Party at Lisa's

by Kenny N Gamera

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Four of Kenny's co-workers talk him into going out for the evening to help get over a woman. At the club, they run into another co-worker, a hot babe looking for a lot of black meat. She wants it bad enough to fuck the "white boy tag along" too.<br>"Party at Lisa's" is not your typical interracial gangbang story. Crimson Dragon was kind enough to give it a score of 10, 10, 9, 10 and an honorary mention for story of the month for June 2004.

© 2004 Kenny N Gamera

There is this girl who works with me at the bistro. She doesn't wait tables like I do. She works in the pantry, making salads during the lunch shift. She brags that it leaves her nights free for other pursuits. I've never had difficulty imagining what those pursuits may be because she is a very attractive woman. At least, I think so even if others don't agree, but most of the guys at work agree with me.

She stands only up to my chest. Since I am around average height this means that she is towered over by some of our coworkers, particularly the guys on the dishline, all big, brawny African-Americans. While she is not fat, her frame still may not match her stature in the view of the anorexic porn-goddess ideal, but it doesn't lack for appeal. She looks natural, having both an eye-pleasing shape and nice womanly curves.

Her long, brown hair frames a tanned, heart-shaped face. That face frames a pair of large brown eyes so deep in color they are almost black. Her white, almost unnaturally straight teeth fill a constant, mirth-filled smile. She laughs constantly, as if she were having fun at every moment. I think she does.

Her name is Lisa. I am in love with her and have been for a long time. After last night, I think she may have fallen for me as well.

Yesterday, towards the end of the lunch shift, Jimmy sneaked into the service area from the dishline. I had mentioned at the beginning of the shift that the boss forgot to schedule me for a double, and I had gotten one of those infrequent, almost mythical, Friday nights off. For months, he and the other dishwashers had tried to get me to join them in a night out. This allowed him to make another attempt.

Of all the guys at work, Jimmy was the most insistent in trying to get me out. He saw it as his life's mission to help me out of the funk that I fell in because of a very unfortunate choice of relationship.

"We're going to be hitting a couple places tonight. Kenny, you want to come out with us. We ought to be able to find you someone."

I decided to surprise him. I said, "Sure,"

He looked at me in shock.

"You ain't joking," he asked.

"No joke." After a laugh, I added, "Just let me know where."

He agreed to let me know when they decided on exactly where they were going before going back to the kitchen. I returned to cleaning the last minute mess of coffee cups and water glasses from my section. It took a few trips because it had been a busy day, but by the time I bused my last tray of china to the dishline, the guys were still discussing the best place to go.

Lisa came to their rescue. She walked up to the dishline with two armloads of the plastic bowls she used for condiments and some of the other tools of her trade. With a matter of fact voice, she said, "I'm going to that new place on the West Side tonight. I went there last weekend and it's pretty hopping."

George looked at me and asked, "How does that sound, Kenny."

"Whatever." I said, shaking my head. "You guys go ahead and go where you want. I'm just a white boy tag-along."

That earned me a few looks and a number of friendly denials. After I had assured them I understood that I was honestly welcomed, they decided to try the new place. It settled down to Jimmy, George, Ron, Jimmy's younger brother Bill, and of course, me.

I finished clearing my section early enough that the lunch hostess (who owed me big time for covering her ass in the past) felt that she could let me go early. This left me time enough to go home and not only shed the penguin outfit but also jump into the shower. I even grabbed a quick nap before heading over to Jimmy and Bill's place.

They had started the festivities well before my arrival. They made the required token offer of the joint they were passing. I shook my head. They didn't press since they knew that I prefer more traditional approaches to separating mind from body. I, instead, grabbed a beer from their fridge.

We sat around talking shit about the Lions (what else was there to say about them, they are the Lions after all). They finished their smoke and joined me in having a beer. They had started their second and I had finished my third when the others showed up. To give Jimmy and Bill a chance to finish, George got a beer for the rest of us.

After deciding on taking Ron's SUV, we settled into a discussion on the new club. None of us knew much about it. I had read a little in the local alternative paper, but that wasn't a hell of a lot. The place was so new that the guys hadn't heard anything one way or the other about it. Still, the guys seemed excited about it based on what Lisa had told us.

