Body Language

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Larry, a 29-year old, is kind of down when he finds he has no one special to celebrate his birthday with. His doorbell rings and he finds a "birthday gift" from Body Language standing there on his doorstep -- and the party begins.

It was Larry's 29th birthday and he'd finished work for that day and come on home. He was kind of down that he didn't have anything special to do or anyone special to celebrate his birthday with. He got back to his place, got comfortable and he was sitting there on his couch, drinking a beer, when the front doorbell rang. He'd been sitting there in only his boxers and a T-shirt and without thinking, that was the way he answered the door. When he opened it, he was greeted by one of the cutest petite little blondes that he'd ever seen.

"Larry Williams?" the young blonde asked.

"Yes, I'm Larry. Can I help you?" he said as he wondered if this pretty young woman had gotten the wrong address. He quickly noticed that she seemed to be a bit over-dressed for the late spring day that it was, wearing a long overcoat that seemed a bit much for the warm temperatures outside.

"Well, yes you can, I've been sent over by a friend to wish you a Happy Birthday. Can I come in?" and the blonde stepped inside as Larry willingly showed her into his house.

"Who sent you to me?" Larry asked as he felt his cock beginning to grow in his pants as he looked at the blonde's pretty face and hair. He found himself quickly wondering what she looked like underneath the overcoat that she had on.

"I'm from "Body Language" and your friend, Mike, sent me over to you and he said, "Happy Birthday, Larry, with my compliments," the young blonde answered.

"What's your name?" Larry asked as he walked back over to the couch and had a seat.

"My name's Amber, Larry, and please call me that if you'd like," the sexy young blonde said. "Make yourself comfortable and let me give you the birthday present that Mike provided for you," she said.

With Larry sitting on the couch again, Amber walked over in front of where he sat and she immediately started unbuttoning the overcoat she had on and removing it. Underneath the overcoat, Amber was wearing one of the hottest little two piece bikinis that he'd ever seen. Once the overcoat was removed, Larry had the ability to fully assess Amber's figure and to see how hot she was. Amber was very petite, somewhat short and nicely built. She had a very shapely and compact figure and her breasts were small inside the top of her bikini but Larry just knew that when he got to see them, she would be one hot sexy little package.

"Let me show you just what Mike has given you for your birthday, Larry," Amber said as she stood right in front of him, reaching up and undoing the tie to her bikini top and smoothly slipping it off to reveal her sexy small naked breasts underneath. Her tits were very pretty even if they were somewhat on the petite side, and her sexy rounded nipples made Larry's mouth water. He wanted to suck them and get both of her nipples hard and make her moan. Then, Amber reached down, slipping the bottom of her pink bikini off and there she stood in front of him, totally naked. Larry's cock jumped when he saw that Amber's pussy had been smoothly shaved that morning and her sexy little pussy lips were clearly defined for him to see. He loved a sexy woman with a hot bald pussy and Amber was just the way he liked them.

Larry didn't waste any time in getting busy with his birthday present. He pulled Amber over closer to where he was sitting, and he immediately buried his face in her sexy shaved pussy, flicking his tongue up and down over the naked lips of her hot wet cunt. Larry's cock jumped inside his briefs as he tasted the sweet wetness of Amber's pussy and he knew this was going to be one sweet afternoon.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah, baby, eat my pussy," Amber encouraged Larry as she pushed her shaved pussy firmly against his hot licking lips. Amber started talking hot and sexy with Larry as he busily licked and sucking her pussy and clit and she knew he'd get turned on more and she'd get a nice pussy eating out of it as well.

In a couple of minutes, Larry moved Amber over to where he'd been sitting and he buried his face in between her legs again, avidly going after her hot wet pussy juices. She lay back, reaching up and cupping both of her tits and flicking her fingers across her nipples, making herself hot and aroused as Larry went to town with her sexy smoothly shaved pussy. Amber had been doing this job for Body Language long enough to know that what a man wanted to do with her was different with every man. Some wanted to start out with intense foreplay, pussy eating and then a hot fuck; others simply wanted her to suck them until they were hard and then let them sink their dicks inside her pussy and fuck her until they got their satisfaction. Amber liked guys like Larry who found it erotic to eat her pussy and get her all hot and horny in the process of pleasuring themselves.

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