My Susan

by Spiller

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: I knew Susan was a special lady when I married her, but I did not know how her special relationship with wine was to provide me with hours of dirty lust.

I knew I had landed a pretty special lady when I married Susan 10 years ago, but I could not have imagined what I was in for. She was special, all right, but to my taste only in the good way.

Her red curls framed a pretty face. She was intelligent and full of fun, and a very easy-going person. Well educated, too. She had studied French and Italian at university, and soon she had found herself a very independent job; she would translate business papers and working manuals for different smaller companies, which could not afford a work-in-translator. Later, when she opened her own business, fax-machines and computers enabled her to do most of her work from home. By word of mouth her business soon was as big as she wanted, and actually she would often have to turn down new companies, which wanted her service.

I met her in my capacity of controller in a small shipping company. Suffice it to say that most of our traffic demanded a lot of secrecy, and quite a few of the papers I brought Susan for translation had very little to do with the actual cargos. We did not need her service that many times a year, but the way she would handle our papers was crucial. We solicited her service over a period of 6 months, instructed her in the special secrecy we needed and fed her some phoney papers, too. 4 agents had her under surveillance 24/7 for those six months, including break-ins to check that she erased everything from her computers the minute documents had been delivered. She easily earned her 'secret' clearing.

During these months I really got to like her. I applied for permission 'upstairs' to take her out on a few dates, and she was a terrible lot of fun. When we ended up in her bed after the fourth date, she revealed herself to be a magnificently lusty lover. I've always had a very strong sex-drive, and not many women have been able to follow me. Susan did. When I came the third time that night, she must have had 6 or 7 violent orgasms, and she was just as horny and crazy for it the third time as she was the first. We had quite a few dates, and she was never too tired for sex. On a small trip to her cousin's wedding we fucked four consecutive nights! The last night I made up my mind. I had fallen deeply in love with her. Like I said, she was a lot of fun, intelligent, elegant, pretty, and always kind and caring. And for the first time I felt I had found a woman I could remain faithful to. My strong sex-drive had spoiled many a hopeful relationship.

The question of marriage proved to be a lot more trouble than I had expected. Not with Susan, mind you. When I asked her, she kissed me, hugged me, and fucked me, and I'll never forget our first fuck that night. Every time my pelvis hit her and my cock would touch bottom, she would groan: "Yes, yes, yes, I will, I will, yes, yes, yes...", right through her first orgasm. While we rested after our first fuck she kissed me tenderly.

"Johnny, how I love you. I've liked you for a long time, but lately I have come to love you dearly. I never thought I'd meet a man like you. Of course you know that I'm a terribly horny woman, and I can't ever tell you how happy I am to have found my match. Yes, I'll marry you, as soon as possible."

Trouble was the company. "It's against our policy to have married couples in the same branch. We can not allow you to marry Susan Branwith".

"We have seen each other for almost a year now. Have you ever had any reason for complaint?"

"Not even the slightest reason. You are both very good at your jobs, but we can't allow you to marry."

"Then you leave me no choice, Sir, because Susan is the woman for me, and I'll never meet anyone like her. Tomorrow I'll hand in my resignation. I know it's no use to apply for change of position, because you have no other departments in this small town, and I don't want to leave. I shall be sorry to leave a well-paid job, which I've liked very much. Sir."

"I shall be sorry to lose you, Johnny. Give me your resignation tomorrow. I shall write a few comments of my own, before I send it on. Not that I have much hope, but at least you'll know I'd like to keep you."

Years later I heard through the grapevine, how much discussion and turmoil my resignation had caused. My boss had expressed his fervent wish to keep me on, pointing out the trouble of clearing a new man and teaching him the tricks of this highly volatile business. At the time I didn't hear anything about these discussions, only the result. We had set our wedding to the 1st of May, and the last two weeks I had left the office to cash in on holidays I hadn't used. When I arrived at the church in good time, I was surprised to see my boss waiting for me in the doorway. He signalled me to come over. "I thought you should know before you tie the knot: I got what I wanted, and you can start again on the 15th of May. We'll talk later."

Four happy years passed, except from the unhappy fact that Susan could not have children. We found out during the first year. The second year we gradually accepted this fact, and we focused a lot more on each other than most married couples do. We still fucked at least a couple of times a day, and we were quite infatuated with each other. Our sex became better and better. A few minor kinks crept in, but all in all we were quite normal, apart from our great needs.

I had noticed whenever we were at a party, that Susan would change to mineral water after her first or second glass of wine. The first times I asked her why, she would only say: "I don't like to get drunk." The fourth time I asked was when we had been at a party thrown by one of our French connections. The wines had been superb, but still Susan stopped after the second glass.

When we got home after the party I asked her again. The wines had been so good I could not see any reason for only taking two glasses. "OK, you nosy man. Open a bottle now and I'll tell you and show you." Susan downed a couple of glasses, and while she was sipping her third, she turned to face me. "You see, dear. I'm getting quite tipsy now, and with that I also become terribly horny, and I kind of lose control. Especially with wine. I'll do anything you want me to do, as long as it is sex. I'll fuck you to death, dear husband, and I'll fuck anything that walks. Treat me as you like, I'll love you for it. Call me anything, it'll only make me hornier." She leaned back in the sofa and lifted her skirt, pulled down her panties and spread wide to show her glistening pussy. "Come over here and touch it. Do you feel how wet it is? It's yours. You can do anything you want. When I'm drunk all my inhibitions disappear, and I'm an easy prey for any man who diddles me. Now you know. I don't take any initiatives, but I'm willing to do anything."

"Is that true? Can I do anything?"

"Yes, please. Anybody can! That's why you'll never see me drunk at a party. I love you so terribly much. I will never give you any reason for jealousy, and I will never bring shame on us at a party. I would if I were drunk, you know. I wouldn't care if he were Chinese or black, young or old. Anybody who would push his hand under my skirt and diddle me for a second could fuck me for all he'd want, or make me do anything he wants. That's how I am, love. So please don't press me to drink more than two glasses on an evening."

I sat down beside her in the sofa. Gone was my lovely, stylish Susan. When I put my hand on her sopping cunt and rubbed it a few times, she moaned lustily. When I stopped rubbing and told her to do it herself, she masturbated happily while she looked at me through veiled eyes. I decided to try her. She had always been pretty reluctant about her asshole. I told her to lubricate it, because I wanted to put a finger up there. She licked her lips naughtily, and in four or five strokes she drew pussyjuice downwards, till her little star was wet and slimy. "It's ready for your finger, dear." She slid a little further down in the sofa, lifted her knees to her shoulders and displayed her ass with a smile. I put my index finger to her little star and applied a little pressure. With a happy smile she wriggled her hips, and suddenly it slipped inside. She closed her eyes for a moment, then she groaned: "If you want to put your cock in there, you'll have to make it bigger."

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