"Maybe Lisa'll be there tonight," said Ron as soon as her name had been mentioned.

Jimmy laughed then said, "She might be. I saw the way she was checking me out."

"Hell she was," said George. "She was checking my package."

My three co-workers began a light argument about which of them Lisa had been looking at this afternoon. Bill laughed through the whole thing, alternatively mocking or encouraging as the need arose.

I kept quiet, but I was certain that she would be at the club tonight. I had noticed her looking discretely at each of them. I should say that she had been looking at their packages.

With the beers done, the five of us loaded up in Ron's SUV. I found myself in the back between the well-muscled frames of Jimmy and George. Bill sat in the front, where he played with the radio switching between stations. He ignored the complaining of my companions in the backseat.

I was quiet through the trip to the club. Well, let's get honest, my lack of success in all things sexual has a lot to do with a case of near fatal shyness. When I stepped into SUV, its spell hit, and as we came closer to the club it grew worse; I became less capable of speech. In fact, my mind held nothing to say, as if I was incapable of thought.

The guys were too busy laughing and joking to notice my increasing silence. Maybe they could have pulled me out of it if they had realized what had happened to me, maybe not. Knowing myself as well as can be expected, I have doubts that they could've done a thing, so I was glad that they never noticed the zombie-like way I followed them inside the club when we arrived.

Like any dance club near any college campus, it had all the ingredients for a pleasant little epileptic fit: loud with music and conversation and half-lit by lights flashing most every colour imaginable. We sat close to the dance floor, where I watched the girls dancing with each other in silence. My companions cased the crowd for potential friends, comparing the talent in loud voices.

People of every shape and flavour packed tight with each other. Young women with thin, tanned legs and flat, jeweled stomachs, their ears filled with gleaming studs, roamed the floor like exotic creatures from some lost mythic golden age. I nursed a Bud to the heavy pounding of industrial mixed with a little hip-hop.

The guys disappeared on their first sortie. I stayed at the table joined only by another Bud. The one woman I had talked to had been a waitress. That had been only the minimal amount necessary to order the bottles of beer that were acting as a sort of emotional glue. I looked down into the open O of my bottle, trying to find the courage to at least say something to someone with a pair of tits.

"Hi, Kenny," said a soft, syrupy voice from behind me, which caused me to just about shit my drawers. "Where are the guys?"


I turned my neck to look over my left shoulder. The voice belonged to Lisa. Her skirt was short and tight. Her shirt was mostly unbuttoned. Her face was wearing a confused look.


"Nothing," I answered. "I was just lost in thought."

"Oh. I'm sorry if I startled you." She waited for me to shrug in answer. "Have you seen the guys lately?"

"They're on babe patrol, right now."

"Oh. How about you, Kenny? Having any luck?

I shrugged. She was scanning the crowd and didn't notice. I considered giving a verbal answer, but thought better of it. I did offer her a seat, which she took.

We began a laboured conversation about nothing much at all. She was too concerned with watching for the guys to hold up her half. I was too preoccupied with making a break for it and going home. We were still in the stage of "whachu think" and "yeah" when Jimmy came back from his misadventure.

The moment he sat back down, a more lively conversation broke out. Over time, each of the guys returned and joined into it. Several drinks later, they had remained. I sat on the side, a seasoned benchwarmer, watching the by-play.

With the lease on the beer coming due, I excused myself to the restroom. I made my return with every intention of saying good night and grabbing a cab home. Before the first word of my excuse could cross my lips, Jimmy said to me, "'Bout time, Kenny. I was afraid that we'd have to leave you."

"Wha-? Leave me?"

"Yeah, Lisa invited us to her place." I noticed that she was gone from the table, as were Bill and George. "Seems she wants to party with us."

Not waiting for me to reply, Jimmy grabbed my shoulder and started pushing me to the door. Ron grabbed my jacket from the back of my chair. They escorted me to the door.

