Serum Dippity

by B. A. Bay

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Desc: Sex Story: Why does Jake's roommate, Bill, have such success with coeds? Jake is determined to find out. He gets a bit more than he bargained for.


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Jake left the science lab hungry and exhausted.

It had been four months, and he knew he was getting into trouble. In the past few weeks, he had been neglecting his classes, and his marks were starting to suffer. As usual, these sort of thoughts only occurred to him after he had spent about thirty six hours straight in the lab.

The student union was closed, and the only place that had food this time of night was Chico's, a sort-of combination fast food and drinking hangout near the Kelly dorm. Jake debated going there; it was across campus and if they had entertainment tonight, they wouldn't let him in as he wasn't 21 yet. Then he would not only be tired and hungry, but he'd have to face the prospect of trudging all the way back to his room still hungry.

He sighed, and headed for his dorm. He might have some Pringle's or other fast food. Or better yet, his roommate may have put some food in the 'fridge.

As he walked toward his dorm, he looked wistfully at the Packer dorm. Somewhere within that building was heaven--in the form of one Jane Missen, an exquisite blonde sophomore who probably didn't even know that Jake existed.

Jake shook his head, but images of Jane--begging him to kiss her, to love her, to ravage her--started dancing in his head. After about thirty seconds, he realized the effect the daydream was having on him; an erection that would probably require him to beat off again in the bathroom. Just what he needed. SHEEESH!

He tried to peel his mind away from Jane, but found that an almost impossible task. He entered the hallway of his dorm, and walked up the two flights of stairs until he arrived at the Men's room. He decided to forgo the relief of beating his meat in the john, but he knew that he would have to take matters into his own hands later.

Jake finally entered his room, and to no surprise, his roommate wasn't there. Bill usually found some excuse to sleep in some other room--usually a room occupied by one or two nubile coeds. Bill was rather amazing that way; in fact, he was the exact opposite of Jake when it came to women. Women found Bill irresistible, and they usually didn't even seem to notice Jake at all.

Normally, two people as widely different as Jake and Bill would hardly seem to find any reason to be friends, but Bill considered Jake one of his best friends: he could confide to Jake just about anything, knowing that Jake would never consider telling a soul. And he told Jake about each and every one of his sexual escapades, which managed to fuel Jake's own fantasies... which usually had Jane in a starring role.

Jake looked into the 'fridge, and saw a carton of milk. He started to pull it out, but his eyes saw the date on the top of the carton: more than a month old. He shuddered at the thought. Looking through the other shelves didn't reveal anything any more appetizing. His stomach complained with a loud growl.

With a sigh, Jake went to the cabinet of last resort... where Bill hid his six-packs of beer. Having alcohol in the dorms was a campus no-no, but Bill had confided to Jake the location of his stash. He unhinged the small panel that hid the booty: a six pack of Budweiser.

Jake took out his wallet, fished out a dollar bill, and after pulling out a bottle of beer, he put the bill on top of the remaining five bottles. Bill wouldn't really mind.

Looking around the room, he found a bowl of microwave popcorn that Bill had apparently made the night before. Popcorn and beer, Jake thought. What a meal!

Jake popped the top off the Bud and brought his little meal to his desk. He took a swig of the beer (ugh! warm beer!) and ate a handful of popcorn. The corn was a bit stale, but still edible. Living on campus for three years had certainly made Jake accustomed to such horrible cuisine.

His stomach temporarily sated, Jake leaned back. He pulled a vial of serum from his shirt pocket. He looked at it with awe. This serum just might work.

Smiling to himself, he put the vial back into his pocket, and closed his eyes. He thought back to the beginning of the school year... and drifted off to a well-needed slumber...

Jake had met Bill the year before, although he had heard of him through the rumor mill the previous year. Bill was on the basketball team, and was rumored to be a ladies' man... and the ladies loved him. They didn't even mind sharing him, so the rumor went.

