Kirsty's Birthday Surprise

by Bailer

Copyright© 2004 by Bailer

Sex Story: It's Kirsty's birthday, and Brian, her husband, sets up a nice surprise for her...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Rape   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Rough   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   .

Driving home from work Tuesday evening, Brian finally got it. He finally had the perfect present for Kirsty's 30th birthday.

"I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, but its perfect," he said aloud to himself as he navigated rush hour traffic. "If I set it up just right, she'll have no clue until its too late." He dialled a number on his cell phone and spent the rest of the drive making arrangements through his secretary, Michelle.

Pleased with himself, he hummed along with the sounds of Brown Eyed Women emitting from the car radio. His fingers tapped on the steering wheel as he pulled the car into the garage. Kristen was busily chopping and dicing her way through dinner preparations when Brian strolled through the door, still humming the Grateful Dead tune under his breath. "Hey there, how was your day?" she asked, tossing him a grape tomato.

"My day was the usual, meeting clients and convincing them they need us." Brian caught the tomato, popped it in his mouth and laid his duffel bag on the floor beside the desk. "How about you?"

As Kirsty told him about her day, he came around the corner of the butcher block island she was working at and wrapped his arms around her middle. The planning of her birthday surprise had made him more than a little horny, and his swelling dick pressed gently into her backside.

"Are you happy to see me, or did you sneak a cucumber off the table?" Kirsty giggled as she seductively wiggled her cute little butt against him.

"Always happy to see you." Brian nuzzled that back of her neck and pressed harder with his growing erection. "How long 'til dinner- do I have time for a shower?"

"If you hurry, you do. But if you can wait until after dinner, I'll join you." She said as she cut up the last of the ingredients for the salad and tossed them in the wooden bowl. "Why don't you just go change your clothes for now?"

"That", he replied, "Is the best offer I've had all day." He smacked her playfully on the ass and jogged up the stairs to change. "Be right back."

When Brian returned, Kirsty had dinner on the table and two wine glasses full of their favourite Bordeaux. "Smells wonderful sweetheart, I'm starving."

As they ate the vegetable lasagne and drank their wine, the stress and chaos of the day melted away for both of them. The conversation came around to their plans for coming weekend and Brian was careful not to reveal too much.

"I have it all taken care of, don't you worry. Your birthday is my responsibility, you just never mind the details." He scolded her kiddingly as she dug for information. "All you have to do is make sure you have a relaxing day at that spa Sarah and Michelle are taking you to, and be sure to be dressed to kill when I pick you up. That's it, no more information."

Kirsty resigned herself to the fact that she wasn't going to get any more out of Brian, and to be honest, she liked that anticipation and surprise. But she pouted a little, just for effect. "That's it? I can't do ANYTHING to make you tell me more?"

"All that pouting is going to get you is bitten on the lip." Brian smiled.

He wasn't always immune to her cute, sexy pouty lips. In fact she got her way more often than not, but he was determined this time. This was too good to spoil by letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. Changing the subject he said, "Lets do the dishes later, you promised me a shower."

He pushed his chair back and extended his hand to Kirsty. She clasped her hand in his and he guided her around the corner of the table so she was standing in front of him. Brian twirled her tan slender body around and she ducked under his arm and came about facing him again.

Wrapping her strong arms around his neck, she stood on her tip toes to kiss him. Brian, bending slightly to meet her tender supple lips, inhaled deeply. Her scent was intoxicating. He parted her lips with his searching tongue and Kirsty met him with her own. Their tongues danced and probed as he gently picked Kirsty up and carried her upstairs to the large master bath.

Setting her on her feet gently, Brian continued the kiss, cupping her face in the palms of his hands. Kirsty snaked her hands under his shirt and massaged the tense muscles in his lower back, kneading them with expert fingers. She loved the way his muscles felt under her touch- in her command to manipulate and contort, but ever at the ready to take her, should she need taking.

