Old Man

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Little, who is he calling little, there's nothing little about me, my boobs, my pride and joy are 34D. Then I heard myself reply. <br>"My name's Wendy," I said. <br>"Hello Wendy," said the younger guy, his eyes on my bust. There's nothing unusual about guys looking at my bust, they have been doing it every since they got past a B cup.

I was sitting eating my lunch at the local Mall, when I felt this itch like feeling at the back of my brain. I turned and looked around, at the far side of the dinning area were two men. One was old, I do mean old, as old as my Grandfather; the other was much younger, I suppose mid twenties. Before I knew what I was doing I was walking towards them, my only thought was to be near them.

"Hello little one," the older guy said, "what's you name?"

Little, who is he calling little, there's nothing little about me, my boobs, my pride and joy are 34D. Then I heard myself reply.

"My name's Wendy," I said.

"Hello Wendy," said the younger guy, his eyes on my bust. There's nothing unusual about guys looking at my bust, they have been doing it every since they got past a B cup.

"Do you want to come with us?" the older guy asked.

Don't be silly, no way you pervs, I thought.

"Oh yes please," I heard myself answer, and I found myself walking after them towards the car park. What's going on here? what am I doing? I thought. Just then we reached their car, a large saloon. I'm not up on cars so I don't know what make it was. The older guy opened the back door and meekly I climbed in.

"You drive," he said to his younger companion, and he got in beside me.

"Oh these are nice," he said, his hand reaching under my jacket and cupping my left boob.

"Oh thanks," I heard myself replied.

"What size are they?" he asked, as I have said, my boobs are my pride, so with some relish I replied.

"There're 34D sir." Where did the sir come from, and why aren't I objecting to his advances?

"Please get them out for me," he asked politely.

Get lost, I thought, but my hands were already unbuttoning my top. Now my bra was exposed to his gaze, oh fuck, what am I doing, but my immediately problem was trying to get my blouse off within the confines of the back seat.

"Oh my," he said as at last I had removed all my top clothing. His hands now moving over me, squeezing and cupping.

"Park up Tony," he called to his companion, then to me.

"Ok my love, let's have the rest off shall we," he ordered.

My hand now became busy undoing my Jeans and rolling them down my thighs.

"Knickers as well," he said.

"Sorry," I said, pulling them off as well.

Sorry! What am I saying, I'm stripping off in front of two total strangers, not that I have anything to be ashamed off. I've been told that I've a good body, not that most guys get beyond looking at my boobs. I noticed that the car had now stopped moving and looking out of the window we seemed to be parked on a piece of waste ground. I was now lying down and my elderly occupant was in the process of getting his stiff member out. What the fuck was happening to me? Why was I allowing all this to happen? Just then I felt him enter me with a powerful thrust, surprise number one was that I was more than ready to receive him for my pussy was already wet. I lay there under him as his speed built up, then surprise number two; my hips started to move against him to increase the friction. Then came surprise number three literary, for when I felt him spurt inside me I came too.

I lay there not knowing what had happened, his weight lifted off me, but I didn't move.

"Very nice my little one," he said. "Your turn now" he called out to his companion.

I felt the car move as both doors opened to allow them to swap places. I laying there keeping my eyes shut tight as again I felt a body weight descend onto me and a new hard one enter me.

"Oh my," my new lover sighed, his hands active on my large boobs. "She's sure is something," he commented.

My hips again moved against his thrusts until again I came with almost explosive force.

His body left mine and he returned to the front of the car.

"I expect your wondering what's happening?" the old man said.

That's the understatement of the age, I thought.

"Well Wendy," he said, well at least he remembered my name. "My name is Jeff and my friend here is Tony, I have this gift which I am at present trying to teach to Tony here. It's a bit like hypnosis but much stronger."

"What! you've hypnotised me, made me do things," I screamed.

"No, not quite, as I said, it's like hypnotism, but your right, I've made you do these things," he said with a large smile.

"Oh no," I cried, "I'll go to the police," I threatened.

I didn't like the way he laughed at that.

"Of course you won't, I won't let you my little one," he said. "But what you will do is anything I tell you to, we going to use you as our little training aid."

"What, please just let me go," I pleaded.

"No ones holding you down girl," he sneered, "you can leave anytime you like, but then you can't can you, for I control your mind, now don't I."

"Oh please don't," I cried, my tears gushing from my eyes.

"What I'm going to do now is release my controls, except for a few little items. First I won't allow you to tell anybody about what has happened to you, and second, I won't let you injure yourself, us or anybody else."

I didn't feel any different, I just knew I was free, at least in part.

"Now little one, Tony will try and control you and I want you to try and stop him, ok?" he smiled down at me.

Sod these two weirdos, I'm getting dress then I'm out of here, I thought.

"Now Tony I'm sure you can do better than that, stop her getting dressed, come on it should be easy for you now," his old voice sharpened.

Come on fingers, do those buttons up, you've had enough practice over the years, but it was becoming harder and harder to make them do as I wanted.

"That's better," the old man's voice softened, "now get her to strip again."

"Oh shit, here we go again, my clothes were coming off again and I was again naked.

"There, that wasn't too difficult no was it," praise the older man to his pupil. "Ok little one," he said to me, "get dressed and we'll take you home."

They dropped me off on the corner of my street.

"Thanks my little one," the old guy smiled at me, "I can be honest and say you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever had the pleasure of."

"Thank you sir," I said with pride.

What the fuck I'm doing, these two weirdo's raped me and here I was, thanking them. I opened the back door and prepared to run away as fast as possible.

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