For the final semester the previous year, Jake managed to get himself into a couple of Bill's courses. Jake, being a 4.0 student, found himself able to offer Bill some help in a few of his courses, and the two quickly became friends.

They made plans to room together the next year. Bill never said anything about his old roommate, and Jake wasn't really that interested... he was glad to have access to Bill.

Jake had always been a bit curious why Bill seemed to have this magical attraction to all the coeds. Jake had himself witnessed a die-hard feminist berate Bill for what seemed like half an hour, only to have Bill smile to her, ask her out... and she accepted!

Without Bill knowing it, he became Jake's unofficial project this year. Jake studied Bill's moves, and when they talked about things, he would usually make sure that they mostly talked about Bill and his conquests. This was easy, since Bill happened to be Bill's favorite subject.

The first thing that Jake noticed was that Bill never really "went after" any of the girls. They usually sought him out. In fact, Bill's general demeanor toward girls was an I-don't-care attitude, which was not what Jake would have first suspected. Jake started to think that the girls would take Bill's attitude as sort of a challenge, which could make him more desirable to them.

This hypothesis didn't pan out a few weeks into the school year, when Bill became hopelessly enraptured by a cheerleader. She seemed, to Jake, to be the female duplicate of Bill: guys would fall all over her trying to do her favors. Bill pursued her like a romantic fool, even to the point of buying her roses. Jake figured that this would probably be Bill's first failure; the girl was a senior and had utter disdain for people like Bill.

Surprise, surprise! The cheerleader received his roses and granted Bill a five-day audience. Nobody heard from either of them until the following Monday, when an exhausted and satisfied Bill arrived back in his dorm room. Bill told Jake about the wonderful weekend with Carey, the cheerleader. They spent most of their time in bed... the entire weekend! Surprisingly, Bill seemed to lose his desire for Carey immediately afterward, and Bill's love life continued as if the event had never happened.

Since it apparently wasn't his demeanor that the girls found attractive, Jake started to look elsewhere for Bill's secret. If Bill knew the secret himself, he didn't indicate it in any way to Jake. In fact, Bill always seemed to be about as surprised as anybody else, including Jake, at how girls seemed to be attracted to him.

In his studies of Bill, Jake knew that most of the girls that Bill managed to sleep with were people that seemed repulsed by a guy like Bill to begin with. They would actually dislike him, until such time as they would actually meet him, when their attitudes would change from dislike to extreme infatuation.

A week or so after Bill's weekend with Carey, Jake and Bill had gone to the mall to do some shopping. They decided to splurge and have lunch at the restaurant in the mall.

When they got there, they were greeted by a surly waitress, who looked like she just swallowed a whole jar of pickles. When they asked for a table, she basically pointed to a table at the far end of the restaurant, and literally threw the menus at the boys.

After about ten minutes, she approached the table.

"I assume you guys are just gonna have coffee, right?"

"Actually, no. We both were going to order lunch," responded Bill.

She looked at him suspiciously. "And you boys have money to pay for this? I've dealt with you college losers before, you know!"

Bill pulled out his wallet and showed her his credit card. The waitress had the fucking nerve to take the card from him... but as she got close to Bill, her attitude suddenly changed.

"I... I'm sorry, um... Bill," she stammered, reading his name off his card. "Let me get you a glass of water... I'll be right back."

The waitress hurried back with a glass of water, which she put down in front of Bill.

"Have you decided what you are gonna have, Bill?" she asked in an almost sweet voice.

"Yeah, just a hamburger and some fries," replied Bill.

"How would you like that cooked?"

Jake piped up, "You mean, cooking it is optional?"

The waitress looked at Jake as if she had just seen him for the first time. Then she looked at Bill expectantly, waiting for his answer.

"Ahh... medium, I guess."

"OK," she said, and started for the kitchen.

"Um, miss..." Jake called after her. She stopped, turned around, and gave Jake a look that would freeze the Atlantic Ocean. Jake summoned up his courage and said, "I'll have a medium burger, too, if you don't mind."

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