Brian broke their kiss and reached inside the glass doors of the shower to set the water temperature. As the steam began to rise up and out over their heads filling the room with a light mist, Kirsty let the straps of her slip dress fall off her shoulders and to the floor. She was not wearing a bra, she seldom did around the house, and only a thin pair of black lace panties covered her closely shaven mound.

Brian's eyes travelled over the beautiful, rounded curves of her breasts, down the soft swell of her hips to the firm, taunt muscles of her lovely legs and back up, to the gentle curve of her neck and they got caught in the deep ocean blue of her eyes. "My god, you still take my breath away."

Flirting a little, Kirsty batted her long black eyelashes and winked wickedly at him as she ducked under his arm and walked into the shower. "That is the best line I've heard all day." She giggled, teasingly mocking him for his earlier comment. Suddenly her lace panties landed at his feet. "Please join me, its lonely in here."

Needing no further prompting, Brian quickly removed his T shirt and shorts and joined Kirsty in the steamy, hot shower.

When Brian and Kirsty designed their house, the master bath received much of Kirsty's attention. She had always pictured a huge room in which to relax in and pamper herself. The whole room was lit by candles whenever she was home, and the flames bounced seductively off the mirrors and chrome fixtures. The shower was a work of art. It was quite large and the glass walls encased six shower heads set at different levels around the enclosure. Brian and Kirsty often indulged themselves by using the shower as a steam bath, spending hours lounging on the built in benches.

Tonight the combination of the candle light, the steam and music wafting from the radio was overwhelming. Brian wrapped his arms around Kirsty from behind, cupping her firm breasts in his hands, rolling her erect nipples between his fingers. Kirsty let herself fall back into Brian's strong arms, completely surrendering. The hot water from the shower jets hit the two of them from many angles as they moved together as one in their dance.

Brian slipped one hand down Kirsty's belly and over the soft mound of her sex. He could feel the slick wetness of her juices flowing from her as his fingers caressed the soft folds of her pussy. Kirsty moaned and pressed herself backwards into his hardening manhood when he found the erect little nub of her clit and rolled it under his fingers.

Brian continued to manipulate her, one hand teasing and torturing her stiff aching nipple, and the other concentrating on her swollen clit. Faster and harder his fingers moved, the cries of pleasure coming from deep in Kirsty's throat.

Kirsty could feel Brian's huge erection pressed firmly against her ass cheeks and she gyrated into him, working his cock between them. As he brought her closer to the edge, she moved faster and tightened her grip on his throbbing muscle.

Suddenly Brian released her and with one swift motion bent her at the waist, forcing her to catch herself on the bench with her hands. He grabbed his engorged cock and rubbed it roughly along her slippery slit, pushing into her. Brian buried himself deep inside of her with one quick thrust as he grabbed her hips and pulled her back onto him. Kirsty gasped at the jarring intrusion and moaned with pleasure.

In the position Kirsty was in one of the shower jets was hitting her square in the face, making it difficult to catch her breath. She raised herself up slightly so that the needle sharp jets of water was pointed at her chest instead. The feeling of Brian pounding into her from behind as the sharp pricks of hot water abusing her tender breasts and sensitive nipples was exquisite.

Bracing herself, she threw her head back in complete abandonment and screamed, "Fuck me... take me... Oh God... fuck me harder!"

Brian felt the pressure mounting in the pit of his stomach, his balls tightening as he slammed his cock into Kirsty faster and harder. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips as his seed erupted in her wet pussy, sending streams of hot cum deep in her tunnel. Brian could feel the walls of her cunt gripping his pulsating cock, milking the length of his shaft. His groans bounced off the glass walls of the shower as he continued to pound into Kirsty's tight snatch.

Kirsty bucked her hips into him as her fingers found her swollen, aching clit and ground it into her pelvic bone. The fire building inside her was white hot, demanding release. When she felt Brian's pulsing cock explode inside her it sent her into an animalistic frenzy. From deep in her throat came a low growl as her whole body tensed and her muscles spasmed uncontrollably. Brian could feel the hot wet juices surround his cock as she came, her pussy gripping his cock even harder.

