You Want It, You Got It

by Rod O'Steele

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Desc: Sex Story: What if women started acting like sex-crazed men?

A nymphomaniac is a woman as obsessed with sex as the average man. -- Mignon McLaughlin

It had been building up for the last billion years. In our little corner of the universe the mysterious dark matter, which some now believe makes up most of the mass of the universe, had been coalescing, changing, ready to become something quite different. Deep in the heart of a dark matter nebula the conditions were perfect. All that was necessary was the catalyst.

At the boundary of quantum and classical physics there are things that can't be explained by our current level of knowledge. Scientists working on string theory have had to postulate multiple dimensions and multiple universes in order to make the math work. Things seem to pop in and out of our universe and change dimensions. One of the mysteries of the universe is how matter and energy change state. We know they can, Einstein showed their equivalence. But we don't really understand how or why. This part of our universe was about to get a demonstration. The trigger was a state change of a small amount of anti-matter from one dimension to another dimension. For a fraction of an instant, the density of the area was equivalent to that of a frozen star. This created an interaction which pulled anti-matter from a separate universe through a 'hole' in the space-time continuum into our universe. The dark matter of one universe met the anti-matter of the other universe. The anti-matter met with the dark matter of our universe at the boundary of the 'hole' in space-time sliding through different dimensions and universes as they interacted, pulling matter and anti-matter together, annihilating each other and becoming energy, an incredible form and intensity of energy which existed in eleven dimensions and two universes at the same time. That was the catalyst.

In a fraction of a second the energy released ripped a gaping hole in the space-time continuum of both universes and the dark matter of our universe changed state, dimensions and universes with the white matter of the other. The energy released blew most of the matter outward into space as the 'hole' in space-time warped the fabric of the continuum sending ripples, like a flag waving in the breeze, through the substance of space-time. But it was enough, creating in that moment an entire spiral galaxy of stars. It wasn't quite as spectacular as the Big Bang, but it wasn't all that different either. Scientists on earth were about to learn that the creation and destruction of matter and energy, which they had assumed only existed at the quantum level, could occur at the galactic level as well. The merging and then violent separation of two universes and twenty-two dimensions unleashed a burst of energy never before witnessed or even considered possible in the post-Bang Universe. That energy, of a type previously unknown to man, went rushing outward through space at speed c.

On Earth, a group of college physics students were re-creating a famous experiment to measure relativity. They had one detector on the top of the San Gabriel Mountains and a second detector at the base of the foothills in Pasadena. The two detectors were designed to measure the decay in particles as they moved through the earth's atmosphere. If Relativity was correct, the particles raining on the Earth at .9998 times the speed of light had a different internal clock; their time moved at a different rate than the clock on earth. If the students were measuring, let's say, a thousand particles a minute at 12,000 feet and they degraded at a certain rate, then they could calculate that only say two hundred would reach the surface at Pasadena. But if the particles internal clock moved at relativistic speeds, slower than earth's clock a result of the v2 over c2 function, fewer would degrade and a higher percentage would reach the second detector. The students were duplicating the experiment as part of their graduate physics class. They were watching the detectors and noting that the results were 700 an hour, showing that the particles in fact were running on a different clock.

Their detectors went crazy. The dials maxed out. The professor jumped forward staring at the dials as they bounced, fidgeted, and then died only, to max out again. Nothing could make the instruments act that way. He had never seen or heard of anything like it. His students watched his face turn to surprise and then worry. He had earned his PhD at MIT, done his post doctoral work at Cal Tech. If he was worried then they were worried. They exchanged startled glances but no one said a word as their professor sat, chin in hand, and stared at the gauges his pencil twitching in his nervous fingers.

All over the earth, particle detectors, gamma ray detectors, all kinds of detectors went crazy. Cloud chambers turned completely opaque and stayed that way. But they weren't measuring gamma rays, or any elementary particle seen before. It was some new type of energy, unexplained, immeasurable. The lower bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, radio and microwave were mostly unaffected. But there were some anomalies. Cell phones were completely useless. After the initial panic, productivity rose 10%, accidents decreased 10%, stress levels dropped 100% and people could enjoy an evening on the town without some rude bastard taking a call in the middle of a movie or nice dinner. Unfortunately, the civility only lasted a few weeks, until cell phones started working again.

Current instruments couldn't interpret or even accurately measure the energy. It seemed to be both wave and particle, but neither. Our technology simply wasn't up to measuring the eleven dimensions that the energy burst was oscillating through as it hit the earth. Scientists the world over could see that Earth was being bombarded by something that acted like every type of energy and particle there was, but it wasn't. It was something new.

Several times in the history of Earth, the planet had suddenly changed. Looking at the fossil record, scientists knew that great changes could occur in life on earth in a very short time span, while for long periods very little change occurred. There were theories, meteor impacts, sun pulses, volcanoes but no facts to explain these sudden changes. The earth was about to change... but people didn't know it.

The intense radiation bathed the earth for two weeks. The Aurora Borealis glowed so brightly that it could be seen during the day and spread as far south as the equator. Everything was affected. The energy penetrated deeply into the earth's crust. Detectors buried miles deep went crazy. Nuclear submarine crews watched as their instruments showed emergency conditions, initiated safety shut downs of their reactors, only to find nothing wrong after the two weeks had passed and the strange storm receded.

Scientists worldwide tried to fathom what had happened. They noted the new Galaxy where nothing, or so they thought, had been before. The new Galaxy was expanding from a small core and spinning at an incredible rate, hundreds of times faster than our galaxy. But even in the first two weeks they could see the expansion and spin slowing markedly as the tremendous energies of creation bled off into the universe. Energies were being released, but these were the normal energies scientists had measured before. Nearly the entire electro-magnetic spectrum and particles of all sorts were streaming from the new galaxy. But what was the unknown energy that had been released in the creation of this new Galaxy? What had we experienced?

Deep in the human body, changes occurred. The mysterious energy had been attracted to the second human X chromosome. In a matter of days every woman on earth was different. It took a while for the fact to become apparent. The hundreds of thousands of genes that made women different from men had been affected. An interesting aside, Pan Troglodyte, Chimpanzees, share 98.5% of their DNA with humans. Whereas, men and women share only about 97.8% of their DNA. Really, a woman is closer to a female chimp than she is to a man on a genetic level. Of course, women could reverse this analogy. In a genetic sense men and women really are a separate species.

People were slow to understand what had happened, but on the molecular level, women were now different. The chemical processes of life changed. The way their brain used various neural paths changed. The way their glands produced hormones changed. The way their bodies functioned changed. These small elementary changes began to affect women in profound ways. Their behaviors, desires, even thoughts began to change. In a week people were noticing. What had taken evolution 10,000 generations to mold changed in a few weeks.

Women had always had the upper hand in the battle of the sexes. Every woman knew she could have sex if she wanted it. All she had to do was let a man know. Now she might not get the exact man she wanted, Sean Connery could only handle so many women, but she could have sex if she wanted. This had been true for so long that it had become part of the structure of women. They could afford to be picky, and they were. As long as women held a monopoly on pussy they ran the world, and in their very genetic material, they knew it. The superiority of women in the battle of the sexes was ingrained into every culture on earth, no matter how valiantly man had attempted to fight. Men had to beg, pander and pay through the nose just to get a whiff of that glorious, desired, longed for, obsessed over pussy. Men would gladly give their most precious possessions, gold, diamonds, money, self-esteem for the experience of pussy. Women controlled all of that pussy and they knew it.

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