while he wanted to fuck her till she did, he also knew the others were waiting their turn. There would be plenty of time later to make her beg for his cum.

He pulled his cum slicked dick from her pussy, the red hair around the lips matted with his sperm. Marcy closed her legs when he got up. She heard the rustling of clothing and saw Victor and Jerome getting naked. Skull was putting his pants and boots back on.

He looked over at her. "White Pussy, now if you please my boys real good I won't let Wink cut you. But otherwise," he just shrugged his shoulders. "These old boys each like a different way and they like to work together sometimes. Vic, now he likes a hot mouth and Jerome, well a tight ass turns him on. Now get on your hands and knees, your gonna like this" he laughed.

Pete had walked about a mile down the road and he tried calling again. No answer, he really didn't have a good feeling about this. He didn't speculate about what could have happened he knew that was a waste of time, he just kept walking.

Victor moved around in front of Marcy his dick was already hard from his stroking and watching her white body under Skulls chocolate one. Jerome got on his knees behind her running his ebony hand over her smooth ass. Marcy seeing their cocks would have laughed if it had been some other situation, Skinny Victor had about six inches but it looked as big around as a beer can and fat Jerome had about 7 inches of skinny cock. At least she thought she was going to get the skinny one in her ass, Victor's would probably tear something.

Jerome spread her ass cheeks with one hand and positioned his cock at the entrance of her cum filled cunt and pushed in till his balls were touching the top of her red haired mound. She felt him but she was so slick with Skull's cum he slid in easily. He stroked a few times to get his cock good and lubricated.

Jerome thought her hot cunt felt so good he almost decided to fuck it instead of her ass, but he thought there would be plenty of time for that.

Victor stepped up so his hard cock was in front of her face, she wrinkled her nose, he smelled of old sweat and piss, She balanced on one hand and spit in the other rubbing the head of his wide cock, she did this three more times, trying to wash the stink off him before taking him in her mouth. Victor didn't know what she was doing but her wet hand running over his dick sure felt good. But he wanted to feel those red lips around him. "Start sucking, I want to see my black dick filling your face." he told her.

Marcy took a deep breath and opened her mouth as wide as she could, she barely got her lips around his big cock head. Jerome after getting his cock wet kept those pretty white cheeks spread and placed his ebony cock head against her pink puckered ass hole, pushing forward his cum coated head popped into her tight ass. Unlike Skull neither Jerome or Victor cared if they made her cum or not, they just wanted to get their nuts off in her beautiful body.

Once Jerome had the head embedded in her ass he shoved forward till he was buried as far as he could get. His fat belly kept him from being fully enveloped. Marcy groaned with the burning pain around Victor's wide dick as Jerome's dick invaded her ass.

Jerome shoving forward pushed her head into Victor's groin. It forced more of Victor's cock into her mouth, she had about all six inches and her jaws were stretched wide. She was thankful he wasn't long enough to start down her throat, that would have really hurt. He put both hands on the back of her head and started pumping in and out. He and Jerome finally hit a rhythm, Her extremely tight ass had his precum flowing and it helped make her ass slicker and lessened the pain some.

Marcy was glad of that, his sawing in and out made her ass burn. She wasn't using her tongue on Victor, she resisted in all the little things she could. If he was going to get off she wasn't going to help him any more than she had to.

Skull was sitting down watching them, the sight of his buddies black dicks ravaging Marcy's lily white body was exciting and he pulled his big dick out and started stroking it again. Wink was standing beside him and was doing the same thing. Skull looked up at him, seeing that wild gleam in his eye. Now Skull wanted to fuck this fine piece of ass many more times before letting Wink do what he liked. "Wink, you're next but I am telling you right now if you cut her I am going to make you one sorry nigger, you understand."

Wink understood all right, shit he thought, they get to do what they like, its not right. Then he thought the anticipation would make the actual act that much more exciting, besides fucking this good-looking thing would still be mighty good. "Yeah Skull I understand." he never took his eyes off Marcy's swaying tits, they were swinging back and forth as Victor and Jerome moved her first toward one then the other.

"You can threaten her and act like you're going to cut her but you better not".

Skull just wanted to emphasize that fact.

Jerome's heavy body was driving Marcy hard forward with each thrust of his fat hips, she had to put her hands on Victor's thighs to keep from falling over.

The tight ass gripping his cock made Jerome's pleasure rise with every movement of his dick. "Oh yeah baby, your ass is so good, you like my black dick don't ya baby. I bet your sailor husband would like to be where you are right now. hell maybe he is" he laughed as fucked her ass. He grabbed her hips, pulling her back into him as he fucked forward.

Victor wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer either, He watched his wide dark dick as it rode wetly in and out of her stretched red lips, her red ponytail swaying with the force of Jerome's pounding dick, He smiled at the sight of his cock all shiny with her saliva, the thrill of making this white bitch suck him adding to his excitement. "Ummm bitch, you like my big cock in your mouth, yeah you're sucking it good, keep it up." He was moving his hips in little thrusts now the pressure building in his balls.

Marcy was trying to think of anything but what was happening to her. She had her eyes closed and was trying to remember everything she could about how they looked and what type bikes they had. Anything that would help the police if she ever got out of this. The burning pain of Jerome's ebony cock drilling her ass and the pain of her overly stretched lips made it hard to think though.

Her hot tight ass felt so good to Jerome he had to cum, Slamming his big hips into her and pulling her back against him he shot his first load. Marcy felt it shooting inside her, she hoped that extra slickness would make it less painful when he withdrew. "Yeah, oh yeah, you getting my cum baby, Ummmm goood." Jerome cried as he continued to empty his balls in Marcy's ass.

Jerome's holding Marcy against him had stopped the fucking motion on Victor's cock, he still had his hands on her head, holding her steady he started sawing quickly in and out of her mouth. Marcy could feel his cock swell even bigger and as the first stream of cum started rushing up from his balls she yanked her head away and started jacking him with her hand.

Victor was so caught up in the exquisite pleasure of cumming he had already shot two big streams of cum before he realized he wasn't in her mouth, he reached down grabbing his dick from her and tried to stuff it back in her mouth but she wouldn't open it, he pumped the rest of his cum over her face. He was furious, he started to back hand her but he knew Skull had a lot more plans for her, besides next time he would make sure she ate every bit of his cum.

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