He held on to Kirsty as she regained control of her senses, keeping his softening cock inside her as the aftershocks of her orgasm sent electric tingles up his shaft.

He pulled her back to lean on him, moving her away from the sharp stream of hot water, hugging her close as her jagged breathing slowly calmed to normal. "I love you, Kirsty", he whispered in her ear.

She smiled, completed sated. "I love you more."

As Kirsty and Brian dried off after their shower, she watched him with loving eyes, and her mind drifted. He had been her sweetheart in high school, and he still was the love of her life, but there had been a space of nine years that they hadn't spoken to, or seen each other. Both had married other people and were living relatively happy, if not fulfilling, lives. Three years ago, that all changed.

On Kirsty's computer one day was an e-mail from Brian. She hadn't thought of him in forever, but seeing his name in print, the subject a simple 'Hi, how are you?' made her heartbeat increase to double-time and her hands shake over the keyboard. She inhaled deeply and opened her mail.

It was an innocent enough correspondence. 'This web site popped up telling me I could check out the people from my high school, so I did, I saw your name and here I am. How are you doing these days?'

Pretty simple, pretty generic. It turned out to be pretty damned interesting and exciting in the end.

Kirsty thought back to the months of e-mail correspondence, then to the night they agreed to meet at a tavern that was equidistant between them. That night changed their lives. Chatting on the computer had gotten them both thinking that maybe the old sparks were still there. Seeing each other in person only served to confirm it. The electricity was strong, and the sexual tension palpable. By the end of the evening, they were both certain that they belonged together.

The ensuing year was hell on both of them. They carried on a secret affair for five months, meeting when they could, e-mailing and long conversations on the phone when they couldn't. Finally, unable to take the lying and deception any longer, they told their respective spouses about the affair. Brian's wife took the news a little better than Kirsty's husband, but neither took it well. In the end, they were both divorced and starting over- together.

"Kirsty? Hello? What are you thinking about, you're a million miles away?" Brian touched her arm gently, caressing her dewy soft skin.

Shaking her head Kirsty looked up at Brian, and a brilliant smile spread across her full sexy lips, "Only three years away, my love, only three years." She wrapped her arms around his waist and tilted her head up, asking to be kissed. Brian obliged happily and lowered his head to devour her waiting mouth. "Mmmm", she purred as they broke away, " I will never get tired of kissing you."

"I would certainly hope not." Brian laughed as he padded barefoot and naked into their bedroom. "Now come to bed."

The following three days went by quickly and Saturday morning Brian awoke to the sounds of Kirsty singing slightly off key from the bathroom. Laughing at her lack of singing ability, he nudged open the door between the rooms and watched her apply mascara to her beautifully long lashes. Leaning against the door jam, he started to sing along with her.

Startled, Kirsty jumped and then laughed, embarrassed. "You shouldn't sneak up on people."

"And you shouldn't sing when people can hear you." Brian laughed. Her inability to carry a tune was an old joke between them. "Are you ready to be pampered all day today? That new spa sounds like it has everything you could ask for."

"Yes, I'm ready. Michelle is picking up Sarah at ten, and then coming to get me. What time should I be ready and 'dressed to kill', anyway?" Kirsty still had no idea what Brian's plans were for her birthday, and she was very curious.

"I'll pick you up at six o'clock in the lobby. Be sure to wear whatever makes you feel special and sexy. Its your day." With that Brian ducked back into the bedroom, closing the door behind him. He knew if he stayed, she would try to get more information out of him, and he didn't want to be tempted.

Kirsty thought about what he had said. Wear what makes her feel sexy. She could do that, she thought to herself. As she finished applying her mascara she heard the faint click of the bedroom door closing. Brian had gone down stairs to make coffee and grab the daily paper. She slipped out of her robe and padded into the bedroom. She knew just what she was going to wear tonight, and she set about getting it together and packing it in her carry-all. Looking at her watch she hurriedly finished getting dressed and ran down stairs.