At the SUV, Ron said, "We told her that we were all together tonight. It didn't faze her. All she wants is for us to start laying pipe."

My confused look must have gotten the story across. As I climbed into the back, Jimmy added, "Lisa is hot for dark meat, so we're going to party."

"And how do I enter into this?"

"We gangbang," said Jimmy. "You gangbang."

"Guys, if she doesn't want me there, you can just drop me off."

"She's willing, Kenny."

Ron added, "'Cock is cock, ' she said."

When we arrived at Lisa's apartment, we found the door unlocked and that the party had, for all appearances, started. The three of them were bare-assed in the living room. Lisa was on her knees with Bill and George to either side. She had Bill's cock in her mouth and pumped George's with her hand.

Bill appeared to be preoccupied. George looked over to us and waved.

"There's beer in fridge," he said before turning back to watching Lisa's white hand sliding up and down his ten-inch black cock.

I was watching Bill's dick disappearing between Lisa's lips. I could see that most of it was in her mouth. Exactly how much that was couldn't be guessed at, but by the gagging sounds that she emitted from around it, there was quite a bit inside there.

In a trance, I sat back without looking away from the sight of Lisa slowly working more of Bill's dick into her throat. Someone, either Jimmy or Ron, handed me a beer. Absentmindedly, I took the can and brought it up to drink. It wasn't open. Not taking my eyes away, I pulled the tab so I could drink.

"Come on, Kenny," said Ron's voice. "Get naked."

He stood to my right, the side from which I had gotten my beer. His shirt was undone, and he was just stepping out of his pants. Jimmy sat to my side on the couch, his clothing gone. He leaned back on the couch with his butt on the edge and his arms and legs spread. A half-grown erection about the size of George's hung twitching between his legs.

I turned back to watch Lisa pull Bill's cock from her mouth leaving her free to twist around to swallow Ron's. Bill had been very deep in her mouth with about half of his twelve-inches shining from her saliva. Lisa wrapped her hand around it and stroked slowly in time with her efforts with Ron.

George dropped next to me on the couch. He accidentally nudging me with his elbow each time he wanked his eleven-inch hard-on. I moved away a little and returned my attention to Lisa and Ron's dick. She didn't spend much time with it before she pushed him over to the loveseat.

She guided Bill over using his hard cock as leash. Both sat down and leaned back much like Jimmy. She took a place between them, still on her knees and took a dick in each hand. With a slow stroke, she tossed them both, licking her full red lips.

"I'll be back, guys." Lisa smiled brightly to both of them. "Condoms are on the end table."

She walked on her knees over to Jimmy. Maneuvering between his spread legs, she wrapped one, then the other hand around the long shaft between his legs. Lisa turned her dark eyes up to look into Jimmy's smiling face.

"God, I want your big black cock," she said just before she sank her mouth over the swollen shaft.

"Yeah, baby," said Jimmy. "Suck that thing."

He placed one of his big black hands against the back of her head and began to push her towards his flat stomach. Lisa grabbed his waist but did not push away. Instead, she used her hold to keep her balance as Jimmy directed her lower down his hard on.

He made steady progress and more and more of his cock disappeared. Lisa's lips relentlessly crawled down that black shaft until her white face appeared to be kissing his body. Jimmy held her, not against her will, and released a low moan.

The guys started hooting and hollering as Lisa lifted her head up the length of Jimmy's cock. Jimmy relaxed his grip on her head, and his hand hung limp at his side. She let her face drop slowly again. I could hardly hear his moans over the loud cheers of the guys. After a couple more times, she pulled completely away.

Looking over at me, Lisa said, "You'll have to strip if you want me to suck you, Kenny."

When I stood, she wiggled her finger at George who slid behind me, taking my place on the couch. With a beautiful open-mouthed smile, Lisa grabbed hold of his turgid meat. Her pointed, red tongue left her mouth. In one long stroke, it traveled up from his tight nut sack to his pisshole.

She used her tongue to tickle the slit before opening her mouth. She repeated her earlier performance, sinking slowly down to the base of George's cock. He kept his hands to his sides, and so not being forced, Lisa needed only one hand to steady herself. She used her free hand to gently roll his balls.

