Annie's Song

by Heathen57

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 8 of Almost Like a Song. Kait has her new baby and Dave comes to a realization about Mickey.

The big diesel was humming its song as I headed down I85 southwest of Montgomery, Alabama. It had taken 3 days to get this far from Dulles airport outside of Washington. Most times, I enjoyed the scenery as I drove through the states. I had no desire to do so now. All that mattered now was getting to New Orleans.

Mickey had called saying she had arrived safely after a bit of a scare on the plane. Some guy had drunk too much and was making passes at every woman on the plane. The hostess kept trying to get him calmed down, but it took an air marshal that happened to be on the flight to calm him down enough to get the flight to continue.

When the plane landed at Louis Armstrong Airport, she was detained by security long enough to give a statement. Seems she was the youngest (and probably the sexiest) woman on board. In addition, she was traveling alone. This added up to an object for the drunk's advances. After getting most of the facts, the security team asked if she wanted to press charges. She declined to do so since the man was already charged with several other crimes. I told her to give me another call when Kait had given birth.

She called again while I was on the road to let me know that Ashley Ann had arrived ahead of schedule but was healthy and just the greatest thing that ever was. Kaitlyn had a rough labor, but was now resting and very proud. Louis had shown up at the hospital and convinced the staff that he should be allowed in and when Kait gave her grateful consent, stayed right with her through the whole thing. My estimation of that young man, high as it was already, went up a few more notches. Any man, who cares enough to stay for the birth of a child that isn't even his, is worth a lot.

She had also called her parents. The reaction was indifference from her mother and hostility from her father. They did want to talk to Kait but when she got on the phone, her mother started to berate her to give the child up for adoption and come back. Being exhausted, Kait was in no mood for any of their games. She told her parents in terms even they could comprehend. "Ashley and I will get along fine. And there ain't no fuckin' way I would come back to that hellhole. I have people who love me here and that's something you could never give."

Mickey was very proud of her for standing up for herself and her baby and I was in complete agreement. Once she received her degree and passed the bar, she would be a formidable opponent in the courtroom.

Trouble was restless. She was normally content to lie in the sun on the far side of the dash or on our bed while the coach was moving. Ever since we had left D.C. though, she would lay for a bit then get up and wander around, settle for just a bit and start all over again. I glanced down and to my right to see her sitting on the same step where Mickey had spent so many hours, talking and watching the road with me.

I put my right hand down and she hopped down the last step to rub her head against my knuckles. I scooped her up and brought her up to eye level. "I know, Furball. I miss her too." I sat her on my lap where she curled up into a ball of gray and black. "Now, don't get used to that spot. This is only temporary." The only answer from the kitten was her purring that gave a counterpoint to the diesel's rumble.

And I did miss Mickey. Her smile, the silly jokes that she would find on the net and tell me. The way she insisted on taking care of me while I drove, bring me a snack or a drink and trying to help me navigate using the GPS system.

The nights were when I noticed it the most. I would roll over to take her in my arms only to wake up and find empty space. Lisa had been right. She had brought meaning to my life again. I had felt more alive in the past months than I had for a very long time. Yeah, I missed her. More than I could imagine or even admit to myself.

Just outside of New Orleans, I called Carol's cell phone. I asked where Mickey was and she said that she was at their house. Kait was home now and they were up in Kait's room. I told her that I was about 15 minutes out and to put the coffee on.

Mickey must have heard the engine's sound as I downshifted to pull into the drive because the front light came on and she came running out. I barely got the lock off the door before she was pulling the handle. As the engine died out to bring silence to the neighborhood again, she pulled me out of the captain's chair and into her arms. "Oh God, Dave. I can't believe how much I missed you." She said between kisses and a few tears. "If I hadn't of had Kait and Ashley to distract me, I would have went crazy."