Brian handed her a cup of coffee as she placed her bag by the door. As they drank their coffee, Brian pretended to read the morning paper. He was actually thinking about Kirsty's birthday surprise and how much she would enjoy it. Luckily for him, it was a gift they both would enjoy.

Just thinking about the details gave him a massive hard on that he had to cover with the Sports section. He silently wished Michelle would hurry up and get here, he had a lot of work to do before this evening.

A horn blasting in the calm morning silence granted Brian his wish. Kirsty jumped up and rinsed out her coffee cup. Kissing Brian on the cheek, she coyly whispered in his ear, "I will see you tonight, my prince. I will be waiting and ready for you, feeling sexy and very curious!!" She blew softly in his ear and left before he could reply.

Laughing as she closed the door behind her, he removed the Sports section from his lap and rubbed the tent in his shorts thoughtfully. He briefly thought about taking care of the bulge in his hand, but decided that he needed to get a jump on the final preparations instead. "Save this for tonight", he thought as he stood and stretched his long muscular body and began to plan his day.

Brian had a few places to go before he picked Kirsty up at the spa, and one of them was the adult gift shop. He wanted everything to be perfect, tonight would be a first for Kirsty. He knew it was one of her wildest fantasies, and he also knew that it was one she never would expect to come true.

As he browsed the isles of the store for the few items he needed, he mentally patted himself on the back for thinking of it. After all, they hadn't even discussed this subject since their illicit rendezvous on the computer, so long ago. "She will be surprised", he thought to himself as he spotted what he was searching for. "Perfect, velvet." He picked up the item and went in search of something in silk.

Kirsty, her best girlfriend Sarah, and Michelle her other closest friend and also Brian's secretary, arrived at the spa right on time. As they were ushered into the lobby by a very handsome doorman they giggled like schoolgirls.

"This place is wonderful", Sarah exclaimed as she looked around. The girls checked in at the desk and were escorted to their changing room by another attractive, muscular attendant. Soon Kirsty lost herself in the mudbaths and seaweed wraps, the deep relaxing massage and the hot steaming sauna. All too soon it was five o'clock and time to get ready for Brian and their date.

"God, I feel so good." Michelle sighed as they shrugged off their robes and began to get dressed. All three girls had known each other since high school and weren't at all shy about being naked in front of one another. "All my muscles feel like Jell-O!" She laughed, pulling on a fresh pair of panties.

Sarah glanced over at Kirsty as she was unpacking her carry-all. "Wow, aren't we dressing to impress tonight?" as she spotted a black lace thong and a sexy matching bra emerging from the bag. Sarah knew a little about Kirsty's surprise, but not much.

"Brian is taking me somewhere for my birthday, I don't know where but he told me to dress provocatively. So, I am." Kirsty smiled coyly. "I love the suspense, but I wish I had some idea what he had planned." She slipped on the bra and panties and unzipped the garment bag that held her dress. Pulling it out she asked, "Do you think this will turn his head?"

"Not that you need assistance doing that, but yes, I'd say that would do the trick." Michelle smiled at her friend and winked. She knew some of what was in store for Kirsty tonight, she had helped Brian set it all up.

There were interesting perks to being both Kirsty's best friend and also Brian's secretary. Michelle grew up with both of them, and knew every detail of their lives. Michelle loved both of them dearly, and was their greatest supporter during the rough first year of their reunion. She enjoyed helping Brian set up Kirsty's surprise- Michelle knew the secret desires Kirsty harboured, although she was sure Kirsty had forgotten that Brian also knew.

Soon, Sarah was helping Kirsty fasten the diamond necklace that Brian had gotten her for her last birthday, and Michelle was packing up the last of their bags.

"You look wonderful, Kirsty. Brian won't be able to get out of the car to open the door for you, he'll have such a hard on!!" Sarah laughed as the girls walked into the lobby. "Speak of the devil! There's tall, dark, and handsome pulling up right now!"