She pulled off George with a pop after she swallowed him three times. I slipped my briefs off and sat in the empty spot of the couch at the end, and she crawled between my legs. She took hold of my nine-inch erection, her thumb and forefinger almost touching. With a gentle touch, she gave it a tentative wank, her pale fingers now looking strange around my white cock. She looked up at me.

"Not bad for a white guy. And thick too." She winked at me. "I like that."

She started licking me like a popsicle. At the head of my dick, she ran the bottom of her tongue around it and then slid down to the base again. After her tongue had made several trips over the surface of my cock, she opened her mouth and began to swallow me.

Making the same gagging sound as she had with the others, she slowly descended the length of my dick. Reaching the base, she rested a moment and began to stroke my legs with both hands. She ran them softly up and down with an even, leisurely pace, grazing my asshole each time. My cock began to pulse with a slow warning beat. Lisa pulled up and as I slid completely from her mouth.

"Not yet, Kenny." She gave my dickhead a kiss. "But dress this little guy up in a raincoat, 'cause he's gonna play someplace nice and wet."

She went to the loveseat and knelt over Ron with her knees to either side of his thighs. To his very vocal approval, Lisa grabbed his cock just below where the condom covered him. She used the tip to start stroking the outer lips of her cunt.

"I want to feel that black cock of yours from inside," she said with a moan. "Fuck my wet pussy with your big, black cock."

Lisa let herself sink on to Ron's hard on. Alternating moans with calls for Ron to fuck her, she bounced up and down in his lap. Her white hands steadied her body with a firm grip on his black shoulders. Bill reached over and took hold on one of her breasts.

"Oh, yeah. Play with my fuckin' tits, you black bastard."

Encouraged, Bill began to massage the breast in his hand. She took her hands off Ron's shoulder and placed them right next to where they touched his thighs. She arched her back and let out an incoherent moan from deep inside. Bill lowered his mouth as he raised her nipple up to meet his lips.

Not able to bounce as high because of her position, Lisa began to use a more rapid rhythm on Ron's dick as Bill sucked at her breasts. Ron bent his head to her free breast. She gave a little girl squeal of delight.

"Yes. Yes," she chanted with her bounces. "Use me. Fuck my white whore cunt."

With a grunt and a mighty "oh my God," Ron grabbed Lisa and held her down by the shoulders. Several repeated spasms passed up and down his body in ripples beginning where he and Lisa joined. The flat muscles of his stomach rippled, and his hips thrust up to Lisa driving his whole cock into her.

As Ron slumped back in the afterglow of his cum, Lisa spun on her knee. She came to rest over Bill facing out towards us. She took hold of his cock and positioned it at the engorged lips of her cunt. With a back and forth motion, she dragged it over her pussy and across her clit.

She pulled it back and slowly sank over and onto it. Lisa moaned as she eased into Bill's lap. She rested for a moment at the bottom of his shaft before beginning to make an easy rotation of her hips. She looked over to us sitting of the couch. She licked her lips.

I just love your big, fuckin', black cock." She winked in our direction. "It feels so fuckin' hot in my white pussy."

Lisa began to rock on Bill's cock, leaning somewhat forward so that it moved slightly in and out of her cunt. Bill wrapped his huge black hands around her waist. He lifted her white body almost completely from his dick and pulled her back to his body. The sudden jerk caused her to let out a loud squeal. It turned into a loud plea that Bill start to fuck her.

He obliged, jacking her up and down on his cock. The powerful muscles rippled spasmodically beneath the glowing ebony of his skin with their lifting and pulling of the groaning white woman. Her brown hair flew around her head like a movie picture of a woman riding a horse. Her naturally red lips formed an 'o' shape, as she began to gasp in short, raspy breaths. Bill released a loud grunt each time he slammed Lisa into his body.

"Fuck the white bey-atch, nigga."

The last word broke my hypnotized state. It is something that I've learned to react negatively to when I hear it. Just because a person of colour uses it doesn't make it right. It took me a moment to recapture my awareness of what was happening with Lisa.

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