I told her that I felt the same way, returning the kisses with abandon. As Mickey was starting to collect herself, Trouble let her presence be known by meowing rather loudly for such a little furball. Mickey picked her up and cuddled her. Trouble then gave her a look that seemed to say, "About time you showed up again." Then jumping down, she went to her food dish demanding a snack. Laughing at her attitude, Mickey opened her a can of food and then took me in to meet her niece.

I walked into Kait's room to find her feeding her daughter. She saw me and got a huge smile on her face. Then she turned red when she realized she was naked from the waist up. She asked if she should cover up, but I assured her that there was no need on my part.

I moved to the bedside and got my first look at Ashley Ann. A tiny babe (at least to me), all pink and with a full head of dark hair. Her tiny mouth was locked around Kait's nipple and her little cheeks were working slowly as she finished off her meal. She pulled away a little bit as a trickle of milk escaped from the corner of her mouth. Kait then picked her up and patted her on the back a few times and a very dainty burp erupted. Then she gave a contented sigh and fell into a deep slumber. Mickey came over and gently carried her to her bassinette. Kait fixed her nightgown then held out her arms to me.

I went over and gave her a hug. "Congratulations, Kait. She is as beautiful as her mother."

"Thanks Dave. She is the prettiest baby that there ever was"

"I'm sure she is. And how is her mother doing?"

"Still pretty tired. This is the first day we have been home. Since she was early, they kept her a couple of days just to be sure nothing was wrong. They said she is very healthy and there seems to be no problems."

"Since I just got in and am in need of a shower, I am going to go and say hi to the rest of the family. You get some sleep and we'll see you in the morning."

"M'Kay." As I turned to leave, she called out quietly, "Dave? Thanks for letting Mickey come as fast as you did. It meant a lot to have my sister with me."

"You're welcome sweety. She needed to be here too." With that, Mickey and I slipped out the door and down to the kitchen.

Henry and Carol were sitting at the small table that was in the kitchen. Carol got up and poured me a cup of coffee. I took a seat at the bench.

"What do you think of your 'niece'?" This was Carol, putting the 'niece' in quotes with her fingers. She knew that Kris and I always wanted children and I had a weak spot for babies and young children.

"I think she is beautiful and Kait is a very lucky girl. The question is what do you think of having an infant in the house now that yours are out on their own?"

Henry answered for her. "You know Carol, Dave. She is as proud of this one as if it was one of her own. She can't wait to parade her up and down the street in the stroller while Kait is in her classes. Since Kami came out as a lesbian, and Joe may never settle down enough to have any children, Carol was afraid that she would never have grandchildren. Kait has been calling her Grandma Carol."

We all chuckled at that remark, but Carol was smiling. She had come to love the girl upstairs as if she was her own daughter. Henry felt the same way but he just didn't let on. Carol had told us that he was as protective of her as he had been of their natural daughter, Kami. On her time off, Kait would often go to the courthouse with 'Yer honor" as she called him and listen in to the cases being tried in his courtroom. Then, they would go and have lunch talking the various aspects of legal procedure.

We talked a bit of how things had been going in our lives since we had seen them a little over seven months ago. It was getting late and Henry had to be in the courthouse at nine in the morning, so Mickey and I headed out to the coach.

I plugged into the outlet on the side of the house for lights and went inside for a quick shower. Mickey was waiting for me on the bed when I came out. She reached over and pulled the towel loose and let it drop to the carpet. She ran her fingers over my abdomen as she picked up the head of my cock between her lips. She ran her tongue over the head, causing a groan to escape my lips. As I got hard, she started to get more into a serious blowjob, bobbing her head in slow rhythm taking me further into her mouth with each stroke. I reached down and stroked her silky hair as she put both hands on my ass and started to take me in as far as she could.

I was really getting into the sensations when she pulled free. Flipping back the covers she hopped in and turned her back to me. Giving me a smoldering look over her shoulder she said, "I want you to fuck me from behind hard. And after you cum, I want you to stay inside. I want to fall asleep with your cock filling me up."

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