"Well girls, I'll see you all tomorrow. Thank you for a spectacular day, I loved it!!" With that Kirsty swept through the door and into the arms of her lover.

"They are so right for each other, isn't it amazing that they found one another again? I mean, what are the odds of it all working out this perfect- a million to one?" Sarah sighed as they loaded Michelle's car. "I need to find a love like that."

"I'd just settle for getting laid like that once in a while." Michelle giggled and hopped into the front seat. "C'mon, lets get going. Maybe we can find a hitchhiker on the way home and seduce him!!" The two friends laughed and drove away.

As Brian drove them into the city, Kirsty tried to get a little more information out of Brian. "Please, at least tell me where we are going." She pouted, puffing out her bottom lip and batting her lashes at him.

"We are going to spend the evening relaxing and being waited on. That is all I'm going to tell you, so stop begging." Brian laughed at her attempts to cajole him. "I have the whole evening planned." As he said this they pulled up in front of a hotel.

"Are we here?" Kirsty asked. She had been dying to go to the restaurant that had opened recently in the hotel, but she'd heard that the waiting list was booked for months in advance. "How long have you been planning this, anyway?"

" I cashed in on a couple of favours, and here we are." He handed the keys to the valet and escorted Kirsty inside where he wined and dined her.

"Dinner was wonderful," Kirsty exclaimed as they finished their coffee. "Thank you so much. I love it when you spoil me."

"The night's not over yet. We also have a room here. I am going to spend the evening feeding you strawberries and champagne, and making love to you over and over again." Brian told her, watching her eyes light up like a child. "I'm not done spoiling you yet."

"Mmmm, that sounds wonderful. Can we start now?" Kirsty giggled.

"We can do just that. Let me settle up here, and you go up to our room. Here is the key, I will meet you there in just a minute. I want to make sure that they bring the right champagne and fresh strawberries." Brian handed Kirsty the key card as he walked her to the elevator. "Room 407." He kissed her as the doors opened and she stepped in to the elevator. "I'll be right up."

Kirsty rode the elevator to the fourth floor and found the room. She was daydreaming about the night ahead, and smiling at Brian's thoughtfulness. She didn't hear the footsteps behind her until it was too late. As she placed the key card in the slot, a gloved hand reached across her face, stifling the scream on her lips. Strong arms lifted her and carried her into the pitch black room, shutting the door behind them.

Kirsty couldn't think straight. All she could do was flail her arms wildly, striking out, trying to connect with something. The person holding her threw her down on the bed and she tried to squirm across it to the other side, but he caught hold of her foot and dragged her back to the centre of the bed. She could hear her captor panting for breath, a little exhausted from the fight she had tried to put up. Realising her mouth was no longer covered, Kirsty screamed.

"Shut up, or I will give you something to really scream about." This unseen man growled as he bound the foot he was holding to the post of the bed with a strip of cloth. Kirsty screamed again and the man placed another piece of cloth in her mouth, tying it behind her head, muffling her terrified cries. He continued to bind her limbs to the other three sides of the canopy covered four poster bed.

Kirsty's eyes were becoming accustomed to the dark and she could make out slight shadows around the room. She could make out the towering rails the held the gauzy material over her head and also held her firmly in place. She could see the large shadow of a man as he circled back around the foot of the bed and bent over her. Kirsty could feel his hot, laboured breath wash over her as he whispered in her ear.

"So beautiful you are. I am going to enjoy this evening very much. But I think it will have to wait just a moment. I have something I need to take care of first." The man stood and walked to the door. "Don't go any where, pretty one." He laughed as he exited the room leaving Kirsty sprawled on the bed, tied and gagged, struggling in vain to loosen her restraints.

As she fought to free herself from her bindings, Kirsty's mind raced. 'Brian will be here soon. He will rescue me.' she told herself. 'He was coming right up behind me. He will be here any second.'

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